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December 3, 1999:
(NASA) [interesting] Watch the pictures from Mars - LIVE (starts 3:37pm EST)
[InfoWorld] [interesting] Throw out your legacy IT systems and start over - Oracle is
[Washington Post] [sick] Woman gets videotaped buying gas, pouring it on child, then lighting him ablaze...
(MIT) [amusing] Story about 2 guys flying a kite - interactive to some extent
JokeWallpaper [amusing] Original MS humor pics. Check out the rest of the site. The author promises you will laugh at least once.
(Lycos) [interesting] Cell phones may impact long term memory
(Contest) [misc.] Contest - win $7,000 worth of prepared food
[Herald-Leader] [stupid] 10 year old goes to court for errant kickball
[ZDNet] [amusing] High tech ads that offend your mother
[Washington Post] [interesting] Expected salary ranges for recent graduates
[Excite] [strange] Students find the strangest places to study in quiet
[Excite] [amusing] Retiree blows his entire pension on a wild drunken party
[Washington Post] [amusing] Nazi Pokemon card
[BBC] [interesting] Stevie Wonder to get a cyber eye
[Excite] [interesting] European space agency is looking for volunteers to stay in bed for 30 days
[Salon] [interesting] Online music sales for independent artists are rare
[CNN] [interesting] Hints that the government might break up Microsoft: an investment firm is retained to determine the financial impact of such a move
[CNN] [misc.] Gadhafi apparently denounces terrorism (?)
(Brad the Game) [strange] Brad: The game. The increasingly weird game where you run Bradís lame yet increasingly weird life. (Strangely Addicting)
(Slate) [interesting] High Court Asks: Is Tobacco a Drug?
(BumperDumper) [strange] Bumper Dumper: the portable toilet
(OneWebPlace) [amusing] For sale: a date with Gary Coleman
December 2, 1999:
(Elmo) [strange] A cat's web page - Meow
(SomeGuy) [amusing] On-line Sanity Test
[BBC] [interesting] Seahenge is 4050 years old
[Excite] [strange] 'Mystery rock' crushes car
[Washington Post] [sad] Former Miss America now waiting tables
[AintItCoolNews] [interesting] The scoop on an upcoming TV series called 'Bruce Wayne'
(AltaVista) [strange] Woman resigns from school board after newspaper reports that she holds top executive position with a sex club
[Brunching] [amusing] The self-made Critic's Review of the movie End of Days.
[Excite] [amusing] Canada sells two destroyers for scrap, forgets to remove weapons
[Excite] [sick] Need a crunchy snack to go along with that beer, Grasshopper? (ugh)
[Excite] [amusing] Condom company reports people plan to have sex for new year's. (I never would have guessed it)
[CNN] [interesting] US and Russia open nuclear command centers to prevent Y2K mishaps
December 1, 1999:
[Brunching] [misc.] Have an answer when your friends ask: 'who died and left you king?'
(SJ Mercury) [sad] Apple to remove all easter eggs. (blah)
[GettingIt] [amusing] Possibilities as to why ugly (famous) men keep having beautiful daughters
[Excite] [amusing] Man robs bank with a hotdog
[Excite] [amusing] Marshmallow plant catches fire (ack! there might be a Peeps shortage!)
[Washington Post] [stupid] Police dog dies of meth overdose
(Corona) [intersting] Like Aint-it-cool-news. Lots of interesting information.
[LA Times] [silly] Bus one-liner bank ads to go away
[CNN] [strange] Metallica teams up with the San Francisco Symphony to release a compilation album
(SharperImage) [intersting] Truth detecting phones for less than $50
[Excite] [stupid] If you're going to protest against something, at least know what it looks like
(Loskene) [silly] Singalong with Captain James T. Kirk
[Washington Post] [intersting] T-Rex found in South Dakota
[Excite] [intersting] More information than you really want to know about Spam
[The Onion] [satire] Jesus 'really dreading' his next Birthday
[Washington Post] [strange] Skydivers to try to break records this month
[Excite] [strange] Vampire charged with murder
[Excite] [amusing] Banks won't allow Santa to come in - fearful of holdups
[Excite] [stupid] Man burned while operating a lawnmower in a snowstorm.
[CNN] [intersting] Last US military base in Panama closes
(NTSecurity) [stupid] FBI brings charges of treason against a man they know is doing nothing treasonous
November 30, 1999:
(Tie-Tanic) [amusing] Another silly spoof of Titannic and Star Wars
(NewScientist) [intersting] New Scientist on hangover cures
[AintItCoolNews] [intersting] Info on Blade 2 from a copy of the script
[CNN] [misc.] Bouncing mountain bikes can harm scrota
[CNN] [stupid] Convicted drunk driver doesn't like having to carry a judge-ordered sign reading "I am a convicted drunk driver and as a result I took a life."
[Excite] [sad] Today's word of advice -- don't piss off koala bears.
[Excite] [amusing] Parrot gets fired for forgetting lines (and telling people to 'piss off')
(ForteanTimes) [intersting] The history and myths of eclipses
(IrishTimes) [amusing] Mice disrupt Irish court system
(P45) [silly] Hammer of Scots - war joke
(P45) [silly] Kenny Cam! See Ireland's famous block of wood - refreshes every 10 minutes
[Excite] [intersting] The new Lego college aptitude test
[Washington Post] [intersting] Clinton declares war on hospitals - 98,000 Americans dying every year due to mistakes
[CapAlert] [silly] CAP reviews Joan of Arc, objects to Catholicism in the movie without knowing it
[CapAlert] [silly] CAP reviews Pokemon, has problems with the use of magic among other things
[CNN] [misc.] Kenyan woman to receive new trial for selling husband's cow
[Washington Post] [amusing] Hello Jose? God calling... Man struck by lightning when he answered a cell phone call
(eCampus) [amusing] Play 'Save the Goldfish'
(AltaVista) [amusing] Atheists may sue to remove 60 foot cross from hillside
(AltaVista) [amusing] Surfing pastor announces 'Board for the Lord' campaign
[Excite] [amusing] Tattoo man shows up for his own funeral
[ABC News] [strange] Starbucks sued over alleged crushed penis
[CNN] [stupid] Kenya calls aids a national disaster, but bans condoms
[CNN] [misc.] Medical errors kill tens of thousands annually
November 29, 1999:
(Contest) [misc.] Contest of the Day - win an amber necklace
(Millions) [amusing] Get a free $1,000,000 bill
[MSNBC] [intersting] The beginnings of nanotechnology
[Salon] [amusing] Making the Bible hip - new paperbacks coming out
(Next plan: "Catholicism: Wow!" campaign)
(UncleAl) [silly] The horror of Pastrami
[CNN] [intersting] Virtual High School opens in Kentucky
(JediNet) [amusing] Meet the Southpark Jedi Knights
(Karnak) [intersting] Build a personal library on-line
[Washington Post] [amusing] Man trapped in an ATM booth for 9 hours
[ZDNet] [intersting] An article on the current generation of Lego Mindstorms
[ZDNet] [strange] New Barbie and Hotwheels PCs
[eBay] [sick] For sale: Poop jewelry
(DaPage) [satire] Alien invaders from mars have been among us for centuries
(Disgruntled) [amusing] If the name doesn't say enough : 'The Business Magazine For People Who Work For A Living'
(Death By Curry) [intersting] Good eats: The Death by Curry page.
(Green Magazine) [amusing] Remember that guy trying to get a job at Maxim? He got an interview.
[Excite] [stupid] Man has house searched 300 times. Police still haven't found anything.
[Excite] [stupid] Japanese company tries to patent curry. (uh...yeah, right)
(JelloBoy) [strange] A very strange Thanksgiving history
(InternetNews) [intersting] Study: brand name doesn't drive e-commerce
[Excite] [stupid] Naked swordsman injures 9 in church attack (Doesnt he know the rules?? No holy ground!)
[Wired] [intersting] Tech companies give little to charity
[Wired] [silly] Wired Editor lashes out at annoying people claiming the millenium doesn't start til next year
November 28, 1999:
[InfoWorld] [intersting] A computerized wheelchair, one step closer to a mechanized suit
[BBC] [strange] Cop defaces organ to save church from naked swordsman
[GettingIt] [sick] Have too many Thanksgiving leftovers to know what to do with? Have you considered their use for sex?
(BeeBeard) [strange] BeeBeard.com. Just guess.
[AintItCoolNews] [amusing] Harry Knowles really hates Night of the Living Dead 30th Anniversary Edition
[CapAlert] [strange] CAP reviews Toy Story 2, almost likes it
[Wired] [intersting] Wired's list of fun xmas gifts
[CNN] [stupid] 11 year old leads police on 100mph car chase
[CNN] [intersting] More on food testing -- talk of a new steak grading system.
[CNN] [amusing] The USDA funds 'beer testing'
[CNN] [stupid] Lawyers still arguing on making legal documents easy to read.
November 27, 1999:
[CNN] [stupid] Some people are too stupid to be millionares.
November 26, 1999:
[Excite] [sick] Mother wins court battle to not have her son's penis trimmed.
[Excite] [amusing] Flight delayed because of smelly passenger.
(OnRamp) [amusing] Another old classic internet comic -- Virtual Reality. (best known for Godzilla vs. Barney)
(UNC) [amusing] As it's slow being a holiday weekend, here's an oldie but goodie -- The Dr. Fun page (back after a year absence)
November 25, 1999:
[The Onion] [satire] A few crafts for thanksgiving. (ps. it's satire)
November 24, 1999:
(VaderFor2000) [satire] Still unsure of who to vote for in 2000? It seems there's another third-party candidate running.
(Fuzzy) [misc.] Ever get one of those days when you can't remember the name of a cartoon? A list of all known voice actors and their parts throughout history.
[LA Times] [sad] Apparent triple murder-suicide in the San Fernando Valley
[Excite] [amusing] Where's the beaver? Darn college students to blame again
[Washington Post] [amusing] Mules escape - hit bus
[Excite] [stupid] Family calls 999 (equivalent of 911) because their TV broke. (get a life!)
(APC) [silly] Gus rants about porn films that shouldnt be made
(SpyCo) [intersting] Want to be like Bond? Get your spy stuff here
[Excite] [amusing] Turkey cooking ignited the house
[eBay] [amusing] A new year's date with Jimmy James
(AltaVista) [misc.] Oakland Raiders attacked by snowballs after Monday night's game
(Some Guy) [satire] Communist homepage
November 23, 1999:
(Wooly) [amusing] For those of you in the house market -- 3 story house with a 4 story basement (bomb shelter)
[CNN] [stupid] Bill Gates supports over population by vaccinating small children against disease, so they can die from malnutrition.
[Salon] [satire] A letter to Skywalker Ranch, asking to be in Episode 2. (maybe it's real, maybe not)
(ImplantInfo) [amusing] More on the breast implant front -- adjustable breast implants
(TheSun) [strange] Woman survives gun attack when bullet ricochets off her breast implants
(Weird) [amusing] Create a band name that the Wu Tang Clan hasn't already picked
(SuperPants) [amusing] On-line game - Whack a Nixon
[Movie Juice] [satire] MovieJuice review of Sleepy Hollow
[Excite] [stupid] Priest caught delivering cocaine... doing it to raise money for a daycare
[Scoop This] [amusing] Dusty the Fat, Bitter Cat is back with a review of Sleepy Hollow (and 5+ pages on wrestling)
(Mahir) [amusing] Mahir Central (I Kiss You!!!!!)
[eBay] [silly] For sale: pencil drawing of the I Kiss You guy
[eBay] [stupid] For sale: WallStreetAmerica.com for 1.5 million (this might be overpriced)
[Excite] [stupid] LAPD to begin licensing its logo for use in clothing, movies, etc.
(PBS) [intersting] Frontline looks at the book of Revelations (large site) (via RobotWisdom)
[CNN] [stupid] Man has 4 year old nephew drive him to the sheriff's office because he didn't have his license
M$-Monopoly.com [intersting] An online version of Microsoft Monopoly, the board game
[CNN] [stupid] Ohio preschooler brings loaded handgun to class
[CNN] [stupid] Kuwaiti parliment rejects rights for women.
November 22, 1999:
(AltaVista) [amusing] Caution: Phone sex may be more dangerous than you think.
(RiceBoy) [amusing] RiceBoyPage: an archive of photographs of what people will do to their non-fast cars to make them look fast
[Washington Post] [intersting] How can we get the old fogie drivers off the roads?
[Washington Post] [silly] People are stealing petrified wood from parks
[Excite] [amusing] The Freemasons have a website.
(CrazyGuy) [silly] The 'I kiss you' guy now has a portal
[Salon] [intersting] 2 pages of Jesse Jackson bashing
[Excite] [amusing] Poptarts turn 35
[Excite] [amusing] Playboy is suing the owner of the website playdog.com
[Washington Post] [strange] LAPD cop kills naked kid
[BBC] [intersting] Virtual science city created in England
[Excite] [intersting] Floating city to begin construction near Honduras
[Excite] [amusing] Heaven's Gate stuff auctioned off
[CNN] [intersting] College presidents make a lot of money
(DxpNet) [stupid] A review of Y2K: The Movie
(Some Guy) [satire] The millenium edition BMW
(Edwards) [intersting] Where Murphy's Law really came from
(SFExaminer) [strange] Chinese dentist builds tower out of 28,000 teeth
[CNN] [intersting] The best and worst of Fall Comdex
November 20, 1999:
(GreenMagazine) [silly] It either takes talent or balls to get a job these days...(from ObscureStore)

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