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Haiti fatigue, Apple hyperbole and the Fark Betting Line for this week. Plus some of Fark's favorite headlines from 1/17 - 1/23
Posted by Drew at 2010-01-25 12:11:16 PM, edited 2010-01-25 12:17:30 PM (26 comments) | Permalink

MSM is in a weird spot with Haiti coverage now. I have to give them credit, they did a great job covering this one, probably motivated somewhat by their terrible Iran coverage last year. The problem now, though, is that media consumers are pretty much burnt out on the stories, having had their fill of death and destruction. Not to mention that rebuilding isn't particularly interesting to read about. So keep an eye out for a spate of odd-thing stories now as MSM tries to stay interested, for example CNN's "There's an AP for that" (laugh track laughter) story about the man who survived because he had an app on his iPhone for taking care of wounds . According to Gawker this morning, now that the media saturation point has hit, CBS is getting the hell out right now due to lack of interest.

You can also expect a glut of free publicity for whatever the hell Apple is announcing Wednesday (probably the iPad) as "online interest" hits "fever pitch". Otherwise, some good headlines last week (good job, submitters), and this week's Fark Betting Line for your betting pleasure:

- Coverage on Haiti switches from "damn, they're boned" to "let's fly back and ask Haitians in the U.S. what they think about all of this" (4:1)

- Media runs out of Super Bowl matchup strategy discussions to talk about by Wednesday, will switch focus to "Aftermath of Katrina" stories about how great this is for the people of New Orleans (3:1)

- Apple unveils the latest, greatest, most awesomest thing that was ever conceived by mankind since the wheel, beer, sliced bread and bacon (2:1)

- Competing tech company says, "Hey, we pretty much invented that same thing in 2008..." before being captured and dismembered by Apple's crack Hyperbole Commando Team (12:1)

- Repeat from last week, but it's bound to happen: Shaky-cam live footage of a cliff residence sliding down into a pile of rubble after the rain-saturated footings give way (3:1)

- Favre retirement discussion begins. Bonus if they show pics of Favre's face in pain as the Saints defenders climb off his ribs (5:1)

- Entertainment media downshifts to Defcon 2 to cover every conceivable angle of the rumor of the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie breakup (3:2)

- Jolie tries to divert attention away from relationship questions by adopting the entire country of Haiti (59:1)

- After heated negotiations with the network, Jay Leno slides into slot previously occupied by Brad Pitt (27:1)

- Kobe Bryant and President Obama play a pickup game behind the White House after the Lakers meet with the President (6:1)

- Kobe dunks on Obama, in the first known incident of an NBA player posterizing a sitting President (15:1)

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2010-01-17 to Sat 2010-01-23:  Husbands get more benefit from marriage than wives, such as a valuable, constant stream of constructive criticism  There were no rubber friction treads to keep her from slipping, explained the bus driver with a blank stair  Group wants to build male Statue of Liberty. Erection to cost 150 million  Comcast employee stabbed in neck, rushed to hospital, surgery scheduled for next Tuesday sometime between 8am and 5pm  A trend no one saw coming: Braille literacy on decline  Liberian torture victims scarred for life, have yet to pay off late fees  A year with Japanese snow monkeys. You've never seen so many amazing pictures of macaque  Canada's ambassador to Iran from 1977-1980, who saved US embassy personnel during the Iranian Revolution, was actually a spy for the CI eh  Naked woman withdrawn from bank in Farmington after collecting crazy interest  28-year-old woman arrested for doing her job as a youth the rapist  The office copier turns 50. The office copier turns 50. The office copier turns 50. The office copier turns 50. The office copier turns 50. The office copier turns 50. The office copier turns 50. The office copier tur *CALL KEY OPERATOR*  

Sports:  "Asked how he feels about the contact he'll have with open wheel media star Danica Patrick, (Kyle) Busch says: "Right now it will only be when I lap her." That's a slip of the tongue  Gaines Adams died from a thickening of his left ventricle, explains doctor half-heartedly  Coffey and Brewers agree on fair trade

Geek:  Researchers say bacteria have complex decision-making abilities. Right. They say that about Congress, too  In the mid 80's, scientists transmitted the sounds of vaginal contractions towards neighbouring star systems. It is unclear what sort of reply we should expect, but it's sure to come hard and fast  Computers cannot replace scientific thinking, says obsolete bag of meat

Showbiz:  Fox readying U.S. version of "Torchwood": Meh. Written by Russell Davies: Well that's cool. Starring John Barrowman: My pants are completely off  Heidi Montag says she is "not addicted" to plastic surgery, much in the same way that Amy Winehouse is merely a "crack aficionado"  Kristen Bell injured while filming When in Rome. Italy is sorry it couldn't find the right words to say

Politics:  NY governor David Paterson caught kissing woman that's not his wife. Paterson denies he's been seeing the woman  With Brown's victory, odds of health care reform have been downgraded to somewhere between "Cubs win World Series" and "Submitter gets a girlfriend"  Pulitzer Board denies National Enquirer prize for Edwards scoop, already awarded Pulitzer to Obama for presidential memoir he hasn't written yet

Music:  Kelly Rowland claims that Destiny's Child could reunite. The person she was speaking with smiled politely, thanked her, and took his Big Mac and coffee into the dining area  Soul Asylum is selling all their gear on Craigslist. It's expected to sell quickly to people who want to prevent Soul Asylum from ever using it again  Radiohead to play for Haiti, which is great because after what happened, those people could really use a nice, long nap

Business:  DVR-proof commercial will prevent fast-forwarding, according to its creator, Hitler, Stalin and Dahmer Advertising Inc  With the hedge fund center hit by 5.8 quake, no one certain if banks will go into de fault  Hulu considers $5 monthly fee for older episodes. Who would pay $5 a month for content that they can get for free?
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Haiti's devastation means that the news media has less filler to produce. And that's a good thing. Plus Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 1/10 through 1/16
Posted by Drew at 2010-01-19 11:28:48 AM (43 comments) | Permalink

Normally this time of year is reserved for all manner of not-news, but the Haiti disaster is giving the media a real chance to show what they can do, and they've been stepping up to the plate. Well done, news organizations. The tragedy there is staggering, and is a good reminder for everybody of how bad the Haitians have had it, and for how long. Aid is still slow coming, but not because people aren't trying, it's just that the devastation is so massive.

We've run two stories in the last week, one from Snopes differentiating between legit aid organizations and scammers, and another one earlier today on Architecture for Humanity who is providing relief housing with a simple and inexpensive housing conversion kit for shipping containers which is extraordinarily cool.

Not much more to say, although we're extending the odds on the Fark Betting Line this week -- with the situation in Haiti, there's much less free space for filler. And that's a good thing.

- Discussion ad-nauseum about the cost of Super Bowl ads this year (3:1)

- News organizations set Haiti aside to remind us how to host a kickass Super Bowl party on a budget (6:1)

- Naked suspect tasered by police (9:1)

- In the genitals (29:1)

- Major U.S. municipality declares bankruptcy (37:1)

- Democrats: "Look at how much Obama has accomplished in one year" (1:1)

- Republicans: "Obama has done absolutely nothing in one year" (1:1)

- California says goodbye to wildfire season, hello to mudslide season (4:1)

- With shaky helicopter-cam footage of house sliding off an embankment (5:1)

- Endless Conan O'Brien speculation about where he's going next, none of which has a shred of validity (2:1)

- Apple Tablet rumors fuel Apple Tablet speculation, which generate Apple Tablet curiosity, which touch off Apple Tablet rumors (3:1)

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2010-01-10 to Sat 2010-01-16:  Doctors investigating the case of the girl who spontaneously bleeds for no reason at all, say it's one of the strangest things they've ever seen. Period  Man crushed by falling computer gear, will forever be in our memory  Fat butts may be healthy, says study you other brothers can't deny  Urine damages space station. In space no one can hear you stream  Orange man charged in New Jersey shooting. That certainly narrows it down to the entire state  One corpse is interesting, but if you've seen two bodies behind a shopping center, it's safe to say you've seen a mall  Finally, Britain apologizes for thalidomide scandal. High five if you've got 'em  Who is the man who survives Haiti earthquake after 60 hours in an elevator.....SHAFT  Hundreds of Haiti Earthquake victims arrive in New Jersey. Immediately inquire as to the availability of return flights  Article explains how to tell the sex of a building. Of course, if you just go in the back door they're all pretty much the same  Man celebrates his 77th birthday by biking 77 miles. Wasn't as fun as the year he turned 69

Sports:  Rodgers doesn't blame lying, cheating bastard refs for the loss Sunday at Arizona  Yankees donate $500k to Haiti relief. Haiti awaiting counter-offer from Red Sox  Bus throws Bill Cowher under the New York Giants

Geek:  For the nerd who has everything: The Story of Math on DVD. Sure, the story's derivative, but the inverse is worse  Israel finds 8000 year old abandoned house near Tel Aviv, promptly moves Jewish inhabitants in before the Palestinians can claim it  Men can smell them in her box. Men can smell them in her socks. Men can smell them in her blouse. Men can smell them in her house. Men can smell girl's eggs, yes, ma'am. Men can smell them, Sam-I-Am

Showbiz:  RDJ opts out of Cowboys & Aliens. If only there was an established space cowboy actor who could Fillion for him  Conan O'Brien releases statement saying he will not take any lip from Leno's chin  Magician David Copperfield cleared in rape investigation. Now you semen, now you don't

Politics:  Obama has "no intention" of sending troops to Yemen. None. Nope. Not a chance. El zippo. Zilch. Nada. Nicht. Nein. Non. Nej. Negatory. Ain't gonna happen. Translation: We're about to attack Yemen  Obama admits he hasn't united the country yet. But the way his approval numbers are falling, it's only a matter of time  On Thursday, Dr. Ruth will be sworn in as the city's honorary secretary of the "Department of Love and Relationships."...yeah, 'cause when you think romance, you think DC

Music:  Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, New Order, Coldplay and David Bowie get their own stamps. If you lick the Rolling Stones one, you can't drive or operate heavy machinery for at least two days  Beyonce is taking a six month break from touring. Her ass, however, just won't quit  Madonna gives $250,000 to Haiti relief, gets first round draft pick in upcoming Haitian orphan raffle

Business:  As if you needed yet another reason not to fly delta, baggage fees being raised. Presumably so they can lose your luggage at a profit  Error #32: RealNetwork CEO's career has unexpectedly timed out, unable to reinitialize  Famed conservative economist displays his mental gymnastics while explaining that America never suffered through a housing bubble or irrational investing behavior. Even the Chinese judge gives him a 10 (at 3% interest)
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New media trends this week, and some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 1/2 - 1/9
Posted by Drew at 2010-01-11 2:17:11 PM, edited 2010-01-11 3:23:46 PM (34 comments) | Permalink

Now that the New Year's buzz is gone, we're now both feet into 2010, which will definitely be better than last year because 2009 sucked. With the new year, here are the media trends to watch for over the next couple weeks: More health care crap, including the endless babbling of the talking heads, including of course the standard discussion of 1) all of the other countries that have successfully launched universal healthcare and 2) a long list of reasons why it cannot possibly work here. Same as you've been hearing for the last three, five, twelve months, but with a slightly different news scroll at the bottom of the cable feed. Otherwise, identical. Although as time goes on, the odds actually go up of Jon Stewart having enough time to thoroughly embarrass someone the way he did to Bill Kristol.

Since everybody makes pointless New Year's resolutions to lose weight, expect to hear the usual buzz about diets and gyms. Also, since last week's Facebook updates on bra color briefly and ineffectually raised awareness of the campaign itself (I already forgot what it was raising awareness for), you can expect about 20-30 new and more annoying and even less effectual copycats to hit in the next couple weeks.

With the new year in full swing and the Headline of the Year contest wrapped up (congratulations again to the winners and nominees), it's time to clear out the old betting slips from 2009 and kick off the first Fark Betting Line of 2010. These are the items that we expect will be in this week's news. As always, feel free to post the news story you think will be in the news this coming week and handicap it appropriately.

- Obama gives the legislative branch a withering stare, clenches his jaw resolutely while the Latest Unwieldy Health Care Bill grinds forward more slowly and painfully than a kidney stone through a urethra (3:1)

- Republicans note that painful urethra damage would not be covered in the current version of the bill (4:1)

- Media notices that hey, gyms get kinda busy every January, then proceed to tell you how gyms work (6:1)

- Morning TV shows abuzz with outlandish claims from the latest diet fad (2:1)

- Doctors express concern that a surprising number of people trying out the latest dieting fad seem to be, um, sorta getting really sick (19:1)

- News shows wake up from hibernation, remind us that diet food works better if we don't eat it by the wheelbarrow (5:1)

- Bored with Afghanistan and Iraq, cable TV news spend inordinate amounts of time assessing the danger of Yemen (8:1)

- Quick-thinking entrepreneur dovetails two interests, introduces "The Yemen Diet" to sudden fame (16:1)

- Buzz dies down quickly after Americans find themselves unable to pronounce the ingredients required to participate in the Yemen Diet (9:1)

- Gilbert Arenas expresses sincere remorse about his indefinite NBA vacation (38:1)

- And twitters about his remorse from various nightclubs (14:1)

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2010-01-03 to Sat 2010-01-09:  Dropped cellphone causes teen to get run over by van. No word on remaining rollover minutes  Man robs shoe store with a large rock. This would never happen if more people were allowed to carry concealed paper  Feminist Mary Daly died abroad today at age 81  Mumbai condom vending machines hit by burglars and vandals. Inconceivable  A female cane toad can "pump herself up to mega-size" if she wants to dissuade a male from mating with her. In the human species, we call this phenomenon "marriage"  "Driving Instructor Critical After Student Crashes." What did the student expect, compliments?  Romanian woman didn't know that her husband hid $57,768 in some old footwear. Hilarity in shoes  Boy is let off with a warning after stabbing a teacher in the chest with a pencil. Teachers union insists that there be stricter punishment, No. 2 ways about it  Man arrested for fondling himself at a Chicago Starbucks. Frap frap frap  Wild turkey blamed for power outage, most bad decisions  Arab and Jewish chefs unite to cook record hummus in hopes of creating whirled peas

Sports:  EA Games to go ahead with new Tiger Woods game, redesigning 18 holes to look less green, more blonde  Togo's soccer team shot at with AK-47s. One killed, three injured, the rest left writhing on the ground holding their shins  Pete Carroll may coach the Seahawks, a team with significantly less payroll than USC

Geek:  Today marks the sixth anniversary of the landing of the Spirit rover on Mars, proving that NASA cannot even get a simple 90-day mission done on time  New drug treats both brain and prostate cancers simultaneously, which is good news for your boss  Japan blubbers it needs to krill whales for research porpoises. Aussies says "cetacean needed"

Showbiz:  Hanes drops Charlie Sheen as spokesman, apparently nobody likes wife beaters anymore  "The greatest moments on the Jay Leno show." LGN  Ellen DeGeneres claims to have no problem standing up to Simon Cowell, pee

Politics:  President Obama announces that all airline passengers will be strapped to the wings of the plane to decrease security risks, feed gremlins  The crotchbomber's visa has now been revoked, thanks to the US Department of Face Palms and Retroactive Competence  Minnesota Republican tweets that Obama is a "Power Hungry Arrogant Black Man". Later apologizes because he's a stand-uppity guy

Music:  Jay-Z has offered to overproduce Robbie Williams' wedding  George Michael rul-(♫ JITTERBUG ♫) Huh? Anyway, George Michael rules ou-(♫ JITTERBUG ♫) Stop it. George Mic-(♫ JITTERBUG ♫) I SAID, GEORGE MICHAEL RULES OUT A WHAM REUN-(♫ JITTERBUG ♫) Oh, fark it  Now you can be the best dressed lumberjack on your street: Kings of Leon have launched a clothing line

Business:  The cold winter has apparently not effected the orange harvest. Consumers can expect orange juice prices to fall. Where in the hell is Beeks?  The last B. Dalton's is closing. Subby toasts their memory with his Orange Julius  EPA proposes new smaug standards. Critics say they'll be a dragon the economy
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Farkette Carrie Vaughn releases new book, getting the shaft from soon-to-be-former publisher
Posted by Drew at 2010-01-08 1:28:26 PM, edited 2010-01-17 4:06:22 PM (253 comments) | Permalink

I first met Carrie Vaughn at a Fark party in Denver a few years ago. At the time she was an unpublished author, but her first book was getting ready to come out. She asked me if I'd like a copy, I said yes. And it was pretty freakin good. So I put up a link to her first book on Fark and told people it was good. A bunch of you bought it and agreed.

Fast forward to the present day: Carrie's 7th book has just launched. Books 4, 5, and 6 all hit the NYT Bestseller list. However with this new book Carrie is switching publishers and due to "difficulties" regarding this switch, the soon-to-be-former publisher decided to drop all publicity for this latest book. Which is completely goddamn retarded in my opinion.

I hate seeing a friend getting jacked around by morons, so I figured I'd do a quick post for all of you who bought one or more of her books in the past to say hey there's a new one out, check it out, you'll probably like it. It's definitely worth a look if you haven't read any of Carrie's stuff before.

And that's not actually her on the cover but it looks similar enough to her that she could be on her own covers. Maybe she'll do that next series
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Congratulations to the winners of Fark's 2009 Headline of the Year contest
Posted by Drew at 2010-01-04 11:16:18 AM, edited 2010-01-04 11:49:49 AM (146 comments) | Permalink

by Unfreakable

At the end of every December we like to recap some of our favorite headlines from the year and let Fark vote on their favorites. In a year where most of the news wasn't positive, it was refreshing to see that Fark's legion of submitters stepped up and made us laugh when we arguably needed it most.

The following are the Top 20 headlines of 2009 as voted on by you. I've listed the quarterfinals threads after the winners if you'd like to check them out again. Here are the favorites as voted by Fark for last year:

The Top Twenty Headlines of 2009:

20: Small plane rapidly plunges into bottom end of Virgin Islands, to be renamed Technical Virgin Islands

19: That foot found at a NY recycling center? Turns out it belonged to a bear. You'd think police could recognize a bearclaw when they see one

18. India loses contact with an unmanned spacecraft conducting its first moon mission. Support techs ask Mission Control to confirm that the spacecraft is turned on and that it is currently plugged in

17: Bolivian animal rights activists succeed in banning circuses from using animals, but now have to figure out what to do with 22 useless lions, a problem Detroit has faced for years

16: Police in London solve 1 crime for every 1000 CCTV cameras. Or about 2 for every 1984

15: One killed, six injured in pie factory explosion. Blast heard up to 3.14159265 miles away

14: Man gets called into work so he can be fired, returns home to find his house on fire. Wishes he had been laid off

13: Plane crashes in Florida panhandle, no pilot found. Well there's your problem

12: Semi-nude Victoria's Secret fashion models reveal untold talents and you've already clicked the link, haven't you? Have I told you about my mother lately? No, she's doing fine, just making cheesecake and some muffins this morning

11: Fire rips through homeless camp, leaving dozens...well, no worse off, really

10: Carpenters face higher-than-average asbestos death rate, higher-than-average resurrection rate

9: Police find severed head, will later reveal whether it's "linked to body parts found in Hertfordshire." Submitter suspects the answer may be "Not any more"

8: Peephole in door of girl's dorm room reversed; police are looking into it

7: Man at Panda Express eats shoots and leaves

6: Suicide bomber strikes Iraqi funeral. At least two dead

5: 80-ton wave generator works briefly as advertised when it falls into the ocean

4: Baghdad's National Museum reopens six years after looting. Featured displays include mostly a bunch of really heavy stuff

3: Fire officials in SoCal wildfires: "GTFO." Residents: "STFU." Fire: "NOM NOM NOM." Residents: "OMG." Fire department: "DIAF"

2: Jesus prepares to receive Oral

1: Gas blowing out exit brings 69 to a complete halt
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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2009-12-13 to Sat 2009-12-19
Posted by Drew at 2009-12-23 1:15:15 PM (0 comments) | Permalink

Closing out this HOW since we're wrapping up HOY

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2009-12-13 to Sat 2009-12-19:
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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2009-12-06 to Sat 2009-12-12
Posted by Drew at 2009-12-23 12:51:02 PM (0 comments) | Permalink

No post, submitting this to clear the week of HOW candidates

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2009-12-06 to Sat 2009-12-12:
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As the year draws to a close, Drew wants to know: what thread or story on Fark made you laugh the most this year? Also, some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 11/29 - 12/5
Posted by Drew at 2009-12-07 12:21:11 PM, edited 2009-12-07 12:36:12 PM (114 comments) | Permalink

Not a lot to report on the news front this week. The entire month of December is one long winding down of actual news as everyone starts taking vacations. It will be especially pronounced this year with Christmas on a Friday.

On that note, tell me what your favorite moments on Fark were this year. Favorite weird articles, discussion threads, or anything else that made you laugh out loud? Bonus points if alcohol was not a factor.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2009-11-29 to Sat 2009-12-05:  Two dogs in Beijing diagnosed with swine flu, will be treated with soy sauce  North Korea sharply revalues currency. With the new exchange rate, it will now take two wons to make a wight  Cardinal says homosexuals can't enter heaven. What, not even by the back-door?  Southerners have a higher risk of stroke, especially with their sister  Power of Fark combines with power of attorney to touch children. Wait  Image of Virgin Mary found on pancake. Experts confident it's her since it clearly wasn't defloured  Germany will finish paying World War I reparations next year, So, remember that the next time some guy named Archie Duke shoots an ostrich because he's hungry, just let it go  Former Catholic Archbishop shredded sex abuse reports, anuses  Butterfingered goober, being a smartie, tried to skor a hat and two Whatchamacallits from a police station. His fast break failed and he's in mounds of trouble. His airhead girlfriend also got some snickers and a time-out  Dozens missing in Egypt ferry accident, family members are in De Nile  BASE* jumper dies in Arizona. (Building, Antenna, oh SHIAT - ELECTRICITY)

Sports:  Tiger adds "tournament" to list of things he shouldn't have pulled out of, which already includes "driveway" and "mistress"  Mangino steps down as Kansas football coach, registers 7.5 on Richter Scale  Tebow may be able to walk on water, but he can not run on the Tide

Geek:  Scientists gain new insights into the experience of anger, its role in our everyday lives and the fact that I WON'T farkING GET OVER THE REDESIGN, DREW. EVER  New light shed on epilepsy. Hopefully, it's not a strobe light  Glacier threatens capital city of Bolivia, sparking warnings that people may one day have to walk for their lives

Showbiz:  BBC angrily pulls shows off air after discovering that producers passed fake scenes off as real, saying that behaviour might be acceptable in climate change research but daytime television has higher standards than that  Harlan Ellison wants to work on "Star Trek 2". Paramount suggests a red shirt and a precipice  Fan gives the Jonas Brothers a dead shark as a gift. They immediately jump it

Politics:  New Jersey likely to legalize medical marijuana, which can help to alleviate the pain of having to live in New Jersey  Imelda Marcos registers to run for Philippines congress. Observers say she is a shoe-in  Japan's huge stimulus package to be unveiled next week, amid concerns it will look so small in comparison with gigantic American stimulus package

Music:  Allman Brothers museum opens in Georgia; Jimmy Carter timed his Orange Sunshine to peak when the doors opened  Bruce Springsteen says he's "exactly where I want to be". Which is noteworthy because so few of us would want to be a multi-millionaire rock star who was still packing stadiums well into his 60's  Pete Doherty's band Babyshambles will release a new album and go on tour next year. World's heroin, cocaine, and meth producers ramp up production

Business:  Just like a call on their network, AT&T's suit against Verizon terminates unexpectedly  GE decides to focus on making products people want, will spin off NBC  I've been herring that the last sardine plant in the U.S. may pack it in and are floundering over new catch restrictions. Oh Cod, say it's not true
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