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[LA Times] [sick] Man charged in hit and run case that killed a boy
[LA Times] [sick] Parents arrainged in baby's death by starvation
[CNN] [amusing] Twisted Sister supports Al Gore for president
[Excite] [strange] Male Turkish Oil Wrestlers don't want gays to watch
[Excite] [stupid] Man gets 16 years for stealing a snickers bar.
[Excite] [stupid] Ever wonder where the kids bringing guns to school get it from? Dumbass parents.
(Mystic) [misc.] StormyCam: live cam of a baby dolphin
[Excite] [amusing] Topless bar probed for $27,000 credit card bill
(Some Guy) [amusing] Another one of those funny pictures that just explains itself
(Some Guy) [amusing] Overcomming Masterbation: a guide to self control. From our friends in the Mormon Church
[eBay] [amusing] A list of all items on eBay for sale with the word 'penis' in the title
[Excite] [stupid] Woman sues Nike alledging sneaker made her fall
(Some Guy) [amusing] How to curse in Arabic
[Wired] [amusing] INS accidentally hands out over 20,000 extra tech visas
[USA Today] [interesting] Disney execs being poached at horrendous rate
[USA Today] [interesting] Slumping tech stocks kill stock options value for tech workers
[CNN] [sappy] Seinfeld is going to be a father
[CNN] [amusing] Sharks get cancer. This means that cartilage pills probably don't fight cancer well
(Some Guy) [amusing] This guy plans to eventually run across Antarctica and complete his round the world journey.
[AintItCoolNews] ["news"] Preview for Lord of the Rings posted on Apple's site (looks really damn cool)
April 6, 2000:
(Mulletsgalore) [amusing] We get asked to post this site about once a week, and you're all right it is pretty funny. So here it is again: MulletsGalore.com
(FARK POLL) [survey] Joe's gonna talk to some WTO protestors next week. What should he ask them?
(Eonline) [strange] Catherine Zeta-Jones is 40 years old???
[Scoop This] [amusing] Dusty interviews April Hunter. Includes both Dusty and boobies. What more could you want.
(Note: it does contain some pictures that might not make it into a 'G' movie. You might not want to read this if your boss is looking over your shoulder)
[Washington Post] [stupid] Oklahoma House passes creationism bill
(Atomfilms) [amusing] Waste 3 minutes of your life with JoeCartoon
[USA Today] [stupid] CBS to air hour-long special for IWon.com's $10M prize giveaway. CBS also happens to own a majority stake in IWon.com
(NyPost) ["news"] NYPost suspects feds had something to do with Nasdaq's 350 point rebound on Monday
[BBC] [amusing] Mt. Etna blowing smoke rings
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] The Ain't It Cool guys get on the set of this Sunday's live broadcast of Fail Safe
[Washington Post] [amusing] 300 complaints so far about the new Orkin commercial
(Apple) [misc.] Download the new X-Men trailer here
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] The Tick live-action news: some characters names were changed due to copyright issues
(Crap-O-Gram) [sick] Crap-o-gram -- Obviously someone's decided it's more than just the thought that counts.
(EML) [interesting] 10 gigabyte storage capacity on a roll of commercial adhesive tape
[Washington Post] [sad] Missing pet pig turns up as meal
[Excite] [interesting] Milk causes cancer, just like everything else
[BBC] [stupid] Couple fined for excessive rowdy drunkenness on airplane
[Washington Post] [amusing] Pennsylvania town didn't get any census forms.
April 5, 2000:
[LA Times] [silly] Millionaire bride can't get a quickie divorce (not even in Vegas)
[LA Times] [strange] Jury deadlocks in a trial of officer for canine partner's death
(ElectricAmish) [amusing] Three amish dudes
[Excite] [amusing] We'd like to see more of this: naked campaigning (not just the candidates, but topless women handing out flyers too)
[Excite] [amusing] Man pretends to be diplomat from country that doesn't exist.
[Excite] [amusing] Brits pissed that James Bond drives a German car.
[The Onion] [satire] 'Peeing Calvin' decals now recognized as vital channel of national discourse
[The Onion] [satire] US Population at 13,462. 'We don't think everyone sent in their census forms' say officials.
[BBC] [interesting] People with the same surname also share similar DNA
[CNN] [amusing] Baby kangaroo gets loose in court
[CNN] [interesting] Possible vegetarian dinosaur nests found in Argentina
[CNN] [sad] New ballparks lead to wave of higher ticket prices
(Some Guy) [amusing] Change your astrological sign
April 4, 2000:
(Discovery) [interesting] Britain to allow human cloning for medical research
(BobAndTom) [amusing] When starting a new business it's important to choose your demographic and cater to them (pic)
[Washington Post] [strange] Delta passenger finds loaded gun in airplane bathroom sink
(Ask) [amusing] Realtime list of questions being asked at Ask.com
(Weekly World News) [stupid] Why we don't read the weekly world news -- email virus warnings.
[CNN] [strange] 450lb bear falls out of circus truck onto New Orleans freeway
[Yahoo] [sick] Hunter shoots farmer he mistook for a warthog
[Excite] [stupid] Prime minister of Cambodia complains about 'sexy girls who are wearing short skirts'.
(but what about the ugly girls in short skirts?)
[CNN] [sick] Tornado hits Alabama sewage plant, crap everywhere
April 3, 2000:
[Washington Post] [stupid] "Ask Newt". Newt Gingirch's answers to a wide variety of questions.
[eBay] [amusing] For sale: UK Myron Anthony's 1998 NCAA Championship ring.
(BC Heights) [amusing] Some guy posts to a board that he is looking for his wife
[CapAlert] [silly] CAP reviews The Skulls, totally loses it in the 4th paragraph
[Fox News] [interesting] Heinz develops cap to solve ketchup ooze problem
(Hamsterdance2) [amusing] Hamster Dance 2 - the terror continues
[BBC] [amusing] Kermit the frog helping to get legislation in to ban the ownership and breeding of wild pets (pic of Bo Derek!)
[BBC] [interesting] Archaeologists find more tombs
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice review of The Skulls
(AskJesus) [amusing] Ask Jesus. Imagine if the Zippy filter were born again.
(BobAndTom) [amusing] And no one showed up for the last three days of school (picture)
(Some Guy) [amusing] The surrealist compliment generator
(WordOfTheDay) [amusing] The origins of the word f*ck. Prepare for an onslaught of annoying asterisks
[USA Today] [interesting] Dot-coms finding mainstream advertising not working
[Scoop This] [satire] Satan signs with the WWF
[Scoop This] [amusing] Beagles: a parody of Angels by Robbie Williams
[Washington Post] [amusing] Prince William sings YMCA - but can't do the arm motions at the same time
(Some Guy) [amusing] An in depth evalutaion of exactly why socks are evil
[Yahoo] [amusing] Definitive proof that Bill Gates is Satan
(Some Guy) [strange] Hillbilly.com
March 31, 2000:
(Some Guy) [amusing] Secret government pictures of a teletubby autopsy
[Washington Post] [interesting] The latest Saudi beheading (14 so far this year!)
[Washington Post] [amusing] Headless chicked immortalized in sculpture
(Reel.com) [misc.] Reel.com has the Chicken Run trailer, and other goodies. (from the people who brought you Wallace & Grommit)
[Excite] [amusing] Japan to use GPS tracking for the elderly
[LA Times] [interesting] College allowing coed rooms
[LA Times] [sick] Couple gets long sentences for child torture
(LARP.com) [misc.] Its seems there's a Live Action Role Playing group called 'F.A.R.K.'
[BBC] [stupid] Jilted lover blows up wedding
[CapAlert] [amusing] CAP reviews What Planet Are You From
(Forbes) [interesting] CDNow burning out of cash
(Losers) [stupid] Losers.org
(Beandog) [amusing] Beandog abduction. Looks like it's supposed to be the Taco Bell dog
March 30, 2000:
[eBay] [amusing] For sale: Unopened can of whoop-ass
[eBay] [strange] For sale: Horse ass beer mug
[eBay] [silly] eBay items with the word 'ass' in them
[USA Today] [stupid] Make financial transactions through your Playstation 2
[CNN] [silly] Dutch insurance company accidentally sends out porn tape to employees
[CNN] [strange] Legoland gets liquor license
[LA Times] [stupid] Road rager punches woman in front of cop
[CNN] ["news"] NBC's 'God' is dead (only worth it for the headline)
[ABC News] [strange] Do your hands show you're gay?
(Daily Breeze) [stupid] People in Torrance show their obsession for "Reeg"
[LA Times] [strange] Huge wave injures six seamen (uh huh huh uh huh huh)
(LACoroner) [strange] The LA Coroner gift shop catalog (??)
[Excite] [amusing] Angry passengers burn train over delay
[Excite] [amusing] Daylight savings time messes up people's sex lives.
[BBC] [stupid] So you're looking to get someone rubbed out... so you hire a clown?
(TheTimes) [amusing] Edinburgh Scotland opens first gay police station
[BBC] [amusing] Test to determine how humans would behave in a cramped environment in space ends in fights, sexual harassment
[Wired] [interesting] Human genome project 2/3 complete
[USA Today] [interesting] Tech companies committing fraud at high rate
[USA Today] ["news"] What Fark does isn't illegal. (Ticketmaster was suing someone because they linked to their site)
(Discovery) [interesting] Remains of a 50,000 man Persian army circa 500BC found in desert. Killed by sandstorm while eating lunch
[CNN] [interesting] Homo sapiens may not have descended from Neanderthals, they may be their own evolutionary offshoot
[CNN] [interesting] Japanese volcano could erupt at any moment
(Cat-scan) [amusing] Cat-scan. Featuring people who put their cats in scanners
(pimpwar) [amusing] Pimpwar: the game
March 29, 2000:
[LA Times] [sick] Compton cemetary shut down for doing bad things
(Daily Breeze) [sick] Hospital sends a dead baby out with its laundry
(Daily Breeze) [sad] Arrest made in newborn baby death
[LA Times] [sick] A twisted murder case gets even more twisted
[LA Times] ["news"] Supreme Court decision about nude dancing in Pennsylvania
(National Post) [amusing] 7 people complained about "Blame Canda" at the Academy Awards. (from Obscure Store)
[Excite] [amusing] Quebec prisons won't allow informational cards. (If anyone knows where we can find pictures of these cards, let us know)
[Excite] [stupid] Male Disneyland employees are now allowed to wear mustaches.
(from the wording, were females banned?)
(Soda) [amusing] Not sure how to describe this, but it's cool and you can waste hours of time playing with it
[Wired] [stupid] Company patents athsma-related gene mutation
[CNN] [amusing] Muslims and Atheists to slug it out over loudspeaker in Oslo
[CNN] [interesting] US birth rate rises in 1998, the first time in years there was no decline
(Counterpunch) [ PSYOPS personel working at CNN
[AintItCoolNews] [amusing] Darth Siskel reviews Star Wars: Episode I VHS Special Edition Widescreen version
(APBnews.com) [strange] 95-Year-Old Arrested Defending His Tree
(Gamespot) [amusing] Nintendo, Sega are suing Yahoo for selling counterfeit games
March 28, 2000:
[eBay] [amusing] Dominos pizza bags for sale (where do you suppose he got these?)
[Fox News] [interesting] Relativistic heavy ion collider to begin operations in May
(APB News) [sick] Don't become a serial killer in Pakistan, ok?
[CNN] [sad] Author of 'Joy of Sex' dies
[Excite] [amusing] Bart Simpson wins Icon of the 20th century
(Chicago Tribune) [sad] The problems with today's generation of teens. (another reason why you should read ObscureStore)
(MadRabbit) [misc.] Political quiz - see where you stand
(MyUndies) [amusing] Free undies to the first million people
[Washington Post] ["news"] Don't eat those ballpark hotdogs
[Fox News] [amusing] Guys dig up Tyrannasaurus skeleton and want to sell it for $25 million - archaeologists appalled
(AT&T) [silly] AT&T project; converts text to speech.(Try: 'I get all of my news from Fark!')
(2600.com) [sad] NBC thinks www.fucknbc.com is trademark infringement. Just another case of Big Business shafting the little guy.
[Excite] [interesting] Olympic torch will have an underwater trip (while burning) for the Sydney Olympics
[BBC] [interesting] Researchers have found why cold pizza & curries taste so good.
March 27, 2000:
[Excite] [amusing] The french have an 'odor police'.
[Scoop This] [amusing] Dusty's seen Erin Brokovich and Romeo Must Die, and gives his comments in this week's Litterbox
[Scoop This] [silly] In classic form, Dusty the Fat, Bitter Cat reviews the 2000 Academy Awards.
[CNN] [amusing] Monster.com CEO is the new blimp-skiing champion
(JSOnline) [interesting] Your job is bad for your health
[Fox News] [amusing] New artists - elephants
[BBC] [strange] Lame chickens prefer food with painkillers
[CNN] [interesting] NASA releases satellite movie of asteroid flyover
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice review of High Fidelity
[CNN] [stupid] Guy who sold the guns to the Columbine killers thinks his sentence is too strict
[Salon] [amusing] Take the pimpmobile away from the pimp to hurt him the most
[LA Times] [amusing] A race where everyone is a wiener
(Line1 News) [amusing] Teen takes a ride on a kite. Ends up on a river bank with his pants around his ankles.
(Salt Institute) [misc.] Many many uses for regular salt
[Excite] [stupid] Woody Harrelson to go to trial in Ky for planting hemp
[BBC] [sad] Only one Bond expected at Q's funeral.
[ABC News] [silly] Rhode Island picks Mr Potatohead as new state mascot
[ABC News] [interesting] Judge emails out subpeonas
[Washington Post] [interesting] High tech lego
[Excite] [amusing] Drug sniffing dog retires
(Daily Breeze) [stupid] Residents mad because city replacing parking lot with grass
[LA Times] [amusing] Helicopter covering Oscars crashes, injuring 2
[LA Times] ["news"] Oscar's winners list (The Matrix got 4)

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