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[Washington Post] [stupid] Bad idea : assault a prostitute. Worse idea : do it at your place. Downright Stupid : do it in your dorm room.
[ABC News] [sad] 10-year old suffocates during 'rebirthing' (damned new age medicine)
[ABC News] [sad] Nightclub falls into river, killing 3, including the birthday girl
(Learner) [interesting] Amusement park physics - the forces behind the fun
[AintItCoolNews] [amusing] Blisteringly critical reviews of Battlefield: Earth.
Best line: 'I think that Travolta and all the scientologists should be shoved up a dog's ass and shot'
[MSNBC] [ Real men don't hug each other. But in the 19th century they did.
[Excite] [strange] Horses must wear diapers. Can we pass a law that old men must go with shirts?
(CondomSense) [misc.] Get some condoms for free
[CNN] [stupid] Golf course vs. Pig Farmer... who will win?
[Excite] [amusing] Terry Nichols requests and is granted his own barber for fear of the jail barber causing him harm
[Excite] [strange] North Korea using rice husks to fuel power stations
[Excite] [scary] Two thirds of all Russian men die drunk.
[CNN] [strange] NRA to open theme restaurant in Times Square
(ComedyClub) [satire] The South African Comedy Club. Pretty good.
[Excite] [weird] PETA upset about fiberglass cows in NYC
[BBC] [interesting] Tehran to try to kill it's rat population - estimated at 25 million (they'll have to tackle the rotting rat corpse problem next)
[Fox News] [amusing] Help celebrate Mike the Headless Chicken Day on Saturday (pictures!)
[Washington Post] [obvious] "Give me a break, I'm drunk" Not a good excuse to give when you are pulled over.
[Washington Post] [sad] Babies used to smuggle drugs
[Scoop This] [satire] Billy Darsow reviews Battlefield Earth
(YesterdayLand) [spiffy] Can't remember the name of a cartoon you grew up with? This should help.
(Sun-Times) [misc.] Sammy Sosa angrilly destroys metal table in locker room in 40 hits after yet another bullpen collapse for the Cubs
[Brunching] [amusing] The Alanis Morrisette Lyric Generator
[Scoop This] [spiffy] The Worst Band on the Net contest is in the semi-final stage
[Movie Juice] [amusing] Take the Friends poll: TV's Friends will make $1 million per episode if...
[CNN] [strange] Charter jet blast blows Knicks Coach's car into three others. Why is the Knicks Coach driving a Honda Civic?
[Wired] [strange] The new threat to privacy: genealogy?
[Wired] [stupid] AT&T running commercials before connecting long-distance calls
(Gagler) [amusing] Phone sex operator wins workers' compensation case
(if you're a long time reader, we had this story on Nov 22 --Joe)
(newgrounds) [sick] Sick and entertaining net games
[CNN] [obvious] Medical journal says industry money compromises science
[CNN] [asinine] US State Department now missing 15 laptops.
(SF Gate) [spiffy] 'Jesus' wins World Series of Poker Championship.
(GainesvilleSun) [sad] 'Yellow Bike' program lacks Bikes. They're either broken or stolen
(ConcordMonitor) [sick] 'Murderibilia' is popular stuff on eBay
(GlobeandMail) [weird] Teen consultant for Bill Gates hires two executives twice his age
May 18, 2000:
(FARK) [survey] There has been a sudden surge in crimes committed by NFL players. What do you think is causing this?
(Newgrounds) [amusing] Get drunk or high with the Teletubbies
(CousinCouples) [weird] Support for Kissing Cousins homepage
(Sun-Times) [stupid] Police officer allegedly steals man's shoes
(Some Guy) [amusing] Socio-political themes found in The Smurfs
(TigerMountain) [spiffy] The 18th Annual World Elephant Polo Association Championships
[BBC] [amusing] Security hole found in Microsoft Office's friendly paperclip guy
[Washington Post] ["news"] The Pope is 80 today
[Excite] [misc.] New study indicates staff in popular restaurants may be going deaf due to noise levels
[Excite] [interesting] U of Cal Davis team wins 'concrete' canoe competition
[CNN] ["news"] Worker at historic Virginia hotel reprimanded over hair color
[Excite] [stupid] Angry shareholder brings grenade to company's annual meeting
[Excite] [amusing] Irish police looking for a machinegun they 'lost'
(Some Guy) [spiffy] Website generates a picture of you based on answers to questions, surprisingly accurate. Pop-up advert intensive.
[The Onion] [satire] Christ announces hiring of Associate Christ
(UnionTrib) [stupid] Census Bureau hires man previously convicted for identity theft
[eBay] [amusing] Things for sale on eBay containing the words "size 16 petite"
[eBay] [amusing] For sale: life-sized Laura Croft Tomb Raider Mannequin
[Wired] [asinine] Dr. Dre turns in his own list of 239,000 Napster users that have his content
[Wired] [strange] Scientist extracts gold from plants.
[Yahoo] [spiffy] Duchovny coming back for one more season of X-Files
(sony music) [silly] Kriss Kross: The only reason this is worth looking at is, well, they really belive they are still famous.
(Ananova) [silly] Gallagher brothers must be sub-titled for American TV in documentary about their band Oasis. They're British.
[eBay] [amusing] Things for sale on eBay containing the words "size 22 petite"
(Ananova) [weird] Julia Roberts kept awake at night by loud donkey
(NYT) [strange] Al Gore doesn't invest in stocks
(CinciEnquirer) [silly] Battle of the Bras heats up
(New York Post) [scary] Lisa Ling the 'New' Kathie Lee
(guardian) [interesting] 40,000 person mile long floating city to be built.
May 17, 2000:
(SunSpot) [amusing] Insight as to why some people don't trust the police.
(PhoneSpell) [amusing] What does your phone number spell? (try one of my old ones - 223-3825)
[Washington Post] [amusing] Taking Nitrous Oxide can help you quit smoking
(apbnews) [amusing] Mr. Potato Heads in Providence defaced, stolen
[Fox News] [interesting] Get a kangaroo for a pet
[Fox News] [asinine] Dodger players climb into the stands to fight with Cub fans
(Flying Halibut) [satire] Fetal pigs make better friends than people do
(Jesus) [strange] Win a shower with Jesus!
(some guy) [satire] Metallica's New CD (photo)
[MSNBC] [asinine] During the Cold War the US Air Force drew up plans to nuke the moon
[Yahoo] [sick] City workers connect sewer line to water line.
(Couch) [strange] The couch: a retrospective
(NakedSheep) [amusing] Naked sheep of the world gallery
(Jesus) [satire] Jesus seeking romantic partner (jesus.com is under new management apparently)
[USA Today] [amusing] Responding to Internet hoax, Congress bans net access fees
[CNN] [weird] The Artist Formerly Known as Prince changes his name back to just Prince
(Kill Metallica) [amusing] KillMetallica.com. Does anything need to be said?
(CBS) [sad] Cost of margaritas rises on limited supply of agave plant
(GayFinancialNetwork) [scary] Calista Flockhart describes a typical meal
(SF Gate) [asinine] Duct tape clothing
(Some site) [silly] So you want to smash a millionaire!! We'll not really, but you can smash Regis.
[The Onion] [satire] Kid Rock starves to death; Mp3 piracy blamed.
(Stinkymeat) [weird] The stinkymeat project
May 16, 2000:
(Some Guy) [amusing] Rules for extreme croquet
(Cases) [misc.] Free action figure stand
(Some guy) [interesting] More than you could possibly want to know about Monopoly (math geek alert)
(LotR) [spiffy] Lord of the Rings trailer (german site - pretty easy to get to though)
[BBC] [amusing] Half the internet is going nowhere (the other 90% goes to porn sites)
[Excite] [scary] FARC uses Necklace bomb in act of terrorism
[CNN] [sad] Pictures, Audio, and Video (including from inside the School during the incident) of the Columbine HS incident.
[Excite] [scary] Thieves steal 20 'bird eating' spiders (I hope to never see one that big in my bathtub)
[Washington Post] [scary] Gore plays himself on Futurama
[Excite] [amusing] Man running around the globe decides to skip Columbia
(Some Guy) [amusing] Giving the MST3K treatment to Jack Chick's Christian Anti-D&D comic. If you don't know what any of this means just read the comic, it's funny by itself
(Bizarrenews) [silly] Aussie out on a date (photo)
[Fox News] [asinine] Fox News hypes Fox Mummy Show with front page treatment. This is the main index page so don't expect to see anything relating to this after today, at least not until the next Fox special.
[Fox News] [amusing] Battlefield: Earth tanks at the box office
(Flashnews) [PSA] Frequent sex may prevent colds
(Some Guy) [spiffy] US surname-distribution mapper (via RobotWisdom)
[CNN] [interesting] Saccharin removed from US list of potential carcinogens
(Low Pass) [amusing] How to Fake Being a Computer Expert
[CapAlert] [weird] CapAlert's crusade to rid schools of sex education, links to amusing 'legal documents'
(NY Observer) [interesting] Domain name repo man is friend to celebrities
(VancouverSun) [scary] Labatts beer shortage looms before memorial day weekend
[AintItCoolNews] [misc.] A picture of something from Star Wars: Episode 2?
May 15, 2000:
[AintItCoolNews] [asinine] The stupidest idea in sequel history: Easy Rider 2
(globe and mail) [amusing] Israeli scientists perfecting smell-o-vision for your PC.
(msn.com) [amusing] Jaws is out on DVD soon, Check out the Bloopers and other cool streaming video
[CNN] ["news"] Bob Knight allowed to stay at Indiana U.
(VIP) [spiffy] Virtual Irish Pub
(WebShots) [amusing] Card Trick - amaze your dumb friends for hours
(Everest Gum) [misc.] Free gum
[Washington Post] ["news"] Saudi beheadings up to 38 this year
(Snopes) [misc.] Urban Legend: A famed college library is sinking into the ground because its architect failed to take the weight of the books into account.
[Wired] [amusing] Some MacIntosh fans go to absurd lengths to upgrade their Color Classics.
[Herald-Leader] [amusing] Man breaks into towing company impound lot to free car
(Discovery) [interesting] Pompeiians returned to city after eruptions
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] Long Kevin Smith interview, lots of good stuff
(Some Guy) [satire] An illustration of corporate hierarchy (photo)
[Excite] [interesting] Russian helicopter fires missiles into an apartment building shortly after takeoff
(Iwon) [ Man buys hotdog and wins the lotto.
[Fox News] [psa] Stonehenge to be open to the public for 8 hours prior to the Summer Solstice
[Excite] [amusing] New adult-oriented games from Nintendo and others
(Flying Halibut) [satire] Virginia bans mini-vans
[CNN] [obvious] Bobby Knight might get thrown out of IU for his temper
[Washington Post] [misc.] Singapore math problems (comes complete with answers so you dont have to struggle)
[Washington Post] [interesting] Pot crop thrives in Appalachia ($3.9 billion)
[Excite] [scary] Sumo wrestler loses his loincloth, gets immediately disqualified
[CapAlert] [amusing] Even the Cap guy thought Battlefield Earth sucked
(MrCranky) [silly] BattleFieldEarth sucks, even Mr. Cranky thinks so!
(Some Guy) [amusing] An article about Japan's super high-tech toilets (originally Washington Post)
(Some Guy) [weird] Asskicker Central: the world's only asskicking machine
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice review of Battlefield Earth
May 12, 2000:
[Salon] [scary] Paula Jones to pose nude in some magazine
(Philly) [sick] 10th grader charged with disorderly conduct for public nose-picking let off with a warning
(DigitalMass) [weird] An article on Beer Geeks
(Nando) [obvious] Panel finds cell phones pose no health risks
[Wired] [silly] Best of the Webbies acceptance speeches. Winners were limitted to five words or less
[Excite] [strange] German streak-jogger ordered to cease and desist
[MSNBC] [interesting] Napster going down in flames, despite support from artists.
FARK [PSA] We have new topics. (We're probably the only ones who care). [If you care, the F.A.Q. has the comprehensive list]
(Some Guy) [amusing] A new Unix version of the ILOVEYOU virus
[Washington Post] [interesting] Radioactive documents found in Maryland
[MSNBC] [interesting] Brain injury patients better at detecting liars
(SunTimes) [amusing] Ebert rings in on Battlefield: Earth. 1/2 *
"I watched it in mounting gloom, realizing I was witnessing something historic, a film that for decades to come will be the punch line of jokes about bad movies."
[Excite] [amusing] Villagers opt to keep their street name: Cowshit Lane
(some guy) [amusing] The Pussy Goth Archive. Containing pictures of goths with comments.
(Some Guy) [strange] A beginner's guide to self-circumcision
(Some Guy) [amusing] The Ultimate Build Your Own Cow Page version 2.05 (via USAToday)
(AdCritic) [silly] The Clinton 'last days' movie, for those who haven't seen it. (safe for work, so long as you don't work for the democratic party)
[Excite] [stupid] Man who sold garage sale painting on eBay for $135,000 suspended for bidding on his own auction to drive up the price
[CNN] [amusing] Darva Conger of Who Wants To Marry a Millionaire fame to pose nude for Playboy
(The-Times) [interesting] Debunking myths about Gladiators (via Ancient News)
[Fox News] [ Cigarette taxes spur cigarette bootlegging
(HeraldNet) [stupid] Behind the scenes at Judge Judy's TV Courtroom
(Billings) [sappy] First and only Special Olympics runner in 3000 meters event wins handily
(CampChaos) [amusing] 'Napster Bad!' A cartoon about Metallica and Napster. Safe for work only if you turn the volume way down, lots of cursing
[ABC News] [sick] Burger King employees spit in, added cleaning fluid to customers' food...for eight months
(Free-Lance Star) [silly] 'Elvis isnt dead, he's just in assisted living.'
(GainesvilleSun) [silly] Zucchini capitol of Florida to crown Miss 'Zu-Queenie' Saturday.
[eBay] [amusing] For sale: RIAA Soul and Integrity
[CNN] [amusing] FBI says some State Department reporters are spies from other countries
May 11, 2000:
[eBay] [strange] For sale: Muhammed Ali vs. Mr Tooth Decay record album
(Sunherald) [amusing] A look into the soul of an 'N Sync fan
[Excite] [stupid] Woman sent to jail for casting magic spell on husband, wins on appeal
[CNN] [strange] Bird's nest suspected in Portugal blackout
[AintItCoolNews] [amusing] A number of Battlefield: Earth reviews. Notable comments: "Stupid" "Dull" "It's too bad Mystery Science Theater 3000 was cancelled" "The director shot this movie like he was drunk and on crack"
(Some guy) [amusing] It's Larry!
(Canoe.ca) [amusing] Inspired by a beer commercial, a Toronto company is now changing the pronunciation of the letter Z on it's phone system.
(Canoe.ca) [stupid] Hacker Kevin Mitnick can't give lectures anymore - could face jailtime if he does.
(Canoe.ca) [amusing] Cybersex is addictive
[MSNBC] [stupid] Abstract painting bought at garage sale bid up to $135,805 on eBay based on rumor
May 10, 2000:
[LA Times] [amusing] Court upholds copyright infringement case against Michael Bolton
(Some Guy) [amusing] Chris Farley Dance (like the hamsterdance - but a better song)
[LA Times] [amusing] This week's anecdote column from LA LA Land
[LA Times] [silly] Belligerant brides burglarize bridal boutique
[Excite] [sick] Need a place to stash some drugs? Try a corpse.
[The Onion] [satire] 450,000 unsold Earthday editions of Time trucked to landfill
[Salon] [interesting] Being too clean hurts the body's immune system
[Excite] ["news"] Population of India to pass one billion tomorrow
[CNN] [sad] Wild Turkey warehouse consumed by fire, one million gallons of bourbon lost
[CNN] [interesting] Shaquille O'Neal one vote shy of unanimous NBA MVP selection. Highest percentage of votes ever
[ABC News] [interesting] Studies show clear genetic link between Arabs and Jews
(Canoe) [sick] Whatever happened to Keanu Reeve's band Dogstar?
(And what ever happened to Wyld Stallyns?)
(EurekAlert) [ Violent suicides coorelate with particular serotonin receptor ratio
[Excite] [ Lesbian Avengers protest hubub over alumni's Playboy appearance by going topless. Unfortunately, this is safe for work.
(Washington Times) [strange] Exterminators release 25 bar-coded roaches, offer prizes for returning them dead or alive
[ABC News] [strange] Scientists plan to exhume Napoleon's body to confirm how he died.
(some guy) [amusing] Some amusing quotes and sayings
(Napster) [stupid] Napster has decided to ban 320 000 users who Metallica claims 'infringed on their copyrights'.
(some guy) [amusing] Bad drawings of animals
(some guy) [amusing] 'Dear Arnie' advice column
(Some guy) [amusing] Learn Italian through pictures
(findagrave) [strange] A gravestone-locator search engine. Find graves of over 2.5 million people
[The Onion] [silly] This new toilet paper is so soft and absorbent
(Some guy) [amusing] Picture archive of people being scared by a backfiring van
(mrcrankey) [silly] Mr. Cranky reviews Gladiator
(Press) [interesting] Take a Densa quiz
(Dreadling) [interesting] 3D Shooter for PalmOS. It's on slashdot, so site is slow.
[ZDNet] [interesting] Steven Speilberg and Legos to collaborate on future projects
[Yahoo] [interesting] Can you identify this Chief petty Officer from W. W.II and the Korean War?
[Salon] [strange] South American tribe breast feeds monkeys.
[eBay] [amusing] Things for sale on eBay containing the words 'I love you'
May 9, 2000:
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] Harrison Ford's next movie: GEMINI
[MSNBC] ["news"] Hayden Christensen cast as Anakin Skywalker for Star Wars: Episode II
[ABC News] ["news"] It's turkey mating season.
(Some Guy) [amusing] The Pokemon edition of the Humvee
(Some Guy) [interesting] Personal homepage of the Philipino woman accused of coding ILOVEYOU. This will probably be a broken link soon due to excessive traffic
(stumbled ...) [sick] The LA County Coroner in California gift shop
(some guy) [amusing] Moorhen, the game that's destroying productivity all over Europe. (In German, but easy to navigate, download and install)
[eBay] [amusing] Metallica's Integrity for Sale on eBay... didn't think it would be worth that much.
(Bunnies) [sappy] Pictures of baby bunnies!
[eBay] [amusing] Things for sale on eBay containing the word 'lickin'
[Wired] [misc.] Canada does away with the $1,000 bill (worth $1.67 US)
[Wired] [stupid] Congress about to make links to drug sites illegal (uh oh, we're probably in trouble over the Crack Afficianado link)
(Kodak) [misc.] Birdcam 2000: watch baby peregrine falcons grow up
(Dotcomguy) [stupid] Checking in on dotcomguy: living for a year using only the internet to buy stuff
[Excite] [amusing] Anarchists plan mass-mooning outside of Buckingham Palace
[MSNBC] [stupid] Police demand residents throw away their junk cars
(Tamucc) [amusing] Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches: a research study
(Thirdrail) [strange] Crack Afficionado, the magazine
(Seattle Times) [silly] Asian Men rising in popularity
(Sun-Times) [survey] 75.8% of Americans would give up caffeine for $1,000
(Albuquerque) [ Virus-tracker says German man is responsible for 'ILOVEYOU'
(Jailbabes) [strange] Find romance behind bars
[Herald-Leader] [interesting] Kentucky coal mines 10 years away from running out of easy-to-get coal
(View Askew) [interesting] Clerks the Cartoon to debut May 31st
[CapAlert] [amusing] Cap review of Gladiator (spolier). Marks off points for 'street puppet flatulence used as weapon'
May 8, 2000:
[CapAlert] [amusing] CAP reviews Frequency. He sort of spoils the movie, sort of meaning he is confused by what happened and can't figure it out. Drew hasn't seen the movie and this didn't spoil it for him, he couldn't tell what CAP was going on about. Special bonus: CAP issues a call for anyone who can find a bible passage about messing with the timestream and whether that's a sin or not.
(Kittens!) [sappy] Pictures of kittens!
(Catnip Cafe) [misc.] Get a free sample of catnip tea (for humans)
[Washington Post] [amusing] Clinton endorses 'Million Mom March' (to be held at a mall of course)
(the mall, not a mall... the big park in DC.)
[Washington Post] [amusing] Ohio is in federal court over their motto
(Some Guy) [amusing] Archive of mis-heard lyrics
(Some Guy) [amusing] Virtual Etch-E-Sketch
[CNN] [strange] High school runs background checks on students' prom dates
(SatireWire) [satire] Internet travel company focuses on the 'gullible' market segment
(SatireWire) [satire] Stock dive forces Internet companies to use 'money'
(Rice U) [amusing] The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. project
(KLI) [interesting] The Klingon Language Institute
(Hecklers) [amusing] Top 10 signs your census worker is screwing up (Hi Terry)
(Hecklers) [amusing] The Tempt Charlie Sheen game
[Excite] [strange] Man smuggles dead father-in-law onto bus
[BBC] [interesting] Geyser shoots water 500 feet in the air
[eBay] [amusing] For sale: lunchbox with syphilis-prevention messages on it.
[Washington Post] [misc.] Number of murders in several US cities
[CNN] [stupid] Ohio priest refuses to identify man who stabbed him during confession
[Excite] [sad] Guy divorces his wife via email (what a wuss)
(Comics2Film) [interesting] Live-action The Tick series update
(some guy) [interesting] What if the V-Chip was applied to the Bible?
[CNN] [interesting] NASA unveils pictures of giant dog-bone in space

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