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(Leg Up Enterprises) [amusing] Keep dogs away - buy some predator pee
(Some Guy) [amusing] Read your own palm
(Friend) [amusing] The Survival Guide for Disgruntled Store Clerks
[Brunching] [amusing] Find out what your name would mean if you were a Cyborg.
[CNN] ["news"] Man who found missing Oscars given $50k and tickets to the ceremony
(TP) [silly] The Twinkies Project: scientic experiments on twinkies, including the Turing Test (via USAToday)
(nationalpost) [amusing] Tips for making your Oscar acceptance speech (very funny)
(nationalpost) [amusing] Oscar sale! Huge pre-Oscar rush on L.A. salons and plastic surgeons
(cbc.ca) [ Massive iceberg breaks away from Antarctica ice shelf.
(MovieCliches) [amusing] The Movie Cliches list (via UsaToday)
(Australian IT) [amusing] Cybersquatter changes his name to 'Oxford University' to improve his chances of keeping oxford-university.com
[CNN] [strange] Former Dallas Cowboy 'Hollywood' Henderson wins $28Mil in the Texas lottery
(Gothic) [satire] Get your own Tamagothi
[Excite] [stupid] NASA accidentally damges a $75mil satellite while testing it.
[Excite] [sick] Why you should never take your child to a daycare run by a guy.
(This isn't even remotely funny, although it is extremely stupid. You've been warned.)
[Wired] [interesting] Palestine awarded .ps top-level domain
[USA Today] [interesting] Who wants to be an online millionaire? Gameshow to offer web-enhanced content
[BBC] [Amusing] Clinton, on his trip to India, not allowed to ride the elephant.
[CNN] [strange] Doctor reports three pregnancies from infertile women who used Viagra
March 23, 2000:
(Some Guy) [amusing] The Bush Body Count website. Warning: annoying midi music
(Snopes) [interesting] The Clinton Bodycount webside debunked as urban legend
[ZDNet] [interesting] Patrick Naughton (go.com exec busted for soliciting a minor) and his naughty ways.
(Some Guy) [interesting] The Bill Clinton Body Count Website (Probably another Urban Legend, found while looking up info on Hope, Arkansas)
(NetSquirrel) [interesting] Urban Legend Combat Kit
(NEJM) [interesting] Vegetarian diet causes blindness in woman.
[CNN] [amusing] Twinkie strike spreads
[Excite] [stupid] Conservatives are annoyed that a tax cut would "encourage sexual promescuity" by making condoms less expensive
[Excite] [misc.] Dr. Demento turns 30. (the persona, not the guy...he's older than that.)
[The Onion] [satire] What do you think: Clinton vs. the NRA
[The Onion] [satire] Apartment full of Jesus stuff brings date to complete halt
[ZDNet] ["news"] Microsoft apologizes for spell-check slur
(ConceptLab) [amusing] Someone who needs a life can get a virtual one from this site
[USA Today] ["amusing"] Gay portal buys publisher, called 'the AOL-Time Warner merger of gay cyberspace'
(Some Guy) [interesting] Uncanny school-shooting map coincedence (via Robotwisdom)
[CNN] [amusing] University uses Backstreet Boys music to torture students involved in sit-in
[CNN] [interesting] Michael Jordan getting out of the sponsorship business
March 22, 2000:
[ABC News] [sad] Someone bought the Pro Bowlers Assosciation (believed to be $3mil in debt)
(Tennessean) [amusing] Tennessee residents complain about the new, ugly license plate. (from Obscure Store)
[BBC] [stupid] NASA may have known the Mars Polar Lander was going to fail before it did. (indirectly from KML)
[Excite] [stupid] Man doesn't realize his wife only has one breast 'till 20months into the marriage
[Excite] [stupid] Woman carrying 6.6lbs of heroin caught because her body piercings set off the metal detector
[BBC] [interesting] Asteroid to barely miss the Earth - this week
[BBC] [interesting] Scientists discover 13 planets in the Orion Nebula
[AintItCoolNews] [amusing] Robin Williams will sing SouthPark's "Blame Canada" at the Oscars
[Washington Post] [interesting] Glock won't sign gun control deal
[CapAlert] [amusing] CAP reviews Mission to Mars, cries foul at the thought of Mars having spawned Earth's life, because he believes God did it in seven days
(Some Guy) [amusing] The AntiChrist is a Vegan Website... spoofs PETA's 'Jesus was a Vegetarian' Website
(Didn't Cardinal Biffi say the antichrist was a millionare vegitarian?)
[CNN] [strange] Italian politicians unveil plan to allow nudity on Italy's beaches in an attempt to boost tourism
(Urban75) [amusing] Galery of useless net games (via USAToday)
[Yahoo] [sad] Navy sonar tests driving whales to suicide? (via RobotWisdom)
[CNN] [misc.] Tom Green receiving treatment for testicular cancer
[CNN] ["news"] Truck driver charged in Oscar theft
[CNN] [interesting] US to probe OPEC for anti-trust violations
(Fractal Cow) [strange] Bert is Evil (origin of the Bert and Hitler pic) (repeat)
(Some Guy) [silly] The Dark Side of PEZ.
[CNN] [sad] Man uses dental floss to cut through prison bars.
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] Early review of the movie Gladiator
[Excite] [amusing] "Blame Canada" to be sung as a medley at the Oscars, so they can avoid the objectionable parts.
March 21, 2000:
[LA Times] [stupid] 12-yr old boy dies from sniffing air freshener
[LA Times] [strange] Man tries to cut off his own arm to escape his wrecked van
(KYKernel) [amusing] PETA says the public is against eCampus.com's 'cruel' advertising
(KYKernel) [amusing] Here's what the public really thinks about the ad
[CNN] [stupid] NHL Dallas Stars player Ed Belfour reportedly offered police $1 billion to not take him to jail
[CNN] [silly] Twinkie shortage looms
[USA Today] [amusing] Pilot orders pizza for his passengers on delayed flight
[Excite] [strange] Should McDonalds serve sushi?
[Scoop This] [silly] WrestleTales 5 : The AD&D Adventure.
[Excite] [stupid] Prince Philip ruins cheese production.
[CNN] [amusing] Sports Illustrated columnist's NCAA 'expert bracket' has had all his final four picks eliminated
[Excite] [strange] Blind man judges beauty pageants.
(Some Guy) [amusing] Make your own Urban Legend generator (via USAToday)
[ZDNet] [amusing] Report: 51 major net companies will run out of cash this year (via RobotWisdom)
[Herald-Leader] [stupid] Corbin, Ky teen steals school bus, leads police on chase
[CNN] [amusing] Overweight Phillippine police ordered to climb Mt. Pinatubo
(TheTimes) [interesting] Mythic monsters might have been created in ancient times to explain dinosaur and other fossils
(Some Guy) [amusing] Another odd picture
(Netscape) [amusing] Woman mourns father with cellphone
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] Samuel L. Jackson to play Shaft in remake
March 20, 2000:
(RPG Planet) [interesting] A rather interesting letter on why TSR was bought by WotC
[CNN] [interesting] Oil prices drop to a three week low
(Slashdot.org) [survey] The most important thing in life is...
(NYPost) [amusing] More on Alex dissing 'Millionare'
[Excite] [amusing] Alex Trebek disses "Who Wants to be a Millionare"
[Excite] [stupid] Just what we needed from VH1 -- a 'Monkees' movie.
[Excite] [strange] Explorers isolated by Iridium phone collapse.
(NYTimes) [silly] Article on the 'Naked Dorm' at Wesleyan College
[Wired] [strange] New Amiga computer to be released
[CNN] [strange] Turkey struggles with national epidemic: primate smuggling
[CNN] [amusing] Salvage man finds 55 of the missing Oscars in trash bin
(LucasArts) [misc.] LucasArts, Verant (of EverQuest fame) to create massive multiplayer game
(CBC.ca) [ The first climb up Mt Everest to be broadcast live.
[C|Net] [stupid] Microsoft indirectly in trouble again: its lobbyists incorrectly reporting who attended a $2400/plate dinner
March 17, 2000:
(ThinkGeek) [misc.] Think Geek - Stuff for the smart masses
(SomeGuy) [silly] The Grand List of Overused Sci-Fi cliches
[Brunching] [amusing] Brunching take on Millionaire's phone a friend - Call somebody who gives a damn
[ZDNet] [amusing] Zdnet's Webshow 'Computer Stew' tests the Nori Nasal Passge cleaner.
[CapAlert] [amusing] CAP reviews Erin Brockovich
(Daily Breeze) [strange] Woman's case thrown out because she can't get upstairs
[LA Times] [stupid] Boy's arm reattached after tiger bit it off
[LA Times] [amusing] Will Catholics eat corned beef or observe the no meat on Lenten fridays thingy?
[Excite] [stupid] Reward for dog killer in California nears $110k. Meanwhile in Baltimore, the reward for a man who killed 4 people is $10k
[Excite] [amusing] Police hunt for the people who stole a 6 foot Ronald McDonald statue
(nationalpost) [amusing] Mattel sues Canadian student for cracking the passwords to their Cyber Patrol screening software.
(cbc) [interesting] Concorde confuses pigeons
[Washington Post] [amusing] Utah to get a porn czar
(DumbLaws) [silly] Dumb Irish laws
(Examiner) [amusing] Fifth of Irish teenagers drunk regularly
[ZDNet] [amusing] Bush and Gore exchange flame Email
[ZDNet] [misc.] eBay cracking down on prank bids
[Wired] [strange] New orthodontist headgear monitors whether or not kids use it
[USA Today] [amusing] William Shatner files to sell his Priceline.com shares
(HwdRptr) [strange] Crateful of Oscar statuets goes missing
[Herald-Leader] [strange] KY legislators seek to repeal law allowing ministers to carry concealed weapons
(ALAG) [amusing] Angry little Asian girl dot com
(Lileks) [strange] The Gallery of Regrettable Food
[CNN] [stupid] Anti-crime event, toss your weapons into the river (and watch other people go retrieve them, oops)
[CNN] [misc.] Thai transvestite film spikes at box office
(Bud) [interesting] WWII Fighter Ace CE 'Bud' Anderson's website
(Irish) [interesting] Ireland is the world's number one exporter of software
March 16, 2000:
[Washington Post] [strange] Pakistani killer to be strangled and dismembered in front of his victims' families
[Excite] [amusing] Public servants in Argentina had better be on the ball and smile - It's illegal to be surly
(BEER!) [misc.] Possibly the greatest site on the Internet: Beer.com
[Scoop This] [amusing] Dusty, the Fat Bitter Cat - The comic strip
[Wired] [interesting] Coin collectors cause new quarters to become scarce
[CNN] ["news"] Pickled beets recalled in eight states
[CNN] [stupid] HMO asking its members to split anti-depressant pills in half to help it cover costs
(TheTimes) [amusing] Naples Archeological Museum to display ancient erotic art found at Pompei and Herculanium 200 years ago but kept secret to protect the morals of women (via Ancient World Web)
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] Live in England? Want to be in The Mummy 2?
(Stupid.com) [interesting] A watch with a built-in remote control
(Stupid.com) [strange] Buy your very own electric chair (the kind that kills you)
NDU [strange] An abstract trip through Fargo, ND, of all places.
March 15, 2000:
[Wired] [sad] Widespread drought conditions expected this spring for the US
[Wired] [interesting] IBM announces 75 gigabyte hard drive
[CNN] [misc.] Gay mayor elected, ensures gay majority on city council
[Excite] [amusing] Women storm police station demanding sex
[Washington Post] [amusing] Serial killer gets 1,340 year sentence
[Washington Post] [amusing] Aboriginies seek meeting with Queen of England
(JSOnline) [amusing] Insurance co to pay drunk for lost fingers
[CNN] ["news"] In-depth article alledging that Bob Knight is an ass (this is news?)
[Excite] [stupid] Bulgarian soccer fan changes legal name to Manchester United
[The Onion] [satire] What do you think: Flooding in Mozambique
[CNN] [misc.] Ventura fails to convince McCain to run as an independent
(Pets) [interesting] Everything you ever wanted to know about Mr. Bigglesworth, Dr Evil's cat in Austin Powers
(whatthefuck) [amusing] Get your free email from whatthefuck.com
(lettuceladies) [strange] Peta-sponsored Lettuce Ladies tour the country wearing nothing but lettuce
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] Info on Blade 2
March 14, 2000:
[Excite] [amusing] Indonesian government is threatening 15 years in jail and a $675,000 fine for having forest fires on your land
[Excite] [amusing] New Finnish show - Who Wants to Date an Ex-con?
(CIA) [interesting] The CIA needs to hire a 'theatrical special effects - wardrobe' production designer
(FBI) [interesting] FBI's top ten wanted fugitives
[Washington Post] [interesting] Entire senior management team fired at Nigerian power company
(FARK POLL) [survey] Who is stupider?
(MADD) [amusing] MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) responds to PETA's 'drink beer' campaign, confusing the issue of which organization behaving the stupidest
(PinStruck) [amusing] Virtual voodoo dolls
[Washington Post] [stupid] College binge drinking is on the rise
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice review of Mission to Mars (...probe my ass)
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice review of The Next Best Thing (it both sucks and blows)
[USA Today] [interesting] NCAA basketball pools hit the net
(Some Guy) [strange] Bizarre stuff you can make in your kitchen
(Baltimore Sun) [strange] What the press is neglecting to mention about the killer on the loose in Baltimore -- the hostage he took is a Jehovah's Witness.
(so even if you're a Jehovah's Witness, and someone strange comes knocking at your door, don't answer it)
[CNN] [interesting] British company clones pigs
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] A possible anime-style Matrix prequel in the works?
[eBay] [sad] Someone bought N'Sync's half-eaten toast for $1,025.
(PETA) [amusing] Beer better for you than milk, says PETA
(Some Guy) [strange] URLs whose name doesn't match up with the content: dogvomit.com
(The Register) [strange] US preacher finds demon-possessed PCs (followup to Weekly World News article)
March 13, 2000:
(SFGate) [strange] Sun Microsystems Co-founder predicts extermination of human race by machines
[Excite] [amusing] Dozens injured in church brawl
[AintItCoolNews] [amusing] One of the AICN guys sits next to the actor playing The Tick on tv this fall at a film festival.
[CNN] [sad] Gas prices may not peak for weeks
(Stick-Man) [misc.] Stick-Man, the comic book. Art looks pretty good.
(USPTO) [amusing] A patent for bra-size measurement
[eBay] [silly] Mr. T air fresheners
[eBay] [amusing] A talking Mr T doll
(Subbrilliant) [satire] Moviegoers tire of original ideas
[Excite] [amusing] Guy crashes his car into an auto body shop
(Some Guy) [amusing] Visit the Irish Daycare
(FBI) [interesting] Find your picture in the FBI database
[CNN] [interesting] Peek under Mars' surface reveals hidden channels
(USPTO) [stupid] Someone has a patent for 'Method for Exercising a Cat' using a laser pointer.
(fark.no) [strange] Fark also happens to be the name of a Norwegian rock band.
(WheresGeorge) [interesting] Track dollar bills all over the US! (repeat)
(KOIN) [silly] Vancouver, WA considers changing its name for 5th time
(Some Catalog) [amusing] A book entitled: This Book Really Sucks
(ESPN) [stupid] Starting KY guard Desmond Allison out for rest of season on DUI and marijuana charges
March 12, 2000:
(Some Guy) [amusing] Today is Ron Jeremy's birthday (as well as Fark reader Adrian Walleigh who coincidentally submitted this link)

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