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[ABC News] [interesting] Feds flunk airport security test
[ZDNet] [interesting] Napster is Cutting into CD Sales, but only around Colleges.
(Utah Standard) [stupid] Whatever Happeened to Tiffany?
(Gainesville Sun) [scary] Starbucks vandalized. Latte Grande has the crowd hopping mad
(Minneapolis Star Tribune) [ Whatever happened to Soul Asylum?
(Deseret News) [spiffy] Kodak's Product Placement in M:I 2
(Dallas News) [sappy] George W's Twin Daughters Voted Most Likety to Trip at Prom & Appear on Cover of Vogue
[Washington Post] [interesting] 4 more criminals beheaded in Saudi Arabia - 46 so far this year (only 99 served last year)
[Boston Globe] [strange] The NMA is offering traffic ticket insurance.
[Fox News] [strange] Breeder faces 30-year dog show ban for using hair spray on poodle
[MSNBC] [ New big head $5 and $10 bills hit the street.
[ABC News] [strange] Deathrow inmate tries to sell tickets to his own execution on Ebay
[CNN] [PSA] Might not want to go out to get a burger in Kentucky, Indiana or Tennesse.
May 25, 2000:
[C|Net] ["news"] AOL / TimeWarner in trouble with the FCC again.
(Low Pass) [amusing] The Napster Forgiveness Machine. See what others have confessed or confess your own Napster sins
[Washington Post] [weird] Woman killed by ants
[Wired] [spiffy] Human Genome Project expected to be completed next month
[Excite] [amusing] 'Jesus' loses defamation suit against churches
[CNN] [amusing] Man robs plane, parachutes away. Blames his wife
(Canoe) [amusing] @Home site in Southern Ontario replaced with hardcore porn, 10,000 subscribers affected.
(Pimpdaddy) [amusing] Pimpdaddy.com. A good way to blow some spare time. Probably not good for work
(Flying Halibut) [satire] Drive thru heroin stands popping up in Seattle
(Flying Halibut) [satire] Canada Attacks!!
[Washington Post] [weird] Scientists have developed a camera that you can swallow to record the passage of your digestive tract
[AintItCoolNews] [silly] AICN has a scene cut from Clerks: The Animated Series
[CNN] [amusing] Scientists working feverishly on getting cheetahs in the mood
[CNN] [strange] Crayon manufacturers swear there is no asbestos threat from their crayons
(yeah, what do they care? they're not the ones eating 'em)
[Ananova] [spiffy] French fisherman nets 900 bottles of Veuve Cliquot champagne
[CNN] [interesting] McGwire becomes fastest player ever to reach 20 home runs this early in the season
[Ananova] [amusing] OJ refuses to press charges after his girlfriend smacks him around
[Ananova] [interesting] 15 foot tall giant ducks ruled the Earth after the dinosaurs
(NY Post) [PSA] American men suck in bed.
(CSMonitor) [sappy] Lazy parents enrolling kids with 'The Manners Lady'
(ADN) [amusing] Early in halibut season, fisherman lands a Cadillac
(BYU) [silly] Brigham Young University's laughably strict honor code
(There's a conveniently hidden link to clarifications on an invisible image between the links on the left side, and the text on that page)
(2600) [silly] 'Verizon realized this was going to happen and they went and had their lawyers register verizonsucks.com themselves'
(SunSpot) [interesting] Great quality journalism -- women exposing their breasts (sorry, but you can read this from work)
May 24, 2000:
[Ananova] [weird] Thief steals man's ashes at memorial service
[The Onion] [satire] US no longer responsible for lost or stolen items
[Ananova] [silly] Man attends own funeral
[Wired] [silly] Phone in the middle of nowhere too popular says Park Service
[Ananova] [strange] Cow swallows engagement ring, owner spends two days looking for it in field
[Excite] [amusing] Music firms file suit over lewd holiday songs ("Rudolph The Deep Throat Reindeer", "Frosty the Pervert")
[Excite] [amusing] Catholic Bishops caught in speed trap
(NewScientist) [obvious] Mobile phones fertile ground for the next generation of computer virii
[CNN] [amusing] Microsoft trial judge considers splitting Microsoft into three parts
[Ananova] [spiffy] World's oldest cat turns 30
[Ananova] [weird] Thai scientist claims to have discovered process to turn human extrement into oil, charcoal, and gasoline
(OldManMurray) [misc.] Game review site that rates games based on how long it takes to reach the first crate
(someguy) [amusing] Register your own .god domain!
[MSNBC] [misc.] Car crashes on video
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] Aint-It-Cool pans Mission Impossible 2
[Washington Post] [stupid] California Gov. wants to exempt teachers from state taxes, but the teachers unions would rather they get paid more (so they can give out the money in federal taxes)
(GibbleGuts) [amusing] Farting Dog harmonics
(FARK) [amusing] Best contestants on the Mate Match game
For an article explaining the history of this urban legend, go to Snopes
[Wired] [asinine] Russian president kills the Russian equivalent of the EPA
[Wired] [amusing] Two 'victims' of porn lobby congress for more anti-porn laws
(Some Guy) [interesting] A cache of online maps of the US from the 18th and 19th centuries
[USA Today] [strange] Denver considers using satellites to track city workers to make sure they're not 'loafing off'
[CNN] [interesting] Caffeine may protect the brain from Parkinsons Disease
[CNN] [PSA] G-rated animated films surprisingly violent, study says
(votenet) [misc.] See, amoung other things, a list of political contributors and amounts. Searchable by zip code.
[Wired] [interesting] Scientists developing cancer vaccine from contraceptive
(TimmyBigHands) [sick] An incredibly personal crossword by a bitter guy whose girlfriend left him, but you can try to play along too.
(The Oregonian) [strange] Neighbors say Rose Society member is killing dogs with industrial pesticide sprayer
(Philly News) [scary] Philly pier owner told employee to 'cover up' 5-Inch crack
(they need to tell that to most plumbers, too.)
(Gainesville Sun) [weird] Dorm archeologist finds pizza boxes, used condoms and love letters
[Salon] [asinine] Matthew McConaughey embarrasses himself again, this time at a South Park party at Hooters
[Salon] [amusing] A review of the NeverLost (a GPS guided map type computer thingy)
[Ananova] [amusing] Glascow doesn't want Mike Tyson to box there
[Excite] [interesting] In Australia, pot growers also steal electricity.
[C|Net] [stupid] People bitching because they waited to the last minute to order flowers over the internet for Mother's Day.
May 23, 2000:
[Excite] [amusing] A women only shopping mall.
(Where are the men-only malls, where we don't get stuck holding a purse while our SO takes 2hrs to 'try something on'?)
(Some Guy) [amusing] How not to clean a plane (don't miss this link!)
[Ananova] [weird] Greek Elvis fan club, believing that space aliens will arrive asking for information about Elvis, appoints ambassador
(EvilOverlord) [amusing] Top one hundred things to do if I ever became an evil overlord (via StileProject)
(JS Online) [stupid] PETA's new anti-milk ad campaign
(BareFooters) [amusing] The Dirty Sole Society
[Washington Post] [interesting] Archaeologists find 6,000 year old city in Syria
[Wired] [interesting] An in-depth article on the creation and growth of the original Mr. T Ate My Balls site
[Wired] [interesting] Napster secures $15mil in venture capital and a new CEO
[Yahoo] [amusing] British Royal Navy recruits told to shout 'BANG' instead of firing their weapons
[CNN] [strange] Elian's fisherman rescuer files $100 million dollar civil suit against Reno
[Excite] [stupid] Britain urges teachers to ban musical chairs on the grounds that it causes too much aggression
[Ananova] [strange] Schizophrenic woman attempts suicide 4 times. Finally chokes on sandwich.
[Salon] [ Spectacular dot-com flameouts: DEN and Boo are gone
(Oregonian) [amusing] Tonya Harding wears an orange vest with her prison roadside clean-up crew
(DMRegister) [amusing] Luther College bans TV station from taping naked soccer on campus. This is my alma matter, god bless them and god bless naked soccer -Drew (via ObscureStore)
(Hartford Courant) [sick] Basketball player urinates in teammate's Gatorade
[CNN] [sad] Man takes lifejacket from drowning boy to save his own life
(CBC) [sad] What Ever Happened to the Guess Who?
[CNN] [strange] San Francisco panel wants to ban plastic surgery for pets
[Fox News] [silly] Some people have a compulsion to eat dirt
May 22, 2000:
(Spud) [weird] The world's first potato-powered webserver.
[Wired] [amusing] A look back on Y2K alarmism
[Excite] [amusing] Trans-pacific sailing trip to bring attention to Save the Whales ends when the boat runs into one.
[Ananova] [strange] Hijacker tries to rob bus with ice pick, passengers kill him with it
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice review of Road Trip
(Subbrilliant) [satire] Keith Richards has near-life experience
(Subbrilliant) [satire] ABBA to headline Palindromes for Peace concert
[Washington Post] [amusing] Al Gore boasts "I'm a 10th level Vice President" on Futurama
[Washington Post] [amusing] Egypt's mufti declares Coke OK in response to rumor that Coke's slogan contains insult to Islam- declares rumormongers will be plunged into hell for 70 autumns
(SatireWire) [satire] Federal Reserve prescribes 'controlled burn' of dot-coms
[CNN] [silly] Matt Perry drives Porche into porch.
(cinemasense) [amusing] A positive review of Battlefield Earth?
(find the spam) [silly] Find the Spam.
(Toronto Star) [sad] Hockey star Maurice 'Rocket' Richard is semi-comatose; fighting for his life
(ShakesBeer) [interesting] Shakesbeer.com: Online College Hangout
(Some Library) [interesting] A library search engine that allows you to search by book color
(Slate) [amusing] Regardless of your political persuasion, Bush's butchering of the english language is a hoot
(Some Guy) [amusing] Tornadoes and Trailer Parks: A Statistical Correlation
May 19, 2000:
[Washington Post] [stupid] Bad idea : assault a prostitute. Worse idea : do it at your place. Downright Stupid : do it in your dorm room.
[ABC News] [sad] 10-year old suffocates during 'rebirthing' (damned new age medicine)
[ABC News] [sad] Nightclub falls into river, killing 3, including the birthday girl
(Learner) [interesting] Amusement park physics - the forces behind the fun
[AintItCoolNews] [amusing] Blisteringly critical reviews of Battlefield: Earth.
Best line: 'I think that Travolta and all the scientologists should be shoved up a dog's ass and shot'
[MSNBC] [ Real men don't hug each other. But in the 19th century they did.
[Excite] [strange] Horses must wear diapers. Can we pass a law that old men must go with shirts?
(CondomSense) [misc.] Get some condoms for free
[CNN] [stupid] Golf course vs. Pig Farmer... who will win?
[Excite] [amusing] Terry Nichols requests and is granted his own barber for fear of the jail barber causing him harm
[Excite] [strange] North Korea using rice husks to fuel power stations
[Excite] [scary] Two thirds of all Russian men die drunk.
[CNN] [strange] NRA to open theme restaurant in Times Square
(ComedyClub) [satire] The South African Comedy Club. Pretty good.
[Excite] [weird] PETA upset about fiberglass cows in NYC
[BBC] [interesting] Tehran to try to kill it's rat population - estimated at 25 million (they'll have to tackle the rotting rat corpse problem next)
[Fox News] [amusing] Help celebrate Mike the Headless Chicken Day on Saturday (pictures!)
[Washington Post] [obvious] "Give me a break, I'm drunk" Not a good excuse to give when you are pulled over.
[Washington Post] [sad] Babies used to smuggle drugs
[Scoop This] [satire] Billy Darsow reviews Battlefield Earth
(YesterdayLand) [spiffy] Can't remember the name of a cartoon you grew up with? This should help.
(Sun-Times) [misc.] Sammy Sosa angrilly destroys metal table in locker room in 40 hits after yet another bullpen collapse for the Cubs
[Brunching] [amusing] The Alanis Morrisette Lyric Generator
[Scoop This] [spiffy] The Worst Band on the Net contest is in the semi-final stage
[Movie Juice] [amusing] Take the Friends poll: TV's Friends will make $1 million per episode if...
[CNN] [strange] Charter jet blast blows Knicks Coach's car into three others. Why is the Knicks Coach driving a Honda Civic?
[Wired] [strange] The new threat to privacy: genealogy?
[Wired] [stupid] AT&T running commercials before connecting long-distance calls
(Gagler) [amusing] Phone sex operator wins workers' compensation case
(if you're a long time reader, we had this story on Nov 22 --Joe)
(newgrounds) [sick] Sick and entertaining net games
[CNN] [obvious] Medical journal says industry money compromises science
[CNN] [asinine] US State Department now missing 15 laptops.
(SF Gate) [spiffy] 'Jesus' wins World Series of Poker Championship.
(GainesvilleSun) [sad] 'Yellow Bike' program lacks Bikes. They're either broken or stolen
(ConcordMonitor) [sick] 'Murderibilia' is popular stuff on eBay
(GlobeandMail) [weird] Teen consultant for Bill Gates hires two executives twice his age
May 18, 2000:
(FARK) [survey] There has been a sudden surge in crimes committed by NFL players. What do you think is causing this?
(Newgrounds) [amusing] Get drunk or high with the Teletubbies
(CousinCouples) [weird] Support for Kissing Cousins homepage
(Sun-Times) [stupid] Police officer allegedly steals man's shoes
(Some Guy) [amusing] Socio-political themes found in The Smurfs
(TigerMountain) [spiffy] The 18th Annual World Elephant Polo Association Championships
[BBC] [amusing] Security hole found in Microsoft Office's friendly paperclip guy
[Washington Post] ["news"] The Pope is 80 today
[Excite] [misc.] New study indicates staff in popular restaurants may be going deaf due to noise levels
[Excite] [interesting] U of Cal Davis team wins 'concrete' canoe competition
[CNN] ["news"] Worker at historic Virginia hotel reprimanded over hair color
[Excite] [stupid] Angry shareholder brings grenade to company's annual meeting
[Excite] [amusing] Irish police looking for a machinegun they 'lost'
(Some Guy) [spiffy] Website generates a picture of you based on answers to questions, surprisingly accurate. Pop-up advert intensive.
[The Onion] [satire] Christ announces hiring of Associate Christ
(UnionTrib) [stupid] Census Bureau hires man previously convicted for identity theft
[eBay] [amusing] Things for sale on eBay containing the words "size 16 petite"
[eBay] [amusing] For sale: life-sized Laura Croft Tomb Raider Mannequin
[Wired] [asinine] Dr. Dre turns in his own list of 239,000 Napster users that have his content
[Wired] [strange] Scientist extracts gold from plants.
[Yahoo] [spiffy] Duchovny coming back for one more season of X-Files
(sony music) [silly] Kriss Kross: The only reason this is worth looking at is, well, they really belive they are still famous.
[Ananova] [silly] Gallagher brothers must be sub-titled for American TV in documentary about their band Oasis. They're British.
[eBay] [amusing] Things for sale on eBay containing the words "size 22 petite"
(Ananova) [weird] Julia Roberts kept awake at night by loud donkey
(NYT) [strange] Al Gore doesn't invest in stocks
(CinciEnquirer) [silly] Battle of the Bras heats up
(New York Post) [scary] Lisa Ling the 'New' Kathie Lee
(guardian) [interesting] 40,000 person mile long floating city to be built.
May 17, 2000:
(SunSpot) [amusing] Insight as to why some people don't trust the police.
(PhoneSpell) [amusing] What does your phone number spell? (try one of my old ones - 223-3825)
[Washington Post] [amusing] Taking Nitrous Oxide can help you quit smoking
(apbnews) [amusing] Mr. Potato Heads in Providence defaced, stolen
[Fox News] [interesting] Get a kangaroo for a pet
[Fox News] [asinine] Dodger players climb into the stands to fight with Cub fans
(Flying Halibut) [satire] Fetal pigs make better friends than people do
(Jesus) [strange] Win a shower with Jesus!
(some guy) [satire] Metallica's New CD (photo)
[MSNBC] [asinine] During the Cold War the US Air Force drew up plans to nuke the moon
[Yahoo] [sick] City workers connect sewer line to water line.
(Couch) [strange] The couch: a retrospective
(NakedSheep) [amusing] Naked sheep of the world gallery
(Jesus) [satire] Jesus seeking romantic partner (jesus.com is under new management apparently)
[USA Today] [amusing] Responding to Internet hoax, Congress bans net access fees
[CNN] [weird] The Artist Formerly Known as Prince changes his name back to just Prince
(Kill Metallica) [amusing] KillMetallica.com. Does anything need to be said?
(CBS) [sad] Cost of margaritas rises on limited supply of agave plant
(GayFinancialNetwork) [scary] Calista Flockhart describes a typical meal
(SF Gate) [asinine] Duct tape clothing
(Some site) [silly] So you want to smash a millionaire!! We'll not really, but you can smash Regis.
[The Onion] [satire] Kid Rock starves to death; Mp3 piracy blamed.
(Stinkymeat) [weird] The stinkymeat project
May 16, 2000:
(Some Guy) [amusing] Rules for extreme croquet
(Cases) [misc.] Free action figure stand
(Some guy) [interesting] More than you could possibly want to know about Monopoly (math geek alert)
(LotR) [spiffy] Lord of the Rings trailer (german site - pretty easy to get to though)
[BBC] [amusing] Half the internet is going nowhere (the other 90% goes to porn sites)
[Excite] [scary] FARC uses Necklace bomb in act of terrorism
[CNN] [sad] Pictures, Audio, and Video (including from inside the School during the incident) of the Columbine HS incident.
[Excite] [scary] Thieves steal 20 'bird eating' spiders (I hope to never see one that big in my bathtub)
[Washington Post] [scary] Gore plays himself on Futurama
[Excite] [amusing] Man running around the globe decides to skip Columbia
(Some Guy) [amusing] Giving the MST3K treatment to Jack Chick's Christian Anti-D&D comic. If you don't know what any of this means just read the comic, it's funny by itself
(Bizarrenews) [silly] Aussie out on a date (photo)
[Fox News] [asinine] Fox News hypes Fox Mummy Show with front page treatment. This is the main index page so don't expect to see anything relating to this after today, at least not until the next Fox special.
[Fox News] [amusing] Battlefield: Earth tanks at the box office
(Flashnews) [PSA] Frequent sex may prevent colds
(Some Guy) [spiffy] US surname-distribution mapper (via RobotWisdom)
[CNN] [interesting] Saccharin removed from US list of potential carcinogens
(Low Pass) [amusing] How to Fake Being a Computer Expert
[CapAlert] [weird] CapAlert's crusade to rid schools of sex education, links to amusing 'legal documents'
(NY Observer) [interesting] Domain name repo man is friend to celebrities
(VancouverSun) [scary] Labatts beer shortage looms before memorial day weekend
[AintItCoolNews] [misc.] A picture of something from Star Wars: Episode 2?
May 15, 2000:
[AintItCoolNews] [asinine] The stupidest idea in sequel history: Easy Rider 2
(globe and mail) [amusing] Israeli scientists perfecting smell-o-vision for your PC.
(msn.com) [amusing] Jaws is out on DVD soon, Check out the Bloopers and other cool streaming video
[CNN] ["news"] Bob Knight allowed to stay at Indiana U.
(VIP) [spiffy] Virtual Irish Pub
(WebShots) [amusing] Card Trick - amaze your dumb friends for hours
(Everest Gum) [misc.] Free gum
[Washington Post] ["news"] Saudi beheadings up to 38 this year
(Snopes) [misc.] Urban Legend: A famed college library is sinking into the ground because its architect failed to take the weight of the books into account.
[Wired] [amusing] Some MacIntosh fans go to absurd lengths to upgrade their Color Classics.
[Herald-Leader] [amusing] Man breaks into towing company impound lot to free car
(Discovery) [interesting] Pompeiians returned to city after eruptions
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] Long Kevin Smith interview, lots of good stuff
(Some Guy) [satire] An illustration of corporate hierarchy (photo)
[Excite] [interesting] Russian helicopter fires missiles into an apartment building shortly after takeoff
(Iwon) [ Man buys hotdog and wins the lotto.
[Fox News] [psa] Stonehenge to be open to the public for 8 hours prior to the Summer Solstice
[Excite] [amusing] New adult-oriented games from Nintendo and others
(Flying Halibut) [satire] Virginia bans mini-vans
[CNN] [obvious] Bobby Knight might get thrown out of IU for his temper
[Washington Post] [misc.] Singapore math problems (comes complete with answers so you dont have to struggle)
[Washington Post] [interesting] Pot crop thrives in Appalachia ($3.9 billion)
[Excite] [scary] Sumo wrestler loses his loincloth, gets immediately disqualified
[CapAlert] [amusing] Even the Cap guy thought Battlefield Earth sucked
(MrCranky) [silly] BattleFieldEarth sucks, even Mr. Cranky thinks so!
(Some Guy) [amusing] An article about Japan's super high-tech toilets (originally Washington Post)
(Some Guy) [weird] Asskicker Central: the world's only asskicking machine
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice review of Battlefield Earth

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