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(ESPN)   Hundreds of morons crowd DQ to be served soft serve by billionaire manager-for-a-day   ( espn.go.com) divider line
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2002-01-16 02:41:22 PM  
I think Tom Arnold was supposed to be there, too...for "The Best Damn Sports Show, Period".
2002-01-16 02:42:18 PM  
Ron Moore was there.
2002-01-16 02:43:00 PM  
I'd love to hear Jim Rome on this one.
2002-01-16 02:43:19 PM  
Poor guy- bet he's hating Customer Service now!
2002-01-16 02:43:27 PM  
Been to that DQ. Think I saw a rat.
2002-01-16 02:44:35 PM  
What uptight Bulls fan posted that dumb headline?

Unlike Dave Stern, Cuban has balls and he rocks; next he ought to say that he wouldn't hire the guy to manage a Deja-Vu strip joint.
2002-01-16 02:45:08 PM  
Hooray! He got the wear the "Tony" shirt.
2002-01-16 02:47:06 PM  
I think Cuban is the best thing to happen to Dallas since "Dallas"
2002-01-16 02:48:33 PM  
Mark Cuban kicks ass.
2002-01-16 02:50:19 PM  
Man, this is a great thing for DQ. This is millions of dollars of free publicity.

Now if only we could get Cuban to "Rule Fark for a Day."
2002-01-16 02:52:20 PM  
re: headline

Morons? why? after all, they *were* giving out free ice cream.
2002-01-16 02:54:00 PM  
This guy is a hero to billionaires everywhere.
2002-01-16 02:54:44 PM  
Cuban does indeed rule. I heard that all of his wealth is self-made. And he wore the "Tony" shirt because he thought it would be funny. The Mavs are my second favorite team now (next to my beloved Nuggets).
2002-01-16 02:55:52 PM  
Pics and video at kxas.com
2002-01-16 02:58:27 PM  
Everybody is talking about environmentally green capital justification.
2002-01-16 02:58:53 PM  
Give billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban as he makes a blizzard or two..the number at the DQ is 972-393-1347
Tell him officiating is crap all over professional sports and you would like your blizzard delivered!
2002-01-16 03:00:33 PM  

He's leaving the Blizzard making up to the more experienced workers there. You'd have to order a softy .........? ....... ewww
2002-01-16 03:03:18 PM  
Mark Cuban is a great man...

His TV show is pretty cool too!
2002-01-16 03:04:30 PM  
2002-01-16 03:06:26 PM  
In an era where people can hide behind their e-mails and bb posts (but certainly not their fark postings, natch), Mark Cuban absolutely rocks...he said it, he owned up to it, and he backed it up without shying away from it.

That's so rare nowadays...

The NBA still blows goats, though
2002-01-16 03:08:06 PM  
Someone should do what a person did a week or so ago...they didn't like their service at BK (I think) and threw the whopper back at the manager!

"take this you billionaire!! have some ice cream!"

its not every day you can cuss out a rich bastard.
2002-01-16 03:08:28 PM  
Hey officials: Fine Cuban all you want! He can still manage a Dairy Queen, and you can't!
2002-01-16 03:08:41 PM  
Cuban does indeed rule. I heard that all of his wealth is self-made.

It was. I saw Mark on Letterman once. He was talking about how he became so wealthy. In case alot of you dont know... He and a friend had an Internet sports site that mostly posted scores, highlights, and sports reporting. He said back in 89' or something, a small company named..."Yahoo" came along and offered him and his college buddy $7 billion for the site and name. It was one of ther first internet "sports" sites available at the time... needless to say, they sold.

Cuban rulz, I love his style.
2002-01-16 03:09:40 PM  
Being rich doesn't make one a bastard. Being a bastard makes one a bastard.
2002-01-16 03:11:23 PM  
hmmm, I believe it was Yahoo... no one quote me just yet, looking for the info. BTW.... I wonder if any customers walked in and yelled at Cuban.." YOU STUPID FUKCING ASSHOLE !!!.... YOU COULDN'T EVEN RUN AN NBA TEAM !!"
2002-01-16 03:13:06 PM  
Vegasi: Your right it was Yahoo
2002-01-16 03:13:13 PM  
freddy: I know, it was merely a reference to fast food fanaticism.

I really don't know anything about the guy. take my last post lightly everyone.
2002-01-16 03:15:10 PM  
I never knew the DQ was based out of Minneapolis...I even live here...you learn something new everyday!
2002-01-16 03:15:58 PM  
He made his money from starting and selling Broadcast.com
2002-01-16 03:16:11 PM  
call and wish him well---and ask about his "Softy Special"
2002-01-16 03:21:58 PM  
I have a lot of respect for Mark Cuban after this. No other NBA owner would have had the balls to do it. Daniel Stern is a little prick.
2002-01-16 03:24:17 PM  
Where have all the threadjackers gone????
2002-01-16 03:26:10 PM  
Wasn't Cuban the owner of Broadcast.com, the internet company that played feeds of sporting events over the Internet?
2002-01-16 03:29:31 PM  
Hey, Ozzie!!! I'm here.
2002-01-16 03:32:30 PM  
HIYA Okok...hows things?

and where the bloody hell is everyone?
2002-01-16 03:35:00 PM  
Ouro and My2 are in the second trimester thread. I got it off topic several hours ago - now its all about sex and porn names. ;)

I left a message for you in the forum this morning. Something about how did you figure out the JOHNDX and I are the same person?
2002-01-16 03:35:55 PM  
hmmm... Ozzy ? Jewels ? what'd I miss here....Jewels ?? Ozzy??
2002-01-16 03:36:58 PM  
Ain't nothing sacred in that thread......

they know everything and they give you up as well...so much for having a bit of fun hey?????

2002-01-16 03:37:27 PM  

if you say so, but so is NBA commisioner David Stern.
2002-01-16 03:38:09 PM  
just a name change..I am not hiding it...lol
2002-01-16 03:41:05 PM  
Mark Cuban fans are the biggest bunch of dorks alive. And I play D&D. Praise Allah.
2002-01-16 03:44:18 PM  
Jewels: Well, I'm not John and John's not me. I was just trying to get you because of the TimeBandit thing. I really believed you on that one!! LOL!
2002-01-16 03:44:21 PM  
You mean they fine this guy a half-million bucks for saying a benign comment like that? Apparently the Constitution doesn't apply in Basketball.
2002-01-16 03:48:46 PM  
I wish he'd make some random comment about a barber. That guys needs a decent haircut in the worst way..........
2002-01-16 03:49:59 PM  
I had a few accounts I could have used...my son's all had one and My eldest son's Ex girlfriend had one also my son's best mate,his was TimeBandit....all on my computer...lol...seeing as how they were not useing them I had a bit of fun with them...

No drama's or harm done....

But I am me and me alone now ;)
2002-01-16 03:57:36 PM  
Jdjoker: DOH! I hate when I make stupid mistakes like that. David Stern is a prick...David Stern is a prick...David Stern...
2002-01-16 04:00:44 PM  
Dllsgrlz, that's two different threads that you mentioned that...really bugs you, doesn't it? LOL!

And, Cuban's cool, but I still think he looks like a 'tard on that TV show of his.
2002-01-16 04:05:52 PM  
So how did a Cuban become so rich?
2002-01-16 04:09:09 PM  
So how did a Cuban become so rich?

He sold Broadcast.com for a million, jillion dollars i think.
2002-01-16 04:11:47 PM  
Mark Cuban rules. He owns HDNet, the only all-HD national network: http://www.hd.net
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