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Fark site move (and 2-4 hours downtime) on the evening of Sat June 30. We'll try to webcast the carnage
Posted by Mike at 2012-06-23 4:41:03 PM, edited 2012-06-29 10:55:20 PM (449 comments) | Permalink

On the evening of Saturday, June 30, we'll be moving all of Fark's equipment to a new colocation provider.

We'll be down for a couple of hours while this happens, starting around 7 pm US/Eastern time, probably between two and four hours... hopefully closer to two. We'll keep a static copy of all the main pages and tabs up on a temporary web server, so you'll still have something to read. Comments, user profiles, link submissions, mobile apps, user profiles, and all of TotalFark will be down during the move though.

All of our numeric IP addresses will change during this move. We'll take the usual steps** to try to ensure your ISP picks up the change as fast as possible. Worst case, you might have to reboot your computer once after we move. We'll have directions up (at the old IP address) explaining what to do at that point, so no worries.

Last time we did this, in October 2006, we were moving the servers 500 miles. This time we're moving them about 500 feet, or about one block down the street. So we won't be down anywhere near as long. Still, it takes a while to disassemble a full rack's worth of gear, roll it down the street, and re-bolt it into a new rack, and change all the IP addresses... longer if it decides to rain that night.

We're also going to try to webcast the carnage, and the before & after drinking, on this Ustream channel, because, hey, why the hell not, it might be funny... assuming we can get it working over 3G/LTE... More details will be posted here, on our outage page, and on the main site if necessary...

** the usual steps = dropping DNS TTL's down and changing root nameserver glue records a full week in advance

Some new complications w/ getting out of the old building may mean this takes a few hours longer than expected, but, hopefully not. :)

Yes, there are very good reasons for not "just putting it in the cloud". Read the entire thread before suggesting it. :)
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Test post
Posted by Mike at 2009-12-30 9:53:11 PM (109 comments) | Permalink

test post
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Stuff getting blanked out
Posted by Mike at 2009-10-01 2:44:22 AM (0 comments) | Permalink

While debugging some code that tries to clean up bad Unicode, it somehow decided that pretty much every string was bad and threw 'em all out, which is why pretty much nothing worked (posts getting blanked out, for example) for the last hour or so.
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Headline search rewrite
Posted by Mike at 2009-04-29 6:28:52 PM (0 comments) | Permalink

So the headline search has kinda perpetually said "coming soon" for that sort-by-date option for, oh, a few years now. Yeah. Oops.

I've finally done something about it.

It's using a totally different search engine backend (Xapian, for those that care) and has a bunch of sorting and filtering options the old one didn't have.
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URL cleanup coming shortly
Posted by Mike at 2009-02-26 2:14:51 AM, edited 2009-02-26 1:10:40 PM (28 comments) | Permalink

Here is the short version: sometime next week, we'll be doing a very-long-overdue cleanup of our URL's. All of the and etc stuff will get moved under, and all the /cgi/fark stuff will change to just /cgi. So URLs like

will change to

All of the old URL's will continue to work probably indefinitely, so you don't need to actually change any bookmarks... though the site will load very slightly faster if you do.

So, not a huge change, yeah, but makes things a little shorter and easier to remember... and it gives us an infrastructure to add some new features we've long been unable to add. And it probably won't even affect you, except for maybe eventually tweaking some bookmarks... except for:

Hey Photoshoppers: if you've set up hotlinking allow/block rules on your image host, as described in our handy FAQ entry on the subject, you will probably need to change those rules, or risk some of your Photoshop entries being unviewable, or unfetchable/unpostable -- because the rules check the URL, and once the URL's change, the rules might stop working. So, I've updated the FAQ entry with with a new set of examples that will work with either our old or our new URL scheme. Update your .htaccess files now and you'll be all set. Easy.

End of short version.

Scroll down to see the longer nerd-out version if that kinda stuff interests you.
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Downtime at midnight tonight
Posted by Mike at 2008-06-22 8:12:33 PM (1 comment) | Permalink

We'll have the database server down for about an hour, maybe two, starting at midnight eastern time (about 4 hours from now) to transplant it into a new case and add a new RAID controller.
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