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Fark party SF wrap and Fark on "Jeopardy"
Posted by Drew at 2007-11-15 9:22:32 AM, edited 2007-11-15 9:24:36 AM (99 comments) | Permalink

The San Francisco Fark Party Tuesday night was a blast. Special thanks to Miyu at Cafe Murano for letting us show up and drink all the beer. We put a serious dent in their supplies.

One of the most often asked questions that evening (aside from "what the hell are you doing here?" and "you live where?") was "What was the deal with that Jeopardy thing?"

I was contacted at least a year ago by a writer from Jeopardy who was a huge Fark fan. He had proposed making a catagory out of Fark headlines, and wanted to know if this was ok. It sure as hell was, far as I was concerned.

It took awhile but it finally got moving. I'd totally forgotten the episode was going to air Nov 12th, but the minute it did my phone started ringing off the hook with friends calling me to tell me they saw it.

The Jeopardy folks told me they had a blast with it. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that all the answers/questions were complete curveballs. Nothing's more fun than messing with a bunch of smart guys.

A couple blog articles about the Jeopardy Fark catagory said that Fark sprung for some advertising to get this to go through. Not the case. Jeopardy suggested it on their own. We were happy as hell to go along with it. Hopefully it'll happen again.

If you missed it when we linked it last, here is the video from the show:

PS - I completely agree that the Fark Blog tag blows donkey ass. We'll fix it.
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Anyone in SF want to hang out? Got some time
Posted by Drew at 2007-11-12 1:08:38 PM, edited 2007-11-12 1:13:44 PM (144 comments) | Permalink

I swear right after my book tour I had a conversation with Heather about slowing down my travel schedule.

That didn't work out. I think I'm home for 6 days over the next month.

I'm spending at least part of the month in Pennsylvania with my folks for Thanksgiving. Right now though I'm in SF for a little while. My wife and her parents are doing some tourism stuff, I'm planning on getting some random work done.

So if anyone wants to hang out over the next few days, I have some time during the days in SF until Thursday. Email me, drew et fark det com etc
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