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(Some Guy) [amusing] Michael Jackson: The Beer Hunter
[CNN] [misc.] Hawaii introduces legislation to allow sleeping on the job
(Hecklers) [amusing] Pokemon terror trainer (900k download)
[Movie Juice] [amusing] Movie Juice review of Eye of the Beholder (back in rare form!)
(SomeGuy) [strange] Day of the Barney- part of the evil barney stories
(Some Guy) [amusing] Play with Captain Kirk - This is awesome!
[Yahoo] [silly] Top official says that overhauling the IRS would confuse the public (I doubt that the public could possibly be more confused about the tax code)
[Washington Post] [amusing] Beer Sheba (in the Negev Desert) gets first snow in 50 years
[BBC] [interesting] Scientists can find out where emeralds were 'born'
[Excite] [amusing] Police scandal could mean financial ruin for L.A
(a web page) [sick] Nori - The original nasal passage cleaner
[BBC] [amusing] UK government is breaking up the fierce ice cream monopolies
(WeddingCam) [amusing] Wedding Cam (via USAToday). Live images of weddings in Las Vegas. Not much going on during the morning hours.
[USA Today] [interesting] Cyberventing - creating a website or posting on a website dedicated to ripping on someone or something
[Excite] [sick] Doctors inadvertantly remove man's healthy kidney rather than his sick kidney
(FARK) [survey] Who do you think will have the worst Superbowl commercial and what will it be?
[Excite] [amusing] Compulsory showers for pigs in Denmark
[Washington Post] [amusing] Air Force security man crashes his car into an F-15
[Excite] [amusing] British education officials scrap 48,000 literacy posters with two glaring spelling errors on them
[Washington Post] [interesting] Katharine Drexel to be canonized as a saint - America's 2nd
(Webcrawler) [amusing] Webcrawler searches people are doing right now... danged funny.
(Reuters) [interesting] First it was no-stop toll booths, now it's no-stop McDonalds
(Well...not quite no stop, unless they have a catapult to launch the food into the cars... but that'd be cool, too)
[CNN] [interesting] Maker of Sony Playstation emulator to market the software this summer. Sony sues them like mad.
[Excite] [strange] Man sues favorite hockey team for sucking
(FARK) [amusing] Even the EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) has a sense of humor
January 27, 2000:
[CNN] [misc.] Superbowl promotion involving Nashville police backfires (this is both stupid and funny)
(KSPR33) [survey] Should roads in Springfield MO be made more safe for the Amish? Cast your vote
[Fox News] [interesting] The private sector is pushing toward the moon
(Some Guy) [sick] Free book - How to clean your colon
[USA Today] [amusing] Toll booth operator doesn't show up for work - 7 mile traffic jam builds up
(Some Guy) [amusing] Strange searches from WebCrawler
(InteliHealth) [interesting] Testing to begin on the Marijuana Patch - sign me up, dude!
[CNN] [amusing] The psychology of bad hair days
[CNN] [amusing] Navy pilots train with MS Flight Simulator
(Some Guy) [sick] Urban archeologists dig out old outhouses
[Salon] [interesting] News about the new version of Net Hack (I love this game, been playing it since the mid-80s - Drew)
(MadTbone) [amusing] Need an excuse? See what other people have called in with
[USA Today] [interesting] Digital picture frames
[BBC] [interesting] Update on the castaways (Those people living on an island for a year - last one left wins big money)
[Wired] [stupid] Judge orders DVD-cracking code off the web, but lawyers forget to seal the information in court documents, making it public. Whoops
[MSNBC] [interesting] Credit card thieves trick web surfers into stealing for them
(BOFH) [amusing] The Bastard Operator From Hell archives, by the original author. Just ignore the background.
(some page) [interesting] Accounting geek posts tons of figures on Bill Gates and his money
[Washington Post] [amusing] Actress living in a glass house
[Wired] [stupid] Get ready for loads of .com ads during the Superbowl
[Wired] [strange] Army and NASA urged to merge
[CNN] [misc.] Schwarzenegger terminates Planet Hollywood connection
[CNN] [interesting] Boom in weddings expected this year
January 26, 2000:
[Washington Post] [sad] Pokemon claims another victim
[Wired] [interesting] Melbourne researchers have successfully inserted measles vaccine into genetically modified food, removing the need for delivery by injection
[CNN] [interesting] There's a big lobster glut in Maine
(surfing...) [amusing] These are the guys who came up with the 100 grand bit. They're on the radio at 102.7 in New York City. Bunch of cool stuff on the page.
(Shamu) [amusing] It's the Shamu Cam (Don't attempt this with a 28.8 connection, it will suck)
[CNN] [interesting] NASA hopes to hear from the mars lander 4pm EST, if it's really there at all
[The Onion] [satire] Teen Drug Use Traced to Ineffective Public Service Announcements
(Reuters) [silly] Korea will introduce scented stamps to get people to write letters instead of email
(London Telegraph) [interesting] More on iceballs from the sky this time in Italy
[CNN] [interesting] Rural teens likelier to use drugs
[MSNBC] [interesting] NASA receives weak signals from Mars, possibly from the lost Mars lander
[CNN] [strange] Man loses 245lbs eating nothing but Subway Veggie sandwiches for a year
[CNN] [silly] Father banned from basketball games after shouting directions from the bleachers
[BBC] [strange] Japanese make a clone of a clone
(Ass) [amusing] Visit the Ass Zone
January 25, 2000:
[Scoop This] [amusing] Billy Darsow reviews The Talented Mr. Ripley
(FARK) ["news"] It's snowing on the east coast. I know none of you care, but it seems that the tv stations have to keep interupting my cartoons every 10 minutes to remind us there's still snow outside. -Joe
[Scoop This] [amusing] With the return of ScoopThis came the next installment of Super Hero University
(Retrogames) [amusing] Man wins 100grand on call-in show. He thinks. (You must have an mp3 player, it's a sound file)
[CNN] [interesting] Some residents of Hollywood want to secede from LA. Can't say I blame them
(TheStar) [misc.] Empire State Building elevator drops 40 floors before emergency brakes kick in
(SCA) [satire] The center for shopping cart abuse prevention
(Some Guy) [amusing] The girlfriend remote control
(Ackbar4Pres) [silly] Admiral Ackbar for President
(Some Guy) [silly] Crackerhead Mood selector
(Some Guy) [strange] More than you could possibly want to know about bar codes
[ZDNet] [amusing] Want to make $25,000 - find this guy a wife
(Some Guy) [silly] See what Derek bought at WalMart the past couple years
[Washington Post] [amusing] You can still buy sea monkeys in Greece
[Excite] [amusing] Topless hair salon "Mipples" opens in Britain
[Fox News] [amusing] NASA to crash a 17 ton sattelite into the earth
[Yahoo] [amusing] CSNY back on tour after a 25 year hiatus. Described as 'grizzled'
[Washington Post] [amusing] Jerry Falwell is suing the white house and FBI because they wont cough up some secret records about him
(JesusCom) [amusing] Jesus.com: last updated 12/97
(CCC) [strange] Another strange humor site based on the work of H.P. Lovecraft
[Wired] [interesting] Researchers identify the unique taste of Asian foods
January 24, 2000:
(Nando Times) [interesting] Communities test reverse-911 technology
[Fox News] [amusing] Porn Chamber of Commerce type meetings in CA
[Washington Post] [amusing] 12 year old twins lead "God's Army" in Thailand
(FARK) [survey] Is the Americans For Purity site fake? (check the link further on down in today's batch if you haven't already)
(altavista) [strange] Couple seeks double sex-change
(Denver Post) [stupid] Donut shop doubled as drug lab.
[Washington Post] [interesting] Surf the web from your car...soon
(Paradox) [amusing] This guy had a Sandra Bullock pictures page. This is all the emails he received from idiots thinking he WAS Sandra Bullock..
[Excite] [sad] Events to not be in the next olympics -- goat hurling.
[Excite] [amusing] Why enunciation is important...especially in government speaking: British defense minister becomes the first to swear in Parliment
[BBC] [interesting] Seti@home launches V2.0. So far it has netted 161,000 years of computer time
[Movie Juice] [amusing] Movie Juice review of Play it to the Bone
[Washington Post] [amusing] Man eaten by his lion
(Some guy) [amusing] Comments sent to the author of the site against masturbation
(Some guy) [stupid] Americans for purity: winning the war against masturbation. And you thought the CAP guy was off his rocker
[eBay] [strange] Green-painted goat skull for sale
(peta) [stupid] PETA's plans to dump 1 ton of chicken manure in downtown Atlanta during rush hour
(Arkham) [strange] The People of Arkham - creepy fun humor, especially for H.P.Lovecraft fans
[CNN] [stupid] FSU football player accused of trying to bribe officer to release friend
January 22, 2000:
[Excite] [amusing] The "Adopt-a-highway" program can't ban the KKK from participating... But they can do this...
[ABC News] [stupid] Mississippi law would fine and imprison aroused men.
(Future plans-- pay off a female friend to take a guy you don't like to Mississippi, and grope him in public...then watch him get jailed)
[Excite] [stupid] Maybe apologizing to everyone wasn't such a good idea as we thought.
(Reuters) [sick] People who shouldn't sign their work: doctors.
January 21, 2000:
[CNN] [interesting] Bullet fragments from JFK's assassination contain no material from his shirt. Lends credence to second gunman theory
(An appology. It does the opposite [whatever the apposite of lending credence is...maybe borrows credence?])
(Bogwomen) [satire] Behold: The Spud of Christ
[Fox News] [sick] Canada proposes pictures of diseased lungs on cigarette packages
(Confessor) [strange] On-line confessional (The church doesnt much like this)
[Brunching] [amusing] Are you dead? Use this tool to find out.
[Washington Post] [amusing] Greek government wants to know just what the hell sea monkeys really are
(BeerWitch) [satire] The Beer Witch Project
(some guy) [strange] Slurpee page
(New York Times) [stupid] Barbie Personal Computer: Fashion Over Logic
(Reuters) [strange] Spanish Iceball Update: Elderly Woman Hit
(IMDB) [survey] Who should play Anakin in the next Star Wars movie?
[AintItCoolNews] [stupid] Ugh. Inspector Gadget 2 in production
[Excite] [amusing] Not sure who to apologize to? Apologize to everyone..
[Excite] [sick] Social workers save pet monkey... and fail to notice abused kid.
January 20, 2000:
[Washington Post] [stupid] Man dies trying to get a cat out of a tree
[Wired] [amusing] Hundreds of people running for US President on the net, including Fig Bar Man and other nutballs
[CNN] [interesting] New nutrition guidelines to include benefits of alcohol consumption
(TheConfessor) [sad] Praise the Lord!! Email your sins to God!
[Wired] [stupid] The latest in stupid consumer electronics: self-destructing DVDs
[CNN] [strange] More iceballs fall on Spain, scientists puzzled
[CNN] ["news"] Hootie and the Blowfish still around
[CNN] [interesting] Lunar eclipse tonight, expected to turn the moon red
(Reuters) [interesting] Male sex genes evolve more quickly, scientists say
(Yale Herald) [stupid] Penis grows out of control
(Reuters) [strange] Bid to snatch up crocodile's private parts
(Zug) [amusing] What if you could visit nerds of the past?
(Reuters) [interesting] Canada to add tobacco warnings for the illiterate.
(Salt Lake Tribune) [stupid] Corrections Officer stabs himself to get painkillers.
[ZDNet] [stupid] Notebook computers for a dollar! (they claimed it was an error)
[CNN] [amusing] Kick ass! A year when I've managed to not see any of the movies that ranked the 10 worst for the year.
(I saw both Ishtar and Leonard Part 6 in 1987) (I want everyone to know Joe wrote this, those two movies suck ass - Drew) (I was tricked into seeing them! - Joe)
January 19, 2000:
[CapAlert] [amusing] CAP didn't like Supernova either
(Reuters) [silly] Australian "Bad Bitch Challenge"
[LA Times] [interesting] Aliens or 'Stealth Blimp?' UFO sighting in Illinois
[CNN] [interesting] Mysterious stranger carries out annual Poe graveside tribute
[Brunching] [amusing] The Self-Made Critic reviews (ie, warns people from seeing) Supernova
(RPG.net) [amusing] Have a character in an RPG game who's been disgraced? The little known Suicide Table.
[Excite] [strange] Poor choices for young entrepeneurs: coke home delivery.
[Excite] [interesting] The future of housewares: report from the Chicago Housewares Show
[The Onion] [satire] "Important Christmas Lessons Already Forgotten"
[ABC News] [interesting] Maybe chicken little was right: Meteor explodes over Alaska
[Brunching] [amusing] a review of the Star Wars Lego figures ! And the secret of Boba Fett...
[ABC News] [misc] Franchise owners try to fight the Ben & Jerry's possible takeover
[Herald-Leader] [interesting] Most incompetent people do not know that they are incompetent
[The Onion] [satire] "Millenium Actually Starts in 2001, Terrorists Note" and "AOL acquires Time-Warner in largest-ever expenditure of pretend internet money (on the sidebar)
January 18, 2000:
[Brunching] [satire] What if other toys followed the Pokemon theory- Cute and they Kick Ass.
(APBNews) [sick] Death's cleaning service: someone's got to clean up crimescenes
[Herald-Leader] [amusing] Jobless construction worker rules region of African nation on visits
(Hour) [amusing] Collection of funny and weird sex-related news bits
[Excite] [interesting] Update to the story about the man hit by and almost dying from frozen human excrement: now they think its comet debris
(SelfDefenseNow) [strange] How to murder yourself (this may look familiar)
[CNN] [stupid] Must be that time of the year again: Maradona back in drug rehab. This time in Cuba.
(FadeToBlack) [satire] Ever wanted to start your own cult, but didn't have the time to research the scriptures? The Cult Construction Kit fixes that.
[The Onion] [satire] Who cares about the OSHA guidelines for making the home safe for office work? Making the home safe for women.
(APBnews.com) [stupid] LAPD wants to shut down lapd.org
[ABC News] [interesting] Food intolerance may be mental illness
[Washington Post] [strange] Britain reviewing 220-year old law against dancing on Sundays
[CNN] [interesting] Surf the net from a Stairmaster
[Scoop This] [amusing] Peanuts 2000
[USA Today] [stupid] Whitney Houston caught with 15.2 grams of marijuana at airport
(TheSpark) [amusing] The Death Test: find out when and how you will die by answering a few questions
(For those long-time readers, it's a repeat)
[CNN] [interesting] Bright red moon expected during Thursday eclipse
January 17, 2000:
[CapAlert] [strange] CAP reviews Any Given Sunday. The theme: nudity nudity nudity
[USA Today] [amusing] T-Rex to be auctioned on-line
(TechServer) [amusing] Laziness as an art form: microwaves who read the cooing instructions for you.
[BBC] [stupid] Man in court for trying to steal a police helicopter - that he didn't know how to fly
[Washington Post] [interesting] Tibetan monk goes on a quest for the Black Crown (made from the hair of female deities)
[Salon] [amusing] The geek horoscope
[Movie Juice] [amusing] Movie Juice reviews any Given Sunday
[Washington Post] [interesting] Milan Italy holds a no driving day
[Washington Post] [strange] Tibetans enthrone 2 year old as the reincarnated Reting Lama
[BBC] [stupid] Drunken pilot ejected from airliner
[Wired] [misc.] Research indicates roller coasters may cause blood clots in the brain
[CNN] [interesting] Blind man perceives objects with camera wired to brain
[CNN] [strange] Starving giant panda faints on Chinese farmer's doorstep
January 16, 2000:
(MLaw) [amusing] Stupid warning labels you probably didn't see.
(Stile Project) [amusing] Valid reasons to kill your friends.
[CNN] [sick] People sickened by geriatric nudes. (We're not just talking 'mature' here-- they're ancient)
[CNN] [strange] Stupid chase scenes in movies may actually have some basis in reality.
January 15, 2000:
(DetNews) [silly] Children mummify a chicken
[AintItCoolNews] [misc.] Leonardo DiCaprio admits he and George Lucas have been discussing his playing Anakin in Star Wars Episode 2

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