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Ermahgerd, Ferk nerslerter
Posted by DisseminationMonkey at 2014-09-01 2:36:41 PM, edited 2014-09-01 2:57:31 PM (101 comments) | Permalink

Welcome to Fark Newsletter 2: Labor Day Boogaloo. Here's some of the crap that Farkers were up to last week.

Comment Voting

The top-voted funniest and smartest comments from last week, listed from highest number of votes down

Dusk-You-n-Me posted an excerpt from an article explaining white privilege
ox45tallboy talked about the current problems in law enforcement and a possible solution
Ghastly wrote a message to the GOP saying that they have a problem recognizing patterns
mrshowrules made arguments against the notions on which LordZorch said that Libertarianism is based upon
Diogenes argued that things would look different if Cheney had been right about Iraq

Mugato gave an opinion on an annoying fad
Sin_City_Superhero showed us what safe sex might look like (SFW)
MaudlinMutantMollusk had some philosophy to share
Mad Scientist commented about not being aloud to recline an airplane seat
minnkat did some free dental work on a mugshot

Comment Mentions

The number of comments these words were mentioned in on Fark and TotalFark last week

Comments About Booze:
Beer - 1462 comments
Wine - 449 comments
Vodka - 100 comments
Vodak - 47 comments
Whiskey - 294 comments
Tequila - 38 comments
Bourbon - 82 comments

Fartbongo - 19 comments
Principal/pricipal caught sayof - 2 comments  (you have to be a TotalFarker to view this thread)
Missing Plane News Network - 21 comments
Ballsack Conundrum - 14 comments (most of them in this thread)

Upcoming Fark Parties

See Farkers up close in their unnatural habitats

Thursday, September 11th Fark Party in Houston, TX
Friday, October 3rd - Sunday, October 5th, World Fark Party IV in Chicago, IL
Friday, October 3rd - Sunday, October 5th Fark Around The World: EuroFark Party 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic

Farking Tip

Is someone breaking the rules and using Fark as their personal erotica site? Is Subby drunk at the keyboard and saying "then" in a greenlit headline when clearly it should say "than"? Is the link broken or trying to malware all over your computer? You can report all these problems and more with the "Notify moderators about this thread" and "Notify admins about this link" links at the end of each comments thread. Offer valid while supplies last, void where prohibited, your mileage may vary, may cause anal leakage.

Don't forget, you can subscribe to receive this newsletter by email in your MyFark notifications tab.
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Aw, hell naw, it's the first edition of the Fark newsletter
Posted by DisseminationMonkey at 2014-08-25 3:25:16 PM, edited 2014-08-25 4:12:13 PM (100 comments) | Permalink

img.fark.netView Full Size

Welcome to the quick-and-dirty introductory edition of Fark's newsletter. Each week, we'll bring you a review of some of the more noteworthy things that happened on Fark, including a selection of popular threads and top-voted comments from the previous seven days. We'll also include some other crap such as updates on new features and Fark event news.

Topics and Comments

During the past week, Fark had a lot of discussion about ebola, ISIS, the update to Fark's posting rules, and the events in Ferguson, Missouri. Across Fark and TotalFark, the word "Ferguson" was in 2,159 comments, "ISIS" was mentioned in 874, "misogyny" was in 1,344 comments, "ebola" was in 392, and "Obama" was mentioned 1,443 times. For comparison purposes, "subby" was in 1,341 posts, "Simpsons" was in 204 comments, and "pineapple" was mentioned 30 times. The thread announcing the update to Fark policy was the most commented thread of the week, also bringing in the top-voted comments with Drew's announcement getting the most "smart" votes and Large Marge sent me's explanation of why sexism is wrong getting the most "funny" votes. Fark's anti-misogyny stance generated a lot of publicity for Fark, with 14 articles being greenlit on the topic. This brought on some complaints from Farkers who apparently never noticed Fark's publicity page before or the fact that it's been around for a long time. Even with all of those greenlit articles about Fark, though, there were still more than twice as many greenlit threads about Ferguson.

Farking Tip

It turns out that a lot of Farkers are mystified by the uncanny ability that some other Farkers have for knowing when they've been mentioned in a thread. These Farkers probably aren't psychic, they just have enabled email notifications in their MyFark Notifications tab to let them know when their user name has been posted. Not only can you turn those notifications on there, but you can also update your email address and subscribe to get emails when Fark newsletters are posted, when your submissions are greenlit, when comments have been posted in threads after you've posted, when a Fark party is planned in your area, and when there are Fark News Flashes. You can also turn these notifications off in the same place.

So, that's our first newsletter. Future editions will likely be longer after we see how this one goes. We have a lot more things planned for future editions, and we also welcome suggestions. We're well aware that Farkers love to hate new things, but before you comment, please remember that actual human beings worked to bring this newsletter to you. Our livers can only handle to much medicinal vodak.
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