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(Wal-Mart) [amusing] Apply for a job at Wal-Mart
[Washington Post] ["news"] DC still pissed off they don't get to vote.
(Yeah, and they're going to bitch in 10 years when they realize they didn't get a new quarter, too)
[Washington Post] [amusing] Larry Flint to open sex superstore
[eBay] [amusing] Things for sale on eBay containing the words 'log frog'
(Fark.net) [amusing] Fark.net. I assume this is somewhere in Asia
(GameSpy) [strange] Review of Christian PC games - Bible Ball and Adventures With Chickens.
[CNN] [stupid] Second laptop missing from US State Dept.
(CowNipple) [amusing] The Maryland Cownipple. Humorous magazine, safe for work (I think)
(Some Guy) [amusing] Bizarre rumor generator
(Some Guy) [amusing] Use a Magic 8 Ball - webcam on the robot that shakes it for you
(Some Guy) [amusing] Curse in Gaelic with this handy curse generator
(P45) [amusing] Italian-omatic
[eBay] [amusing] List of 'Elian' items for sale on Ebay (didn't they just clean these up?)
(P45) [amusing] Irish humor site
[CNN] [interesting] Cinco de Mayo is NOT a major holiday in Mexico
[CNN] [misc.] Flyers-Penguins game goes into five overtimes
(MoreCrap) [satire] Oval Office cam
[CapAlert] [amusing] Cap reviews American Psycho - gives first ever zero score
(Some guy) [satire] GodHatesFigs.com
(Studio 360) [interesting] Explore the Mayan ruins of Tikal
(USGS) [interesting] Latest list of earthquakes
(Some Guy) [satire] The original live nude hamster cam
(MyFreeCar) [interesting] MyFreeCar.com. This is the site that will pay you to put ads on your car. Doesn't look too bad actually
(Lycos) [amusing] The top 50 Lycos searches (via RobotWisdom)
[Excite] [strange] Chickens banned from California town after several random chicken attacks
[CNN] [amusing] Howdy Doody puppet caught in custody battle
[CNN] [strange] Business booms for confederate flag-making company
[eBay] [amusing] List of items for auction on eBay containing the word 'scrotum'
(SacramentoBee) [silly] Whatever happened to Kirk Cameron?
(CSM) [silly] Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts fuel the economy of tiny Mexican town
(Ottawa) [ Wired Editor Speaks About 'Dumb Power.'
(Billings) [sad] Whatever happened to Jefferson Starship?
(Ugly) [strange] UglyPeople.com
May 4, 2000:
(NandoTimes) [interesting] Mexicans confused by American Cinco de Mayo celebrations
(Ask Jeeves) [silly] Is Jeeves Gay?
(Computer World) ["news"] Another "I love you article" - we pretty much have the day to ourselves today, they shut down our email system to prevent contamination. Whee! Free Time!
[Washington Post] [amusing] Texas residents attacked by hawks
[eBay] [strange] New Guillotine Head Chopping Off Game
[Excite] [amusing] The US military shops at Walmart.
[CNN] [interesting] That laptop the feds lost might have had lots of important stuff on it.
[Washington Post] ["news"] Libyans say they didn't blow up the plane.
(This is only interesting to Joe, because [1] he didn't get to find anyone guilty at Jury Duty yesterday, and [2] Camp Zeist is really Camp New Amsterdam, aka Shoesterburg AFB, where Joe grew up)
[CNN] ["news"] I LOVE YOU virus kicking some ass
[USA Today] [amusing] eBay yanks Elian items
[Excite] [amusing] British over-40 rugby team accidentally plays professional Romanian team due to translation error
[Excite] [amusing] Australian soup kitchens losing food reserves to backpackers looking for a cheap meal
[CNN] [misc.] Demand for bacon-burgers driving up the price of pork
(Luci's Page) [amusing] Chicken suit auction classified ad
(SeattlePI) [silly] High Court considers no-sex rule for lawyers
[USA Today] [ Stupidity surrounding CBS' Survivor show
(low pass) [amusing] Automatically strip the search query from the dark pit of your subconscious in the form of a coherent sentence. This search engine predicts what question you want to Ask Jeeves
(Some Guy) [amusing] Bet on the next jumper off the Skyway! Via Obscurestore
(Some Guy) [amusing] If only there were a good description for this. It's funny though.
May 3, 2000:
[Washington Post] [amusing] The Newt is getting married
[Washington Post] [stupid] Guy gets tattoo... restaurant vows he won't stand in line ever again
(Flying Halibut) [satire] Backstreet Boys tired of being called boys - will change name
[Excite] [amusing] In Iran, you can insure your camel
[CNN] [strange] Oral sex causes cancer
[The Onion] [satire] What do you think: Vermont's gay marriage law
[The Onion] [satire] American people to live happily ever after
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice reviews Gladiator ("In ancient Rome, every night was like sweeps on Fox")
[Washington Post] [interesting] Saudi beheadings up to 26 for the year - 5 this week!
[CNN] [amusing] Eight planets to line up Friday, scientist predict nothing will happen
[CNN] [strange] US Army wants to build a holodeck
[Fox News] [survey] Study debunks myth of hated mother-in-law
(Sky) [silly] Miss Jumbo 2000 Wins Honor of Leading Parade of Elephants
(STL) [ Governor Ryan hit by pie in the face
(Rochester) [silly] Evil StepMother Convicted, Cinderella Wins Big Bucks.
[eBay] [stupid] Water from the same ocean Elian Gonzalez was found in!
May 2, 2000:
(Financial Times) [interesting] Warren Buffet claims Internet wealth is like a chain letter.
[Washington Post] [amusing] Mexico celebrates donkey day
[BBC] [misc.] The brits know how to riot. (damned American WTO protest lamers... most of them were there just to piss off their parents)
[CNN] [amusing] FCC gives Time-Warner til end of business today to explain why it dropped ABC off its cable systems
[eBay] [stupid] Things for sale containing the word 'Elian'
[ZDNet] [stupid] Buy authentic Elian breathed air!
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] An early review of Mission Impossible 2
[USA Today] [interesting] What if Microsoft hadn't been a bully?
[MSNBC] [interesting] Hurrah! Viagra might help women too
(Wall of Sound) [amusing] KISS apologizes for using the wrong town name at a concert
[Yahoo] ["news"] Metallica names 335,435 Napster-users as copyright violators in lawsuit
(Daily Breeze) [strange] Boy toy of Palos Verdes woman shot by her wheelchair bound brother (there's a few quotes from the victim's brother with very poor grammar)
(NORM) [sick] The National Order for Restoring Men. (ie, how to undo a circumcision)
[LA Times] [amusing] A list of anecdotes of life in LA LA land
[USA Today] [amusing] French language becoming contaminated by e-words
[Excite] [strange] Woman convicted in penile implant fraud
[Excite] [amusing] Prostitutes, dogs found in prison. Contains mention of F.A.R.C as well
[ABC News] [stupid] 'Stinky Tofu' vendor cited for air pollution
May 1, 2000:
(Some Guy) [silly] Surgery for conjoined peeps
[Washington Post] [amusing] Jim Bakker has a new book - I was Wrong (buy a copy by next tuesday so he can put in a swimming pool, or he's going to hell)
(FARK) [amusing] What should be done with Elian? Poll results.
(Reach) [strange] Someone has built a website dedicated to Britney Spears' breasts. No obvious nudity, could be ok for work.
[Excite] [silly] Oaxaca, Mexico tries to construct the world's largest taco
[Excite] [strange] Britain gives government grant to woman to help her lose weight
(The Dog) [silly] How to wash a cat
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice review of Frequency (with gratuitous mention of Denise Richards' assets)
[Washington Post] [sick] Iranian couple kill their daughter for getting bad grades
(Boston) [amusing] Woman runs down husband for looking at another woman in church
(Pimpwar) [amusing] Lay the smack down on some biatch in this fun online game. Probably not suitable for work.
(Ficus2000) [amusing] Ficus 2000: elect a potted tree to office instead of a politician
[CNN] [interesting] Great Lakes dropping toward record low levels
[Wired] [strange] US Secret Service in talks with Where's George website owner
(BestToilets) [strange] This website rates the best public toilets
(Potatoes) [silly] Fun potato facts (via RobotWisdom)
[Herald-Leader] [strange] Defendant's banishment from the state of Kentucky may not be enforceable
[CNN] [amusing] NFL star Ray Lewis seen in raunchy video, does nothing to help his murder charge
[CNN] [strange] Time Warner Cable drops ABC in 11 cities over contract dispute
[CapAlert] [amusing] CAP reviews Rules of Engagment. Actually uses the phrase 'potty mouth'
[CapAlert] [amusing] Cap reviews U-571- Goes completely off topic in the last paragraph
(JSOnline) [amusing] Funny story about a runaway bog (?)
April 28, 2000:
(Some Guy) [amusing] Squirrel hazing - the untold story
(Eeyore) [amusing] Eeyore's gloomy place - why everyone should stop being so happy
(Captain Dave) [amusing] Captain Dave's survival web site
(Flying Halibut) [silly] Man plans exceptionally relaxing vacation
[BBC] [strange] Scientists use a balloon to prove that the universe is flat (I'm not buying it)
[BBC] [strange] Kid tries to swap his 10 month old sister for a Pokemon card
(slashdot) [stupid] eBay forced by Church of Scientology to pull auctions of 'E-Meters'. Claim copyright infringements.
[Salon] [amusing] Salon reviews Where the Heart is
[Washington Post] ["news"] Today is Saddam's Birthday
(Wizards) [survey] RPG survey
(Zen Stories) [interesting] Zen story - the ritual cat
(Zen Stories) [interesting] Zen story - the gift of insults
(Fartcd) [silly] Pull my finger
[Fox News] [strange] Researchers say raising tax on a 6pack by 20 cents would reduce gonorrhea outbreaks
[CNN] [amusing] Tigers and White Sox share 16 suspensions for bench-clearing brawl
[CNN] [interesting] States to file a proposal to break up Microsoft today
[Excite] [amusing] Artichoke powered homes? (also a mention of pot powered homes)
(Playboy) [amusing] AP Backs off Elian Wazzup 'Cease and Desist' after finding out creators work for Playboy.
(star trek) [stupid] Move over AIM and ICQ. Starfleet: the Star Trek Communicator instant messanger service.
(RatZapper) [amusing] Rat Zapper. Is reusable & no blood.
(MegaStar (UK)) [stupid] What to Expect from Britney Spears' Upcoming 'Autobiography'
(RockyMountainNews) [amusing] A Little Background on the Attorney for Elian's Miami relatives
April 27, 2000:
[Excite] [stupid] Albianians collect land-mines hoping NATO will pay for them
[CNN] [interesting] Scientists roll back the aging clock on cloned cow cells
(FARK) [survey] What should be done with Elian?
(t r u e) [sad] Elain Wazzzup site receives 'Cease and Desist' order from the AP
(Nando) [amusing] Note the billing... Junkie tops Il Papa at the Vatican
(MSN) [amusing] Gwenyth Paltrow being sued for rear-ending couple.
(Chicago Tribune) [sad] Programming genius made internet possible, but died a filthy drunk
(Baefed.com) [amusing] A comprehensive Wazzup Video Collection.
(Utne) [amusing] Drag queen baseball team
[LA Times] [sad] Naturalist dies: this is the guy who did the research that "Watership Down" was based on
(CJ Online) ["news"] Erin Brockovich (the real one) in the news -- her ex-husband & an ex-boyfriend were arrested for extorsion.
(OJR) [interesting] Media reporting on Internet issues flawed
[USA Today] [amusing] Microsoft employees selling their free copies of Win2K on eBay, Microsoft not happy
[CNN] [amusing] China throwing KFC out of imperial-era park
[CNN] [misc.] Kevin Spacey considering playing Inspector Clouseau in new Pink Panther movie
[Wired] [stupid] Pets.com sues former head writer for Conan claiming that Triumph the Insult Comic Dog slanders Pets.com's own sock puppetdog
[Wired] [amusing] Phone In Sick Day, an unofficial holiday, to occur next week
(Rock) [stupid] Rock Cam!
(Deja) [satire] Ask The Pope! (via Robotwisdom)
[Herald-Leader] [sad] Ashley Judd engaged to some jackass
[CNN] [amusing] Alabama House Reps throw down on House floor
[CNN] [interesting] New big-headed $5 and $10 bills to appear in May
[CNN] [stupid] Columbine commemorative video released.
(Low Pass) [satire] Low Pass to Napster: DIE!
[C|Net] [stupid] Dr. Dre to sue Napster, wants to target individual college students.
(TorontoStar) [interesting] The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies will collide in 3 billion years
(ParsonsSun) [stupid] The photo of 'jesus' to go along with the tornado story from yesterday
(Dallas Morning News) [ Long list of viagra highlights from the past two years
April 26, 2000:
(eFront) [silly] It had to happen sooner or later -- an Elian / Wazzup spoof.
[The Onion] [satire] Mountain Dew users may go on to use harder beverages
(NewsMax) [amusing] Another Elian-capture spoof. Seems to be a lot of these on the net
[ZDNet] [amusing] Army chief gripes Powerpoint eats bandwidth
(Some Guy) [strange] The 2nd Annual Masturbate-a-thon!
[Excite] [amusing] Parsons, KS thinks Jesus saved them from a tornado. Have picture to prove it.
[Excite] [amusing] Chess players face ban for illegal contact, unnecessary roughness
(Baefed) [amusing] The Seizure of Elian Gonzalez picture spoofs
[Yahoo] [amusing] Why they needed guns to get Elian. (Photo)
(Some Guy) [silly] Lex Luthor's Legion of Doom
[BBC] [interesting] World's oldest hat revealed.
(NH Telegraph) [survey] Avoid driving in New Hampshire: police sobriety checkpoint stops 132, snares 10
(Chicago Sun-Times) [ Ping pong tables to appear all over Chicago this summer
[C|Net] [stupid] AOL's 'youth filters' block Democratic sites but not Republican ones
(MSN) [amusing] The Pope Likes Pokemon
(tripipngtherift.com) [amusing] Tripping The Rift 2 on the way, with Terry Farrell (Cat from RedDwarf:USA &Dax from ST:DS9) doing Six's voice
Might not want to look at this at work, because of one of the images.
April 25, 2000:
(Trainup) [silly] Jesus action figures. Available in caucasian and african
(What? No hispanic? -Joe) (What? No jewish? -Drew)
[AintItCoolNews] [amusing] Hilarious comments about Jesus: the action figure
(Lehi) [strange] If you thought Jesus action figures were cool, how about Book of Mormon action figures
[Excite] [stupid] British kids take Pokémon WAY too seriously
(Hecklers) [amusing] Storytime with Satan. (requires Flash 4)
[BBC] [strange] They stole what?
(Adam, a fark reader, suggested it was possibly disgruntled Greeks seeking revenge for the Parthenon)
[Washington Post] [interesting] A quick run down on some of the new roller coasters for this year.
[Wired] [amusing] Larry Ellison passes Bill Gates as world's richest man
(Gamasutra) [interesting] An in-depth article on the theory and practice of slot machines (via Robotwisdom)
[Washington Post] [stupid] KY jury flips a coin to decide if a man is guilty
(Lowpass) [amusing] Threatster! Automatic Napster Legal Threat Generator.
[BBC] [amusing] October's Nude Olympics in Danger
(Deseret News) [ 'Pistol Packin' Mammas' fight for their second amendment rights
[Excite] [sick] Places not to snore -- in jail.
[Excite] [strange] Israel to send matza to Ethiopia.
April 24, 2000:
[Wired] [strange] Get paid $400 a month for advertisements placed on your car
[Scoop This] [satire] Another viewpoint on the Elian story -- American kid on Canadian soil.
[Excite] [amusing] 6' tall Mr and Mrs Potato Heads invade Rhode Island
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice reviews U-571
[Excite] [amusing] The Dutch clog industry is facing a serious material shortage
(Subbrilliant) [satire] Report: Canada is not a state
[Washington Post] [stupid] NY lawmaker wants pro wrestlers drug tested
[Washington Post] [stupid] Post office worker out on medical leave - too stressed about having to cut her fingernails
[CNN] [interesting] Report: government leaning toward breaking up Microsoft
[AintItCoolNews] ["news"] Fox Kids to air old D&D cartoon this summer
[Washington Post] [amusing] Michigan Boy named after ESPN
(yellowsnow) [amusing] Take-off of Elian Gonzalez's capture: if Elian were a hacker
(Some Guy) [silly] Burping Contest, Guys vs Gals
(Some gal) [strange] The Nipple Project. Strange doesn't begin to describe this. Not suitable for the workplace if your boss is so tight they squeak when they walk, no nudity (surprisingly)
(some guy) [amusing] Cute site where you can submit and vote for kid's art. Pit them against one another in the American tradition at even younger ages!
(Sparse) [silly] Possible new look for Fark? Provided by the T'inator
(Some Farker) [amusing] Amusing Stories of this young guy (a fark reader) growing up
(PA Times) [silly] Cabinet Member Titles explained
[eBay] [stupid] Ebay's results for items matching 'Elian'
(Some Guy) [silly] Nut-Sack Dance ala 'HampsterDance' using that Squirrel with big nuts picture that you have seen before. Use your own discretion at the workplace
[CNN] [amusing] Radio Station Contest covers tax returns in rotten eggs.

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