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[CapAlert] [weird] CAP complains about there being no Jesus memorabilia. Then complains about there not being enough. Also complains that a catholic priest never said 'jesus'
[Excite] [spiffy] Michaelangelo's David is cross-eyed
[Excite] [amusing] Free Olympic condoms for Olympians. In gold silver and bronze.
[Yahoo] [obvious] Surprising no one, Sinead O'Connor says she's a lesbian.
(Penny Arcade) [amusing] Penny-Arcade cartoons
(RAR) [amusing] Rent-A-Relative
[Fox News] [obvious] ABC gives Clerks cartoon the boot
(The Urban Legend magazine) [satire] Radio show sparks 'beer riots'
(Toast Bible) [amusing] The Toast Bible
[CNN] [interesting] Huge solar storm going on right now
[CNN] [interesting] Gas in larger cities is more expensive because of federal mandates to only offer cleaner fuel
[Ananova] [sick] Man has eaten three meals a day at McDonalds for the past 12 years
[Ananova] [strange] Elderly man dies while trying to prove he is still alive
[AintItCoolNews] [spiffy] Harry at Aint-It-Cool-News delivers an absolutely rave review of Shaft
[Low Pass] [satire] Blisster -- Napster for actual physical items
(Mr. Cranky) [amusing] Mr. Cranky reviews Big Momma's House
(NY Post) [weird] Stripper on Witness Stand 'I looked like a freak show.' Plastic Surgeon Put Breast Implants in her Butt
(LVRJ) [scary] Ghost in hotel up for auction. Not an eBay gimmick
(Ottawa Citizen) [PSA] Americans earn more and are taxed less than Canadians
(VICE magazine) [strange] Designer artillary: For the lady on the go with some ASS TO KICK!
[CNN] [stupid] Museum visitor sits on Ming Dynasty chair, breaks it
[Wired] [amusing] Fuckertown: exploring the power of obscenity and news ways to infuse a fictional narrative with business models
(LookItsA) [strange] An archive of pictures of clouds with interpretations as to what they look like
June 8, 2000:
(Profit Magazine) [scary] 'Teen Behavior Modification Centers' often put teens through worse experiences than their parents are trying to get them away from.
(textfiles.com) [interesting] People have been looking for this IQUEST owner for many, many years. Here's a file describing his methods and previous scams. A second file is this one.
(IWeThey) [satire] Steve Ballmer's reaction to the Microsoft decision
(Ad Critic) [strange] Disturbing new Sony Playstation commercial
(Indianapolis Star) [weird] Local Net firm founder was living a double life. Former IQuest owner had been a fugitive since 1986 on a charge that he shot a Texas policeman.
(Urban Legend mag) [satire] Accountants brutal, claims biker gang
[BBC] [obvious] TV show featuring naked people gives Channel 5 (UK) highest ratings ever
[Wired] [asinine] AT&T promises FCC it will lower rates. Then it raises rates.
[Ananova] [amusing] Pennsylvania town renames itself 'South Park'
[Ananova] [amusing] Security guard for the British Prime Minister disciplined for firing his gun when a collegue broke wind
[Wired] [spiffy] The Justice Departments next monopoly target? Visa and Mastercard
[Wired] [interesting] Id Software announces it's working on a remake of Doom
(New Scientist) [scary] Eel brain successfully implanted into robot body (via RobotWisdom)
[Ananova] [strange] Theives in Boston steal giant ferris wheel in broad daylight. No witnesses.
[CNN] [weird] A staple food of Andeans in Peru: guinea pigs
[CNN] [interesting] FDA to legalize RU-486, with some conditions attached
[Washington Post] [sick] Things not to do when you can't find a baby sitter for your kid.
[Ananova] [interesting] Geckos use Van der Waals forces to grip surfaces, even molecularly smooth surfaces
[Ananova] [interesting] Scientists discover how penguins can tell each other apart
[AintItCoolNews] [spiffy] Nicholas Cage giving up on Superman
(Fishynews) [satire] Shop at the Home Despot
[Fox News] [interesting] The actual court document for the breakup of Microsoft
[Scoop This] [silly] What if Gladiator (the movie) had featured today's wrestling stars. It's funny even if you have no clue who those wrestlers are
(Modern Humorist) [amusing] Ask Jeez! (as in Jesus) (This isn't the same as Ask Jesus thing we had a while back)
[C|Net] [obvious] Microsoft is going to appeal the breakup decision.
[Ananova] [spiffy] Blackadder CD Rom coming out, and you can help influence what's going to be on it.
June 7, 2000:
(SunSpot) [sad] Bars in Fells Point, MD plan to stop 'college night'.
(ComedyClub) [satire] Designed for South Africa - a crime fighting guide for paranoics
(Miami Herald) [sad] Ex-baseball player escapes drug charges. His defense: he's too stupid to have known better.
[Excite] [stupid] Police chief shoplifts in uniform
[BBC] [amusing] Black holes blow as well as suck
(Urban Legend mag) [satire] Wine writer bowled by bus
[The Onion] [amusing] An editorial on fast food burgers
[JSOnline] [asinine] Elian coverage greatest since OJ
[eBay] [strange] Birdfeeder Cam
[CNN] [PSA] Researchers say US children are big fatasses
[Herald-Leader] [strange] The first mobile slaughterhouse makes its debut
[CNN] [sappy] Gorbachev rescued by lifeguard after getting pulled out to sea
[CNN] [PSA] New cellphone virus detected
[Ananova] [strange] Couple discovers deer taking bubble bath in their house
[Low Pass] [satire] Your weekly entertainment brief - Compton Gamma Ray Observatory tribute album in the works - Guns N' Roses to tour the U.S. in July for some reason
(The Spark) [amusing] How to lose a fight so the other guy goes to jail
(Chicago Sun Times) [ Wagner Baseball card on Auction
(Staredown) [spiffy] Stare Down Sally, a net game
(MercNews) [strange] Crazed beaver terrorizes Canadian farm
June 6, 2000:
[LA Times] [amusing] Good neighbors are bad for police stings
[ABC News] [silly] Someone's "hi, jack"ing the plane!
[LA Times] [sappy] Dog saved after emergency landing in Denver
[LA Times] [asinine] Texas prosecutors argue that a sleeping defense lawyer is adequate legal representation
[CNN] [amusing] Charges dropped against 11-year-old girl for inciting riots
[Excite] [amusing] Ruling Mexican political partiy hires male strippers for rally, 150,000 attend
[Ananova] [strange] Golf ball attacks puzzle car dealer
[Excite] [amusing] School children in Kenya go on drunken rampage. Those crazy kids!
[Yahoo] [sick] Boy impales groin on snooker cue
[CNN] [ Yet Another Elian Story. Watch at the end, relatives suing because they were intimidated by agents
[Ananova] [amusing] New Delhi's telecommunications infrastructure brought to its knees by rats
[Salon] [interesting] Spanish towns to run electric plants by burning 10' tall geneticly modified monster artichokes
(WebPagesThatSuck) [spiffy] WebPagesThatSuck.com.
(Exit76) [amusing] Battle of the internet studs
(IowaFarmer) [amusing] Iowa news! Watch corn grow on the corncam
[Excite] [silly] The official fruit of Oregon State U - the maraschino cherry
[Fox News] [interesting] New electric bikes
[Fox News] [amusing] Police chase sheep through NY City
(Saverainforest.net) [interesting] Similar to Hungersite but here sponsors purchase a little bit of rainforest.
(Flying Halibut) [satire] Young man held in suspense, baffled by outcome
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice reviews Big Momma's House
(Stile) [amusing] Touched-up pic of anti-pornography demonstrators
(If your work has content filters, StileProject is definitely in them. Nothing wrong with the actual pic)
[USA Today] [interesting] Record number of wiretaps requested by Justice Department last year
(NYMag) [interesting] How kids use instant messaging (via RobotWisdom)
[CNN] [spiffy] Atlanta Braves relief pitcher and complete jackass John Rocker sent down to the minor leagues
[Ananova] ["news"] Norwegians break underwater Monopoly-playing record
[AintItCoolNews] [spiffy] More Star Wars Episode 2 news: Samuel L. Jackson rumored to be slated for badass fight scene
(sltrib) [asinine] Kid writes criticism and gossip of his school and classmates on web page, is arrested, has computer confiscated, and is forced to leave the state.
(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) [sappy] World's largest 'Diaper Derby' held recently
(Urban Legend mag) [satire] Work addiction - a case study
[CNN] [amusing] Features a helicopter escape from a sex-offender prison. What more could you ask for?
(Cult of Nobody) [satire] Citizens League for Interference in Television mobilize for Million Mom March
[Ananova] [sad] First silicone, and now oil filled breats implants are recalled, too.
June 5, 2000:
[eBay] [strange] Elvis bust lamp
(X-Entertainment) [amusing] Top 10 Most Notable 'Real World' cast members
(Restrooms) [spiffy] A womans guide to peeing standing up.
(Some Guy) [weird] Buy a Montana Farting Contest coat rack
(InsideChina) [asinine] Dali Lama responsible for rape, murder, and child cannibalism says China (via StileProject)
[Excite] [weird] Man admits sending ghosts to attack girls
[Excite] [sick] 6,000 Mexico City residents flooded out by sewage
(CSNnews) [scary] Vice President of U of Iowa: white men are the root of most evil
(TheRegister) [interesting] New Madonna single leaked to the Internet via Napster
[Wired] [strange] Whatever happened to the suspects in The Love Bug case?
[Wired] [interesting] Full human genome mapping to be finished any day now
[USA Today] [strange] Microsoft's South African offices bombed
(Toronto Star) [amusing] Instead of cars, country singers steal horses.
(NYPost) [obvious] OJ miserably failed lie detector test
[Herald-Leader] [sappy] Man who promised to pay tuition for 4th grade class in 1992 celebrates their graduation from high school
[Ananova] [strange] Horny crocodile sinks seaplane when he tries to mate with it
[Excite] [strange] DNA scanners to be used to find Olympic conterfeits.
[Ananova] [sad] Britany Spears offered $10mil for sex.
[CNN] [strange] Artist shoots 150-person live nude photo in NYC
[Ananova] [weird] A 15' anaconda dies of constapation.
[ZDNet] [stupid] Website causes judge to throw out murder case.
(2600) [sad] The MPAA attempts to bar press coverage of hearings.
(BBspot.com) [satire] Metallica's new album is Napster-proof
[ABC News] [stupid] Police 'pinch' bread-squeezing 'criminal'. Beware of killer puns.
(Nando) [stupid] Teen forgoes appendectomy for prom
(Some Guy) [amusing] Lyrics to the song: The Pope Smokes Dope
June 2, 2000:
(Snopes) [stupid] Woman discovers boyfriend is married on live radio show. Not an urban legend. RealAudio file included
(CampChaos) [amusing] Motley Crue helps produce cartoon response to Metallica's napster suit
[Wired] [interesting] Music sales up, Internet promotions credited. Napster effect minimal
(BBSpot) [satire] Number of linux distributions passes number of linux users
(CarTalk) [amusing] Worst Car of the Millenuim contest winners. By those Cartalk guys.
[Excite] [scary] British rail engineers use hand-drawn maps to navigate
[Herald-Leader] [misc.] Woody Harrelson to stand trial for publicly planting hemp seeds in Kentucky
[Ananova] [amusing] 500lb moose on the loose at UMass
[CNN] [interesting] Pennsylvania makes spreading computer virii a felony
[CNN] [amusing] Missiles fired to rule out TWA-800 theory. Demonstrates the power of Urban Legends
[Ananova] [weird] Piece of performance art involves 50 nude people and a small flock of sheep
[Ananova] ["news"] Researchers find it impossible to quietly unwrap candy in a theater. Your tax dollars at work
(Urban Legend mag) [satire] Minister becomes butt of jokes after photocopier mishap
(GeorgyBush) [satire] A musical answer to compassionate conservatism
(Canoe) [amusing] Canada declares bare breasts ok on TV
(NY Observer) [silly] The 'Hot Doctor' Is young, single and looks good in linen. Female patients refer droves of people to his practice
[BBC] [obvious] That naked guy who attacked chuch members with a sword back in December was found not guity by reason of insanity.
(JSOnline) [amusing] Circus giant's face too big to fit in hotel mirror
(Fredericksburg) [sick] Cemetary advertizes available space with little placards on top of potential gravesites
[CNN] [obvious] Teens enjoy company of same-sex couples at prom
(Billings Gazette) [sappy] Herbstfest has gone the way of Lollapalooza
(X-Entertainment) [satire] Atari 2600 Hall of Shame
[CNN] [misc.] Cats can now go on vacation.
[BBC] [stupid] Golfer suing groundskeeper for getting hit by her own ball has suit dismissed.
[C|Net] [sad] The dialectizer is down for a while.
June 1, 2000:
(X-Entertainment) [amusing] An interview with Optimus Prime
(Seattle PI) [amusing] The redneck who drove his pickup onto a roof is now wanted by cops for allegedly purchasing the tires with a stolen credit card.
(Ad Critic) [silly] Parodies of the Molson "I am Canadian" commercial have already begun.
(SJMercury) [scary] Insiders can't sell shares in a company until one year after it IPOs. Many companies hit the one year mark this summer. Financial chaos anticipated as crappy shares flood the market
(Some Guy) [amusing] A website listing of strange things sold in vending machines
[Excite] [amusing] Ukrainian soccer team stranded in England after their planes are reposessed
[Excite] [amusing] Roger Moore the octopus opens jam jar in record time
[BBC] [amusing] Trans-polar balloonist nearly dies sleepwalking out of gondola
[Excite] [stupid] Spanish socialists up in arms over sexist descriptions of local mountain ranges
[Excite] [silly] Two Miami residents charged with selling fake traffic-light-changing devices
[CNN] [strange] 4 indicted in lobster-smuggling conspiracy
[CNN] [strange] Janet Jackson getting a divorce. Was secretly married for nine years
[Ananova] [weird] Ethiopians shocked as freak rainstorm begins to rain fish
[Ananova] [strange] Scientists trying to make bigger popcorn
(ComedyClub) [scary] Should stand-up comedians offer self-help courses?
[eBay] [interesting] Thousands of languages to be extinct by 2100
[Ananova] [amusing] Hapless crook tries rob female taekwondo black belt twice in one week. His groin will never be the same
[Wired] [weird] The end is nigh: janitor strike looms in Silicon Valley
[CapAlert] [silly] CAP reviews Dinosaur. Poor CAP doesn't know what to make of Dinosaurs and their place in God's creation
[The Onion] [satire] Apartment-wide porn sweep precedes date's arrival
[CNN] [amusing] Senior Prank Day over-excites principal, ends up hospitalized
[CNN] ["news"] Ethiopia declares war over. Eritrea vows to fight on. I'm no genius but I'd say the war isn't over
(Urban Legend Mag) [satire] The Frankenbeef Scare
(Boston Phoenix) [sad] No more pinball machines: last big maker calls it quits
(SeattlePI) [stupid] Man drives truck onto roof. Complete with picture.
May 31, 2000:
(Quinn's Schmoo) [amusing] Vast collections of little people (the Fisher-Price kind)
(Backtable) [amusing] Table of condiments that *periodically* go bad
(Flying Halibut) [satire] Guinness named favorite lunch of American office workers
(Flying Halibut) [satire] Kids sue Milk Drinker's Council
[BBC] [interesting] Thai scientists turn human shit into fuel
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice review of Mission Impossible 2
(Clerks TCS) [PSA] Clerks the cartoon starts tonight.
[Washington Post] [stupid] PETA member hits a guy in the face with a tofu pie. (movie)
(University of Toronto) [interesting] A new kind of silicon film that could lead to entirely photonic computer.
[Washington Post] [interesting] Prince Frederik of Denmark finished a 2170 mile dogsled trip
(CBS Marketwatch) [interesting] 3 more people beheaded in Saudi Arabia yesterday. Brings the total for the year to 49
(Some Freaking Truck Co.) [spiffy] This is one SERIOUS road trip vehicle!
[Salon] [amusing] In-depth article on Japan's first sumo wrestler flashing event in over 80 years
NYT [strange] Physics experiment measures light possibly moving at 300 times the speed of light
[Excite] [stupid] British pub holds stinging nettle eating contest
[CNN] [spiffy] World's new tallest towers open in Malaysia
[CNN] [sick] Doctor who carved initials into patient banned from medicine
[Ananova] [amusing] Bird threatened with extinction because bird watchers keep ruining the mood
[Ananova] ["news"] Michelle Pfeiffer refused entry into London's Millenium Dome, staff did not recognize her
[Low Pass] [amusing] Shaky Google. Search with shake.
(NYT) [scary] Fox TV pushes 'reality shows' to the Net.
(WashingtonCity) [sad] Whatever happened to Leif Garret? The same thing that will happen to Hanson
(usounds) [misc.] Daily music stories and mp3s.
May 30, 2000:
(Daily Breeze) [interesting] High school students missed too many classes, so the school says they get to miss prom too
[LA Times] [stupid] Teens tell cops their mom made them rob house
[BostonGlobe] [stupid] The first key to stealing something -- make sure you know where you can hide it first (especially if it's a helicopter)
[CNN] [sad] Eddie Van Halen receiving treatment for cancer
(Some Guy) [misc.] Rat Facts
[Fox News] [interesting] Remains of America's first submarine found
[Excite] [stupid] Hijacker found dead, homemade parachute failed
[eBay] [amusing] This Elian Gonzalez thing is going a bit too far.
(StileProject) [amusing] Local police are now targetting... (pic) (if your office has filtering software, this site is probably in it. The picture itself is fine however)
[Excite] [stupid] One man accounts for 10% of all injuries reported on British rail last year
(RCDB) [spiffy] Online roller-coaster database
(Inside) [misc.] Salon.com: the next dot-com failure?
[Ananova] [amusing] Crack Italian military unit invades wrong country
[Excite] [strange] Tired of Internet porn? Try Internet corn
[Excite] [obvious] Freezing dead mom in basement illegal, court says.
[Herald-Leader] [spiffy] Ring lost in ocean returned after 22 years
[CNN] [spiffy] Oakland second baseman completes 10th unassisted triple play in history
[Ananova] [weird] Annual cheese-rolling contest held in England
[Ananova] [amusing] Fat dog rescued from canal
[Fox News] [interesting] Ancient scientist Archimedes invented and used a laser on invading Roman navy in 212 BC (via Ancient Wisdom)
(Some Guy) [strange] When they say a server is bulletproof, they mean it.
(Mr. Cranky) [amusing] Mr. Cranky's Comments on MI2
[Excite] [interesting] Fake Country tries to buy guns.
(JaysKids) [amusing] Are you one of Screamin' Jay Hawkins' 57 bastard children?
(Urban Legend mag) [satire] Man lost in internet, feared dead
[Excite] [sick] Inmate auctions tickets to his execution. Hmmm
[Low Pass] [amusing] Haxor warz, turn based mad skillz.
(Salt Lake Tribune) [ Salt Lake hit by 2nd tornado in a year.
'At one point, it looked like Jesus Christ praying.' - Witness.
'God, I hate this state.' - Submitter
(SciFi.com) [spiffy] A very wrong cartoon series. See season one for the origins of dog punting
[C|Net] [interesting] Failed dot-com boo.com bought for 250k British pounds.
[ABC News] [stupid] Police evacuate park after two men lob acid bombs from balcony
[BBC] [amusing] Dangerous Sports Club has another casualty
(Some Guy) [amusing] An amusing Everquest log

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