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(Some Guy) [amusing] Squirrel hazing - the untold story
(Eeyore) [amusing] Eeyore's gloomy place - why everyone should stop being so happy
(Captain Dave) [amusing] Captain Dave's survival web site
(Flying Halibut) [silly] Man plans exceptionally relaxing vacation
[BBC] [strange] Scientists use a balloon to prove that the universe is flat (I'm not buying it)
[BBC] [strange] Kid tries to swap his 10 month old sister for a Pokemon card
(slashdot) [stupid] eBay forced by Church of Scientology to pull auctions of 'E-Meters'. Claim copyright infringements.
[Salon] [amusing] Salon reviews Where the Heart is
[Washington Post] ["news"] Today is Saddam's Birthday
(Wizards) [survey] RPG survey
(Zen Stories) [interesting] Zen story - the ritual cat
(Zen Stories) [interesting] Zen story - the gift of insults
(Fartcd) [silly] Pull my finger
[Fox News] [strange] Researchers say raising tax on a 6pack by 20 cents would reduce gonorrhea outbreaks
[CNN] [amusing] Tigers and White Sox share 16 suspensions for bench-clearing brawl
[CNN] [interesting] States to file a proposal to break up Microsoft today
[Excite] [amusing] Artichoke powered homes? (also a mention of pot powered homes)
(Playboy) [amusing] AP Backs off Elian Wazzup 'Cease and Desist' after finding out creators work for Playboy.
(star trek) [stupid] Move over AIM and ICQ. Starfleet: the Star Trek Communicator instant messanger service.
(RatZapper) [amusing] Rat Zapper. Is reusable & no blood.
(MegaStar (UK)) [stupid] What to Expect from Britney Spears' Upcoming 'Autobiography'
(RockyMountainNews) [amusing] A Little Background on the Attorney for Elian's Miami relatives
April 27, 2000:
[Excite] [stupid] Albianians collect land-mines hoping NATO will pay for them
[CNN] [interesting] Scientists roll back the aging clock on cloned cow cells
(FARK) [survey] What should be done with Elian?
(t r u e) [sad] Elain Wazzzup site receives 'Cease and Desist' order from the AP
(Nando) [amusing] Note the billing... Junkie tops Il Papa at the Vatican
(MSN) [amusing] Gwenyth Paltrow being sued for rear-ending couple.
(Chicago Tribune) [sad] Programming genius made internet possible, but died a filthy drunk
(Baefed.com) [amusing] A comprehensive Wazzup Video Collection.
(Utne) [amusing] Drag queen baseball team
[LA Times] [sad] Naturalist dies: this is the guy who did the research that "Watership Down" was based on
(CJ Online) ["news"] Erin Brockovich (the real one) in the news -- her ex-husband & an ex-boyfriend were arrested for extorsion.
(OJR) [interesting] Media reporting on Internet issues flawed
[USA Today] [amusing] Microsoft employees selling their free copies of Win2K on eBay, Microsoft not happy
[CNN] [amusing] China throwing KFC out of imperial-era park
[CNN] [misc.] Kevin Spacey considering playing Inspector Clouseau in new Pink Panther movie
[Wired] [stupid] Pets.com sues former head writer for Conan claiming that Triumph the Insult Comic Dog slanders Pets.com's own sock puppetdog
[Wired] [amusing] Phone In Sick Day, an unofficial holiday, to occur next week
(Rock) [stupid] Rock Cam!
(Deja) [satire] Ask The Pope! (via Robotwisdom)
[Herald-Leader] [sad] Ashley Judd engaged to some jackass
[CNN] [amusing] Alabama House Reps throw down on House floor
[CNN] [interesting] New big-headed $5 and $10 bills to appear in May
[CNN] [stupid] Columbine commemorative video released.
(Low Pass) [satire] Low Pass to Napster: DIE!
[C|Net] [stupid] Dr. Dre to sue Napster, wants to target individual college students.
(TorontoStar) [interesting] The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies will collide in 3 billion years
(ParsonsSun) [stupid] The photo of 'jesus' to go along with the tornado story from yesterday
(Dallas Morning News) [ Long list of viagra highlights from the past two years
April 26, 2000:
(eFront) [silly] It had to happen sooner or later -- an Elian / Wazzup spoof.
[The Onion] [satire] Mountain Dew users may go on to use harder beverages
(NewsMax) [amusing] Another Elian-capture spoof. Seems to be a lot of these on the net
[ZDNet] [amusing] Army chief gripes Powerpoint eats bandwidth
(Some Guy) [strange] The 2nd Annual Masturbate-a-thon!
[Excite] [amusing] Parsons, KS thinks Jesus saved them from a tornado. Have picture to prove it.
[Excite] [amusing] Chess players face ban for illegal contact, unnecessary roughness
(Baefed) [amusing] The Seizure of Elian Gonzalez picture spoofs
[Yahoo] [amusing] Why they needed guns to get Elian. (Photo)
(Some Guy) [silly] Lex Luthor's Legion of Doom
[BBC] [interesting] World's oldest hat revealed.
(NH Telegraph) [survey] Avoid driving in New Hampshire: police sobriety checkpoint stops 132, snares 10
(Chicago Sun-Times) [ Ping pong tables to appear all over Chicago this summer
[C|Net] [stupid] AOL's 'youth filters' block Democratic sites but not Republican ones
(MSN) [amusing] The Pope Likes Pokemon
(tripipngtherift.com) [amusing] Tripping The Rift 2 on the way, with Terry Farrell (Cat from RedDwarf:USA &Dax from ST:DS9) doing Six's voice
Might not want to look at this at work, because of one of the images.
April 25, 2000:
(Trainup) [silly] Jesus action figures. Available in caucasian and african
(What? No hispanic? -Joe) (What? No jewish? -Drew)
[AintItCoolNews] [amusing] Hilarious comments about Jesus: the action figure
(Lehi) [strange] If you thought Jesus action figures were cool, how about Book of Mormon action figures
[Excite] [stupid] British kids take Pokémon WAY too seriously
(Hecklers) [amusing] Storytime with Satan. (requires Flash 4)
[BBC] [strange] They stole what?
(Adam, a fark reader, suggested it was possibly disgruntled Greeks seeking revenge for the Parthenon)
[Washington Post] [interesting] A quick run down on some of the new roller coasters for this year.
[Wired] [amusing] Larry Ellison passes Bill Gates as world's richest man
(Gamasutra) [interesting] An in-depth article on the theory and practice of slot machines (via Robotwisdom)
[Washington Post] [stupid] KY jury flips a coin to decide if a man is guilty
(Lowpass) [amusing] Threatster! Automatic Napster Legal Threat Generator.
[BBC] [amusing] October's Nude Olympics in Danger
(Deseret News) [ 'Pistol Packin' Mammas' fight for their second amendment rights
[Excite] [sick] Places not to snore -- in jail.
[Excite] [strange] Israel to send matza to Ethiopia.
April 24, 2000:
[Wired] [strange] Get paid $400 a month for advertisements placed on your car
[Scoop This] [satire] Another viewpoint on the Elian story -- American kid on Canadian soil.
[Excite] [amusing] 6' tall Mr and Mrs Potato Heads invade Rhode Island
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice reviews U-571
[Excite] [amusing] The Dutch clog industry is facing a serious material shortage
(Subbrilliant) [satire] Report: Canada is not a state
[Washington Post] [stupid] NY lawmaker wants pro wrestlers drug tested
[Washington Post] [stupid] Post office worker out on medical leave - too stressed about having to cut her fingernails
[CNN] [interesting] Report: government leaning toward breaking up Microsoft
[AintItCoolNews] ["news"] Fox Kids to air old D&D cartoon this summer
[Washington Post] [amusing] Michigan Boy named after ESPN
(yellowsnow) [amusing] Take-off of Elian Gonzalez's capture: if Elian were a hacker
(Some Guy) [silly] Burping Contest, Guys vs Gals
(Some gal) [strange] The Nipple Project. Strange doesn't begin to describe this. Not suitable for the workplace if your boss is so tight they squeak when they walk, no nudity (surprisingly)
(some guy) [amusing] Cute site where you can submit and vote for kid's art. Pit them against one another in the American tradition at even younger ages!
(Sparse) [silly] Possible new look for Fark? Provided by the T'inator
(Some Farker) [amusing] Amusing Stories of this young guy (a fark reader) growing up
(PA Times) [silly] Cabinet Member Titles explained
[eBay] [stupid] Ebay's results for items matching 'Elian'
(Some Guy) [silly] Nut-Sack Dance ala 'HampsterDance' using that Squirrel with big nuts picture that you have seen before. Use your own discretion at the workplace
[CNN] [amusing] Radio Station Contest covers tax returns in rotten eggs.
April 21, 2000:
(iDrink) [amusing] The Internet drink-mixing website
[ABC News] [sick] Man pushes his girlfriend's car into oncoming train, killing 4.
(there is no way in hell that this is funny, I'm just showing what f'd up people there are out there -- Joe)
[Excite] [amusing] Survival of the panda species depends on ... porn?
(Newsday) [sick] School board member proposes that they stock the bathrooms with toilet paper and soap -- and looses on a 6-2 vote. (via Obscure Store)
(Ananova) ["news"] For those wondering about the Max Headroom wanna-be, here it is.
[Washington Post] [amusing] It looks like Mafiaboy's antics run in the family. The dad got arrested too, on a seperate charge.
(Iamanidiot.com) [silly] Funny stories about idiots. Go look - if we beat 750 hits - we can get the Fark flag up there!
[Washington Post] [interesting] Amsterdam police publish a guide to the red light district
(some moron's website.) [stupid] Apparently, the Great Pyramid at Giza was a water pump...
(The Toronto Star) [amusing] Mafiaboy (kid who launched those cyber attacks) didn't impress hackers; rather, they think he's a moron.
[CNN] [amusing] Oprah doesn't want employees talking about her.
[CNN] [sad] Former Co-Founder of Microsoft has midlife crises and starts a Rock and Roll band.
[Excite] [amusing] Chile government covering up animal slayings by the dread Chupacabras (goat sucker)
April 20, 2000:
(Daily Breeze) [sappy] Bad cable guy case settled, nice old man gets his money back
[LA Times] [stupid] Car rams a CHP officer on the highway (and handily takes evidence with him)
[LA Times] [sad] School violence in Canada on anniversary of Columbine tragedy
[CNN] [interesting] British computer animated newscaster. (and not a single mention of Max Headroom)
(some guy) [strange] Resources for Christian trombonists. Doesn't appear to be satire.
[Washington Post] [interesting] Dinosaurs may have been warm blooded. (atleast, this one species may have been)
(Wacky Uses) [interesting] Strange things you can use Coke for
(Ben & Jerry) [interesting] Ben & Jerry's flavor graveyard
[Washington Post] [sad] Gorilla that knew sign language has died
[BBC] [amusing] Brits getting 'lollipop rage'
[Salon] [interesting] Where do Peeps come from?
[Fox News] [amusing] Mad Easter bunny punches mall worker
[Washington Post] [interesting] US marbles team looking to win the world cup
[Excite] [amusing] Ky man duct tapes himself into a tree to avoid gators
(College Club) [stupid] College Club posts an 'article' about how Brown University is going to restrict free speach, etc. [based off the April Fool's edition of Brown's newspaper, but they believed it]
(Some Guy) [interesting] Common errors in English
[CNN] [silly] Pentagon denies that extraterrestrials participate in classified US military programs
[CNN] [interesting] Army develops 'wired' prototype soldier
[CNN] [interesting] NOAA says lingering La Nina to bring long, hot summer
(CSM) [amusing] The US Census is nowhere near as bad as the one the ancient Romans used (How many scars do you have?)
(NY Observer) [strange] Swiss Air Pilot Pulls a 'George Michael'
(EagleTribune) [amusing] Couple upset over radio DJ making fun of their child's name: Weiland (after Stone Temple Pilots' lead singer and lead drug abuser)
(Pittsbugh Tribune) [sad] What ever happened to boxing champ Michael Moorer?
April 19, 2000:
[LA Times] [stupid] Beach pollution due to contractor's reasoning that "it doesn't rain that much in April"
[CNN] [ Canadian kid responsible for those Denial of Service attacks a while back. Also, CNN has no idea that attack != hack.
[Excite] [misc.] DNA tests confirm Louis XVII's death. Looks like Norton I wasn't descended from French royalty.
[LA Times] [amusing] Master forgers beware: stars can recognize their own signature
(Daily Breeze) [stupid] Parents of losing dance troups accuse winners of poor moral character
(FishPC) [amusing] It's a PC. It looks like a fish. Free shipping anywhere in Australia
(some random site.) [strange] Testicle Festival!
(I've never had bull testicles, but sheep testicles aren't really all that. It's mostly fried batter, anyway -- Joe)
(AP Wire) [amusing] Seal holds town hostage
[Excite] [amusing] Sinbusters - You only have one soul... I'll take care of it
[The Onion] [satire] Federal Judge rules Parker Brothers holds Monopoly Monopoly
[Wired] [amusing] Dotcom CEOs: 'Shallow and Greedy'
(Cow) [amusing] The Amazing Cow Cam!
(Stile) [amusing] 15 year-old satanic kid takes over stileproject.com (not for work or kids)
[CNN] [amusing] Site with Area 51 satellite photos slammed with traffic, hackers
[BBC] [amusing] Cybersquatter pisses off the Vatican (www.popesfuneral.com)
[CNN] [stupid] Braves fans welcome Rocker back from suspension with standing ovation, encouraging him to be an even bigger jackass in the future
[Fox News] [amusing] 150lb Buddha statue stolen from restaurant
(newswise) [survey] Easy Steps to Win at e-Bay: sellers with good reputations get higher bids
(Orlando Sentinel) [silly] Florida House Committee approve bill to legalize beer containers other than 8, 12, 16, and 32oz containers
(Some Guy) [silly] The cow cam
(NY Post) [interesting] John Lennon slept with Linda McCartney
(Minn Star Tribune) [ Spoiled beet juice kills fish
(Cincinnati Enquirer) [stupid] A conversation with Barney
(Boston Globe) [silly] Canadians upset about American plans to steal their bears
[Excite] [interesting] Virtual newscaster to make her debut
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] More info on the next Darth character to be in Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3
(Some Guy) [silly] Mr T vs the Matrix
[Washington Post] [amusing] Teen nearly killed by a fish
April 18, 2000:
[LA Times] [stupid] Follow-up on an earlier story, guy still doing his best to get a death sentence
[LA Times] [amusing] Even mobile home parks in California are tornado-attractors
[Movie Juice] [strange] MovieJuice review of American Psycho
[Excite] [amusing] King Gustaf of Sweden pulled over for speeding
[Excite] [amusing] Who wants to be a ten-millionaire? to air in India
[Brunching] [amusing] Rating the aspects of Easter
(msMonopoly) [amusing] Microsoft Monopoly. It's a repeat but a good one.
[CNN] [sick] Officials want to turn toilet water into drinking water. It's not just for dogs anymore....
(Consumption Junction) [sick] Stretch the Face Page! (not for work or kids)
(Gamespot) [interesting] Playstation 2 screenshots (via RobotWisdom). Now we know why the military was so worried.
[Wired] [amusing] Dotcom companies having lots of trouble
[Wired] [silly] Larry Ellison (of Oracle fame) about to pass Bill Gates for the title of world's richest man
(Kodak) [amusing] Peregrine Falcon Birdcam. Wherever these falcons are, they've got a great view of Frontier Field in Rochester, NY
[ABC News] [amusing] Creationism museum opens in Cincinnati
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] Star Wars Episode 1 to be released on DVD this year
(Terraserver) [interesting] Satellite pictures of Area 51
[eBay] [amusing] For sale: 17 pound dinosaur poop.
[CNN] [stupid] State department 'loses' laptop with 'code-word' (higher then top secret) information.
[C|Net] [stupid] Export controls placed on Playstation 2 because it is so sophisticated it could potentially be used for military purposes
(some group) [interesting] Worlds largest Tetris game using christmas lights on the side of a library
[eBay] [stupid] Things for sale on eBay containing the word 'Anus'
(Some Guy) [amusing] Net cartoon: A pissed off Lightbulb that kills stick figures.
(hidden mickeys) [interesting] Hidden Mickeys of Disneyland. Also has secrets about the amusement park.
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] This actor will play the new Darth character in Star Wars Episode 2
April 17, 2000:
[LA Times] [interesting] Movement in Jewish community to incorporate women into Passover ceremonies
(Discovery) [strange] Ancient humans used toothpicks
[MSNBC] [misc.] MPAA's webite being hit by Denial of Service attacks. Probably related to the article about them arresting mp3 traders
(WASAW) [amusing] A snack-review website
[USA Today] [amusing] An article on the Jennicam moving sale on eBay
[Excite] [amusing] Japanese man returns home to find family preparing for his funeral
[Excite] ["news"] Unsealed personal letters hoped to settle debate on whether Greta Garbo was a lesbian
[CNN] [stupid] Authorities to start arresting people for sharing MP3 files
(The Mean Ass Honkys) [sappy] One mean ass website. Not suitable for workplace or kids.
(some guy) [satire] Dr. Who as 'Mahir' (I KISS YOU!!!!). This wrong for so many reasons.
(beat a seal) [sick] Beat a virtual seal. The flame emails are especially funny
(discovery) [interesting] Why Beans Give you Gas.
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] Samuel L. Jackson to have larger role in Star Wars Episode 2
[Excite] [strange] The Incredible Edible Chair contest

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