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Dubai cruel world, magnetic boy who may be a Pole, Huckabee Fin: some of Fark's favorite headlines for 5/8 - 5/14
Posted by Drew at 2011-05-17 1:09:19 PM (12 comments) | Permalink

From Unfreakable:

No post from Drew this week, he's out of town doing important Fark-related ninja stuff. Or he's drinking.

Those of you who will be at the Chicago this Saturday for the Fark party at the Lincoln Tap Room can ask him directly.

Enjoy the headlines.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2011-05-08 to Sat 2011-05-14:  Autism rates are 28.141529768694978477683949% higher than previously thought  To avoid jealous husbands, Indian state tells new brides to avoid talking too much on cell phones for the first two years of marriage, or just switch to AT&T service  Man falls off ATV and is run over by mowing equipment. Don't miss this ripped-from-the-headlines story on the next episode of "Lawn Order." *DUN DUN*  Homeless man 'compacted' in garbage truck escapes serious injury. He doesn't want to deal with the press right now  Mississippi River swells to six times its normal width, but it's mostly water weight  Man commits suicide off world's tallest building in UAE. Dubai cruel world  Mississippi flooding moving south, because Missouri loves company  Police investigating an illegal mushroom grow operation find mason jars, syringes, a copy of High Times, and a tribe of sparkling green talking Aztec owls burrowing out from a chimney that was aglow with all the colors in the known universe  Tomorrow is World Naked Gardening Day. Makes sure to keep those bushes trimmed, folks  Students burned by sodium hydroxide at Obama middle school, proving that he'll lye to just about anyone  Four-year-old-boy gets foot stuck in escalator, leading to several minutes of uncomfortable stairs

Sports:  Now available from, the 2010-2011 commemorative one-piece cutlery set. Comes complete in a beautiful box with absolutely no silverware  Pittsburgh beats LA, 4-1, sending statisticians scrambling to find the last time the Pirates were a game over .500 this late in the season  900-lb statue of Shaq set to be unveiled on LSU's campus this summer. Weighs half as much as the real Shaq, but is twice as accurate at the FT line

Geek:  "Bad" cholesterol not as bad as thought, according to recent studies by scienticians at the Pizzaburger Institute  Powerful class of insect repellent discovered. You still can't beat OFF  Six-year-old Croatian boy has magnetic powers. Local residents don't recognize him, think he might be a Pole

Showbiz:  Whitney Houston to return to film after 15 years. I hope she can remember her lines  Katy Perry still DDoesn't unDDerstanDD why people maDDe such a big DDeal over the Sesame Street appearance she starreDD in that proDDucers ultimately pulleDD from the show  Salma Hayek officially kicks off the Cannes Film Festival. How appropriate

Politics:  Iran urging Damascus to go easy on protesters. Not sure if Syrians  George Mitchell to step down as US Mideast envoy, open frozen banana stand  Huckabee Fin

Music:  People discovering that music can have a remarkable healing power. Except for songs by Pitbull, which causes patients to jam sharp objects into their ears  Amy Winehouse says she wants to move to the country and start a family. Sounds like a great idea for a Deliverance prequel  Keith Richards is back in the studio. He has no idea how he got there

Business:  AT&T finds itself in a predicament: if their proposed takeover of T-Mobile doesn't work out, they must pay Deutsche Telekom about $6 billion. But if it does work out, they own T-Mobile  Cisco prepares to redirect most of their jobs to  Yahoo downgraded to a halfhearted yay
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Bin Laden underwater on his mortgage, Katy Perry's boob fairy, and nobody expects the Spanish Imposition: some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week from 5/1 - 5/7
Posted by Drew at 2011-05-10 3:03:54 PM (14 comments) | Permalink

From Unfreakable:

No update from Drew this week, just some headlines that we thought were fun. Hope you enjoy them, too, if you missed any the first time around.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2011-05-01 to Sat 2011-05-07:  Al-Qaeda will unleash a "nuclear hellstorm" if Osama bin Laden is captured. Good thing he wasn't captured then  Final Osama bin Laden message likely to surface soon. May include, "Is that someone at the door?"  Spanish court surprises everyone by imposing sentences of 439 years each to Somali pirates. Apparently no one expected quite a Spanish imposition  Thanks to Botox, teens on prom night will be just like your prom date: numb, expensive and incapable of showing emotion  Osama grew weed at his compound and drank Pepsi while chanting 'death to America'. So basically he was a UC Berkeley student  Man, 100 and woman, 93 marry and become world's oldest newlyweds. Leaving today for honeymoon at Viagra Falls  Ring ring ring goes the trolley. Argh argh argh goes the worker trapped under it  Bin Laden's mansion worth only 25 percent of what he paid for it, meaning he'll be underwater for a long time  How was Osama Bin Laden killed? Here are the 72 versions  Left handed people are more affected by fear, which researchers say has sinister implications  Police arrest man for stealing stenography machines. He wants a short sentence

Sports:  Barkeep, give me an Alex Ovechkin -- that's a White Russian on ice with no cup  Favre expresses desire to expose himself on camera again  Pagan sidelined by injury. Heathen to fill in

Geek:  2011: CERN physicists successfully preserve antimatter for 17 minutes. 2021: CERN physicists threaten to blow up the planet if their demands aren't met  Scientists may have found a way to prevent Ebola infections, which is great news for people who were frankly tired of bleeding out of their eyes all the time  Koalas have exactly the same fingerprints as humans. That means any one of us could be a secret koala agent

Showbiz:  Homeless woman with poor vision but highly tuned sense of smell mistakes Paris Hilton for Lindsay Lohan  Daniel Radcliffe fancies Pippa Middleton, puts on his robe and wizard hat  "Terminator 5" will NOT reunite the original cast. Michael Biehn goes back to staring at his phone

Politics:  Current county commissioners commission county committee to commission county commissioner  Prince Edward Island boasts 75% voter turnout, residents disappointed that fourth guy didn't bother  Former Bush Chief of Staff thinks Obama is bragging too much in the wake of bin Laden's death. Jeez, he's talking like Obama rode a jet fighter to an aircraft carrier and gave a speech in front of a Mission Accomplished banner

Music:  US appeals court rejects Phil Spector appeal, use of NewsFlash tag  Katy Perry's upbringing was so strict that her minister father wouldn't even let the family eat "deviled" eggs or own a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner. Fortunately the Boob Fairy wasn't under similar restrictions  Paul Stanley 1981: "If it's too loud, you're too old." Hip replaced, deaf Paul Stanley 2011: "IT'S TOO LOUD"

Business:  Siemens gets its profits all over the place  UBS agrees to pay $160 million and will stop putting the ports so close together  Topless coffee shop gets ready to clothes
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Thoughts on where we're at in the Osama bin Laden coverage media cycle, and some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 4/24 - 4/30
Posted by Drew at 2011-05-03 3:49:04 PM, edited 2011-05-03 4:45:19 PM (38 comments) | Permalink

Just think: If SEAL Team Six had killed Bin Laden early Friday morning, we might have escaped all that Royal Wedding coverage...

News coverage of Bin Laden's death has blown pretty much every other story off the main page of news websites everywhere. Which is great, but even this is going to get old in a day or two. Still, a number of potential hooks to the story remain. Here's a few of them in no particular order.

- Were the Pakistanis complicit or incompetent? Pakistan issued a formal statement saying that the death of Bin Laden shows the resolve of Pakistan to battle terrorism. Perfect answer, classic Ignore The Question 101.

- Bin Laden "resisted". Those of us who know what this means are winking at each other. For everyone else, best if they not know.

- News folks seem to mix up the words "Obama" and "Osama" a lot. Yesterday morning I heard the NPR lady do it, which would have been confusing as hell to anyone who tuned in just when she said "Obama was killed". I'm sure they would have eventually figured it out. I did it myself in the bar last night. Alcohol was a factor.

It's too bad they buried bin Laden at sea, I would have loved to see if the Westboro Baptist Church would have protested that funeral. Note that an actual squad was sent into the compound, not huge bombs, drones, or robots. The reason why? We needed a body. Otherwise people would continue to insist for years that Bin Laden was actually born in Kenya. But if you think about it, there was one other really good reason to send a squad in rather than nuke the compound from orbit...

The best part: we got Bin Laden's hard drive. Hilarity is sure to ensue. Also, my favorite Fark Headline of the media frenzy so far: "Final bin Laden message likely to surface soon. May include 'Is that someone is at the door?'"

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2011-04-24 to Sat 2011-04-30:  Teen tries to feed shark, succeeds  Inventor of the teleprompter dies. President Obama said to be at a "loss for words"  News of the typewriter's death have been greatly exaggera ed  As China ages, the youth in Asia will face difficult decisions  Niger, pleas for help  Former Miss Russia, living in NYC, previously arrested for forging prescriptions, now busted for shoplifting. Cops say she still hasn't gotten her Berings Strait  Doctors to use magnets to battle ovarian cancer. Will work great on women who aren't bipolar  Doctors reassure men everywhere that Short Penis Syndrome is mostly in your head. Your below-average, unimpressive, laughably small head  Witnesses in Florida report seeing a UFO the size of a football field. They didn't notice an end zone on it, suggesting the UFO is from Michigan  Gabby Giffords needs a Shuttle launch postponement like she needs a hole in the head  Three people injured at car wash in PG County. Thank goodness this didn't happen in NC-17 County

Sports:  Ron Artest wins NBA citizenship award for promoting community service, mental health awareness, not dating a Kardashian  2014 Special Olympics to be held in New Jersey. Somehow, we're not surprised  Cubs to offer discounted beer and hot dogs in hopes that fans will be too drunk to notice they're watching the Cubs

Geek:  "We've created 18 atoms of anti-helium" say giggling scientists with super deep voices  1,716 Sony PlayStation 3s have been combined to create the only supercomputer that can't get online  Full 3-D invisibility cloak in visible light will soon be revealed, according to empty podium with microphone

Showbiz:  A&E and Steven Seagal finally end squint-off  AMC theaters to screen all three extended editions of "Lord of the Rings" movies in June. Or you could save some time and just walk to Mordor yourself  Kristen Stewart says the birth scene from the upcoming Twilight film was less disturbing than portrayed in the book, which is kind of surprising considering the heart of the story is a young girl's decision between bestiality and necrophilia  

Politics:  Supremes: "You can't hurry law, no, you'll just have to wait"  Former Maryland Governor to lie in state today. Current Maryland Governor to lie in state every day  Lesbian cadet licked by West Point as her efforts to gain readmission are boxed out, snatching away her dreams and sweeping her ambitions under the carpet

Music:  Woman succumbs to the sweet release of death at a Lady Gaga concert, but an unsympathetic EMT brings her back to life  Britney Spears bans cookie dough ice cream from world tour. Says that something white with a little bit of black and just sitting there reminds her too much of K-Fed  Aretha Franklin to write C-O-O-K-B-O-O-K

Business:  That's a good e-commerce business model... FOR ME TO GROUPON  Writer for SyFy movies starts own ice cream business. Flavors to include "Meh", "That was all right", and "Could've been better with a larger budget"  Weak second half forecast sends Brunswick's stock into the gutter. There's even talk of a 7-10 stock split. This could be it for them. Well, AMF
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Shi'ites getting Syrias, wrapping babies in foil, and a zombie treaty on the horizon: some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 4/17 - 4/23
Posted by Drew at 2011-04-26 2:00:18 PM (13 comments) | Permalink

From Unfreakable:

No update from Drew this week, so enjoy the headlines.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2011-04-17 to Sat 2011-04-23:  Philadelphia Orchestra out of C notes  The "uhhhs" and "umms" in our speech may be crucial to helping children learn to speak, according to the National Institute Of Why Is Bob Newhart So Freaking Awesome  Kenyan wins Boston Marathon in 2 hours, 3 minutes, 2 seconds, which is faster than anyone has driven 26 miles in Boston  Shi'ites getting Syrias  Donald Trump declares: "I'm the last person Obama wants to run against". In other news, VP Joe Biden has assumed the duties of President until Obama's laughing fit ends  Gary Busey's infant son hospitalized --- his teeth must be coming in  Chemicals being spread over populated areas to prevent spread of wildfires in Texas. That's retardant  Famous clown's organ may not be real. Don't let them big shoes fool you  "Five-week-old baby severely burned in cooking accident." This may be a modest proposal, but next time try wrapping the baby in foil to prevent accidents  Large tornado, now arriving Gate 11... Gate 12... Gate 13  Syrian forces open fire on funeral procession. At least one dead

Sports:  Major League Baseball signs deal to broadcast games in Vietnam and China, thereby slowing down Asian economic surge by boring their citizens to death  NFL expected to release schedule on Tuesday. Highlights are expected to be a Week 1 matchup of Nobody vs. Nobody, a Week 2 matchup of Nobody vs. Nobody, and a Week 3 matchup of the Bills vs. Nobody, but the Bills will still find a way to lose  Grete Waitz, nine-time NYC Marathon winner and Olympic silver medalist dies at age 57. Subby goes back to eating cookie dough, satisfied with life choices

Geek:  Scientists attempt to determine if the arctic is coaled  Honeycombs help cure cancer, yeah yeah yeah  Carbon nanotubes could be used as synthetic brains, giving humanity at least a chance for a treaty with the zombies

Showbiz:  Bruce Willis to sell New York apartment at a loss. Yippie-ki-yay, market failure  P-Diddy to make guest appearance on "Hawaii 5-0" which will soon change its name to "Hawaii" and then "5-0" before eventually being cancelled  'Bewitched' creator Sol Saks dies at 100. Actually he died at 82, but was replaced by another guy and nobody said a word

Politics:  Trump is richer than Romney, meaning he's a better businessman. Also has had more wives than Romney, making him the better Mormon  Is Obama morphing into Bush? Worst. Power Ranger. Evar  Department of Homeland Security accidentally loses 10 Libyan terrorists they brought to the United States. I just hope Doc Brown read that letter already

Music:  Blink 182 postpones European tour until they can find a way to travel back in time to 1994  Morrissey cries about his memoirs, everything else  Annie Lennox not strong enough to tour, walk on broken glass

Business:  Volkswagen unveils sportier Beetle with more aerodynamic pterathorax  Seagate seeks to expand, by spending some cache to raid Samsung's disk drive business  Dollar falls to 15-month low against euro, yen, and any other currency that doesn't have the word "Zimbabwe" on it
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Matching mini-giraffes, bourbon-powered cars, and utes flipping off bridges: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 4/10 - 4/16
Posted by Drew at 2011-04-19 3:03:35 PM (23 comments) | Permalink

From Unfreakable:

No blog posting from Drew this week, just some headlines that we liked. Hope you like them, too.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2011-04-10 to Sat 2011-04-16:  If you're an opera singer and your wife is giving birth at home, sometimes you have to duet yourself  A year after Poland's political elite died in a plane crash in Russia, the two countries are arguing over a memorial plaque and where to bury the survivors  15-month old gets drunk at Applebee's after being served a margarita in his sippy-cup. If it's happy hour and you know it, clap your hands  Israel warns travellers of possible violent attacks during Passover. Suggest stockpiling of lamb's blood, just in case  Bad: Man falls out of 14th story window. Good: He survives. Sad: He still lives in Detroit  Predator may have killed US Troops. This is not a repeat from 1987  Police.finalize() in Java  Man invents car that runs on bourbon....just like subby  Oil prices to drop next year, says Russian official with matching mini giraffes  Americans reluctant to share sex; work details on the web. Wait, that should've been a comma  Man dies after ute flips off bridge. Somewhere, some Southern judge is profoundly confused

Sports:  Despite rampant use of steroids, Bonds jury still hung  Former Chicago Bears quarterback Bobby Douglass arrested for breaking into his girlfriend's home. Well, at least he managed to get through some kind of defense  Lingerie football league picks Toronto as new franchise. Eager fans rush to get season's tickets in rows A, B, C, D and DD

Geek:  Player reaches level 85 in World of Warcraft without killing a single thing, ever touching a woman  French resistance fighters used government-developed stank as a weapon in WWII. Subby has no idea why they're still using it, the war ended over 60 years ago  Feds commandeer botnet, will***CARRIER LOST***

Showbiz:  Holly Madison ignores Hugh Hefner's sweet wedding invitation. Hefner again trying to give a spoonful of sugar to make the Madison go down  Kirstie Alley rips shirt off dance partner while on Oprah, wolfs it down with fries and a diet soda  Christina Aguilera divorces Bratman, much to the delight of the Jroker

Politics:  Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis eyeing New Jersey state Senate. Will run primarily on his impressive track record  California Senate passes bill mandating landmark events in gay history be taught in public schools: Oscar Wilde's trial, the Stonewall riots, Tom Cruise's marriage  Bad boys, bad boys, Ouagadougou. Ouagadougou when they come for you?

Music:  Catholic League accuses Madonna of using "offensive" Catholic imagery in her new video. Wait. I'm sorry. They're mad at Lady Gaga. Easy mistake to make  Nate Dogg's home was foreclosed on two days after he died. Looks like the Feds finally regulated  Great news for deaf people: Rebecca Black working on new EP

Business:  Hooters co-founder in legal winner-take-owl fight with chain  Intuit turns to mobile software, seal blubber, igloos  Company promotes eco-friendly burials, will turn frozen corpses into compost for plants. Guess you could say the 'soil-into-green' is people. Uh-oh
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A few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 4/3 - 4/9
Posted by Drew at 2011-04-12 1:53:41 PM (13 comments) | Permalink

From Unfreakable:

No update from Drew this week, enjoy the headlines.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2011-04-03 to Sat 2011-04-09:  Vehicle crashes into Subway restaurant. Let us take a moment to honor our fallen heroes  32 killed in Congo crash. See, THAT is why I never participated in those things at wedding receptions  Man attempting to hold up Apple Store learns that security guard's handgun "just works"  Drunk guy found with M&Ms in his pocket and a chicken in his pants. Or, as subby calls it, Tuesday  Boy born without hands wins penmanship award, stumps experts  19-year-old woman disappears from nightclub. Authorities issue an all-oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz bulletin  Scientists grow first eyeball in a lab, which is a huge breakthrough for just about everybody except paranoid people  Ashley Judd details molestation, family drug abuse, and neglect in her new memoir "I'm Not the Fat One"  There is a group home for alcoholic hipsters in Brooklyn. At least, there was until everybody heard about it  Scientist becomes first person to pass insect-borne virus to someone else by sexual contact. Experts suggest: Before you get off, get OFF  Northern Ireland police defuse a gigantic bomb that wasn't U2's latest album

Sports:  10-year-old boy uses $8500 from his college fund to buy Refrigerator Perry his Super Bowl XX ring back. Fridge returns the favor by deciding not to eat the child  LeBron buys a minority stake in Liverpool FC, will never walk alone. Not that the refs would call him for a walk anyway  Bost0n 5ucks

Geek:  Astronomers see star spewing material out of both ends. Must be in the constellation of Tequila  One in five mammals are close to becoming extinct. Looking around the IT department here, I have a pretty good idea which ones  Arctic ice, which was supposed to be gone by now, then supposed to be gone by 2013, will now be gone by 2016. Until next year, when it will be gone by 2020. If we don't act now, by 2100 it will be gone by 2500. EVERYBODY PANIC. SLOWLY

Showbiz:  Will Smith and his daughter Jaden will star in M. Night Shyamalan's new science fiction film. Early reports indicate that--wait, Jaden is his son? WHAT A TWIST  After his soul crushing break-up with Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake bravely lands on his feet, Olivia Wilde  Kelly Ripa gets a wax figure at Madame Tussaud's. Unfortunately there's a dress on it though so you can't tell if her penis-navel was accurately sculpted

Politics:  NJ Councilman: Anyone who says I agreed to a bribe from a FBI informant is a liar. FBI: Here are the tapes. Councilman: Ahem. Chewbacca is a wookie  Santorum now in Nevada, where it is considered a delicacy  Evangelicals, conservatives, and NRA members are shunned from academia, reports a study by the Wedgie Institute for Nerd Studies

Music:  Miley Cyrus says she was misquoted when she said "It should be harder to be an artist. You shouldn't just be able to put a song on YouTube." Yes. Easy to see how that could be taken out of context  Mary J. Blige plans on releasing a new album this September. Her legion of fan is undoubtedly excited  Adam Ant wages war on digital age, claiming we're all computer-obsessed geeks and his new album won't be available online. Subby used the Internet to find out who Adam Ant is

Business:  Broken cruise control could lead to Mercedes bends  One out of 10 mall stores are vacant, which may prove advantageous in the event of the Zombie Apocalypse  Steve Wozniak could return to Apple, offset Steve Jobs' weight loss
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Final words on Nas-Con 2011 in Vegas, and a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 3/27 - 4/2
Posted by Drew at 2011-04-05 3:02:20 PM (334 comments) | Permalink

We had our first big World Fark Party last weekend. My expectations were definitely above average, but what actually ended up happening blew away the best possible outcome for the weekend. A ton of people, lots of friends connecting, laughter, and enough alcohol to fill Lake Mead.

For those of you who weren't able to make it: first, I hope you can make it next year because we had a kickass time. Second, Naskar's parents and his brother Cam were thrilled and honored to be a part of the festivities, and they let everybody know that they're working with us to set up a community foundation in his name. More details on that later when we have them.

Some thanks need to go out to those who agreed to come hang out with us, most notably our special guests: Bill Corbett of MST3K and Rifftrax, and Paul and Storm, who tore the roof off the sucker. I think I heard the same thing from at least a couple dozen people: "Man, I'd heard their stuff before but I had no idea how good it was in person." Also to Alex with Neatorama, who hosts our Fark Shop provided a lot of free schwag for us and was kind enough to help us get the shirts printed. The Nas-Con shirts will be available in a few days for those of you who wanted them but weren't able to get them on Saturday or Sunday. The staff at Treasure Island in Las Vegas was excellent and treated us right. Especially the five guys at the craps table friday and saturday night after midnight. I woke up both nights hung over with a full wallet AND my butt wasn't bleeding - a Vegas win if there ever was one.

A lot of members of Fark took the lead in helping us get this off the ground and arranging some events. Thanks to Witchydiva for organizing the Vegas Strip Pub Crawl, to smells_like_meat for setting up and managing the Poker Tournament, to aquigley for being our emcee at the Saturday event. Thanks also go out to Yzziefrog for helping with the shirt designs, to E-Brake for offering to help with shirts and setting up the Sunday brunch, and to cyberchp for volunteering to man the sales table. Also thanks to punkrockgirl and Unfreakable for setting up and managing the event.

To everybody who took time out of their schedule and spent their hard-earned money to get here, I hope you had a blast. Everyone I talked to sure as hell did. You all made this party what it was, because you all make this community what it is. I can't say that in any other way without sounding like I'm just spouting sentimental BS, but every word of it is true.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2011-03-27 to Sat 2011-04-02:  Indian Navy continues its impressive Cinderella run with another impressive victory over the pirates, including a double-double by its leading scorer with 16 pirates captured and 16 hostages freed  VW adds a classic Beetle feature to the Jetta. If you use your horn, the engine shuts off  Statistics show Scottish wife battering increases dramatically during soccer matches. Those savages will eat anything  Pro Gay Wrestling Federation not happy that WWE announcer tweeted gay slur and was not punished. In other news, Pro Gay Wrestling Federation and WWE not the same organization  April Fools' Day is good for your heart, according to doctors who never woke up to the sight of a giant fake spider  Ivory Coast rebels now control 99 44/100% of the country  Residents angry after town's broken clock left unfixed. Wild-haired scientist and teenager who only responds to the name 'chicken' sought for questioning  Airline flight is diverted after passengers and some of the crew began feeling sick. Why do people keep ordering the fish?  95 year-old World War II Veteran will get his U.S. Citizenship, Boston Celtics contract  Bicyclists dream of bike path to ocean. Drivers dream of even longer bike path  Treki defects from Libyan government, Ceti Alpha V

Sports:  Milwaukee Brewers get new high definition video scoreboard. Zeroes and K's now much easier to see  Chad Pennington tears his ACL. Man, I hope that doesn't affect his ability to throw the football deep  Cinderella is murdered. The Butler did it

Geek:  FD&C Yellow #6 linked with child hyperactivity. Good thing sugary snacks are never brightly colored  NASA releases first image ever taken from orbit of Mercury. Scores about 0.86 on the Lohan Scale of Rugged-Looking  IPod and other small devices to be powered by human heart instead of batteries. Subby's ex will still need to use a battery

Showbiz:  Roger Abbot dead. Jessica inconsolable  Adam Sandler's latest film is his 12th to gross over $100 million at the box office. It's looking more and more like the Mayans were right  Lady Gaga to be fashion consultant for V magazine. For all five of you who wear suits made of Muppet fur, this will be a glorious day

Politics:  Obama says Libya won't be another Iraq. By which we assume he means it won't be another Afghanistan. Meaning it won't be another Vietnam. Or another Korea. Or  Is Growing Internet Use Polarizing Political Views? The answer is yes, you smug, sneering, empty-suit commie fascist  A collection of pictures details Canadian PM Stephen Harper's ongoing efforts to convince the world that he really is a human being

Music:  Miley Cyrus slams Rebecca Black for exposing her proprietary hit-making formula: money, entitlement, auto-tune  Yanni fires back at his critics. His critics fall asleep midway through reading it  Minimalist composer Philip Glass + hiphop mashup is better than you'd expect, better than you'd expect, better than you'd expect

Business:  Interesting fact: Apple is worth more than the entire GDP of Portugal. Which tomorrow might be $3.89  Pepsi to meet diet cola drinkers halfway with new 60-calorie beverage called Pepsi Stop Your Damn Whining  Russian car maker introduces the Yo-auto hybrid. Company expects big sales from its debut model The Adrian
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The final Vegas World Fark Party update, and some of Fark's favorite Headlines Of The Week for 3/20 - 3/26
Posted by Drew at 2011-03-29 5:19:13 PM, edited 2011-03-29 6:09:34 PM (142 comments) | Permalink

From Unfreakable:

No update from Drew this week, so we're just giving you a quick update on Las Vegas.

If you made plans to come but haven't registered, it's important that you do that as quickly as possible. Here is our Event Registration Page

Here is the basic schedule of events:

Thursday, Mar 31

For people arriving on the 31st, we're going to do a pub crawl on the Strip. It'll start at the bar at Treasure Island before heading south down Las Vegas Blvd to about the Bellagio, across the street to Paris, and then north, hitting bars along the strip on the other side of the street until we hit the Venetian in a big, staggering loop. I'm trying to coordinate this with witchydiva who had started this. She has a Facebook page for the Vegas Casino Crawl here:

Friday, Apr 1

2PM - Treasure Island poker room

First event is the Fark Texas Hold 'Em tournament in the poker room at Treasure Island. There are limited seats, so if you haven't already told farker smells_like_meat that you're going, do so quickly. There will be a quick tutorial a half hour before the poker tournament begins for people who want to participate, but aren't familiar with Hold 'Em or would like a quick refresher.

6PM - Kahunaville - Treasure Island

The big party starts at 6PM, and it's scheduled for three hours. You can see the bar here: Kahunaville. Bring a spare drinking liver.

Saturday, Apr 2

In terms of formal events, the morning and afternoon are unscheduled. Different farkers are talking about making different trips, so this will let you get in with a group that might be doing something that interests you.

4PM-8PM - Treasure Island Ballroom AB

This is the sitdown event. We have a bit at the beginning, including a few words from Naskar's mother, Drew on the microphone, Joe Peacock, Paul and Storm, and Bill Corbett. Beyond that, we're going to keep it relaxed and let everybody mingle. For a lot of people, Saturday's the last night, so we want everybody to get to know everybody and have a good time.

So those are the basics. Can't wait to see you guys there.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2011-03-20 to Sat 2011-03-26:  Maryland Mansion destroyed in fire, still plans to release new album and tour later this year  Man who had sex with horses released from prison, considered stable  Woman hit and killed by monster truck. Funeral will be held on Sunday Sunday SUNDAY  Aircraft in Australia forced down by inchworms in the instruments. Was allowed to resume flight once mechanics swapped them out for centimeter worms  Captain Morgan's cannons found in Panama. Sink responsibly  Stray cat rescued from soup can was hypothermic but is making great progresso  Man uses divorce papers to burn down wife's beauty parlor. Split ends with permanent damage  Thief takes a condom machine from a sports bar. It must have been robbed for her pleasure  Not again / For God's sake / How much more / Can we take / Burma Quake  T☢ky☢ water still th☢ught t☢ be safe t☢ drink  Historians in Virginia and North Carolina are arguing over which state lost more troops in the War Between the Stats

Sports:  Mets' owners say that Madoff trustee's allegations regarding their knowledge of Madoff's scam are as accurate as Ollie Perez's pitches  India ends the Aussie cricket World Cup reign. You submitted this with a longer, more complex and passionate headline that nobody really understood  The last time a Duke was murdered like this, it started World War I. Duke sucks

Geek:  Researchers discover protein that protects the body from the toxic effects of alcohol. Is it buffalo wings? Please god let it be buffalo wings  Man does a 360 on a swing set while wearing a jet pack. That's a long way to go to settle a bet with Timmy Johnston from the second grade  Google delays Honeycomb; yeah, yeah, yeah. It's not on time; no, no, no

Showbiz:  Elizabeth Hurley is 45. Elizabeth Hurley's ass is 23  After his little temper tantrum on GMA, Chris Brown apologizes, saying he is disappointed in himself and that dressing room just walked into a door  "Fringe" renewed for season 4. Suck it, Friday night and your delicious strawberry-flavored death slot

Politics:  Tim Pawlenty becomes the latest white guy who thinks he can beat a Kenyan in a race  Knock knock. Who's there? Orange. Orange who? John Boehner writes a letter to Obama about Libya  Administration helpfully explains that what's happening in Libya isn't war, it's "kinetic military action." Widespread noncooperative terminal reduction in biodynamics is hell

Music:  Britney Spears' employees must sign non-disclosure agreement saying they won't provide Britney with drugs, alcohol, or any clothes that a normal person might wear  Michael Stipe writes all of R.E.M.'s songs on his iPhone, which would explain such hits as Call Dropped, Weak Signal Blues, and GODDAMMIT I CAN'T CLEAN THESE FINGERPRINTS (reprise)  Rebecca Black says she'll donate all the profits from her terrifying single Friday to Japanese relief efforts. This news brought to you on Thursday, the day before Friday

Business:  IRS says Florida leads the nation in the number of false returns filed from prison ... at least that's the con census  AT&T is getting married to T-Mobile. There will be no reception afterwards  Japanese auto manufacturing is starting to come back online after quake/tsunami/nuke disasters. Here come the Scions
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Actual news overload, the invasion of cute, and some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 3/13 - 3/19. Duke sucks
Posted by Drew at 2011-03-22 1:07:00 PM (18 comments) | Permalink

Well the news cycle seems to be hitting overload, as in there's so much going on that MSM is finally stretched to cover all of it. Unfortunately, I think this means that we're going right back to Charlie Sheen once this stuff is over. Kind of like how Alanis Morisette disappears for a couple years between albums and comes back sounding fresh - which lasts all of about a month and then you're tired of it again. So get ready for more Sheen weirdness after this news cycle ends. No, I'm not excited about it either.

Regarding the current news cycle, look for more shlocky cute stuff than usual. When people become disturbed they become snark-avoidant. No need to worry about this happening on Fark, as long as we're randomly bombing middle-eastern countries and claiming it's due to "humanitarian aid" or "democracy", there will be enough cynicism to last for the full news cycle. Seriously, what the hell is the plan in Libya? That's likely a rhetorical question because I'm pretty sure there isn't one. Sure Laffydaffy is a jackass but do we know anything at all about the other guys? Looked more like a coup to me than a democratic uprising. BTW you know what the problem with democracy is? Sometimes we don't like who gets elected -- like Palestinians voting in Hamas. Yay democracy. Can we go back to Pax America now? Okay I think I've exhausted everything offensive I can say about that without bringing in cheap tsunami references.

I noticed the other day that there are a few phrases I've caught myself saying in the past two weeks that I never thought I'd ever say, including:

- Japanese multiple nuclear meltdown
- French military offensive
- I don't think Duke's going out in the first round

I actually did have Duke out in the second round, and I was one last-second shot away from being right. So it goes. I'm not saying I'm some kind of basketball genius, I always pick Duke to go out early -- and when they do it's a jackpot for my bracket. However, when they don't, like last year, it doesn't work out so well. I'm still hanging in there bracket-wise but I picked KY to win it all as I was required to per state law. It could happen. I always make sure to enter pools that are out of state, everyone in state picks Kentucky which makes it less fun when they win it all. I don't think that will happen this year; however, if it is I look forward to having to give the title back four years from now.

All right that's enough rambling, back to the coffee.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2011-03-13 to Sat 2011-03-19:  Deaf school teacher accused of luring minor for sex, prosecutor reportedly willing to accept plea in lieu of hearing  Suicidal woman falls 100 feet inside new library. Reporters quickly calculating the number of stories  If you lost two large bales of marijuana down the Arizona sewer system, the police would like a word with you. Also, if you are smoking Arizona weed there's a reason it tastes like some good shiat  Opera patron assaults usher, police escort him from the aria  Three people shot near Target. They probably should have stood farther away  Election observers quit one month before polls in Djibouti. This could really shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake Djibouti  Mild-mannered earthquake shakes Ontario and Quebec, apologizes for rattling windows  PoGo StIcKs ReCaLlEd BeCaUsE oF iNjUrY rIsK  Illinois schools have fired more than 2,600 teachers this year, at least 600 of whom were not having sex with students  Great Dane has 17 puppies by Cesarean section. Owner fined for littering  US astronomers announce discovery of room temperature dwarf brown star. NASA immediately names it Gary Coleman

Sports:  Imminent NFL lockout does not threaten Madden 12 release. It will be so realistic that hitting "play now" will feature an empty stadium and right trigger will show owners cooking the books  Adrian Peterson decries the "modern day slavery" of the NFL as he returns to his job of picking cotton -- or silk -- sheets for his guest house  New York Mets drop Luis Castillo like a fly ball in the 9th inning with two outs against the Yankees

Geek:  NASA spacecraft now circling massive object that is not your wife, despite being super-hot on one side and super-cold on the other  ICANN has .xxx domain names? Yes  Research shows that when the human egg encounters a sperm, the egg offers key navigation help to the sperm through hormones. It's like back seat driving at a cellular level

Showbiz:  15 vacation destinations every child under age 15 should see. The Champagne Room of the Vegas Spearmint Rhino just missed the cut  Crowd enjoys Jodie Foster's Beaver. This is not a repeat from The Accused  Laptops stolen from West Philadelphia school. With no leads and lacking any fresh prints, Will Smith replaces all 30 computers

Politics:  Rep. Chris Lee offers apology, refund, signed shirtless photo to all of his donors  The F-35: A weapon that cost more than Australia. How much is that in Delawares again?  PR Firm of completely benevolent and benign Koch Brothers banned from Wikipedia for "sock puppeting," which is the last thing you want to see on a Koch

Music:  Auction of 70 Eric Clapton personal guitars raises over $2 million for needy charity. Hopefully, this now gives them less to fret about  Gwen Stefani says she couldn't write music after having kids. Some argue that sentence is three words too long  Björk to debut new album, digitally-controlled pipe organ, a 30 foot pendulum that harnesses the earth's gravitational pull to create musical patterns... you know - the usual

Business:  AP writer can't understand why no one builds a grocery store in a town with no money. Also baffled by the way Kleenex keep popping up out of the box  Horse hoof ankle length shoes for women now on sale in England. Perfect for the winter when the weather is Friesian  General Mills in $1.1 billion takeover of Yoplait, hopes to avoid a culture clash
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Update on Vegas and room rates at Treasure Island, and some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 3/6 - 3/12
Posted by Drew at 2011-03-15 1:58:17 PM (55 comments) | Permalink

From Unfreakable,

Nothing new this week from Drew, but a quick update: Treasure Island agreed to extend the deadline to get the room rate, so for the next 48 hours or so, you can still be included (rumor is that the code FARKCOM doesn't work online; you need to call it in).

Looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2011-03-06 to Sat 2011-03-12:  Canadian man dies when his ice house doesn't contain enough ig glue  Israeli model bitten by snake after attempting to lick it. This is not a repeat from Genesis  Scientists were just as happy to see the giant penis frog as he was to see them  Rare 400 year old bible found in UK church. Described as being in near pristine condition with only four of the Ten Commandments broken  Man files lawsuit claiming severed foot was stolen, says he's not sure what his next steps will be  Giant condom placed on statue as tribute to inventor riles officials -- too bad they can't take some good-natured ribbing  Chickens have empathy. Tasty, tasty empathy  A Florida couple having sex in a car was charged with "unnatural behavior". I wonder what kind of sex counts as "unnatural behavior" in Florida. Maybe the lights were on and their eyes were open?  Woman trying to rob bookstore is chased down by two men watching adult videos. Suspect caught before situation got out of hand  Woman who faked cancer pleads guilty to tumor charges  Japan quake so powerful it shifted the earth off its axis by 4 inches, sped up the earth's rotation by 1.6 microseconds, and shifted Japan's coastline by 8 feet. So - 4 inches CAN make the earth move and time stand still

Sports:  Steve Sabol stable after seizure by the seashore  Pitchers may start wearing helmets, catchers may expect different sensation  Kleenex stock goes through the roof on news that the Miami Heat have lost to another good team

Geek:  Ford Focus Electric to have liquid battery warmer so it keeps its range during the winter. Nissan Leaf comes with hot gel pack so you don't get frostbite as you wait for the tow truck  Facebook adds suicide alert feature. Mood: slashy  What do data mining companies know about you? Answer: Damn near everything. You sicko

Showbiz:  Kate Winslet is adjusting to single life but can't quite get beyond that one night with subby, whom she still refers to as her "mysterious stallion of the percales" before needing a fainting couch  Kirstie Alley's "Dancing With The Stars" partner reportedly 'impressed' with her efforts, structural integrity of the floor  Khloe Kardashian wonders why she can't get pregnant. Fails to realize that husband Lamar Odom still has trouble putting it in the hole when the game is on the line

Politics:  Sen. John Ensign retiring to spend more time with your wife  Obamas attend daughter's parent-teacher conference. Intimidated English teacher now suffering from post-grammatic stress disorder  Scott Walker says he's not interested in being a GOP VP candidate. Normally, we'd say something snarky about not wanting something no one in their right mind would ever offer, but then we remembered the last GOP VP candidate

Music:  The members of Big Head Todd and the Monsters serenade the crew of the space shuttle Discovery, making the crew fear they had entered some worm hole in outer space and got teleported back to 1994  Gene Simmons wants to Rock and Roll all night and invest in a diversified portfolio of domestic and international small and large caps every day  Chinese censors approve performance by Bob Dylan after realizing that nobody can understand what the fark he's saying in any language

Business:  SEC workers that looked at porn on the job disciplined. Say, "Insider Trading" would be a great name for a porn  "Oil prices are not yet hurting the economy" says Exxon CEO as he collects his $27,168,317 paycheck  Google stock down 4% for the year. Company punishes four top execs with $9 million in bonus money
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