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[CNN] [amusing] A military food fight
(Daily Breeze) [strange] Officers make a grave discovery
[LA Times] [sick] Man kills dog in road rage case (It's just plain wrong)
[Fox News] [interesting] Scientists trying to clone a wooly mammoth - after they thaw it with hair dryers
[BBC] [interesting] Math geek news - squares and prime number modulus
[Washington Post] [stupid] They keep getting younger - 5 year old shoots a gun near his friends
[Excite] [silly] Drunken man climbs on a transformer, later sues the bars that helped him get drunk
(Lance) [misc.] Free cookies! The real kind!
[Excite] [amusing] Woman charged for storing her roomie's corpse in her freezer for a year
[Washington Post] [amusing] Mafia shootout in an Italian pizza parlour
[Washington Post] [amusing] Stressed out man bulldozes his home, the neighbors' homes and a few cars
(Some Guy) [amusing] Vote for Jello Biafra - President in 2000
[ZDNet] [interesting] UC-Irvine offers BA in gaming.
(D&D Movie) [interesting] New photos from the upcoming D&D movie
(GayGety) [amusing] For those of you wondering just where to get "gaydar", here it is. (the same disclaimer as last time -- Joe)
[Excite] [strange] Ever needed a tuxedo for your hamster?
[CNN] [sappy] Three-legged dog saves family from fire
[Herald-Leader] [stupid] Boeing accidentally tosses part of the International Space Station into a landfill
[Yahoo] [interesting] Galileo probe may be crashed to avoid contaminating Europa.
[CNN] [stupid] South Carolina republicans block King holiday
March 2, 2000:
(Daily Breeze) [amusing] When good politicians turn bad...
(Daily Breeze) [interesting] Trouble in real-life Baywatch land
[LA Times] [stupid] Navy airmen get sentence for cow killings
[LA Times] [amusing] School pays for misplacing Pokemon cards
[Wired] [amusing] Two Ralph Nader-headed organizations propose two new top-level domains to preserve free speech: .union and .sucks
[Washington Post] [strange] The US has a $5 million bounty on Milosevic's head
[Excite] [sick] Not sure what to get your (un)loved ones? Have you ever thought about crap?
[ZDNet] [interesting] Pink Floyd - Wizard of Oz synchronization
(Smokey Bear) [amusing] Remember: Only you can prevent forest fires.
(TheRegister) [strange] Windows2k video drivers vanish between final beta and retail release versions
[BBC] [amusing] Surfer dog!
[Washington Post] [interesting] Silly putty turns 50
(Learn2) [interesting] Learn how to buy a good knife.
(Learn2) [interesting] Learn to make sushi
[Scoop This] [amusing] The latest from the fat bitter cat, his "Dear Dusty" column.
[eBay] [strange] For sale: Welcome Back Kotter Colorforms
[Scoop This] [amusing] A new installment of Super Hero University. (This one has dating advice. If you haven't read the earlier stories, read those first)
[eBay] [amusing] For sale: The meaning of life
[CNN] [interesting] Star of 'Free Willy' to be set free for real today
(Mullets) [amusing] Back by popular demand: mulletsgalore.com
(Some Guy) [amusing] Some stuff that might not suck
[CNN] [interesting] Ecuador clears the way for switching its national currency to the US dollar
(PhillyNews) [amusing] Beaver College may get a name change because of internet filtering.
March 1, 2000:
(Some Guy) [interesting] Travelling? Stay in a historic hotel
(ESPN) [survey] March Madness has begun! Battle of the Mascots
(SJGames) [interesting] Today is the 10th anniversary of the notorious Secret Service raid on Steve Jackson Games
(And in celebration....everyone should play AutoDuel...just find an old Apple ][e emulator and the game)
[BBC] [interesting] Giant sandstorm in the Atlantic ocean
[USA Today] [misc.] Study: net porn compulsion affects 200,000 surfers
(Darwin Awards) [strange] The famous story of Larry Walters - who took to the skies in a lawn chair tied to 45 weather balloons
[Yahoo] [satire] Comedy Central's Indecision 2000 polls. We get more hits on our polls than they do. Give them a boost.
(IAmAnIdiot) [amusing] IAmAnIdiot.com. Tell everyone how much of an idiot you are. Find other idiots.
[Yahoo] [amusing] President Clinton dazzled by screensaver
[The Onion] [satire] All of family's neuroses projected onto dog
[The Onion] [satire] FBI to require background checks for childcare providers. Child-havers unaffected.
[Washington Post] [stupid] Maryland governor asked to apologize for slavery
[Yahoo] [strange] Stanford study finds few WIMPS in space.
[Washington Post] [amusing] Sydney gets pumped up for gay Mardi Gras
[CNN] [amusing] Someone actually built Gaydar. Unfortunately, they don't mention if this is affected by gay weather balloons.
(and before I get flamed for this one -- I'm making fun of the device and the fact that it was covered in the news, not the people who might be using it -- Joe)
February 29, 2000:
[Washington Post] [interesting] Mullets!
(PlanetNamek) [amusing] The Pilsbury Doughboy gets quite a shock. (The rest of their site is strange as well)
[Excite] [stupid] Canadian satellite broadcaster accidentally broadcasts porn following a wrestling match
(NASA) [interesting] Everything you ever wanted to know about black holes
[CNN] [silly] David Hasslehoff upset with Baywatch final episode, his character dies in a fiery explosion
[CNN] [amusing] Early Feb 29th computer problems, mostly minor
(Some Guy) [interesting] The Wal-Mart Litigation Project: tracking ongoing litigation against Wal-Mart
[CNN] [amusing] Nude shoppers storm Vienna store for free clothes
[ABC News] [amusing] Museum sues tribe to keep their meteorite
February 28, 2000:
(Geek Tools) [interesting] Geektools - the name says it all
[BBC] [amusing] Frodo Baggins gets a passport (really)
[Washington Post] [amusing] Leap Year Day parties already starting
[Excite] [amusing] What do you call a Pepsi? Pop? Soda? Coke??
[Excite] [strange] Prankster auctions girl's virginity, posts names and addresses of bidders for all to see
[CNN] [amusing] McCain slams the religious right over and over in recent speech
[Wired] [amusing] Pet cloning for $250k, cheap
[ABC News] [interesting] Perfectly preserved ice age forest discovered in Michigan
[Excite] [interesting] Standard Condoms too big for Germans.
(Pangloss) [amusing] Insult someone like a literary master
[ZDNet] [interesting] Don't like to pay $1.89 a gallon for gas? Maybe you can make a private deal with a local gas station
[CNN] ["news"] Don't eat your vegetable beef soup! Campbells issues a recall
[Brunching] [amusing] Need an technical-sounding acronym? Use this tool.
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice review of Erin Brockovich
[Excite] [amusing] Federal court shoots down IRS's attempt to be even more greedy than you knew them to be
(Toilet Muesuem) [amusing] A museum to one of the most underrated of all inventions -- the toilet.
February 25, 2000:
[Washington Post] ["news"] You might be able to get a new dollar coin somewhere other than Walmart soon.
(Some Guy) [interesting] Final meal requests for criminals about to be killed
(Some Guy) [interesting] Learn to make lava lamp goo
[CNN] [interesting] California researcher finds a way to mate human cells with electronic chips
[Washington Post] [amusing] Priest poisoned with holy wine
(Free Republic) [strange] Demonic image at democratic debate
(Bloomberg.com) [silly] Ebay won't let man sell his soul
[Washington Post] [amusing] Bill Gates needs to watch his language
[Washington Post] [amusing] Brits to allow cats and dogs on trains now - but they have to have passports
[CNN] [amusing] Sheriff shops for jurors at Wal-Mart
(Globe) [amusing] Tonya Harding arrested for repeatedly punching boyfriend in the face
[CapAlert] [amusing] CAP reviews Pitch Black. Marks off points for 'claims of humans being animals'
[Wired] [interesting] Scientists develop microscope capable of seeing single atoms
[CNN] [misc.] New Orleans cops to Mardi Gras revelers: Cover up
(Webcaskets) [amusing] The Return-to-Sender funeral casket
February 24, 2000:
[Excite] [strange] Man gets hit by a bus, then they bill him for repairs
(Captain Jack) [silly] Talk with Captain Jack
[Washington Post] [strange] More hazards of living in a city -- exploding manholes.
[ABC News] [interesting] American Indians want their giant meteorite back
[CNN] [interesting] Is ramen healthy?
[Washington Post] [interesting] Monkeys use tools to kill a man
[Washington Post] [strange] Here come live funerals broadcast on the web
[CapAlert] [amusing] Holy crap! CAP liked the Tigger Movie!
(Dr. Drew) [misc.] Get 3 condoms for free
[Salon] [amusing] Is Al Gore a goodfella?
[Washington Post] [amusing] Thefts rise along with gas prices
[Fox News] [amusing] NASA denies conducting zero gravity sex tests
[Fox News] [amusing] Sex can make your head explode
[BBC] [sick] Deep fried Mars bar anyone?
[BBC] [strange] Churchman beheads his son's ex-lover
[Washington Post] [interesting] Mayon volcano erupts some more today
(WealthClock) [amusing] The Bill Gates personal wealth clock (via memepool)
(WomenGamers) [amusing] A report on why men play women in computer games. (Reason #7 just shows how sick people are)
(circlemakers) [interesting] Learn how to make crop circles (via USAToday)
(marrytom.com) [sick] Why marry a multi-millionaire when you can marry Tom Arnold (at least he'll date you first...)
[CNN] [strange] Hasbro to market JFK action figures
[Brunching] [amusing] Brunching has some ideas on how to save the 'Who Wants To' concept.
[Brunching] [amusing] Self-Made Critic's Review of 'Boiler Room' - Save an idiot, take them to this movie.
February 23, 2000:
[Washington Post] [sad] the Clintons would like some more help to pay off their $10.5 million legal service debt
[Washington Post] [interesting] Thai scientists have been able to create electricity from elephant dung
[CNN] [stupid] Prescriptions used for treating both humans and animals generally cost humans five times more
[Excite] [sick] And the moral of the story is -- if someone runs in, and asks to borrow a knife -- don't give it to them.
[Excite] [amusing] Potentially bad advertising campaigns -- nude shoppers get $400 in free clothing.
[Excite] ["news"] "Who Wants to Marry a Millionare" wife regrets having done it.
[Washington Post] [interesting] Volcano throws out rocks the size of cars - people still won't move away
[The Onion] [amusing] Least-essential albums of the 90's
[The Onion] [satire] Israelites sue God for breach of covenant
[CNN] [stupid] It's that time of the year again: Darryl Strawberry tests positive for cocaine once more
(IRS) [misc.] Downloadable IRS tax forms
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] What Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma) is up to these days
[ZDNet] [interesting] FBI pulls plug on fake McCain website
[Wired] [interesting] The top 10 engineering accomplishments of the 20th century according to somebody
(X-Men) [satire] The summer movie hype begins with some not-so-subtle political lampooning.
(Megastar) [amusing] Astronauts had sex in space
February 22, 2000:
(US Mint) [stupid] The US Mint has a new program - buy $25, for only $35 plus $3.95 shipping
(CoolPuzzles) [interesting] Test your reaction speed
(Yucky Science) [amusing] Squishy quiz (I got em all right)
(Rivertowns) [amusing] Man charged for having 'fun' with a cow
(Orphanage) [silly] Adopt one of these cast off mascots
(FurniturePorn) [amusing] Furniture porn. Probably safe for office viewing although the word 'porn' might set off some red flags. No nudity. Or people for that matter.
(Brains4Zombies) [silly] Brains, brains, and more brains...
(ZENtertainment) [stupid] Backstreet Boys animated series - God help us all !
(Salt Lake Tribune) [strange] Liquified feces still falling from the sky in Utah.
(Catfood) [amusing] Scratch and sniff on the web - try it!
[Excite] [stupid] Person drills a hole in her head.
(If she had read fark, she'd have known there were people who'd do it for her)
[Excite] [amusing] Obviously, you should think out your plans before hijacking planes in paramilitary areas.
[USA Today] [interesting] Corporate America starting to suspect Y2K was all hype. Let the suing of overpriced consultants begin.
(Personally, I think they should sue the media for creating the panic -- Joe)
[Washington Post] [sick] Pork tongue kills 7 in France
[AintItCoolNews] [stupid] A Clerks animated series
[Scoop This] [amusing] New Dusty the Fat Bitter Cat column
(there's some good news after the wrestling bit... make sure to read pages 4 and 5)
[Excite] [interesting] Sweden halts their version of 'Who wants to be a Millionaire'
[Excite] [amusing] College students can win $10k for having the messiest apartment.
(Some Guy's Page) [amusing] Someone almost as anal as Joe -- a review of the HTML in the presidential candidate web sites.
[AintItCoolNews] [stupid] MPAA removes Cyclops' optic blasts from X-Men movie trailer, says it's not PG behavior
[CNN] [interesting] The Russian Government is monitoring internet traffic inside their country
(But hey, it's easier than trying to find all of the good porn on your own)
(Vulvacious) [strange] The Amazing Vulvabed (read the comments... supposedly, it's good for picking up lesbians)
February 21, 2000:
[CNN] [amusing] Wish we had thought of it first -- combining news with strippers.
[CNN] [sad] Muppets bought by Germans
[BBC] [interesting] Neolithic flute plays again.
(Dallas News) [interesting] Fox cancels re-broadcast of 'Marry a Millionaire' after it learns about groom's shady past.
[CNN] [interesting] 'It's not easy being grün?' German media company buys Jim Henson
[Washington Post] [amusing] Man chains bellydancing son to his bed
[ZDNet] [satire] Computer Stew installs Windows 2000 (Episode 162)
(badfads) [amusing] The Bad Fads museum
(theage.com.au) [strange] French Intelligence agency claims Microsoft was funded by the NSA to spy on computer users. Isn't French Intelligence a contradiction?
[CNN] [misc.] Historians rank the presidents, Clinton ranked as average

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