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(Chron)   Enron due $23 million refund. No, seriously   ( divider line
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17539 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Jun 2004 at 3:07 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-17 03:08:24 PM  
Wonder whose pocket this will line.
2004-06-17 03:10:14 PM  
wow, just wow.

so much for bush's corporate crackdown on those responsible. maybe the 23 mil will pay their law bills
2004-06-17 03:10:49 PM  
Fantastic, that'll subsidize my sharks-with-frickin-laser-beams fund quite nicely.

2004-06-17 03:11:08 PM  
Which will then be divided up into all of the pensions they robbed and CA residents they ripped off...



/sigh...I knew I should have been a lawyer
2004-06-17 03:11:19 PM  
So when is Arnold going to actually stand up and DO something as Governor?

I am still appalled that he got in.
2004-06-17 03:12:16 PM  
another 247 million from other companies.
this is ridiculous.
i thought ahnold was changing that state, i guess he is another insult to injury as well.
2004-06-17 03:12:25 PM  
Didn't Enron go bankrupt? Who gets the money, the creditors?

Or, will a big box marked "CASH! DO NOT BEND" just get dropped off in Houston at the former corporate headquarters (now Houston's 3,635th Starbucks!)
2004-06-17 03:13:48 PM  
"wouldn't we sound like douchebags if we said ..."

/I know someone else saw it.
2004-06-17 03:13:57 PM  
It's a good thing California isn't already enormously in debt or anything.
2004-06-17 03:16:04 PM  
But California is also going to be owed a refund after the investigation, if I remember the article I read about this correctly.

California should just ... "lose"... the check for a few months/years until they get their refund settlement.
2004-06-17 03:16:10 PM  
If this were China, Ken Lay and Jeffery Skilling would have been shot already.
2004-06-17 03:16:59 PM  
Could someone who has a better grasp of this subject explain to me how this is possible?
2004-06-17 03:17:19 PM  
Lately, I've been dreaming of becoming a mountain man, to get away from all this silliness. Gonna call myself Jeremiah Skinink Johnson, and marry me a squaw.

And stay away from indian burial grounds.

2004-06-17 03:17:27 PM  
As shiatty as this is, I still get a chuckle out of "operation: Donkey Punch". That was so great to hear taliked about on Morning Edition.
2004-06-17 03:18:02 PM  
taliked= talked, BTw
2004-06-17 03:19:26 PM  
If this were China, Ken Lay and Jeffery Skilling would have been shot already.

Isn't Kenny Boy a personal friend of Hu Jintao?
2004-06-17 03:19:30 PM  
Couldn't possibly post all the links out there, but:

Of course, it's nothing new to us Farkers.
2004-06-17 03:20:19 PM  
I know some executives who need a stay at Hotel Abu Gharib
2004-06-17 03:20:46 PM  

I write you a check.... you write me a check. Everything's okey dokey!

Expand that concept by ... oh... millions upon millions of dollars and I think you might have it.
2004-06-17 03:21:02 PM  
America, what a country!
2004-06-17 03:22:22 PM  
And they told me this Accounting degree would never pay off... I know how to play this round and round game better than anyone! ha. haha. muhahahahaha.

/who am I kidding.
2004-06-17 03:22:57 PM  

The way it worked was that Cali bought high and sold low, to its own electric providers, thus negating any profits that Enron would have made on the sale. It is just now coming around to bite them in the arse because Enron could have sold it on the market at the inflated price and made the money then.

Clear as mud?
2004-06-17 03:24:29 PM  
Great idea, skinink. Watch yer back.

At least here in Nebraska we don't have an energy crisis. In fact, we have an overabundance of electricity, so much that it's killing the babies of methheads everywhere!!
2004-06-17 03:25:24 PM  

But who did California buy it from at the "high" price? Enron.

So they actually helped Enron get their profits earlier than anticipated. Enron should have given California a bonus and a company car!
2004-06-17 03:27:34 PM  
i blame bush. i just do. and i vote.
2004-06-17 03:27:43 PM  
So when is Arnold going to actually stand up and DO something as Governor?
I am still appalled that he got in.

So is the state worse off than they were under Davis?
2004-06-17 03:27:59 PM  

clear as mud?

Yeah, just about. So if Enron is no more or bankrupt or whatever, I'm guessing the money goes to creditors, right?

Which means the CA taxpayers get to suck on it again, correct?

I hope I'm misunderstanding.
2004-06-17 03:28:11 PM  
what does that come to? $1 per illegal alien?

As far as I am concerned, the good folks at Enron can drop by my place to pick up my share of the pie.
While they are there they can explain to me why my electric bill went from $50 to $1200 a few years back.. assuming they can talk while I'm tearing thier teeth out and stuffing jalepenos into the empty sockets.
2004-06-17 03:30:02 PM  
But if California bought from Enron at the high price (to sell to their own squirrel-powered generators at a low price), then Enron got their profits from that sale, didn't they?

But, if Enron could have sold it for more money, why didn't they?

But, if California then did gae;knvhupurplemonkeydishwasher

Ok, I broke my brain.

I like ham. And boobs.
2004-06-17 03:30:22 PM  

Exactly. Enron got the profits on paper. California never went down to the ATM to pay Enron. Remember, Enron's "special" accounting procedures are what caused it's downfall. What they are saying is that California now owes Enron what it would have made on the sale and it is time to pay up.
2004-06-17 03:31:19 PM  
So, is this final confirmation that Enron has no farking clue how to balance a god damn check book ?
2004-06-17 03:33:49 PM  
I think a refund for them is juuuust fine, as long as it's

1) On fire, and
2) Shoved elbow-deep up their asses
2004-06-17 03:34:19 PM  

My thoughts EXACTLY!
2004-06-17 03:34:24 PM  

assuming they can talk while I'm tearing thier teeth out and stuffing jalepenos into the empty sockets.

Remember to drill small holes through their kneecaps and insert firecrackers at regular intervals too!
2004-06-17 03:34:34 PM  
my salad is due a tossin'
2004-06-17 03:36:16 PM  
Plain and simple...

2004-06-17 03:39:59 PM  
2004-06-17 03:42:30 PM  
Here's the whole reason this is a total sham:

Because the state bought a lot of power, it will be entitled to refunds nearly equal to what it has to pay in refunds, FERC said.

California refunds Enron, et al. refunds California.

I say drop the middle transaction, California keeps their money, everyone else can go piss up a rope.
2004-06-17 03:44:18 PM  
I've got the POWER!
2004-06-17 03:45:16 PM  
Does anyone know where to get the dialogue of the enron phone call smoking gun?

The one where they are joking about taking grandma milly's money?
2004-06-17 03:46:36 PM  
I saw it in a Daily Show clip, but I can't say where I found that at....
2004-06-17 03:48:01 PM  
I just submitted a 'Followup' story. Enron's due more than $23 mil. try $307 mil. from Nevada Power... look it up
2004-06-17 03:48:48 PM  
Its a wonder no major media outlet has it available.

Wtf is up with that?

And, seriously. Enron only exists(ed) at the will of the government. The gvt can say "fark enron" and keep this money. But they arnt.

Wtf is up with that?
2004-06-17 03:50:31 PM  
Of course the Governator has 'done something' about enron, he dropped the charges against them! It was one of the first things he did as governer.

Honestly though, for a republican Ahnold isn't so bad. Certanly He's no McCain, but he's certanly a step up from the Corruption of the Gray Davis admin. That said, he is connected to the republican 'good ole boy' network.
2004-06-17 03:58:31 PM  
Seriously,though, why do Americans hang so many Christmas lights? I mean, talk about overkill...
2004-06-17 04:00:45 PM  
Attention consumers:

deregulation = freedom

You love freedom, right?
2004-06-17 04:04:23 PM  
"Knock, knock"

"Who's thair?"


"Pahdun who?"
2004-06-17 04:07:15 PM  
Let's face it. Everyone in the other 49 states hates California. When I lived in the midwest I refrained from saying I was a Californian to avoid beatings, knifings and shootings. Texas was particularly hostile. I've even met Texans in California who absolutely hate us and only hang around with other Texans. Think we're all commie pinko homo hippies, even though I'm pretty darned redneck ( gun, fishing gear, ball caps, fried chicken and okra, etc ). So why is Lockyer surprised? Hasn't he been out of state once? We've been getting crapped on by everyone for 30 years now, ever since the Vietnam era. Enron and others just did what anyone in the other 49 states wanted to do -- screw California. Doesn't make it right, but it's not a surprise we get crapped on again by the Bush administration. W has made it no secret he hates California too.
2004-06-17 04:07:46 PM  
When California pays this debt, how much will go to Bush's re-election campaign?
2004-06-17 04:10:10 PM  

try this link, got the transcript of some of it, and if you click the "free video" link you can hear much of it (after sitting through an annoying commercial
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