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(iDrink) [amusing] The Internet drink-mixing website
[ABC News] [sick] Man pushes his girlfriend's car into oncoming train, killing 4.
(there is no way in hell that this is funny, I'm just showing what f'd up people there are out there -- Joe)
[Excite] [amusing] Survival of the panda species depends on ... porn?
(Newsday) [sick] School board member proposes that they stock the bathrooms with toilet paper and soap -- and looses on a 6-2 vote. (via Obscure Store)
(Ananova) ["news"] For those wondering about the Max Headroom wanna-be, here it is.
[Washington Post] [amusing] It looks like Mafiaboy's antics run in the family. The dad got arrested too, on a seperate charge.
(Iamanidiot.com) [silly] Funny stories about idiots. Go look - if we beat 750 hits - we can get the Fark flag up there!
[Washington Post] [interesting] Amsterdam police publish a guide to the red light district
(some moron's website.) [stupid] Apparently, the Great Pyramid at Giza was a water pump...
(The Toronto Star) [amusing] Mafiaboy (kid who launched those cyber attacks) didn't impress hackers; rather, they think he's a moron.
[CNN] [amusing] Oprah doesn't want employees talking about her.
[CNN] [sad] Former Co-Founder of Microsoft has midlife crises and starts a Rock and Roll band.
[Excite] [amusing] Chile government covering up animal slayings by the dread Chupacabras (goat sucker)
April 20, 2000:
(Daily Breeze) [sappy] Bad cable guy case settled, nice old man gets his money back
[LA Times] [stupid] Car rams a CHP officer on the highway (and handily takes evidence with him)
[LA Times] [sad] School violence in Canada on anniversary of Columbine tragedy
[CNN] [interesting] British computer animated newscaster. (and not a single mention of Max Headroom)
(some guy) [strange] Resources for Christian trombonists. Doesn't appear to be satire.
[Washington Post] [interesting] Dinosaurs may have been warm blooded. (atleast, this one species may have been)
(Wacky Uses) [interesting] Strange things you can use Coke for
(Ben & Jerry) [interesting] Ben & Jerry's flavor graveyard
[Washington Post] [sad] Gorilla that knew sign language has died
[BBC] [amusing] Brits getting 'lollipop rage'
[Salon] [interesting] Where do Peeps come from?
[Fox News] [amusing] Mad Easter bunny punches mall worker
[Washington Post] [interesting] US marbles team looking to win the world cup
[Excite] [amusing] Ky man duct tapes himself into a tree to avoid gators
(College Club) [stupid] College Club posts an 'article' about how Brown University is going to restrict free speach, etc. [based off the April Fool's edition of Brown's newspaper, but they believed it]
(Some Guy) [interesting] Common errors in English
[CNN] [silly] Pentagon denies that extraterrestrials participate in classified US military programs
[CNN] [interesting] Army develops 'wired' prototype soldier
[CNN] [interesting] NOAA says lingering La Nina to bring long, hot summer
(CSM) [amusing] The US Census is nowhere near as bad as the one the ancient Romans used (How many scars do you have?)
(NY Observer) [strange] Swiss Air Pilot Pulls a 'George Michael'
(EagleTribune) [amusing] Couple upset over radio DJ making fun of their child's name: Weiland (after Stone Temple Pilots' lead singer and lead drug abuser)
(Pittsbugh Tribune) [sad] What ever happened to boxing champ Michael Moorer?
April 19, 2000:
[LA Times] [stupid] Beach pollution due to contractor's reasoning that "it doesn't rain that much in April"
[CNN] [ Canadian kid responsible for those Denial of Service attacks a while back. Also, CNN has no idea that attack != hack.
[Excite] [misc.] DNA tests confirm Louis XVII's death. Looks like Norton I wasn't descended from French royalty.
[LA Times] [amusing] Master forgers beware: stars can recognize their own signature
(Daily Breeze) [stupid] Parents of losing dance troups accuse winners of poor moral character
(FishPC) [amusing] It's a PC. It looks like a fish. Free shipping anywhere in Australia
(some random site.) [strange] Testicle Festival!
(I've never had bull testicles, but sheep testicles aren't really all that. It's mostly fried batter, anyway -- Joe)
(AP Wire) [amusing] Seal holds town hostage
[Excite] [amusing] Sinbusters - You only have one soul... I'll take care of it
[The Onion] [satire] Federal Judge rules Parker Brothers holds Monopoly Monopoly
[Wired] [amusing] Dotcom CEOs: 'Shallow and Greedy'
(Cow) [amusing] The Amazing Cow Cam!
(Stile) [amusing] 15 year-old satanic kid takes over stileproject.com (not for work or kids)
[CNN] [amusing] Site with Area 51 satellite photos slammed with traffic, hackers
[BBC] [amusing] Cybersquatter pisses off the Vatican (www.popesfuneral.com)
[CNN] [stupid] Braves fans welcome Rocker back from suspension with standing ovation, encouraging him to be an even bigger jackass in the future
[Fox News] [amusing] 150lb Buddha statue stolen from restaurant
(newswise) [survey] Easy Steps to Win at e-Bay: sellers with good reputations get higher bids
(Orlando Sentinel) [silly] Florida House Committee approve bill to legalize beer containers other than 8, 12, 16, and 32oz containers
(Some Guy) [silly] The cow cam
(NY Post) [interesting] John Lennon slept with Linda McCartney
(Minn Star Tribune) [ Spoiled beet juice kills fish
(Cincinnati Enquirer) [stupid] A conversation with Barney
(Boston Globe) [silly] Canadians upset about American plans to steal their bears
[Excite] [interesting] Virtual newscaster to make her debut
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] More info on the next Darth character to be in Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3
(Some Guy) [silly] Mr T vs the Matrix
[Washington Post] [amusing] Teen nearly killed by a fish
April 18, 2000:
[LA Times] [stupid] Follow-up on an earlier story, guy still doing his best to get a death sentence
[LA Times] [amusing] Even mobile home parks in California are tornado-attractors
[Movie Juice] [strange] MovieJuice review of American Psycho
[Excite] [amusing] King Gustaf of Sweden pulled over for speeding
[Excite] [amusing] Who wants to be a ten-millionaire? to air in India
[Brunching] [amusing] Rating the aspects of Easter
(msMonopoly) [amusing] Microsoft Monopoly. It's a repeat but a good one.
[CNN] [sick] Officials want to turn toilet water into drinking water. It's not just for dogs anymore....
(Consumption Junction) [sick] Stretch the Face Page! (not for work or kids)
(Gamespot) [interesting] Playstation 2 screenshots (via RobotWisdom). Now we know why the military was so worried.
[Wired] [amusing] Dotcom companies having lots of trouble
[Wired] [silly] Larry Ellison (of Oracle fame) about to pass Bill Gates for the title of world's richest man
(Kodak) [amusing] Peregrine Falcon Birdcam. Wherever these falcons are, they've got a great view of Frontier Field in Rochester, NY
[ABC News] [amusing] Creationism museum opens in Cincinnati
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] Star Wars Episode 1 to be released on DVD this year
(Terraserver) [interesting] Satellite pictures of Area 51
[eBay] [amusing] For sale: 17 pound dinosaur poop.
[CNN] [stupid] State department 'loses' laptop with 'code-word' (higher then top secret) information.
[C|Net] [stupid] Export controls placed on Playstation 2 because it is so sophisticated it could potentially be used for military purposes
(some group) [interesting] Worlds largest Tetris game using christmas lights on the side of a library
[eBay] [stupid] Things for sale on eBay containing the word 'Anus'
(Some Guy) [amusing] Net cartoon: A pissed off Lightbulb that kills stick figures.
(hidden mickeys) [interesting] Hidden Mickeys of Disneyland. Also has secrets about the amusement park.
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] This actor will play the new Darth character in Star Wars Episode 2
April 17, 2000:
[LA Times] [interesting] Movement in Jewish community to incorporate women into Passover ceremonies
(Discovery) [strange] Ancient humans used toothpicks
[MSNBC] [misc.] MPAA's webite being hit by Denial of Service attacks. Probably related to the article about them arresting mp3 traders
(WASAW) [amusing] A snack-review website
[USA Today] [amusing] An article on the Jennicam moving sale on eBay
[Excite] [amusing] Japanese man returns home to find family preparing for his funeral
[Excite] ["news"] Unsealed personal letters hoped to settle debate on whether Greta Garbo was a lesbian
[CNN] [stupid] Authorities to start arresting people for sharing MP3 files
(The Mean Ass Honkys) [sappy] One mean ass website. Not suitable for workplace or kids.
(some guy) [satire] Dr. Who as 'Mahir' (I KISS YOU!!!!). This wrong for so many reasons.
(beat a seal) [sick] Beat a virtual seal. The flame emails are especially funny
(discovery) [interesting] Why Beans Give you Gas.
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] Samuel L. Jackson to have larger role in Star Wars Episode 2
[Excite] [strange] The Incredible Edible Chair contest
April 14, 2000:
(Some Guy) [silly] The beandog abduction
[eBay] [sick] Jennicam bed frame sells for 2760.00 on Ebay.
[eBay] [amusing] Things for sale on eBay containing the word 'sex'
(National UFO Reporting Center) [strange] National UFO Reporting Center. Read about UFO sitings in your State.
(Some Guy) [amusing] Swank patriots discover UN is turning our bars into international brothels.
(Crackhead) [stupid] Guy smokes crack and comes up with web page. Blows up chicken. Not suitable for the workplace or for kids.
(some corporate website.) [misc.] The makers of Viagra make all sorts of interesting things as well
[ZDNet] [stupid] PC Computing magazine changes its name to Ziff Davis Smart Business For The New Economy. Content good, title beyond bad.
[Wired] [amusing] Hapless porn surfer ends up with $357 phone bill to central Africa
[Excite] [stupid] Joy riders tracked down by their scent....of fish.
[Fox News] [amusing] 2 ton seal smashing cars
[Excite] [interesting] The key to a good internet business -- find something that people want -- like spreadable yeast extract.
[BBC] [amusing] 73 year old man diagnosed with pregnancy
(Gobler Toys) [silly] Whipped cream powered racecars
[Excite] [amusing] More insight on where illegal aliens come from -- dance troopes.
(Some Guy) [stupid] Yet another wannabe has a web page. (but at least he's not Anakin Skywalker)
[LA Times] [stupid] More things to not do while you're less than sober -- steal a 50lb hallibut
(LovePolice) [amusing] Need to let someone know they're in trouble?
April 13, 2000:
(some chica) [stupid] An interview with that 15 year old Satanist from the link below
(Some Guy) [amusing] Propaganda in the Internet age
[Movie Juice] [amusing] The official Elian Gonzalez movie report
[Washington Post] [amusing] Panel passes cockfighting bill (this is not gay fencing)
[Excite] [silly] Exciting TV: a documentary on trees (yawn)
(Baefed.com) [amusing] Animal Kingdom Whassup Budwieser Spoof. Stars the squirrel from our FArQ page. Warning: link loads automatically, 1.2M
(Netscape) [amusing] Italian Porn Star to take a break in Nunnery
[eBay] [amusing] Things for sale on eBay containing the word 'humping'
[Scoop This] [amusing] Worst band on the net contest
[CNN] [sad] One reason why we wish y2k had actually happened -- Bon Jovi has a new album coming out.
[Wired] [interesting] Dot-com disaster looms
[CNN] [interesting] First person open-source Linux-based 'Worms' variant taking the net by storm
(Some Guy) [interesting] Learn all about snow crystals (via USAToday)
[CNN] [interesting] South Carolina Senate votes to remove confederate flag from capitol
[CNN] [stupid] Indiana first-graders charged in murder plot
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] Christopher Walken to be in Star Wars Episode 2
[eBay] [silly] Hello Kitty tarot deck
[eBay] [strange] Budweiser beer lamp
(some guy) [amusing] 15 year old kid loves Satan, doesn't belive in God, and writes really, er, interesting poetry
[Brunching] [amusing] Detractors of Elian
[eBay] [amusing] Skull toilet bowl cleaner
April 12, 2000:
(Some Girl) [amusing] The followup for that page that Drew couldn't think of a tagline for.
[Excite] [interesting] Sex the night before a long distance run helps performance
[CNN] [amusing] Ben and Jerry's sold to large soulless corporation
[CNN] ["news"] Video released of Bobby Knight choking one of his players
(Some Guy) [amusing] Can't think of a single good tagline for this
[The Onion] [satire] Nation shocked by pre-natal shooting
[The Onion] [satire] Freshman psych student diagnoses roommate with bipolar disorder
[The Onion] [satire] South postpones rising again for yet another year. The picture of the KY state capitol is surprisingly accurate.
[Wired] [interesting] Lord of the Rings trailer sets record for number of downloads, beating even Star Wars
(Intel) [interesting] For the non-geeks: how Intel microprocessors work
[BBC] [stupid] Gonorrhoea cases up by 50% for the year in the UK
[USA Today] [interesting] Next TV season: what's renewed, what isn't, what's on the edge of cancellation
[Herald-Leader] [strange] Bull rages through downtown Danville, KY
[CNN] [strange] Papal skull stolen from spanish museum
[CNN] [strange] Doctors recommend John Hinckley Jr be given unsupervised trips off hospital grounds
(Some Guy) [amusing] A lonely, rich, desperate asian man seeks a woman. This is a repeat, but we're posting it again because we're getting loads submissions on it.
[AintItCoolNews] [stupid] Bad movie ideas: a Three Stooges remake
April 11, 2000:
(Comedy Central) [silly] For those who didn't see it last week -- The Southpark / Monty Python clip.
(DullMen) [amusing] The Dull Men Club.
[Excite] [amusing] Guy is driving across the US in a golf cart - for the 2nd time
(DeadPeople) [amusing] Ever wonder if a famous person was dead or not? Check using this website
(ChicagoTribune) [strange] People with too much time on their hands lugging 3-ton stone toward Stonehenge
(Markside) [amusing] HookerDance (use your own discretion here. Not a workplace page)
(some guy) [amusing] An ex-gigolo looking for a woman to complete his life. Reminds us of the 'I KISS YOU' page from a few months ago
(iToke) [amusing] A net-based pot delivery service. Yes this is real.
[Excite] [silly] Garden Gnome Liberation Front strikes in Paris
[Washington Post] [stupid] Green Bay packers player charged with sexual assault.
(This is only amusing as this is the guy who refused to meet with Clinton for ethical reasons)
[AintItCoolNews] [misc.] Lobo to be getting his own series. (unfortunately, it's online, not on TV)
[CNN] [strange] Tom Jones wants to do covers of Backstreet Boys songs
(SFGate) [amusing] Free net services struggling to survive
[CNN] [interesting] NBC, ABC announce extensions for hit shows
[CNN] [sad] Actor who played Frank Burns on MASH died
[AintItCoolNews] [amusing] Colin Hanks (Tom Hanks' son) rumored to be Anakin Skywalker in Episode 2
April 10, 2000:
[Washington Post] [amusing] Cheetah nearly escapes Cincinnati zoo
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice review of 'Rules of Engagement'
[C|Net] [amusing] Small pacific island nation making more money from domain name sales than from any other source of income
(Some Guy) [amusing] To balance out the 'girl with strong opinions' - the Chicks Suck Page (this was submitted by a female btw -Drew)
(Some Guy) [amusing] Pick some sushi and have your fortune told
[USA Today] [interesting] Hampsterdance relaunches itself
(Some Guy) [amusing] It's FARK: Football Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan
[CNN] [amusing] Car firms overcharged UK consumers by $1.6B last year
(Some Chick) [amusing] Tips on decorating your trailer home
[Excite] [amusing] Russian destroyer accidentally shoots at one of their own subs while they are both in port
[Excite] [strange] Britain to hold a conference on 'Body Image'.
[CNN] ["news"] New Viagra substitute -- Unfortunately, it may cause vomiting.
(FARK) [survey] Joe is a dumbass and got the week of the WTO protest wrong. There's one more week to give him questions you want answered by the protestors.
(Times) ["news"] World's oldest bookstore closes its doors, blames Internet competition
[Wired] [stupid] Jesus-related virus hoax circulating around the net
[USA Today] [interesting] Housing costs out of control in Silicon Valley
(Some Girl) [amusing] A girl with strong opinions. The 'stupid people' pages are hilarious.
(Discovery) [amusing] Oops, the Dinosaur-Bird Fossil is really parts of two animals
(Some Guy) [amusing] This is about a guy who cheated on his girlfriend, and she went ballistic. It was mentioned on Howard Stern.
April 8, 2000:
(some guy) [silly] Matrix Parody, was posted before, but now finished.
(The Butt Brothers) [amusing] The Butt Brothers - YEEE HAAAAW! (don't blame us, our readers send this stuff in)
(Billings) [sad] Fisticuffs over fried chicken lead to bedlam in court (via ObscureStore)
[CNN] [strange] Oklahoma high school has first prom in 85 years

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