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[AintItCoolNews] [sick] Technology has gotten so good that the Humane Society doesn't believe that an animal being abused was really a computer image.
(Apple) [interesting] For those with Quicktime -- the trailer for Mission Impossible 2 (directed by John Woo)
[CapAlert] [amusing] Cap reviews Hanging Up. Uses "true genius" and "Beverly Hillbillies" in the same sentence without using the word 'not'. Marks off for 'talk of homosexuality as normal' and 'exagerated breast bounce'
(Phoenix) [amusing] Who Wants to be a President (net game) (via UsaToday)
(CBS) [amusing] Gas prices going down
[MSNBC] [amusing] No, they're going up
[The Onion] [satire] Just six corporations remain
[CNN] [stupid] South Korean Nazi theme-bar removes controversial flags, photos
(Some Guy) [amusing] Children's books you will never see
[Wired] [interesting] Microsoft to compete with Playstation and Dreamcast by releasing its own game console
[CNN] [amusing] Government awards scholarships to wrong students
[CNN] [amusing] Italians love throwing oranges
(ABC (Australia)) [strange] Cocaine happy fungus has been developed.
[CNN] [silly] Airline door opened to retrieve stuff mid-flight
[Brunching] [amusing] The Self-Made Critic guide to the Oscars
(NASA) [interesting] Track the International Space Station (ISS)
March 9, 2000:
(DukeSucks) [amusing] Just in time for March Madness: Duke-sucks.com. No introduction needed.
(IMDB) [strange] Kato Kaelin is 41 today (as is Fark reader Chris Miller. Lots of strange people born today)
(IMDB) [misc.] Holy crap, Webster is 29 years old today (via strange brew)
[CapAlert] [amusing] CAP reviews Wonder Boys
(BostonGlobe) [strange] Nintendo handing out protective gloves for use with controllers
[CNN] ["news"] Congress proposes gas tax cut
(Godzilla) [amusing] Godzilla 2000! (back to the guy in a rubber suit)
[Excite] [interesting] The reward for the guy who threw the yappy dog into traffic is up to $50k. (see March 3rd article)
[Excite] [amusing] Beligium prepares for the Euro 2000 soccer match by building temporary jail cells.
(FARK) [strange] A picture submitted by a Fark reader. There is no good description for this.
(Forbes) [interesting] The Forbes Celebrity 100
(New Scientist) [amusing] Facial recognition in sheep (via Robotwisdom)
[CNN] [misc.] Will Jennifer Lopez's dress set a trend at the oscars?
[CNN] [amusing] Dallas Mavericks finally get tired of Dennis Rodman and fire him
(Some Guy) [strange] An essay on how psychologists are destroying society
(textfiles.com) [interesting] Internet's Largest Collection of Mid-1980's BBS Textfiles, G-Files and Logfiles
(Watchers Web) [strange] Strange Laws Around the World
March 8, 2000:
[CNN] [stupid] Boomer Esiason fired from Monday Night Football for no reason. Really.
[Excite] [amusing] British propose a bill to ban 'muzak'
(Some Girl) [amusing] Commentaries on the world's little imperfections (she mentions Fark twice, but no link... PCMag gets a link, but not us? -Joe Nevermind it's there now, and a nice link it is too -Drew)
(OPEC) [interesting] OPEC's website.
[BBC] [ Sex workers on strike!
[Excite] ["news"] Muppet show to return to TV in original format
[Excite] [strange] GWU professor encourages cheating
[CNN] [strange] All 4,000 Oscar Award ballots are suspiciously missing
(The SHAM) [amusing] The SPAM-ku archive (featured on Fark previously) now has a search engine.
(monkeydog) [amusing] Charles Fleischer's website (Voice of Roger Rabbit) Cool pics and insult engine
(Some Guy) [amusing] Robot Frank's Life
(Chicago Sun Times) [stupid] Ban urged on checking kids in hockey
[CNN] [interesting] Experts at a loss to explain lack of winter
March 7, 2000:
[CNN] [amusing] Pope plans to apologize for sins of Catholics.
[LA Times] [ Gas prices headed toward $2 a gallon
[Excite] [amusing] Man gets stuck in porn shop all night
GlobeMail [ Muhammad Ali's daughter and women's boxing in Canada.
[CNN] [misc.] Study finds that hay fever medication impairs driving worse than alcohol
[Excite] [misc.] Man killed by hockey puck to the head during hockey game
[Excite] [sick] Columbian woman attempts to smuggle a handgun, hides it so well it has to be surgically removed (it's marked sick for a reason)
[Herald-Leader] [survey] Construction of a Creation Museum in northern Kentucky could begin next year
(BeerChurch) [silly] The Church of Beer: the largest unorganized religion in the world
(Some Guy) [amusing] The Beer Bill of Rights
(Loskene) [amusing] Hear Captain Kirk sing the classics
March 6, 2000:
(RNC) [amusing] Republican National Committee head, angered at lack of coverage of Gore campaign scandal, gives out private phone numbers of network anchormen
(Some Guy) [amusing] The Internet Brown Ribbon Campaign: free beer online
[USA Today] [interesting] Techies start to abandon dotcom companies, citing long hours
[CNN] [stupid] Boeing not able to recover accidentally discarded space station equipment
[CNN] [interesting] Dan Marino offered Vikings QB position
(London Times) [interesting] Top contender to be the next pope says that Vegetarian Antichrist is 'walking among us' .
[BBC] [sad] There's a shortage of toilets in the UK. (Indirectly from The Daily Show)
[Excite] [stupid] French ministry invents its own cyberspace jargon
(Netscape) [strange] Man killed by sleigh built like a Bavarian beer garden
[Excite] [strange] Have you ever been stabbed, and not realized it? (indirectly from KML)
[Wired] [interesting] The dark side of pervasive technology
(Rinkworks) [amusing] Movies-In-A-Minute. Ultra-condensed descriptions of movie plots (via UsaToday)
[CNN] [interesting] Reality check for the Wireless Web
(SF Weekly) [sick] SF art student poops for art, quotes Bataille. (This is really sick, you've been warned)
[BBC] [interesting] Study on malnourishment targets both the starving and the overfed.
(Llama.org) [silly] Put a llama in your life.
(Weekly World News) [stupid] Is your computer possessed by a demon? It's in the Weekly World News, it has to be true!
(SelectSmart) [survey] American Presidential Candidate Selector. Take a short test to determine which candidate best reflects your views
March 3, 2000:
[CNN] [amusing] A military food fight
(Daily Breeze) [strange] Officers make a grave discovery
[LA Times] [sick] Man kills dog in road rage case (It's just plain wrong)
[Fox News] [interesting] Scientists trying to clone a wooly mammoth - after they thaw it with hair dryers
[BBC] [interesting] Math geek news - squares and prime number modulus
[Washington Post] [stupid] They keep getting younger - 5 year old shoots a gun near his friends
[Excite] [silly] Drunken man climbs on a transformer, later sues the bars that helped him get drunk
(Lance) [misc.] Free cookies! The real kind!
[Excite] [amusing] Woman charged for storing her roomie's corpse in her freezer for a year
[Washington Post] [amusing] Mafia shootout in an Italian pizza parlour
[Washington Post] [amusing] Stressed out man bulldozes his home, the neighbors' homes and a few cars
(Some Guy) [amusing] Vote for Jello Biafra - President in 2000
[ZDNet] [interesting] UC-Irvine offers BA in gaming.
(D&D Movie) [interesting] New photos from the upcoming D&D movie
(GayGety) [amusing] For those of you wondering just where to get "gaydar", here it is. (the same disclaimer as last time -- Joe)
[Excite] [strange] Ever needed a tuxedo for your hamster?
[CNN] [sappy] Three-legged dog saves family from fire
[Herald-Leader] [stupid] Boeing accidentally tosses part of the International Space Station into a landfill
[Yahoo] [interesting] Galileo probe may be crashed to avoid contaminating Europa.
[CNN] [stupid] South Carolina republicans block King holiday
March 2, 2000:
(Daily Breeze) [amusing] When good politicians turn bad...
(Daily Breeze) [interesting] Trouble in real-life Baywatch land
[LA Times] [stupid] Navy airmen get sentence for cow killings
[LA Times] [amusing] School pays for misplacing Pokemon cards
[Wired] [amusing] Two Ralph Nader-headed organizations propose two new top-level domains to preserve free speech: .union and .sucks
[Washington Post] [strange] The US has a $5 million bounty on Milosevic's head
[Excite] [sick] Not sure what to get your (un)loved ones? Have you ever thought about crap?
[ZDNet] [interesting] Pink Floyd - Wizard of Oz synchronization
(Smokey Bear) [amusing] Remember: Only you can prevent forest fires.
(TheRegister) [strange] Windows2k video drivers vanish between final beta and retail release versions
[BBC] [amusing] Surfer dog!
[Washington Post] [interesting] Silly putty turns 50
(Learn2) [interesting] Learn how to buy a good knife.
(Learn2) [interesting] Learn to make sushi
[Scoop This] [amusing] The latest from the fat bitter cat, his "Dear Dusty" column.
[eBay] [strange] For sale: Welcome Back Kotter Colorforms
[Scoop This] [amusing] A new installment of Super Hero University. (This one has dating advice. If you haven't read the earlier stories, read those first)
[eBay] [amusing] For sale: The meaning of life
[CNN] [interesting] Star of 'Free Willy' to be set free for real today
(Mullets) [amusing] Back by popular demand: mulletsgalore.com
(Some Guy) [amusing] Some stuff that might not suck
[CNN] [interesting] Ecuador clears the way for switching its national currency to the US dollar
(PhillyNews) [amusing] Beaver College may get a name change because of internet filtering.
March 1, 2000:
(Some Guy) [interesting] Travelling? Stay in a historic hotel
(ESPN) [survey] March Madness has begun! Battle of the Mascots
(SJGames) [interesting] Today is the 10th anniversary of the notorious Secret Service raid on Steve Jackson Games
(And in celebration....everyone should play AutoDuel...just find an old Apple ][e emulator and the game)
[BBC] [interesting] Giant sandstorm in the Atlantic ocean
[USA Today] [misc.] Study: net porn compulsion affects 200,000 surfers
(Darwin Awards) [strange] The famous story of Larry Walters - who took to the skies in a lawn chair tied to 45 weather balloons
[Yahoo] [satire] Comedy Central's Indecision 2000 polls. We get more hits on our polls than they do. Give them a boost.
(IAmAnIdiot) [amusing] IAmAnIdiot.com. Tell everyone how much of an idiot you are. Find other idiots.
[Yahoo] [amusing] President Clinton dazzled by screensaver
[The Onion] [satire] All of family's neuroses projected onto dog
[The Onion] [satire] FBI to require background checks for childcare providers. Child-havers unaffected.
[Washington Post] [stupid] Maryland governor asked to apologize for slavery
[Yahoo] [strange] Stanford study finds few WIMPS in space.
[Washington Post] [amusing] Sydney gets pumped up for gay Mardi Gras
[CNN] [amusing] Someone actually built Gaydar. Unfortunately, they don't mention if this is affected by gay weather balloons.
(and before I get flamed for this one -- I'm making fun of the device and the fact that it was covered in the news, not the people who might be using it -- Joe)
February 29, 2000:
[Washington Post] [interesting] Mullets!
(PlanetNamek) [amusing] The Pilsbury Doughboy gets quite a shock. (The rest of their site is strange as well)
[Excite] [stupid] Canadian satellite broadcaster accidentally broadcasts porn following a wrestling match
(NASA) [interesting] Everything you ever wanted to know about black holes
[CNN] [silly] David Hasslehoff upset with Baywatch final episode, his character dies in a fiery explosion
[CNN] [amusing] Early Feb 29th computer problems, mostly minor
(Some Guy) [interesting] The Wal-Mart Litigation Project: tracking ongoing litigation against Wal-Mart
[CNN] [amusing] Nude shoppers storm Vienna store for free clothes
[ABC News] [amusing] Museum sues tribe to keep their meteorite
February 28, 2000:
(Geek Tools) [interesting] Geektools - the name says it all
[BBC] [amusing] Frodo Baggins gets a passport (really)
[Washington Post] [amusing] Leap Year Day parties already starting
[Excite] [amusing] What do you call a Pepsi? Pop? Soda? Coke??
[Excite] [strange] Prankster auctions girl's virginity, posts names and addresses of bidders for all to see
[CNN] [amusing] McCain slams the religious right over and over in recent speech
[Wired] [amusing] Pet cloning for $250k, cheap
[ABC News] [interesting] Perfectly preserved ice age forest discovered in Michigan
[Excite] [interesting] Standard Condoms too big for Germans.
(Pangloss) [amusing] Insult someone like a literary master
[ZDNet] [interesting] Don't like to pay $1.89 a gallon for gas? Maybe you can make a private deal with a local gas station
[CNN] ["news"] Don't eat your vegetable beef soup! Campbells issues a recall
[Brunching] [amusing] Need an technical-sounding acronym? Use this tool.
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice review of Erin Brockovich
[Excite] [amusing] Federal court shoots down IRS's attempt to be even more greedy than you knew them to be
(Toilet Muesuem) [amusing] A museum to one of the most underrated of all inventions -- the toilet.

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