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[Excite] [misc.] Another state passes anti-spam legislation.
[Yahoo] [amusing] Whoops! Bill Gates says he 'didn't' say that he would release windows source code.
[Brunching] [amusing] Self-Made Critic's Review of 'The Beach'
(Bach) [misc.] Get some free chocolate!
[Salon] [misc.] Review of Pitch Black
[BBC] [interesting] Interesting theory of how the moon was formed
[Washington Post] [silly] Politician loves cheese
[Excite] [amusing] European children are dumbasses just like American kids: 1/4 of all European children think cotton grows on sheep (among other things). [it doesn't? -- Joe]
[Excite] [amusing] No need for our pool. Fox has already announced the follow-up program. (and the Robert Thompson quote is just classic (if you read anything today read this - Drew))
[Washington Post] [interesting] More details on The 7th Portal (Stan Lee's planned cartoon website)
[Excite] [amusing] Swedes decide not to jail a woman, because she's just too fat.
[Excite] [amusing] Israeli comedian finds a new way to offend Christians.
(artbell.com) [interesting] Cool halo-shaped solar mass heading our way, northern lights on the 20th
[Wired] [misc.] Gates says he would consider making Windows open source?
[CNN] [interesting] Hubble reveals violent supernova shockwave
[CNN] [stupid] KY State Senator proposes resolution to erase mention of other religions from American history lessons
February 17, 2000:
(FARK) [satire] Windows 2000 was released today, but we have the source code.
(Discovery) [interesting] How to spot a liar
[Washington Post] [amusing] Airline kicks 4 chickens off a plane - serves chicken for dinner on the flight
(FARK) [survey] In case you missed it: What new show should Fox try next?
[CNN] [misc.] Judge orders woman not to become pregnant for 10 years
(The Times UK) [strange] Eunuchs test their political potency
(Mediatrip.com) [amusing] Original home of 'Swing Blade' as well as 'George Lucas in Love' etc
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] Simpsons: The Movie
[Wired] [misc.] Microsoft removes all Easter Eggs from Windows 2000
[CNN] [interesting] Vets bemoan glut of overweight cats and dogs
[BBC] [interesting] Scientists may have found why people like loud music. (Indirectly from KML)
[Excite] [stupid] Afghani art gallery reopens after 6 years... without all those 'un-Islamic' pictures in it.
[Excite] [stupid] Stupid things to want to be when you grow up -- a serial killer.
February 16, 2000:
[Movie Juice] [amusing] Moviejuice review of Reindeer Games
[ZDNet] [amusing] Movie trailer... what would happen if the Sling Blade guy met the Swingers crew
[eBay] [strange] Get that Ferrari F-50 you've always wanted. (only $675,000)
[CNN] [stupid] You can throw your underwear without fearing arrest
[eBay] [amusing] Buy Jesse Ventura's porsche
(Derek) [interesting] Derek's (the wal-mart reciept guy) Personal Web Site
(FARK) [survey] After the success of 'Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire', what new shows should we expect on Fox next sweeps period?
(Rectal Foreign Bodies) [sick] In honor of The Onion article posted below, here's another of Drew's favorite sites -- Rectal Foreign Bodies
[USA Today] [strange] Net startup to offer pet cloning (how is this a net company exactly?)
(NYObserver) [interesting] The latest ripoffs from dot-com land include Juno and eToys (via robotwisdom)
[ABC News] [interesting] Egyptians find tomb of ancient god Osiris
[The Onion] [satire] What the hell did I cram in my anus last night
(NY Times) [amusing] Interesting summary of amusing events during the Presidential primaries
(NYT requires regesitration, which is free. In the last year, they've never spammed me -- Joe)
(StarNews.com) [ Unhappy dating service customer demands satisfaction
(Some Guy) [amusing] ACE - Americans for Cloning Elvis - homepage
(Oscar.com) [amusing] Although the 'Best Musical Score' category was removed, South Park still got a nomination for 'Best Original Song' [for 'Blame Canada', unfortunately, not 'Uncle Farker', Drew's favorite song]
[CNN] ["news"] Radiation leak at NYC power plant contained
[Excite] [interesting] The history of lingerie
[Washington Post] [amusing] A reason to clean out your car -- it might affect your chances at getting laid (from Obscure Store)
[Excite] [strange] Man plans to have his wife embalmed, as the city won't let her be buried in their garden.
[Excite] [strange] A cure for the common cold-- shoving wire up your nose.
February 15, 2000:
[Excite] [amusing] It's easier to meet people if you have a dog.
(who will, once properly trained, start up conversations by forcing itself upon them, until they let it sniff their crotch)
(Infospace) [amusing] Build your dream date. (A day late, but still funny)
[Excite] [amusing] A critic's reasoning for the success of 'Riverdance' -- the fascist overtones.
(Some Guy) [amusing] Giant cows in Wisconsin
(Steve) [amusing] Strange Site of the Day: Fark-reader Steve Stadtfeld.
[Fox News] ["news"] David Letterman to go back to work on Friday - new show Monday night
(Some Guy) [amusing] Some great shots of celebs with pens, and bad toupees
[Washington Post] [stupid] More Columbine kids shot
[Fox News] [amusing] Prankster infiltrates online chat with President Clinton
(Some Guy) [amusing] Above-mentioned prankster's website, with transcripts (Clinton: Personally, i would like to see more porn on the Internet)
[Excite] [sappy] Bob Vila, Fred Rogers and Ewan McGregor sketches for sale on eBay. (proceeds to help an elementary school)
[Wired] [interesting] New toys from Toy Fair, including toy pets with downloadable personalities and camera attachments for Lego Mindstorms
[CNN] [strange] Copies of Copernicus' On The Revolution of Heavenly Spheres disappearing around the globe
February 14, 2000:
[CNN] [sappy] British library to display 500-year old valentine letter
(Some Guy) [amusing] The Dumpomatic - generate a letter to dump your boyfriend/girlfriend
(Some Guy) [amusing] Dating pattern analysis
[CNN] [sappy] Judge Goodheart retires after 30 years of marrying couples on Valentines Day
[Washington Post] [amusing] El Nino caused more thunderstorms on the west coast
(PrisonBabes) [strange] If you need a valentine, here are some good ones
(Entertaindom) [amusing] God & the devil have their own show
(FunkyPages) [interesting] Hidden meaning to NYC using Microsofts Wingding font
[Excite] [sad] Charles Schultz dies, 1 day before the last Peanuts is published.
(FunkyPages) [amusing] Cool Illusion (is it Buddha? - Drew)
(FunkyPages) [silly] A true mudders 'chair'
(Some Guy) [amusing] What do Ray Liotta, a worried Santa, and vacation photos have to do with one another? This site provides the answers.
(Web Site) [strange] Non Committal Make Out
[ZDNet] [interesting] Windows 2000 - Anti-Piracy tactics or Big Brother?
(memepool) [amusing] An interesting parody of the Budweiser wazzup commercial (this link downloads a movie)
(NYPost) [stupid] Blair Witch sequel organizers scrambling to find product placement sponsors (via RobotWisdom)
[Movie Juice] [amusing] A movie review that makes you wonder 'So why is Reindeer Games coming out in February, when its plot involves Christmas elements?'
[Excite] [stupid] Jerry Lewis is given an attempt to recover from a stupid remark, and only makes things worse.
[Excite] [amusing] 'Who wants to be a Millionare' insurers complain the show's too easy.
(If you assume the two lifelines are right, and one's 50/50, with just guessing, you have a 1 in 36mil chance of getting $1mil with pure guessing)
[CNN] [strange] Police save goldfish from artistic demise
(JCPenny) [stupid] JCPenney introduces the Internet-ready EZChair (it doesn't even recline?)
(DeathIsComing) [amusing] Just in time for Valentine's Day - Death Is Coming Greeting Cards
February 11, 2000:
[Washington Post] [amusing] Russia raises the price of vodka 30% - to $2.10 per liter
(Some Guy) [sick] Guy gives his cat an enema. Creates web page about it.
[CNN] [amusing] 'Millionaire' contestant uses Rosie O'Donnel as their lifeline in this Sunday's episode
[CNN] [misc.] Ventura to leave the Reform Party
[eBay] [amusing] 12" of snow for sale, buyer must pick up
(Yucky Science) [amusing] Learn why you have stinky armpits
(Yucky Science) [interesting] Turn milk into plastic, make vampire soap, turn a penny green
[eBay] [amusing] Big Mac Belt and buckle
[Washington Post] [strange] In Brazil, you can go topless at the beach, but not in a parade
[Fox News] [strange] 9 year old kids suspended for poking a straw into a picture of a cheerleader
(Some Guy) [satire] Bill Gates for president in 2000 (he can personally pay off the national debt)
[Washington Post] [amusing] Guy gets drunk, tries to get off an airplane, while it is in flight
[Brunching] [amusing] Simple things you can do to save the earth from a giant asteroid.
[Wired] [interesting] Appeals Court rules ConnectiX allowed to make Playstation emulators for the PC
(GeekAndGuru) [amusing] The Sexiest Geek Alive competition. (The questionaire is funny)
[CNN] ["news"] Columbia urges farmers to cultivate cattle, coffee, and cotton instead of drugs. (I bet the farmers are still laughing)
[Excite] [strange] Town near San Francisco may soon be require real estate agents to tell buyers the region has horrible traffic.
(FARK) [sad] A few tributes to Jim Varney: a poem, some transcripts and wav's from Hey Vern, it's my My Family Album, an interview, a fan page, and another fan page
February 10, 2000:
[CNN] [sad] One of the greatest entertainers of all times, Jim Varney is dead
(He was the most famous alumni from Drew's high school.)
[Amazon] [strange] Signs you have way too much time on your hands -- you've written a book on fisting.
(THe AGE) [silly] Man caught trying to smuggle 31 lizards in his underwear ( bet that felt weird)
(Some Chick) [amusing] Tutorial for the beginning stalker
(Rediff) [amusing] Candidates in the Indian state of Karnataka must prove they have a toilet if they are to contest the gram panchayat (local council) elections.
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice review of The Beach
[Washington Post] [amusing] Vote for 'None of the above'
(Star Tribune) [stupid] Court allows Northwest Airlines to search employees HOME computers for information on who organized a sick-out
(Variety) [interesting] Sonnenfeld gets approval for Tick Live Action pilot
(Discovery) [sick] Animal mummies.
[Brunching] [amusing] Self-Made Critic's Review of 'Scream 3'
[Excite] [amusing] Hugging banned in town schools
[CNN] [stupid] The state of New York says Martha Stewart owes them $220k in back taxes.
[Excite] [strange] Strand of JFK's hair sells for $800
[ABC News] [strange] 90 year old witch kidnaps boys to turn them into Zombie slaves
(New Scientist) [interesting] Roman statue head from 200AD found in Mexico in 1510? (via robotwisdon)
[CNN] [sick] Doctor who carved his initials on patient arrested on assault charges
February 9, 2000:
(Oregon Live) [silly] Columnist uses influenza warfare on hapless Republicans
[LA Times] [amusing] Woman does a *lot* of research to get out of a ticket
[LA Times] [silly] Mountain lion leaps through a woman's bedroom window
[Wired] [interesting] Cisco systems now 2nd most valuable company in the world
(TheShowerProject) [amusing] After his friends think he's acting gay to pick up chicks, he decides to try to shower with 100 women by the end of 1999, and succeeds. (contains out-of-focus nudity, don't look at this from work)
[CNN] [sad] Doug Henning (that anorexic hippie magician from the '70s) died yesterday.
[USA Today] [sad] Last 'Peanuts' comic strip on Sunday
[Excite] [stupid] Next Star Wars movie to be more politically correct
[Excite] [amusing] Therapy chicken helps abused children overcome fear (this is not a recipe)
[Fox News] [interesting] British isle is close to resurfacing
[Washington Post] [amusing] Woman proposes marriage over a grocery store PA
(Nando Times) [amusing] Woman jailed for not turning off her cell phone while in court.
[The Onion] [satire] What do you think? The Bank of Wal-Mart
[The Onion] [satire] NFL star thanks Jesus after successful double homicide
[CNN] [strange] Man tells police his daughter is in his stolen car to get them to look for it. He has no daughter. They did find his car.
[Salon] [amusing] Dope Wars: the game of being a drug dealer
(NYTimes) [interesting] Africa is overdue for a mega-drought, lasting possibly 100 years or more
[CNN] [misc.] Teacher barred for calling Hitler 'cool'
February 8, 2000:
(Some Guy) [amusing] Play the Old Testament text game (ooooh! the boils!)
[eBay] [amusing] 850 feet of pixie stick sugar
(DumbLaws) [amusing] A comprehensive listing of strange laws in the US
(Some Guy) [interesting] how to build a sparkler bomb
(survivalnet.org) [amusing] Survivalist humor
(Spork.org) [amusing] The official spork page (learn to foon!)
[Washington Post] [interesting] 5 year old disctracts crocodile so his 8 year old sister can get away
[Washington Post] [amusing] New asteroid to possibly hit the earth in 2022
[CapAlert] [silly] CAP reviews Scream 3. Also claims his movie review technique was invented by God
[Scoop This] [satire] WWF to form the XSA (X-treme States of America), as the USA is too boring.
(Independent) [strange] Doctors seek volunteers for a hole in the head
[Washington Post] [stupid] It's still legal to have guns on school property in Virginia.
[Excite] [misc.] Pessimists die before optimists. (Had I been an optimist, I would have said 'Optimists live longer than pessimists' - Joe)
[MSNBC] [interesting] There's talk of a 'Lone Gunmen' spinoff from X-Files.
[Excite] [sick] Places to not get into a fight : Papau New Guinea
[Excite] [sad] Berlin officials ban alcohol sales at its main stadium
February 7, 2000:
(Hubble) [amusing] A better picture of the Keyhole Nebula, which looks strangely like God giving you the finger
[CNN] [amusing] David Duke considers supporting Buchanan for President. Would this help or hurt him?
(Some Guy) [sick] Nasal passage cleaner
(Emode) [amusing] Test: what kind of dog are you?
[Movie Juice] [amusing] Moviejuice review of Scream 3
[Washington Post] [interesting] So, what are the uses of usenet? (besides warez, porn, and spam)
[C|Net] [amusing] The IPOs expected to suck this week. (And one even advertised at the superbowl)
[Excite] [stupid] Man tries to kill his family because they don't like his girlfriend. (and he violated the 'Holy Ground' rule.)
(Some Guy) [strange] The Force is a tool of Satan
[BBC] [interesting] The keyhole nebula, which looks strangely like God giving you the finger.
[BBC] [amusing] 'Weed' turns feminist on British children's programming
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] Anakin Skywalker to be played by a complete unknown?
[CNN] [stupid] Sicilian town school opens new Saddam Hussein Auditorium

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