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(Houston Chronical) [amusing] Phonesex operator wins workman's comp case
(IrishTimes) [strange] Irish moneylenders charging up to 197% interest
[CNN] [stupid] Mayor urges people to bathe more. (to use up the water the city hoarded for Y2k)
[Excite] [strange] Little known office requirements -- making sure your therapy office isn't too close to an amusement park.
[Excite] [amusing] People upset about suntan commercial
[Washington Post] [amusing] Pakistani cleric calls for a holy war against India
[BBC] [stupid] Too sexy for your shirt? Your shirt may be too poisonous for you. Nike recalls tainted stock.
(Boston Phoenix) [silly] Seven gay ways to prepare for the new millennium
(Boston Phoenix) [stupid] A look back at the year ahead.
(Some Guy) [silly] Cow Cam
(some guy) [stupid] The rapture index: prophesying the end since 1993.
(some guy) [strange] The Devil and Amy Grant
[Wired] [amusing] Y2K alarmists asked where they went wrong
[MSNBC] [interesting] woman awakens from 16 year coma
January 6, 2000:
[CNN] [stupid] Arkansas county complains about 'DWI' license plates. (which reminds me of that chuch in the '666' exchange)
(SJ Mercury) [sick] Really, officer, I was just teaching the kid how to masterbate. (from Obscure Store)
[eBay] [strange] Radioactive childen's book
[Excite] [strange] Deadly Jellyfish Drink
[Washington Post] [interesting] Company has squirt guns that shoot glow in the dark ammo
(Cleveland) [stupid] Drunken party guy fires a nail into his head, and doesnt even notice
[Salon] [strange] Prepare early to celebrate the headless chicken
[Washington Post] [amusing] Hacker group forms a corporation with $10mil in venture capital
January 5, 2000:
(FishyNews) [amusing] This home comes with something sure to please the ladies
[Washington Post] [amusing] Cougar caught eating a dog
[Washington Post] [strange] St. Augusta Minn seeks to change it's name to Venture - has the governor's blessing
(a friend) [silly] demotivators for the year 2000!
[Yahoo] [stupid] 9 Year old boy pushed to the ground and handcuffed for not wearing a bicycle helmet
[The Onion] [satire] PETA commandos kill 49, save rabbit
[Excite] [stupid] The UK prepares for whenever Drew might next visit them. (satellites to track speeders)
[BBC] [stupid] Scottish family still hiding out from the Y2K bug
[Washington Post] [amusing] Woman says haunted house was too scary
[Excite] [sad] Most Mexicans cannot afford tequilla
[Washington Post] [amusing] French guy living in a cave has no idea what day it is
January 4, 2000:
[MSNBC] [stupid] Break out the Safety Yellow paint, OSHA's talking about employer responsiblity for work-at-home safety.
(Although, I could use a new chair for ergonomics, of course.)
[Fox News] [strange] Man robs post office in Italy by boxing himself up
[CNN] ["news"] Ted Turner and Jane Fonda are separating
[Herald-Leader] [amusing] Dead man trying to prove that he is still alive
[BBC] [misc.] Trees have killed 2 people in Nevada ski resort
[BBC] [strange] Leopard captured while lounging in a bathtub
[Excite] [strange] Parliament speaker asked to step down - after stealing some royal cow dung
[ABC News] [silly] There really is a Y2K bug
(Lycos) [sick] Woman has 200 pound tumor removed
[Excite] [amusing] Pokemon drivers license
[Excite] [interesting] Groups pushing for a standard time - Greenwich Net Time
[Washington Post] [interesting] The little red haired girl charlie Brown liked was a real person
(aquarium) [amusing] cool PC monitor fishtanks
[Excite] [interesting] Finally, a good reason to chew gum.
[Excite] [amusing] The top weirdest stories of 1999
(Coming Attractions) [interesting] Rumors surrounding Batman 5
(IGN) [stupid] Ever wonder where some of the stupid Pokémon come from? It seems they may be based on real people.
January 3, 2000:
[Excite] [amusing] Norwegians seem to have been a few days off with 'erotic week'
[Salon] [amusing] Salon has an interview with the person responsible for the Darwin Awards. They also have some of the past best
[Movie Juice] [amusing] Another confusing review from Movie Juice, as they review "Man on the Moon". It's worth reading just for the Dana Plato reference, though.
[CNN] [stupid] Ty announces it's not going to ax Beanie Babies. (no...really? it was just a lame publicity stunt)
[CNN] [sick] And you thought you were paranoid about y2k -- Prisoner sews eyes and lips shut for new year
[MSNBC] [stupid] DotComGuy makes more sense now...he'll be paid $196,584 for the year, if he stays in there. (and he owns the company doing this)
(DotComGuy) [stupid] Guy agrees to 'live off the internet' for 1 year.
(use the internet to buy a phone, then call your friends, have them bring you stuff... doesn't seem that hard)
December 31, 1999:
(98Rock) [silly] For those who like Dr. Demento, Wierd Al, etc: WIYY Baltimore is having a 'best twisted tune of the millenium'...and they have a feed from Broadcast.com
December 30, 1999:
[CNN] [interesting] Watch the new year roll in via webcam - all over the world
[MSNBC] [amusing] KY man 1900 years late paying his bills
(IMDB) [survey] Who played the best James Bond? (Sean Connery is in the lead. Surprise)
[BBC] [interesting] Nuclear-licious: Bacteria that can process nuclear waste.
(Nasa) [misc.] Astronomy picture of the day
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] Interview with the stunt coordinator for the movie Lord of the Rings
[Excite] [interesting] It seems that Y2K effects even Chimney Sweeps.
[Brunching] [amusing] The Self-Made Critic reviews 'Man on the Moon'
[BBC] [interesting] Holographic teachers
[BBC] [interesting] The sexual link between cats and humans. Get your minds outta the gutter.
[BBC] [strange] Beer Smuggling
[Excite] [stupid] Y2K credit card problems in the UK
(Inside Central Florida) [strange] Florida city lets people keep livestock for Y2K
[Washington Post] [amusing] Gun sales surge - people asking for a Y2K gun
[Excite] [amusing] Hacker turns police website into a site promoting marijuana
December 29, 1999:
(Courier-Journal) [amusing] Parents can exchange violent toys for teddy bears and other more mutilatable toys.
(Detroit News) [amusing] Pikachu doll may hold an easter egg. (from Obscure Store)
[Excite] [strange] Ohio teen to run for state legislature. (He'll hit the required age before the election)
[Yahoo] [misc.] Why smuggle explosives into the US, when you can just steal C4 that's already here?
[Salon] [amusing] The perfect journalistic assignment - get drunk and measure your hangover
[Washington Post] [amusing] Politicians gripe about hand-shaking
[Excite] [amusing] Porta-potty rentals way up for Y2K
[BBC] [interesting] The most important scientific discoveries of 1999
(IRCNews) [satire] 2 killed and others wounded over nickname length debates
(SexualRecords) [interesting] Informative website on sex: statistics, the law, etc.
(petsmart) [sappy] Pet Quilt
[BBC] [interesting] Taxing computer games to fund adult education (Don't worry guys, it's in the UK)
[BBC] [stupid] World's biggest rave canceled
[Excite] [misc.] Sheriff of Nottingham comes to Robin Hood's aid
[Excite] [strange] Man escapes fire only to freeze to death riding snowmobile naked
[Brunching] [amusing] Old People in 2050 (Are you one?)
[CapAlert] [amusing] Cap reviews Galaxy Quest (with lots of c-l-e-a-v-a-g-e)
December 28, 1999:
[Salon] [sick] For those of you paranoid people -- imagine if your testes were too large.
[Salon] [misc.] Only two days left to stock up on...hangover remedies.
[C|Net] [stupid] Who to blame for the last Hotmail outage? Some accountant at Microsoft.
[Excite] [stupid] Oh, suuuure....Now I have to buy a 'Big Kids meal' just to get more of the balls. (who was buying them for the toys?)
[ABC News] [silly] Labatt Beer - giving men another reason to stare straight ahead when using the urinals
[ABC News] [strange] Will sell organs for murder
[Excite] [amusing] An article making fun of the mullet [that hair style that won't go away.] (which one of my brothers has, and the other used to have)
(and for the record, I don't have one...my hair is a shorter version of this picture, taken 6 yrs ago.)
(Oregonian) [sad] Nice Santa killed in Christmas parade
[LA Times] [sad] A story on the poor Cuban boy who's become a political pawn
[LA Times] [amusing] Lewinsky to starr in diet commercial
(Daily Breeze) [silly] Horsing Around in Southern California
[CNN] [amusing] You want a piece of Santa?
(The Daily Telegraph) [strange] Couple saved in car crash by x-mas presents
[Excite] [strange] Corpse in Apartment goes unnoticed for 5 years
[Salon] [amusing] Live Lobsters - shipped fresh to you *shudder*
[Yahoo] [stupid] A rock. But it's special!
[LA Times] [silly] The apocalypse doesn't mean you can't eat in style...
[Yahoo] [stupid] Yousa buy disa card!
[Yahoo] [amusing] The Official Hello Kitty Vibrator
(Some guy) [interesting] Multilingual dictionary list
[BBC] [sick] Hospitals accused of taking organs from infants.
[BBC] [interesting] Save the birds! High tech kitty collar.
[Herald-Leader] [strange] Animal blood bank
December 27, 1999:
[BBC] [stupid] BYOF: Bring your own flashlight.
(Some guy) [stupid] The Tolkien Dictionary
[BBC] [silly] Top Christmas toy in the UK
(CurseFree) [amusing] Curse Free TV - linked from the guy at CapAlert
[Excite] [interesting] Hate your gift? Try a swap market!
[BBC] [interesting] Three Centuries, One man.
[BBC] [amusing] Weird tales of the ER
(Time Magazine) [ Time Magazine's Person of the Century
[Excite] [strange] No y2k problems with Tombstones
(The Straight Dope) [interesting] Deadly Salt Substitute
[Excite] [stupid] Eminem's mom suing him for 10 million dollars.
[Excite] [amusing] Awards for Dubious Achievement in Computing
(JSOnline) [stupid] The first known y2k injury-- man stored gas improperly. (from Obscure Store)
(Fark) [misc.] If things are like other years, submitted URLs will be sporatic 'till after christmas, as Drew, who handles it, will be stuck in Iowa, looking for Hallmark ornaments.
[Excite] [amusing] Egyptions who can't get it up may have problems on New Years Eve
[Brunching] [amusing] Ratings of the New Quarters
[Excite] [stupid] Man charged with 'propulsion of a missile' after tossing his Christmas tree out the window
[CapAlert] [amusing] Cap reviews Any Given Sunday
(NORAD) [interesting] NORAD tracking Santa across the skies...
[Excite] [amusing] Girl turns orange from drinking too much Sunny D
December 25, 1999:
(Santarchy) [amusing] A little something to get you into the Christmas spirit

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