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[CNN] [stupid] Some people are too stupid to be millionares.
November 26, 1999:
[Excite] [sick] Mother wins court battle to not have her son's penis trimmed.
[Excite] [amusing] Flight delayed because of smelly passenger.
(OnRamp) [amusing] Another old classic internet comic -- Virtual Reality. (best known for Godzilla vs. Barney)
(UNC) [amusing] As it's slow being a holiday weekend, here's an oldie but goodie -- The Dr. Fun page (back after a year absence)
November 25, 1999:
[The Onion] [satire] A few crafts for thanksgiving. (ps. remember, it's satire, okay?)
November 24, 1999:
(VaderFor2000) [satire] Still unsure of who to vote for in 2000? It seems there's another third-party candidate running.
(Fuzzy) [misc.] Ever get one of those days when you can't remember the name of a cartoon? A list of all known voice actors and their parts throughout history.
[LA Times] [sad] Apparent triple murder-suicide in the San Fernando Valley
[Excite] [amusing] Where's the beaver? Darn college students to blame again
[Washington Post] [amusing] Mules escape - hit bus
[Excite] [stupid] Family calls 999 (equivalent of 911) because their TV broke. (get a life!)
(APC) [silly] Gus rants about porn films that shouldnt be made
(SpyCo) [intersting] Want to be like Bond? Get your spy stuff here
[Excite] [amusing] Turkey cooking ignited the house
[eBay] [amusing] A new year's date with Jimmy James
(AltaVista) [misc.] Oakland Raiders attacked by snowballs after Monday night's game
(Some Guy) [satire] Communist homepage
November 23, 1999:
(Wooly) [amusing] For those of you in the house market -- 3 story house with a 4 story basement (bomb shelter)
[CNN] [stupid] Bill Gates supports over population by vaccinating small children against disease, so they can die from malnutrition.
[Salon] [satire] A letter to Skywalker Ranch, asking to be in Episode 2. (maybe it's real, maybe not)
(ImplantInfo) [amusing] More on the breast implant front -- adjustable breast implants
(TheSun) [strange] Woman survives gun attack when bullet ricochets off her breast implants
(Weird) [amusing] Create a band name that the Wu Tang Clan hasn't already picked
(SuperPants) [amusing] On-line game - Whack a Nixon
[Movie Juice] [satire] MovieJuice review of Sleepy Hollow
[Excite] [stupid] Priest caught delivering cocaine... doing it to raise money for a daycare
[Scoop This] [amusing] Dusty the Fat, Bitter Cat is back with a review of Sleepy Hollow (and 5+ pages on wrestling)
(Mahir) [amusing] Mahir Central (I Kiss You!!!!!)
[eBay] [silly] For sale: pencil drawing of the I Kiss You guy
[eBay] [stupid] For sale: WallStreetAmerica.com for 1.5 million (this might be overpriced)
[Excite] [stupid] LAPD to begin licensing its logo for use in clothing, movies, etc.
(PBS) [intersting] Frontline looks at the book of Revelations (large site) (via RobotWisdom)
[CNN] [stupid] Man has 4 year old nephew drive him to the sheriff's office because he didn't have his license
M$-Monopoly.com [intersting] An online version of Microsoft Monopoly, the board game
[CNN] [stupid] Ohio preschooler brings loaded handgun to class
[CNN] [stupid] Kuwaiti parliment rejects rights for women.
November 22, 1999:
(AltaVista) [amusing] Caution: Phone sex may be more dangerous than you think.
(RiceBoy) [amusing] RiceBoyPage: an archive of photographs of what people will do to their non-fast cars to make them look fast
[Washington Post] [intersting] How can we get the old fogie drivers off the roads?
[Washington Post] [silly] People are stealing petrified wood from parks
[Excite] [amusing] The Freemasons have a website.
(CrazyGuy) [silly] The 'I kiss you' guy now has a portal
[Salon] [intersting] 2 pages of Jesse Jackson bashing
[Excite] [amusing] Poptarts turn 35
[Excite] [amusing] Playboy is suing the owner of the website playdog.com
[Washington Post] [strange] LAPD cop kills naked kid
[BBC] [intersting] Virtual science city created in England
[Excite] [intersting] Floating city to begin construction near Honduras
[Excite] [amusing] Heaven's Gate stuff auctioned off
[CNN] [intersting] College presidents make a lot of money
(DxpNet) [stupid] A review of Y2K: The Movie
(Some Guy) [satire] The millenium edition BMW
(Edwards) [intersting] Where Murphy's Law really came from
(SFExaminer) [strange] Chinese dentist builds tower out of 28,000 teeth
[CNN] [intersting] The best and worst of Fall Comdex
November 20, 1999:
(GreenMagazine) [silly] It either takes talent or balls to get a job these days...(from ObscureStore)
November 19, 1999:
(Miniprod) [amusing] How to keep your job through unmaintainable programming.
[Salon] [sick] A little on the history of crash tests.
[USA Today] [misc.] Bad manners on airplanes
[CNN] [stupid] Passage of the Omnibus spending bill in Congress halted by a debate on cheese
[CNN] [stupid] The latest in pet fashion. Wish we had a 'Very Stupid' descriptor
[CNN] [misc.] The Man still after Mayor Barry: FBI planned a bribery sting on him
[MSNBC] [intersting] No bucks for space programs
[BBC] [intersting] American youths are too ignorant to vote
[BBC] [intersting] World's smallest transistor
(Contest) [misc.] Contest of the Day - win a wine tasting vacation in France
(DogDoo) [sick] Want some dog crap delivered to someone you dont like? Click here!
[Excite] [strange] Salt Lake City's newest B&B - jail
[Washington Post] [amusing] Woman killed in terrible elephant crash
[Salon] [misc.] Salon review of the new Bond movie
[Washington Post] [strange] Spanish cops seize a million fake dolls
[Herald-Leader] [strange] Know your 10 commandments? All three versions??
[Excite] [intersting] Smartbomb your pain away
[BBC] [amusing] World Champion Liar
[BBC] [stupid] Beware of 'fake' champaigne
[Washington Post] [amusing] School has a raffle - top prize - guns! (oops)
(PhillyNews) [silly] Man joins music club and receives 22,260 CDs
[Excite] [amusing] Buy this shiny new paperclip for $400 and I'll throw in 2 tickets to the game - scalpers get creative
(chronicle) [strange] Woman programs a group of iMacs to pray to each other
[CNN] [misc.] Testing shows turkeys are safer this year than last (?)
(some guy) [silly] Dr. Who Ate My Balls
[Fox News] [stupid] U of Kansas player gets stuck in a Taco Bell drive-thru window
November 18, 1999:
(SomeGuy) [strange] Drunken Master's homepage
(JeffLindsay) [silly] Ninja Commercial Services Inc
(BitBoost) [amusing] New software to prevent your cat from walking on your keyboard (via RobotWisdom)
[Excite] [intersting] Strange inventions invade Brussels
[Excite] [amusing] Still no verdict in Pizza wars
[Herald-Leader] [intersting] Woman is 425 miles away from rowing across the Atlantic
(SunSentinel) [intersting] Kids go crazy over buffalo hotdogs
[ZDNet] [intersting] New internet marketing tool - Viral marketing
[Excite] [amusing] Israel's soccer team scores with hookers - gets shut out in soccer the next day
(Threshold) [amusing] The Pokemon Must Destroyed homepage
[Washington Post] [sad] Pastor defrocked for marrying 2 men
[Salon] [intersting] The case against matrimony
[Washington Post] [stupid] Bus driver gets out of his bus that is somehow located in a tiger pen - Killed
[Excite] [amusing] Guy steals $800,000 from Jimmy Swaggert (Divine Justice, I'd say)
[Excite] [amusing] FAA busting a pilot for swooping a 777 over his neighborhood
[CNN] [intersting] Major League Soccer getting rid of the shootout
(Purple) [stupid] Purple.com. The name says it all. Probably has a market cap of several hundred million.
November 17, 1999:
[CapAlert] [stupid] The moment we've all been waiting for: CAP reviews Dogma.
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice review of Denise Richards' breasts... I mean the new Bond movie
[BBC] [amusing] Scottish hangover cure becomes more famous
[Washington Post] [strange] Drug addict steals 50,000 bicycles in Amsterdam - time to crack down
[CNN] [intersting] Bear-instigated crimes plummet at Yellowstone
[CNN] [intersting] ABC dominates the Sweeps with Who Want to Be a Millionaire
(Junkyard) [misc.] Junkyard Willie. Expect to be offended.
(RentAPriest) [strange] Rent-a-priest. Also appears to be an association of married Catholic priests.
(Fissure) [amusing] An essay on how fast Santa would have to move to visit everyone. This has been around awhile.
(WavHounds) [silly] A downloadable fart machine
[Washington Post] [stupid] Rev Jesse Jackson arrested for 'felony mob action'
[Excite] [silly] Man attacked by deer
[Excite] [amusing] Sober Wisconsin football fan (???) streaks the length of the field
(FishyNews) [amusing] Handshaking - by Cow Splatter Bob
(HowStuffWorks) [intersting] Learn the art of verbal self-defense
(Contest) [misc.] Contest of the Day - win some pretzles
[Herald-Leader] [amusing] Aliens land in Kentucky - or maybe it was a meteor
[BBC] [intersting] Visitors build an Avatar at the Millennium Dome
[The Onion] [silly] Stain removal guide
[The Onion] [satire] Algae offers an IPO
[Washington Post] [intersting] Volcanos menace residents
(Enterprise) [strange] A website devoted to NASA conspiracies
(Psycho) [strange] PsychoSquirrels (this squirrel theme isn't my fault, they're all reader submissions)
(HaveABrew) [silly] HaveABrew.com
(Gerald) [amusing] Gerald Holmes' Why Micorsoft (sic) Rules My World homepage
(ScarySquirrel) [strange] Scary Squirrel World. Who has time to make a site like this?
(Slate) [misc.] Al Gore's visit to Microsoft, written by Al Gore.
(Pioneer) [strange] 3 middle school students suspended after assaulting other students with plastic knives.
November 16, 1999:
(DailyMail) [strange] Some sort of news about a lady making biscuits... I didn't get it
(BTF) [strange] An essay on how to drive drunk (perhaps essay is too strong a word)
[eBay] [strange] The Bionic Boy.
(Forum2000) [amusing] Advice from an AI
[CNN] [intersting] Leonids meteor shower to peak Nov 18th
[CNN] [amusing] FAA considers suspension for pilot who hotdogged in a 777
(SunTimes) [strange] Pokemon cruises!
[Excite] [strange] Hot Tubs are good medicine for diabetes (does my insurance cover that?)
[BBC] [intersting] Making black holes
[Washington Post] [intersting] Woman sends 19 kids to college. This is cool
(Oregonian) [silly] Man finds way to meet girls as a Victoria's Secret salesman
(Oregonian) [amusing] "Peek-a-Boo" fashion trend is a problem for Oregon school
(USMint) [intersting] Check out the proposed designs for the year 2000 quarters
(Spam) [silly] The Spam Haiku archive
(PowerOrange) [strange] Free sample of Power Orange - a cleaner that cuts right through asphalt (try some on your road!)
[Washington Post] [sick] Doctors remove 3rd leg from a girl
[LA Times] [sick] Doctor pushed collegue's car off cliff with her body inside
[Wired] [strange] Someone has put the home phone number of the Prime Minister of New Zealand on the net.
(HitnRun) [silly] The Jar-Jargonizer
(Y2KWomen) [strange] Y2K for Women (this site has a market cap of several billion no doubt)
(Some Guy) [amusing] Squirrel fishing
(Some Guy) [strange] A plea for all men to grow beards for New Years
November 15, 1999:
(About) [strange] A collection of strange net movies
[BBC] [intersting] Scientists create a neutron star. (stupid or interesting... hmmm)
[Excite] [strange] Mount Everest is 7 feet taller
[Excite] [strange] Ladybugs cause asthma attacks
[USA Today] [survey] Vote on the Alpha Geek of the millennium
[Washington Post] [amusing] People are fighting over "Kilt Standards"
[Scoop This] [amusing] Worst Band on the Net contest - by Dusty the fat bitter cat
(LinkPopularity) [intersting] Web popularity report for FARK
[BBC] [silly] UK town sending advertisements for special deals to aliens (the space kind)
[BBC] [amusing] New 'Rent a Granny' program in England
[Excite] [intersting] Space hotels within 20 years
[Excite] [strange] Shakespear in the toilet
[Salon] [silly] Why Microsoft really does suck
[Movie Juice] [amusing] MovieJuice review of Dogma
[Washington Post] [amusing] Indians warily watching Bush
[Excite] [strange] Guy kills 2 pizza delivery drivers (30 minutes or you are dead)
November 12, 1999:
(IKissYou) [amusing] I KISS YOU!!!!!! webpage is a hoax. Thousands of homely women distraught (not really, I just made that up)
(Cookbook) [strange] An astrological cookbook
[Fox News] [strange] The Pope to appear on phone calling cards
(DXP) [satire] Giant clam eats man
[CNN] [intersting] The Bible Belt has the worst divorce rate in the US
(Moo) [satire] Farmer teaches chicken to moo (at least I think this is satire)
[Excite] [intersting] The future of robotics
[Excite] [strange] Duke Nukem wannabe in Sao Paulo kills 3 people
(Afrosquad) [amusing] Afrosquad
(Horseballs) [amusing] Horse balls.
(SomeGuy) [intersting] Some black holes are pink
(RobotWisdom) [amusing] Microsoft is 14x bigger than Elvis
(Nutters) [intersting] The Mathematics of Monkeys and Shakespeare
November 11, 1999:
[Wired] [intersting] Giving birth may improve memory and learning capabilities in women.
(Contest) [misc.] Contest of the Day - win 25 pounds of chocolate
(SomeGuy) [silly] Cute Tarot cards - Hello Kitty
[eBay] [amusing] 1461 items dealing with Everquest despite it being frowned on by Sony
[Excite] [amusing] Guy shown how to work a metal detector, finds a horde of coins 2 minutes later
[Excite] [silly] Clinton wants to go out on a Harley.
[Salon] [amusing] It seems we weren't the only ones to be given the 'I Kiss You' website.
[Excite] [amusing] Thankfully, people are fighting for our rights to visit nudie bars.
[Salon] [amusing] Catholic Grandmother reviews Dogma
[Salon] [amusing] An explaination as to why you're having such a hard time picking up that chick with scars.
(Some Guy) [intersting] The grand list of overused science fiction cliches
(Some Guy) [strange] The Cletus Homepage
(IdahoNews) [sick] Raw sewage falling from the sky in Salt Lake City
(Misc) [strange] Heartless Bitches International
(Misc) [amusing] Bozo criminal of the day
(Dumblaws) [amusing] A website detailing dumb laws by region.
[Washington Post] [strange] An article on Japan's hi-tech toilets (2 weeks after Salon runs a similar article...coincidence?)
(Misc) [amusing] The toliet paper cannon
(BalloonHat) [strange] A website dedicated to hats made out of balloons
(YourMom) [silly] An archive of Your Momma jokes
(BiggestBra) [strange] Who has the biggest breasts in the world?
(Rubiks) [amusing] Online Rubiks Cube
(Game) [amusing] Net Trivia Game
(Game) [misc.] Udder insanity
November 10, 1999:
(ThisIsLondon) [sad] Girl's fear of dentist is well justified
(IrishTimes) [strange] Can cheese get the flu?? These people think so
[Excite] [sick] Florida DOT posts flashing sign "The cow is OK"
[BBC] [intersting] More faces on Stonehenge
[Washington Post] [amusing] Cuba unveils new cigars
[The Onion] [satire] New study too frightening to release
[LA Times] [amusing] A review of "Pokemon: The First Movie"
[LA Times] [stupid] In typical LA fashion, the horrifying winter storm took place over about 8 hours to drop about one inch (i.e. it drizzled the whole time)
[CNN] [intersting] Why is north considered 'up'? An atlas disagrees with the convention.
(if you don't like maps, ignore this one)
[LA Times] [silly] A funny column on Y2K doomsday stuff
[Yahoo] [amusing] Newsy article, but note the anti-American terrorists blowing up Japanese cars
[Excite] [stupid] Jail warden caught spying on conjugal visits...as he fell to his death.
(Geocities) [amusing] Topher's breakfast cereal character guide
(Tribune) [misc.] Chicago ends JROTC rifle training in schools
November 9, 1999:
(ThisIsLondon) [amusing] An article about "cyberslacking" - the stuff I'm doing right now
[Excite] [amusing] 'Hawkeye' Pierce wins a poll of British doctors as the fictional doctor they'd most like to be compared to.
[Excite] [strange] Where better to find killers (army recruits) than in prison?
[HealthSurfing] [intersting] Chocolate may be good for you.
(Oregonian) [stupid] VMI freshmen expelled for not realizing they aren't supposed to assault classmates
[CNN] [intersting] Air Force expresses concern that Leonid meteor shower may damage satellites.
[HealthSurfing] [intersting] 'Smart Clothes'. Not just wearable computers, but 5 day socks, too.
[Washington Post] [misc.] VA woman may keep her 104 cats
[CNN] [sick] Mother's dark secret found in closet tomb
[LA Times] [stupid] Teenage convict doesn't quite get the whole law-abiding thing yet
[LA Times] [silly] Escaped Inmate found hiding in clothes drier
[ZDNet] [satire] The secret of Pokemon
[CNN] [strange] Harvard school cafeterias plan on offering a meal around midnight for late studiers
(DPSInfo) [strange] Dead People Server: a net database to tell you if someone is dead or not
(Spain) [silly] The history of socks
(Grit) [strange] Looks like Grit is still being printed
November 8, 1999:
(Some Guy) [amusing] Some guy talking about how Yugoslavia kicked NATO's ass (for the conspiracy theory connoisseur)
[Yahoo] [intersting] How drinking can *help* your liver
[LA Times] [silly] A commentary on multitaskings
[CapAlert] [silly] CAP reviews Fight Club, thumbs down.
[CapAlert] [strange] CAP has to get a real job, lives 70 miles from a theater
[BBC] [intersting] New meteor shower possible November 11th
[Excite] [amusing] Ventura signs a deal to sell pork to Japan
[Excite] [amusing] Bus driver tapes a kid's mouth shut - gets reassigned
(Tribune) [misc.] Decatur high schools close after Jesse Jackson plans a protest over seven black students expelled for fighting.
(Salt Lake) [strange] Two girls suspended from high school in Salt Lake for kissing in the hallway
(Anchorage) [stupid] Places not to rob: hotels holding police conventions (from Obscure Store)
[Scoop This] [amusing] To liven up your day -- Pussy Rantz with Dusty the Fat Bitter Cat. (and yes, skip to page 3 if you don't care about wrestling)
[CNN] [stupid] Shots fired at ABC cameraman covering game
[eBay] [strange] 'Rare' dryer lint
[eBay] [strange] A worthless speck of lint
(St. Petersburg) [strange] Russian microbrewery launches beer called Windows 99
(Tribune) [misc.] School rifle teams in the wake of Columbine
[CNN] [stupid] Divorced couple forced to split up the beenie baby collection
November 6, 1999:
[CNN] [stupid] I'd just like to take this opportunity to remind everyone : A wife is there for the length of the marriage. An ex-wife is there forever.
November 5, 1999:
[Excite] [intersting] Where names came from
(Laughatorium) [silly] Jesus doesnt love everyone
[Washington Post] [intersting] Lions and leopards and hippos and Crocodiles.. Killed 43 people this year in Tanzania
(Radiskull) [strange] Visit the evil Radiskull
(JerusalemPost) [intersting] Are missiles a good defense?
(Webshots) [survey] Find your soulmate from a large database (2 minutes)
(DailyHerald) [amusing] Woman burned by popcorn
[CNN] [amusing] The 'Rare Glich Project' -- a parody of the Blair Witch, making fun of Microsoft
[Excite] [amusing] Amusing look at the future
[Herald-Leader] [stupid] Bank robbers in need of a getaway car call for a cab. Cabbie turns them in.
[Excite] [intersting] Scientists inciting fear of a Missouri quake again
(Renfest) [amusing] 12 step program to fight Renfest withdraw
(Misc) [satire] Microsoft releases a new keyboard
(The Lantern) [amusing] Women's rugby team suspended for posing topless outside the Lincoln Memorial
(Arkansas) [misc.] Boy accidentally hangs self in Halloween skit at party
(DailyPress) [stupid] Driver's Ed teacher gets a DUI
[Movie Juice] [silly] Compare the MoviewJuice review of "The Insider" to Salon, below
[Salon] [misc.] Salon review of "The Insider"
[Washington Post] [stupid] National Federation of the Blind is suing AOL because they can't use the software
[Washington Post] [stupid] NAACP pissed at WVA governor for quoting ML King
[Excite] [amusing] 3 Stooges are a cultural icon
[Excite] [sappy] Britsh soldier is reunited with a puppy he saved in Kosovo
November 4, 1999:
[CNN] [intersting] The next generation of the nifty robot vacuum cleaner is out, now with The Clapper attachment.
[CNN] [strange] Review of the latest release of Pong. I wish I were kidding.
(Phrenology) [intersting] Check out those bumps on your head - a History of phrenology
[The Onion] [satire] We accomplish nothing living in fear of Chuck Woolery
[CNN] [stupid] Kenya grapples with road made of radioactive materials
[Excite] [stupid] Wisconsin will allow you to trade your car for a dropping of solicitation charges - blackmail anyone??
[Salon] [intersting] Fun article about Japanese toilets
[CNN] [strange] Roster hitches 75 mile ride from Washington to Oregon
[Scoop This] [amusing] 7 year old reviews Fight club (big download)
(Daily Breeze) [amusing] A collection of weird little news tidbits
[LA Times] [silly] It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - at Disneyland at least
[LA Times] [intersting] A little girl's tragedy started the phenonemon of live news broadcasts
[Washington Post] [amusing] Too much 'whitey' on TV - NAACP to boycott television
[Washington Post] [silly] The newest scout group "Rovers" Canadien gay and lesbian scouts
[Excite] [sad] Will Murdoch do away with the page three girl? (a blow for breast lovers everywhere)
[Washington Post] [amusing] 7 dead and 10 wounded in Taxicab wars
[Excite] [sick] Man kills doctor and eats his liver
[CNN] [stupid] Man arrested for eating one peanut in a grocery store
[CNN] [intersting] Congress poised to allow satellite companies to offer local channels
(Some Guy) [strange] Some guy sent me a spam this morning about weight loss through Jesus, here is his site. Almost as good as "I Kiss you" from yesterday.
[eBay] [amusing] Remote control fart machine for sale
November 3, 1999:
[LA Times] [amusing] Female Con Ring mostly in custody after man gets suspicious about them flirting with him
(Daily Breeze) [intersting] Cops don't want to study alleged racial profiling
[LA Times] [stupid] How not to deal with someone you think called the cops on your party
[LA Times] [stupid] Man arrested for attempted murder of a trick-or-treater
[Washington Post] [amusing] 13 year old kid that went to jail for his scary story is out after 5 days
[Excite] [amusing] And today's excuse for crime: 'to prove we were special'.
(BostonPheonix) [strange] CRAPFEST: a public access show in Cambridge
[Wired] [strange] Some people enjoy living in converted jetliners
(Salt Lake Tribune) [amusing] Geologist says restrooms causing yosemite rock slides; It's 'crap,' says park service
(Some guy) [amusing] Some guy's page. Pretty funny.
[BBC] [intersting] More news on the Cyber Proffessor
[Washington Post] [strange] List of multiple killing in the workplace
[Excite] [stupid] 4 year old brings gun to school
[Excite] [strange] Paramedics rush child's toy to the hospital
(FARK) [strange] Ever wonder how people find this site? (for really strange/sick, find the 'aolsearch' section)
(Those searches work because there are a few domains pointing at this page, one of which used to be a porn site)
November 2, 1999:
[Scoop This] [amusing] ScoopThis gives us a plug, correctly identifies Joe as the one responsible for their site hits
[CNN] [strange] Read about a turtle farmer
[Excite] [amusing] Students throw 135 pumpkins off a building
(Baggage) [amusing] Where does all that unclaimed baggage from airports get sent? Its here - and for sale!
(Parks) [intersting] Old Faithful webcam - watch the geyser and save a trip to the park
(Contest) [misc.] Contest of the Day - win some cheese
[BBC] [intersting] Disney expanding to Hong Kong
[BBC] [intersting] Armageddeon in Antarctica - total annihilation when icebergs crash
(Useless) [amusing] Have a random factoid
[Washington Post] [amusing] Prisoners in Malasia now get to have mattresses. Whats next - cable TV??
[Excite] [strange] 13 year old goes to jail for doing his homework too well
[Excite] [intersting] Largest dinosaur remains found in Oklahoma
[BBC] [intersting] Robotic Slug slayer in the works
[BBC] [amusing] Kid killed by model airplane
[Washington Post] [sick] Wal-Mart pulls wrestler doll that carries a woman's head
[Washington Post] [intersting] Drunken boater gets 85 years in prison
(GettingIt) [satire] School violence curbed by the A-Team.
[Excite] [stupid] And the next scapegoat for wife beating -- Punch and Judy
[Excite] [stupid] Platform shoes claim yet another life.
[C|Net] [stupid] On the stupid patent front -- patenting a fix for the 'millenium bug' which many people have already used.
November 1, 1999:
(Oregonian) [stupid] Another school threat
[ABC News] [sick] Women get acid thrown at them for turning down sleazy men
[LA Times] [stupid] Piece of advice: Don't marry a convicted stalker
[LA Times] [misc.] Bad cop gets worse story
(Strange) [strange] Fill out a form and get some free catfood
[eBay] [silly] Someone selling DIRT from the Blair Witch movie
[eBay] [silly] Someone selling a brick supposedly in the Blair Witch movie
[Excite] [amusing] Jesse Ventura goes to Japan (lets hope he doesnt puke on someone)
[Excite] [amusing] Sam Adams to auction "Millenium Beer" (40 proof) - starting bids - $1,000
[BBC] [intersting] Islamic group has issued a decree that they will arrest and kill a guy for running a theatrical play depicting Jesus as gay
[BBC] [intersting] British Army to be nice to new recruits - Intelligence is more important than following orders
[Salon] [amusing] Where are all the cool white guys?
[Washington Post] [amusing] Thailand using microchips to track dogs
[Excite] [stupid] As other cartoons made into movies worked out so well... Curious George is next.
[Washington Post] [amusing] Baby bottles banned from the Pope's mass. (wonder if breast feeding is ok in church)
[Washington Post] [amusing] The Red Cross blames the fall of communism on its lack of new volunteers
[Excite] [amusing] 10,000 bees shut down a California pier
[Excite] [intersting] Gov. Bush almost got run over by a dump truck
(SW Stadium) [amusing] The Big Ass Beer Club
[Scoop This] [satire] An episode of Super Hero University
[intersting] Nick Park (Wallace & Grommit) has signed a deal with DreamWorks for 2 movies.
Note: original site is in German. The link will take you to babelfish with the form filed in
(Bill Parish) [intersting] A paper comparing Microsoft's practices with the S&L incident.
(Warning: it's long, and if you don't like finances, you'll think it really sucks)
[Excite] [silly] Dutch zoo is having problem with rival gangs...of elephants
October 30, 1999:
(TravLang) [strange] Incase you ever couldn't understand someone speaking Esperanto.
(Shirky) [amusing] Selling (human) eggs on the internet was a scam. (porno site who suckered NYT into giving them publicity)
[BBC] [intersting] Evolution of gender
October 29, 1999:
(OttawaCitizen) [stupid] Things not to do as a parent -- use your children for drug deliveries. (from Obscure Store)
[LA Times] [silly] The great bug debate
[CNN] [sick] Potentially the first spam-related killing. (why not to piss off people)
(Netscape) [misc.] Two women killed by lightning when their bras acted like conductors
[Scoop This] [amusing] Scoop This has a main PR page that is worth a look
October 28, 1999:
(Cartoon) [misc.] Y2K bug cartoon
(TimeMachine) [silly] Get your own Hyper Dimentional Resonator (Time machine)
[Excite] [silly] The drunk, the dog, and the DWI...
[Excite] [intersting] Utah road crews need to move a 500 ton boulder
[LA Times] [intersting] 94 year old covicted murderer claims he's sane again and wants release
[CNN] [intersting] San Francisco to vote next week on banning ATM fees
[CNN] [intersting] Dan Rather supeonaed in murder case
(Daily Breeze) [silly] For the discriminating Halloween costume connoisseur
[LA Times] [strange] A strange explanation of a death
[LA Times] [stupid] Transportation office messes up a permit - again
[CNN] [stupid] Vice-Chairman of anti-noise squad forced to resign after holding a party
[CNN] [strange] Man find gold flakes in a goose's stomach
[Excite] [strange] And the cause of death was determined to be -- wearing a bra.
[Excite] [strange] Ever have one of those days when a shoddy kilt just falls off as you're wearing it?
(Picture) [silly] It's a sad day on Sesame Street
[Excite] [stupid] Man holds up a bank with his disease
[Excite] [intersting] New technology - A coke machine that raises the price when it gets really hot outside
October 27, 1999:
(Backstage Pass) [misc.] Fox and others have realized their new lineups suck.
(am I the only one who looks at Harsh Realm as a Nowhere Man rip off?)
[LA Times] [silly] Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: this time it's real
[Yahoo] [intersting] Another story about how booze is good for you
[ABC News] [strange] Evolution of the scrotum
[LA Times] [stupid] Man faces hearing after allegedly runs down a cop and witnesses
[Wired] [stupid] Some idiot wants to tax the money in your pocket
[Washington Post] [amusing] Woman is trapped in her home for 3 days by her own dog
[LA Times] [silly] Guy talks about auctioned eggs, broke widows, and separated shock jocks
[AintItCoolNews] [misc.] Aint-It-Cool has an interview with Neil Gaimen, listing his current projects, incl. a movie version of Neverwhere.
[Excite] [amusing] Police to crack down on people driving 55 in the left lane
[Excite] [intersting] Robots play soccer at Yale
[Washington Post] [amusing] Doctor suspended for talking on a cell phone while operating on someone
[BBC] [amusing] Mr. Bean crashes his sportscar - gotta see him with the goatee
[Salon] [intersting] Salon review of Princess Mononoke (said to blow Star Wars out of the water)
[Scoop This] [amusing] Pussy Rantz with Dusty the fat bitter cat
[The Onion] [satire] National Funk Congress deadlocked on 'get up/get down' issue
(Contest) [misc.] Contest of the Day - win some shit (really)
[Washington Post] [strange] Man creates a charity and then kills himself
[Washington Post] [intersting] 3 more people beheaded in Saudi Arabia! (96 so far this year!)
[Excite] [amusing] Undertakers are complaining that they aren't getting as many clients
[Excite] [amusing] A herd of wild boar are terrorizing a small Polish town
(Slate) [strange] Review claims wizards are a metaphor for homosexuality in Harry Potter's books
[Excite] [stupid] Class project confused for a bomb
(SlashDot) [misc.] New Sandman story is coming out. (that comic that Neil Gaiman wrote)
(GlobeAndMail) [strange] Mashed Potatoes are good for memory.
October 26, 1999:
[CNN] [misc.] International space station moved to avoid space junk
(Liquor Fairy) [amusing] The Liquor Fairy
[MSNBC] [intersting] The Pentagon is having difficulty finding companies willing to work on its R&D projects
[Wired] [intersting] The NSA can intercept signals from your computer from across the street
[CNN] [strange] German hotel recreates Communist life
[CNN] [amusing] Israel cracking down on millenium nuts
(Bmug) [amusing] Comparing Microsoft Tech Support to the Psychic Friends Network
(Misc) [amusing] Mr T vs The World
[eBay] [misc.] 21st Century terrorist for sale
(NationalPost) [strange] Anti-circumcision lawsuit says 'no detail is too small'
October 25, 1999:
[Excite] [silly] Quake shakes Beaver area
[Excite] [amusing] A deer visits the post office in Ohio
(Coleco) [amusing] Play Frogger on the web
[eBay] [sick] Penis pasta for sale
[Excite] [stupid] Pizza Hut is suing Papa Johns
[Excite] [amusing] Harrison Ford crashes a helicopter (That landing part is tricky)
[USA Today] [strange] Want good looking kids? fetilize your own egg from a model
(Hunger) [strange] Donate food to the hungry - with a click of your mouse
[BBC] [stupid] Guy wants to go to hell quickly. Pours gas on a nun and sets her on fire.
[BBC] [strange] Man poured 200 gallons of slurry (liquified excrement) into a guy's house
(Contest) [misc.] Contest of the Day - win a hummer
(HotCoco) [stupid] Man being sued for 'Mooing' at his neighbor
[Excite] [amusing] Beer is on the way for troops in East Timor "Beer is our mothers' milk"
[Excite] [amusing] Man kills mother with James Bond pen
[Washington Post] [amusing] Fake cop pulls over a real cop in NYC. "He's going to jail."
October 22, 1999:
[AintItCoolNews] [intersting] Two new Batman movie scripts being considered: Batman Year One with Ben Affleck and Batman Beyond with Keanu Reeves
[Yahoo] [strange] Bob Knight accidentally shoots hunting partner, didn't have a licence either
(Independent) [sick] The Russians have trained dolphins to be kamakazes in naval warfare
[CNN] [misc.] Letterman's ratings are up
[ZDNet] [intersting] Movie buzz on the net driving Hollywood nuts
[Wired] [intersting] Aging is caused in part by mutating DNA
(Weird) [amusing] The Loyal Order of Stupid
(Contest) [misc.] Contest of the Day - win a skull
[Washington Post] [amusing] Russian authorities blow up a big pile of ammo
(Hunger) [strange] feed the poor with a click of your mouse
[CNN] [stupid] Southern Baptists target Hindus for salvation.
[CNN] [misc.] Marine Corps computers under attack from a worm virus
October 21, 1999:
[eBay] [strange] Everquest game character (level 50 wizard) - $5,100 (has bids!)
[Excite] [amusing] Coach Mike Ditka flips a $20,000 bird
[Excite] [intersting] Man goes to jail for "Identity Theft"
[Washington Post] [amusing] Pinky Tuscadero is on probation (Happy Days)
[Washington Post] [stupid] New Mexico man gets his 21st DWI
(HorseCookie) [strange] Yummy cookies - for horses
[Salon] [intersting] British prof has cyber implants and is working on a decker link
[Washington Post] [intersting] Greeks to rebuild the Colossus
[Washington Post] [amusing] Drunken elephants destroy village
[BBC] [strange] Lesbian bugs
(Blaster) [intersting] web based system to get ahold of anyone/everyone ARG
(NewsReal) [sick] Parents sell child on the Internet
[Wired] [amusing] 17 year old executive too young to attend Comdex
[CNN] [misc.] Man trapped in Rockefeller Center elevator for over 40 hours
[CNN] [intersting] Rare pilot whales released, can be tracked on the Internet
October 20, 1999:
[LA Times] [stupid] Teen slain after theft of plastic pumpkin
(Some Guy) [silly] Using Doom as a sysadmin interface (need to kill a process? Shoot it.)
(NewScientist) [misc.] Scientists discover a Viagra Gene
[Wired] [stupid] Account of the worst-ever keynote address
(CourtTV) [strange] Fire-spouting topless transexual gets jail time
(Evening Standard) [amusing] Robot cat banned from British Airways flight
(NYPost) [strange] Donald Trump getting behind on his alimony
(FARK) [satire] A failed Beanie Baby concept
[Wired] [stupid] Amazon.com launches two week long Crack the Code contest, code cracked in under two hours
[CNN] [misc.] George W. Bush's website hacked

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