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October 19, 1999:
(Daily Breeze) [intersting] Champagne "might" be in short supply - now alcohol might be something worthwhile to stockpile
[ABC News] [amusing] Oregon school bans students from shouting "Tequila!"
[LA Times] [strange] Man held for assault with a deadly weapon (canned goods)
[BBC] [strange] Thief finds himself unable to rob Pele
[ZDNet] [stupid] The FCC actually IS considering charging per minute fees to ISPs for net connections
(Lycos) [misc.] Microsoft accused of throwing a chess match (world vs Kasparov) by ignoring a non-losing move
[CapAlert] [amusing] On a whim I tried seeing what was at www.CRAPalert.com
[CNN] [misc.] Ryan White Foundation closing due to lack of funds
[CNN] [stupid] US Senate casts purely symbolic vote denouncing 'soft money' donations
[Wired] [intersting] Encyclopedia Britanica now online and free
[Wired] [strange] Funeral homes up in arms over availability of low priced caskets on the net
[CNN] [intersting] The top ten most-stolen cars. I'd like to see this compared to a list of the most common cars on the road and see how similar they are.
[CNN] [misc.] SUVs double in number in five years
October 18, 1999:
[CNN] [strange] US Navy to subcontract out boring jobs like swabbing the decks to attract better sailors
(Snopes) [strange] The Star Trek theme music actually had words. WARNING: site contains crappy music
(Whoa!) [amusing] Misc amusing stories
(Landoverbaptist) [satire] Lucas Creates Sex Candy Toys for Kids 2 and Up
[eBay] [silly] For sale: immortal soul
[BBC] [silly] British police and 100 members of the army have been unable to capture 9 cows
(Contest) [misc.] Contest of the Day - win a 'plague of locusts' waterdome
(Weird) [strange] Join the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
[eBay] [silly] Fart - stored in a ziplock bag - $10
[Excite] [strange] famous cellist leaves his $2.5 million cello in a cab
[Excite] [silly] U of Arizona has a new club - the Corndog Apreciation Society
[Salon] [amusing] How to cut down on software piracy. NOT!
[Salon] [stupid] You might get scored higher on the SAT if your parents don't make any money
[Herald-Leader] [stupid] University students getting hit with $25 fines for 'illegally parked' bicycles
[BBC] [intersting] Sky taxis in the near future?
[BBC] [intersting] Brits may combat 'super weed' with imported beetles (and what will they get to kill the beetles??)
[Washington Post] [amusing] Gigantic ferris wheel in London
[Washington Post] [amusing] Woman beats a shark to death
[Excite] [strange] Amsterdam railway playing classical music in an attempt to keep drug users away
(Oregonian) [silly] Young girls think that Barbie is a doll
[LA Times] [silly] A wise man gives food advice to students
[LA Times] [intersting] Earthquake story: Heather's first earthquake - whee!
[CapAlert] [strange] CAP reviews Three Kings, ranks 'Adult Underwear' on par with 'Baby's head exploding', deducts points for both
October 15, 1999:
(Bend Bulletin) [intersting] A brief history of Halloween and Jack'o'lanterns
[Yahoo] [strange] Marines jail wrong man for desertion
[ABC News] [stupid] Foreign tourists make up mugging stories
(Contest) [misc.] Contest of the Day - win a Fender Stratocaster guitar, or a "Got Dope?" t-shirt
[CNN] [silly] Principal asks local grocers not to sell eggs to minors during homecoming weekend
[CNN] [intersting] New research indicates that brain cells do regenerate after all
(Weird) [amusing] Dr Seuss banned book
[CNN] [misc.] Lawsuits begin to be filed against the Columbine school district, because of course it was all their fault somehow
[Washington Post] [intersting] 4 thieves in Afghanistan have their right hands cut off
[Washington Post] [intersting] Saudis behead 91st person this year
October 14, 1999:
(Oregonian) [stupid] Shelter turns down donated doll clothes since they are sexist
[LA Times] [sick] Woman fired after skipping work to avoid jail time for really messy house
[Excite] [amusing] More quality journalism-- Women's breasts (and some court case about disturbing the peace)
[Excite] [amusing] Student re-creates the 'General Lee'. (it could be worse... he could be a Star Trek fan)
[Excite] [stupid] It worked so well with tv/movies, they're bringing smell-o-vision type stuff to the internet.
[Wired] [stupid] Dumbasses at whatshappenin.com sue quepasa.com, claiming trademark infringement. (maybe if they win, they can buy that 'g' that they're missing)
(FARK) [misc.] Winner of the 'Not my job' award
[Salon] [amusing] Woman wins first ever man vs woman boxing match, article makes apologies for the man's performance
(Variety) [strange] Disney planning a Unabomber movie (via robotwisdom)
[CNN] [intersting] Mir space station leaking air, losing altitude.
October 13, 1999:
(IGN) [intersting] Rumors that Cartoon Network will spin off an anime/action channel. (and hopefully, they'll get Teknoman)
[CNN] [amusing] Political Halloween costumes are big this year (I'm sticking with my beer wench idea though)
[CNN] [intersting] Burglar encounters posse of angry neighbors
(BadAssMofo) [satire] Darth Maul does a Got Milk? ad
(Which looks rather familiar to one from RoughCut that we listed 2+ months ago)
[Yahoo] [misc.] U.S. dieters aren't doing a very good job of it
(Daily Breeze) [silly] Redondo Beach won the Lobsterfest war
[LA Times] [silly] San Francisco mayor delays plan to rid the streets of stolen shopping carts
[LA Times] [amusing] Houston and LA battle for smog title now that the NFL thing is over with
[Yahoo] [silly] Europeans are sitting ducks for Yankee birds
[AintItCoolNews] [intersting] Gregory Hines to be in Star Wars Episode 2?
[USA Today] [misc.] 8 year old uses Heimlich, saves principal's life
[The Onion] [satire] America reminded of beef's existence by bold new ad campaign
[The Onion] [satire] Newly unearthed time capsule just full of useless old crap
(AFL-CIO) [intersting] How much would you make if you had been a CEO since 1994?
(GoblerToys) [strange] Whipped Cream powered racecars
(GoblerToys) [sick] Wiener Works toy
[Excite] [strange] Man steals $15, spends 12 years hiding in a hole
(Some Guy) [strange] Dream date? (Who makes this stuff?)
(HonkyTonk) [sick] How to prepare the human body for consumtion
(NewsReal) [silly] Y2K glitch in Maine calls new cars and trucks in new titles 'horseless carriages'
(Picture) [strange] Todd Corbett is not happy with his name
October 12, 1999:
[eBay] [strange] Remote-control fart machine
[Wired] [intersting] Email steals AOL account passwords
(POLL) [survey] What's the best way to pass time in an airport?
[CNN] [intersting] Six billionth person born in Bosnia
[ZDNet] [intersting] Cyberporn: good thing or dangerous?
October 11, 1999:
(Assassin) [sick] Puff Daddy Punchout - Online game
(HamsterBlast) [silly] Hamster Blast (Shoot the dancing hamsters with your mouse)
[CNN] [strange] Nuclear weapons designer has an 'explosive' new way to tenderize meat
[Washington Post] [intersting] Earth Population to reach 6 billion on Tuesday
[CapAlert] [silly] CAP reviews American Beauty, hates it. Lists in detail why.
(2H) [misc.] The 15 second IQ test
(NewsReal) [silly] 12 life lessons learned from Malaysian TV
(NewsReal) [misc.] Playboy Mansion neighbors complain
[Excite] [sick] Man has a friend chop off his arm so he can collect dismemberment insurance
(FrogCam) [silly] Live Deformed Frog Cam
[ZDNet] [intersting] Cool new mouse feedback program
[Washington Post] [intersting] 18,000 US troops invade Egypt - 11 other nations bring troops too!
[Herald-Leader] [strange] Krogers test markets gasoline
(NewsReal) [amusing] Protest turns into barbeque
(Contest) [misc.] Contest of the Day - win maid service for a year
(NewsReal) [stupid] Unabomber tells magazine he is sane
[CNN] [stupid] Man killed over unpaid Beanie Baby debt
[Excite] [silly] Colorado woman is building a UFO watch tower
[Excite] [amusing] Taxi driver shot for splashing crap on another car
[Washington Post] [strange] Disgruntled pilot crashes his airplane
[Washington Post] [strange] Israel is keeping a close eye on "Christian Doomsday Groups"
[BBC] [amusing] What do Britney spears and Christina Aguilera have in common? They dig the mouse.
[Movie Juice] [amusing] Movie Juice review of Fight Club
(NewsReal) [misc.] Michael Jackson getting a divorce again
(CourierJournal) [stupid] The IRS wants $800,000 in tax for marijuana from an Indiana guy
[Excite] [strange] North Carolina wants $77,000,000 to buy sand
[Excite] [strange] Nobody wants to be mayor in Onida South Dakota
(JoeCartoon) [sick] Possibly the sickest, funniest cartoon since the 'many ways to kill the smiley' Macromedia app for the Mac.
Warning: if you like your job, you probably don't want to look at this while at work
(IArchitect) [amusing] The Interface Hall of Shame
October 8, 1999:
(CDealer) [amusing] Obviously, someone's just a little ticked off.
[LA Times] [stupid] Guy doesn't understand why he was arrested
(newsreal) [sick] Mayor to resign over puppy's death
[LA Times] [stupid] Guy doesn't understand why he was arrested
[LA Times] [silly] Robbers have a new fabric of choice
(CBS) [stupid] CBS's ratings must really suck these days -- $1mil to whoever can 'survive' on an island (imagine Robinson Caruso crossed with The Real World)
(Victorinox) [intersting] Victorinox releases 'cybertool' for people who repair computers (I'm guessing they took a hit from Leatherman, SOG & Gerber)
[Excite] [strange] Cat burglar creates trouble for its owner
(Misc) [stupid] Man eats own underwear to defeat breathalyzer test
(Well) [sick] Rectal Foreign Bodies: a webpage entirely devoted to hospital records of objects found in people's rectums
(Contest) [misc.] Contest of the Day - win a Virgin Island
(Weird) [amusing] How to make a mini airplane powered by flies
[Excite] [silly] Nothing happens in Iowa - Its been like this for over a week
[Washington Post] [stupid] 14 people die in a stampede to touch an evangelist
(Picayune) [stupid] Hey - you can play russian roulette safely! NOT!
[BBC] [intersting] News about the west Antarctic ice sheet and what might happen if it all melts/collapses
(Misc) [satire] An AOL error message
[Excite] [strange] Dried hallucinogenic mushrooms are illegal in Amsterdam. They must be fresh
[CNN] [strange] Dog's birthday party cited for being too large (20 people)
[Excite] [strange] French surgeon will transplant 2 hands onto a patient
[CNN] [intersting] Researchers warn licorice may suppress hormones
[CNN] [misc.] Donald Trump forms presidential exploratory committee, may run in 2000
(Misc Site) [silly] Hidden settings in MSWord 2000
October 7, 1999:
(Oregonian) [strange] Finding happiness in a bracelet
[Salon] [intersting] Is technology unplugging our minds?
[CNN] [amusing] ... represents phallic hardness vs feminine suppleness... (We're talking beer)
(ChicagoTribune) [strange] Cell phones will soon be banned at the gas pump. Someone is afraid they might cause an explosion
[CapAlert] [silly] CAP reviews Drive Me Crazy, objects to: punk dress and music , homosexual presence, necking (on school property), and my personal favorite: teen boy in teen girl's bedroom while she is in the bed
[LA Times] [silly] Knott's Scary Farm goes for hearse procession record
(Daily Breeze) [amusing] Redondo Beach has a new city flag to go with the city bird - the Goodyear Blimp
[LA Times] [strange] Family receives remains cremated two months before the family member died
[USA Today] [intersting] New TV gameshow - Survivor. Last man on the island wins
[LA Times] [silly] Suspected murderer may have acquired spit
[Wired] [strange] Scientists with nothing better to do hook a camera up to a cat's eyes and record what it sees
(Contest) [misc.] Contest of the Day - win a 12 year old bottle of scotch
(DenverPost) [intersting] Colorado police are selling assault weapons to the public
(DenverPost) [amusing] "You say tomato, I say fuck you" Bar owner allowed to post profane signs
[BBC] [intersting] New planet discovered
[Excite] [strange] We are dropping laser guided rocks on iraq
October 6, 1999:
(Oregonian) [stupid] Boy in blackface incident for senior photo shoot
(Oregonian) [intersting] Agriculture officials recommend you NOT eat sprouts
[LA Times] [misc.] Broncos do something to try and break out of their crappy ass season
[LA Times] [silly] Gore promises a "Rip Tootin' Campaign" (I just like the phrase "rip tootin", who cares about the rest)
[The Onion] [satire] Congress passes "America is #1" bill
[BBC] [sick] Oprah for President??? Just shoot me now
(SourGrapes) [satire] NRA proposes Student Gun Bill
(ChicagoTribune) [intersting] A good long article on dark chocolate
(US Mint) [amusing] If you turn the new 'Georgia' quarter upside down, it looks like a twig sticking out of someone's ass
[Excite] [intersting] Licorice decreases levels of testosterone
(Tootsie) [strange] How many licks does it REALLY take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?
(SORC) [amusing] The Society of Robotic Combat
(Oregonian) [stupid] School shooting survivor dies in hunting accident
[LA Times] [misc.] Farm holds a scarecrow contest
[LA Times] [stupid] Nevada town gets exactly what they asked for
[Yahoo] [silly] Female robber uses innovative technique
[Yahoo] [intersting] Crime ridden city turns to unique guards and dogs
[The Onion] [satire] The e-Toilet
[CNN] [sick] Son leaves dead mother in chair for five years
[eBay] [silly] Two-headed duck for sale
(Kenny) [strange] Keny Rogers gives up on chicken, opens an online casino
(PBS) [strange] Rate your top panhandler come ons
(Contest) [strange] Contest of the Day - win a half jar of gourmet alligator sticks
[CNN] [intersting] New Mexico Governor calls for the legalization of drugs
[BBC] [amusing] The Queen is ranked the 89th most powerful woman in Britain
[BBC] [strange] Real life Tarzan
October 5, 1999:
[eBay] [silly] Box of lint for sale (I have the high bid so far!)
(Contest) [misc.] Contest of the Day - win 500 pens
[CNN] [stupid] The word 'evolution' is removed from the KY school curriculum
[CNN] [stupid] Animal hospital opening celebrated with sacrifices
(Oregonian) [intersting] Grandparents try to claim custody from accused killer
[LA Times] [silly] Shoe collection for Mexican schoolchildren
[Wired] [stupid] The House of Representatives accidentally spams itself
[LA Times] [sick] Prison guards to stand trial in orchestrated rape case
(Despair) [satire] Demotivational posters
[eBay] [silly] Kiss for sale - funny terms!
[eBay] [silly] Human brain for sale - 'slightly used'
[Excite] [stupid] Robber picks the wrong man (police officer) to rob
[BBC] [strange] The UK is importing sperm. Lets start an export company!
[BBC] [intersting] Pope kicks child molesting priest out of the church
[Excite] [silly] Rastafarians and hippies are now allowed to visit the British Virgin Islands
[Excite] [silly] Japanese woman pays $15,000 for Y2K pills
[CNN] [intersting] The US almost went to war with North Korea in 1994
[MSNBC] [amusing] Federal anti-spam bill gains new supporters
October 4, 1999:
(Random Site) [silly] The Corporate Zodiac
(Brunching Shuttlecocks) [amusing] Someone wrote an article on CAPAlert. heh.
(BostonHerald) [silly] Funny bits of news
[Yahoo] [amusing] Faith may help mental illness patients (when their faith isn't mistaken for symptoms)
[LA Times] [stupid] 2 killed while changing tire (no picture with article, but they stopped right at the point of the triangle where lanes merge onto the freeway)
[LA Times] [intersting] Morning school traffic congestion
(Some Guy) [silly] A picture of a squirrel drinking beer
[LA Times] [intersting] Stalkers go to college
(Brunching Shuttlecocks) [satire] Is Your Child on Drugs? (a quick test to find out)
(POLL) [survey] Who is the most annoying pop singer today?
[Salon] [amusing] If you were reincarnated, what would you want to be? (a quick commentary on Jesse Ventura's Playboy interview)
[CapAlert] [strange] CAP reviews Jakob the Liar, marks off points for underwear
[CNN] [intersting] NASA photos show hole in ozone layer is shrinking slightly
[CNN] [intersting] 40 mile long iceberg nears Chilean waters
[CNN] [silly] Air Force uses a ferret to run some wiring
[Scoop This] [amusing] If Hollywood stars were wrestlers...
[Washington Post] [amusing] Terrorists in Greece bomb a McDonalds
[Movie Juice] [amusing] Movie Juice review of American Beauty
[Movie Juice] [amusing] Moviejuice review of Double Jeopardy
(NewsReal) [strange] Boy sent to Principal gets on plane, flies to St. Louis
[BBC] [amusing] Schwarzenegger might run for governor of california
(Stlnet) [stupid] Class drops restroom fee after parents complain
(Some guy) [silly] If Yoda did a milk ad
[BBC] [amusing] Over 99% of banknotes in London are 'tainted' with cocaine
[Excite] [amusing] Skeleton found in a chimney
[Excite] [stupid] Cell phone causes ramen accident
October 2, 1999:
(ScienceDaily) [intersting] Scientists have a working neural net (and by working this time, it actually does something useful)
October 1, 1999:
[LA Times] [amusing] Hollywood battle scene turns ugly (lawyers get involved)
[LA Times] [amusing] Anaheim lap dancers have successful appeal
[CNN] [sick] Hmm...Jack-in-the-Box + Washington State = more sick people. (but it's not e.coli this time)
[C|Net] [satire] Ebay sold for $1.25
[Washington Post] [amusing] Kid gets grounded for stealing a ride on an airplane
(MiamiHerald) [sick] Almost live execution photos posted in Florida
[CNN] [amusing] A crapload of new state laws went into effect today, so check before using a laser pointer.
[Excite] [amusing] If you have any horror stories about college life, here's your change to win some stuff.
[Excite] [amusing] Penn State Professor living in the dorms described as 'the guy with the bigger room'
(Improbable) [amusing] Improbable Research's 1999 Ig Nobel Winners
(Project Grizzly) [strange] Battle Armour! (Project Grizzly : Ursus Mark VI) only $150,000
[Excite] [strange] Online Traffic School.
(And as an extra service, for once this link goes stale, here are some of 'em: 1 2 3 4 5)
[Excite] [stupid] Job security tip #4 : If you work for Coke, don't let your boss see you drink a Pepsi.
[Excite] [stupid] Police decide that a vase of live ammunition doesn't qualify as a work of art.
[CNN] [intersting] As if those annoying 'wide mouth' cans weren't bad enough -- beer in plastic bottles.
[CNN] [amusing] More quailty reporting : New flavors/colors of peeps for other holidays.
September 30, 1999:
[eBay] [silly] Stripper's toenail clippings for sale
[CNN] [sick] University mortician caught selling body parts
[CNN] [stupid] NASA is to blame in the loss of the $125 million orbiter. They used metric and standard measuring systems together
(CharlotteObserver) [intersting] Police start using a web gun Hey Spiderman!
[Herald-Leader] [sick] Little bastards in Lexington are killing pets
[Excite] [stupid] Bad place to sleep #14 : in the defense attorney chair at a murder trial
[ZDNet] [amusing] Weird Site of the day -virtual bubble wrap - we had a link on the 23rd
[Excite] [stupid] Police Chief's son arrested for robbery
[Excite] [amusing] 'Dryer Rage' hits Iowa State University
[BBC] [intersting] An update from Pioneer 10 - 6.8 billion miles away
[BBC] [intersting] We will soon be able to surf the web while riding airplanes
[Excite] [amusing] Remote village demands relocation
[Excite] [amusing] Aussies spend more on pot than on wine
[Salon] [intersting] An article on QuickTime4 : is Apple making the same mistake Coke made with 'New Coke' ?
[CNN] [intersting] Online bidding for college tuition
[LA Times] [strange] Krispy Kreme opens a store in LA county
[Excite] [intersting] Need a way to tell the person behind you to stop tailgating?
(Damnit. I've been talking about building something like this for years, and someone beat me to it.)
[USA Today] [misc.] Gates now only owns 15% of Microsoft, still worth billions
[Herald-Leader] [strange] Former Girl Scout website is now a porn site
[CNN] [stupid] UN conference focuses on tea's health benefits. This is on the list not for what it's about, but for the fact that the UN is blowing cash to have a CONFERENCE about tea.
[CNN] [intersting] US - Russia hotline is being fixed, has Y2K problem
September 29, 1999:
(Pic) [amusing] Drunk kitty
[Yahoo] [intersting] Heading balls could cause brain damage
[Salon] [intersting] The CIA has their own venture capital company
[ABC News] [silly] Mr Earthquake is the sexiest man in Turkey
[CNN] [silly] Air kiss story, with a picture demonstrating how hideous you can look while giving an air kiss
[CNN] [intersting] America West airline pays fine for bumping blind woman and her dog
[LA Times] [amusing] Woman accepts plea bargain in trash can case
[Scoop This] [amusing] Pussy Rantz with Dusty the fat bitter cat
[Excite] [strange] Russia has asked us to give them 5 million tons of food
[Excite] [intersting] $4.3 million robofly
[CNN] [amusing] Can you install Linux? This guy had some problems
[CNN] [sick] Old guy has a fetish - getting limbs amputated
[Yahoo] [silly] Leader assuages fears of vodka shortage
[C|Net] [amusing] Matel sues Barbie porn site
[ZDNet] [stupid] Paranoid French will arrest anyone using a Macintosh iBook to access the net via wireless connection
[BBC] [intersting] Muhammed Ali's daughter gets ready for her first boxing match
[The Onion] [satire] Corruption in Bosnia government reveals existence of Bosnian government
[The Onion] [satire] Disgruntled ninja silently kills 12 co-workers
[Wired] [intersting] Some analysts feel Microsoft will lose its antitrust lawsuit
[CNN] [stupid] North Korea buys weapons despite famine
September 28, 1999:
[CNN] [misc.] 75% of all children are not proficient in writing ability
(Byte) [intersting] Biologist decouples IE from Win98, gets speed and performance boost
[CNN] [intersting] Iran discovers massive oil field worth over $100B
[ABC News] [sick] Guy claims to not remember shooting ex on her wedding day
[CNN] [intersting] St. Peter's cathedral's facade was not originally white
(Daily Breeze) [amusing] A better story about the airliner hitting the trucks
[LA Times] [amusing] French airliner crashes into 3 construction trucks
[LA Times] [strange] Murder Trial to begin in a bizarre case
[Excite] [strange] The next sporting event to not make it to the olympics : Bus driving.
[CNN] [silly] Monster Raving Looney Party to vote for a new leader.
[CNN] [misc.] It's Banned Book Week, so read something that uptight bastards don't want you to.
[CNN] [intersting] A report shows what common sense should have told you years ago... Earth is overpopulated.
[Excite] [amusing] Cryptozoologists blame UFO freaks for their not being taken serious.
[BBC] [sick] New York Mayor Guiliani trying to shut down 'sick' art exhibit
[CNN] [sick] Radioactive waste in Hartford tank rising like bread dough
September 27, 1999:
[eBay] [silly] Saltine crackers for sale on eBay
[BBC] [intersting] Experts warn that the bubonic plague could return to Europe
[Excite] [amusing] Kenyan chef was eaten by an alligator this weekend
[Excite] [amusing] Arsenic proves to be too spicy for Brazilian family
[Washington Post] [amusing] You'd think those Iraqis would learn not to shoot at our planes
[Movie Juice] [satire] MovieJuice reviews Three Kings
(eEggs.com) [amusing] The Easter Egg archive (as in hidding things in software, films etc, such as ETs in Star Wars)
(XVT) [intersting] Tour of an underground catacomb in Paris
(XVT) [intersting] Tour an underground missile silo
[CNN] [intersting] Tiger stadium to be torn down after this season
(Some Guy) [amusing] Odd 'For Dummies' links (via robotwisdom)
[Yahoo] [sick] Iranian hospitals have special cells where they detain patients who can't pay for service
[BBC] [silly] Police seize fake teletubbies
[Wired] [silly] Off-shore sports book opens line of betting on Y2K-related disasters
(Some Guy) [amusing] An archive of some of those emails getting passed around on the net
[CNN] [misc.] Patrick Buchanan insists his new book is not pro-hitler
[CNN] [silly] Dan Quayle dropping out of presidential race
September 25, 1999:
(Urban75) [amusing] Useless crap
[LA Times] [misc.] Most people who call in sick really aren't
[Yahoo] [stupid] Husband and wife decide to change sex
(Elvis) [amusing] The Church of Elvis (via Obscurestore)
(Boston Globe) [amusing] Steven King has acquired the van that hit him, plans to "take a sledgehammer and beat the hell out of it"
(HighSchool) [intersting] Find people you went to high school with
[USA Today] [strange] Russian Aeroflot planes too old to be affected by Y2K
[USA Today] [intersting] MCI to merge with Sprint?
[Washington Post] [misc.] Amazon.com not looking so good by the numbers
[ZDNet] [strange] 500 pounds of marijuana for sale on eBay
[CNN] [silly] Screaming parrot thwarts robbery
[CNN] [intersting] Fugitive stays on most wanted list for 18 years
September 24, 1999:
(Big Green) [amusing] Big Green Button 3 - Another way to burn brain cells, and waste time
(Urban75) [amusing] Who do you want to punch today?
(Duct Tape) [silly] Buy your own duct tape wallet
(eetimes) [misc.] Taiwan chipmakers without power
[Excite] [stupid] Nurses mistake Moby Dick reference for suicidial behavior, and force a teacher to undergo psychiatric evaluation.
September 23, 1999:
[Excite] [amusing] Students addicted to body modifications
(Reno) [sick] Navy Airmen charged with shooting cows
[BBC] [intersting] So much for interplanetary weather reports... we crashed the satellite
[Excite] [amusing] the Pope hangs out with Bono (U2) and wears shades
[Excite] [amusing] man accused of punching a horse goes to trial
(Weird) [amusing] Irritated? Go play with some bubble wrap
[Salon] [intersting] Most of what the popular media reported about the Columbine shootings turns out to be wrong
[Wired] [intersting] Stars just like our sun occasionally emit superflares that wipe out nearby planets
[CNN] [strange] Boston to ring in the new year at 7pm instead of midnight
[CNN] [intersting] NASA loses contact with Mars orbiter
September 22, 1999:
[CNN] [strange] Desert phone service
[CNN] [silly] Canine crooners
[BBC] [silly] Play the Blue Peter game
[BBC] [amusing] Iranian man lives in a French airport for 11 years
(JelloShots) [amusing] MmmMmmMmmm Jello Shots
(DenverPost) [amusing] Kindergarden kid rides his horse to school
(GolfAcademy) [amusing] Fix your golf game here...
[BBC] [silly] Compulsary math exams spark a walk out
[BBC] [intersting] Students worried about lack of sex
[The Onion] [satire] 79 percent of Americans missing the point entirely
[CapAlert] [silly] CAP reviews 'For the Love of the Game', finds it both touching and immoral
[BBC] [strange] Diana Ross arrested at Heathrow
(Boston Herald) [sick] Woman fakes ovarian cancer to raise $50k
[Yahoo] [amusing] Fat Californian slobs blame it on television.
[Yahoo] [stupid] New Jersey's head of Alcoholic Beverage Control arrested for DUI.
(About) [intersting] Long list of current hoaxes, urban legends, and rumors
[Washington Post] [amusing] Chicago wants to be the tallest city again
[CNN] [stupid] Pizza Hut tests charging delivery fees
September 21, 1999:
[LA Times] [misc.] High School Chemistry teacher plays in the majors
[Washington Post] [amusing] Trenchcoat doll (Columbine?) sales halted
(BeaconJournal) [amusing] Drunken Amish collides with police car - DUI
[CNN] [amusing] Floods don't dampen the wedding spirit
[CNN] [silly] The 1999 Miss'd America Pageant
[ABC News] [silly] Midwestern Tourist Attractions
[LA Times] [sick] Cadaver scandal at UC Irvine
[Excite] [strange] Who's a better investor... you, or your houseplants?
[Excite] [amusing] Ukranians find barrels of vodka, only to have the police sieze it.
(DFC) [amusing] The disfunctional family circus. This site is getting shut down which is a shame because it is truly hilarious
[CNN] [intersting] New thing for your car - side mounted flame throwers
(ThinkGeek) [intersting] Get your geek drugs here! Several flavors of intense caffeine
(Pictures) [strange] Visions of the underworld - Sydney's sewers
[BBC] [intersting] Our first interplanetary weather satellite goes up
[BBC] [intersting] Alcoholics get addictiondrug - makes it less fun to drink
[Salon] [amusing] The Donny Osmond Story
(National Bird) [satire] Wave of Evil sweeps across the US, brimstone clouds rain gun violence
September 20, 1999:
[CNN] [misc.] When is adult circumcision necessary?
(Picture) [amusing] A special surprise picture
(SegFault) [amusing] SegFault's guide to avoid babysitting.
[CNN] [silly] Israeli zoo uses a pair of gay vultures to raise vulture chicks
[Excite] [strange] Former porn star to lead anti-drug campaign.
[Excite] [amusing] With a sick sense of humor, big-ass iceberg is named 'Bob'.
[CNN] [stupid] Teen alcoholic sues school under the Americans with Disabilities Act to get reinstated to his high school baskeball team. Also feels entitled to 100k in damages
[Excite] [amusing] Research project compares the ethics of prison inmates to MBA students.
(Seti) [intersting] Seti At Home has logged nearly 80,000 YEARS of CPU time since May this year
[Excite] [sick] Homeless man set on fire
[CapAlert] [amusing] CAP reviews Blue Streak
[Excite] [silly] Mother of rapper sues her son for calling her a 'lawsuit-happy drug user' Go figure
(Seattle Times) [strange] Seattle woman loves her dog a little too much
(voiceone) [misc.] They call this Very Stupid Human Tricks but it's more like the Darwin Awards
(JMInc) [stupid] This company will allow you to transfer your mind into another body
September 19, 1999:
(Some guy) [amusing] The Gallery of Lawn Ornaments
[C|Net] [sick] Go Networks (Disney's) executve arrested for soliciting a minor.
(DavidChess) [strange] With the idea that most words in the dictionary are already in use for domain names, someone has a page which will generate a random set of links.
September 18, 1999:
(SJ Mercury) [stupid] It seems the ads by the 'Independant Institute' were being funded by Microsoft. No real surprise here.
September 17, 1999:
(Fark) [misc.] It seems there's a men's clothing line called 'Fark'. It's a little bit GQ/preppyish, but if you're into that...
[Excite] [strange] Nicaragua celebrates being a poor nation by having a state holiday and not working
[LA Times] [sick] LA Police Scandal
(Daily Breeze) [stupid] Sex assault suspect leads police on high speed chase
(Daily Breeze) [amusing] Baby born in the back seat
[Excite] [silly] North Dakota town tries to break its own record of 3,500 pounds of french fries in a day
[Excite] [sick] 'Organ Mafia' harvests from the dead in Turkey
[BBC] [intersting] More meteor scare news
[BBC] [misc.] Postman claims self defense after killing some yappy dog.
(Microsoft) [amusing] Microsoft tries to rally support for um.... well, who cares, but I like the fact that they have a quote from 'a visitor' dated 7 months before the announcement they created this site.
[Excite] [amusing] doctor catches hell over his billboard ad showing a nude woman
[BBC] [amusing] Mir to crash into the earth next summer
[BBC] [amusing] Prince Charles supports 'desperate' sheep farmers (I didn't make this up)
[Movie Juice] [amusing] 'For Love of the Game' movie review
[Washington Post] [amusing] Pope releases book on how to win God's favor
[Washington Post] [intersting] 79 beheadings by sword this year (up from 29 last year)
[CNN] [strange] Pigs need sunscreen to enjoy sex.
(Fortune) [amusing] "The biggest waste of time since MTV" -- trying to find MP3's.
[Salon] [amusing] The new Apple G4 stinks.
[Wired] [intersting] Vatican opens Y2K control center. They really need this one though
[CNN] [intersting] 1 in 10 Americans born somewhere else
[Excite] [misc.] EE/CompE professor/wanna be historian lives off ramen noodles.
September 16, 1999:
(Yipe) [silly] Virgin Mary appears in Florida, and you too can see it if you smoke enough crack
(Zug) [amusing] Classic prank from Zug: the Zug guys pretend to be female on AOL
[CNN] [misc.] Bob Barker hospitalized
[Wired] [intersting] US exporting tainted corn to Russia?
(POLL) [survey] Why do you bastards not answer my spiffy polls?
[LA Times] [strange] Man to stand trial in video game related slaying
[Excite] [intersting] 'Nintendo Warriors' may be the new soldiers in future wars
[Excite] [strange] Oxygen bar open in California
(Atlanta Journal) [stupid] Boy dies in driving lesson accident
[CNN] [intersting] Couple discovers a *lot* of money, they get to keep some of it
[CNN] [strange] Police search for amnesia victim's identity
(Daily Breeze) [sick] Teacher charged in porn photo case
[Yahoo] [amusing] Cow eats 4000 plastic bags
(National Bird) [satire] FBI blames Waco inferno on mysterious fat woman
(National Bird) [satire] Gay Friendly Textbook ('Humpty Rumpty And Friends') Stirs Community Backlash
[LA Times] [amusing] 'Only in LA' addresses parking
[LA Times] [stupid] Marine injured in firecracker incident
[Excite] [amusing] Beenie Baby collectors try to convince people that they're investors, and not obsessed.
(Gazette) [strange] Police bust bar owner over signs with the F word on them
(The Spark) [amusing] The Unintelligence Test
[CNN] [strange] Scientists grow decaf coffee bean
[CNN] [intersting] Starr wishes someone else had probed Lewinsky scandal
September 15, 1999:
(Daily Breeze) [sick] Cop convicted after cybersex sting
[Yahoo] [stupid] Man tries to rob a bank
[Washington Post] [intersting] NASA builds single person 'air-scooter'
[Yahoo] [amusing] Waste could fuel spaceships
(Pitas) [silly] Gross scout songs
(Pitas) [silly] Crazy Grandpa
[ABC News] [intersting] Scientists to create a black hole here on earth this coming November
[The Onion] [satire] T.A. spotted at bar
(Philly News) [stupid] Kids to pay for trashing home
[LA Times] [silly] UCLA football players busted in parking scandal
(Ireland.com) [amusing] More uses for Legos: volleyball.
[CNN] [silly] Strike inconveniences Atlantic City gamblers
[ABC News] [intersting] School traumatic stress disorder
[LA Times] [silly] Golfer scratches surface of moral outrage
[LA Times] [sick] Couple charged with beating death of Santa Claus
(ChicagoTribune) [amusing] Deli owner on a crusade against cell phones "Get OUT"
[CNN] [intersting] New Hotmail breach reported
[Excite] [sick] Iowa worried about lagoons of swine manure leaking.
[Washington Post] [strange] Man jailed for assaulting a pregnant woman and killing her fetus, abortion still ok
[BBC] [strange] Ever wonder why there's only two sexes? Me neither, but these people have.
September 14, 1999:
[Yahoo] [stupid] Welsh tourist injured in bizarre S. Africa accident
[CNN] [amusing] Tennessee groom gets hitched, then handcuffed
[LA Times] [silly] Thieves take catering truck to go
(CyberStreet) [silly] Mr Potato Head biography
(CookieRecipe) [misc.] Cookie of the day MMmmmmm
[CNN] [intersting] 100th anniversary of the first traffic fatality
(MammaSearch) [silly] Baby names - Fark (analysis)
[Scoop This] [silly] Superhero University - The Waffle House
(SeattleTimes) [intersting] Social Security sends out letters showing it has a little Y2K trouble
[Salon] [silly] Woman convicted of braiding, in Hair Police sting
[BBC] [amusing] 'Office Rage' strikes the UK
[BBC] [amusing] Glowing Potato
(Weird) [silly] Cows anonymous web ring
(POLL) [survey] What's wrong with America?
[CNN] [intersting] Apparently FARC is one of the largest rebel armies in Latin America
[Excite] [misc.] Serial killer stopped from selling his art
(Charlotte) [intersting] Hurricane Floyd: worst case scenario
(Arizona Central) [silly] Arizona man repeatedly attempts to pay parking ticket with pennies
Little known fact: pennies in quantities over 25 are not considered legal tender
[CNN] [misc.] Miss America Pageant to let divorcees, women who've had abortions compete
(Detroit Free Press) [amusing] Cheerleaders lose their coolness
[LA Times] [silly] Quotes from Disneyland tourists
[Yahoo] [silly] English Vicar dresses up as Darth Vader to attract more churchgoers
[Yahoo] [amusing] Couple caught making love in ATM Booth
[Excite] [misc.] Guatemalan presidential candidate may not have snorted coke, but he killed two people.
[Excite] [strange] 210lb BU stident can eat 8lb of food in one sitting (but can he do that with lamb fries?)
(Some guy's page) [strange] On a whim I did a websearch for Fark and found this.
(FARK) [silly] My own auto-generated Dave Barry column, made using the link below
(Some guy's page) [amusing] Do-it-yourself Dave Barry column generator
September 13, 1999:
[The Onion] [satire] Columbine Back to Normal
[Yahoo] [silly] States make millions by reducing bastards
[CNN] [misc.] Happy Hacking Keyboard review
[CNN] [strange] Try some imported ice cubes with your Evian
[CNN] [intersting] Surf the net from your car - as if cell phones were not a big enough traffic hazard
[LA Times] [strange] LA homeless shelter run like a fine restaurant
(Weird) [silly] Jerry Springer meets stick figure death animation
[CapAlert] [silly] Everyone's favorite conservative christian reviews Titanic
[Scoop This] [amusing] Pussy Rantz: 1999 MTV Music Awards
[Salon] [amusing] Machiavelli personality test - rate yourself
(National Post) [strange] Canadian soldiers can't pee straight, urine corrosion costing Canada millions
[Yahoo] [strange] Three Indonesian cultists beaten to death for failing to predict the end of the world
[Washington Post] [stupid] Baptists still trying to convert Jews
[LA Times] [misc.] Do sneakers on utility wire mark gang turf? Or is this just a bunch of crap
(Boston Globe) [intersting] US Army dumps NT as its webserver choice, switches to Mac
(Evening Standard) [strange] Wallet saves guard from bullet
[Wired] [intersting] Microsoft is developing a game console system
[Wired] [intersting] Australia plans to clone extinct tiger
[Yahoo] [amusing] Clinton nearly loses mother-in-law at the mall
(Florida State) [misc.] Pictures of beer under an optical microscope
September 12, 1999:
[CNN] [misc.] Man sells his company, gives $128M to loyal employees
[CNN] [intersting] KGB documents indicate that the Soviets planted rumors that the CIA killed Kenedy and that Hoover was gay, among other things
September 11, 1999:
[CNN] [strange] Oregon town sold for $3 million
[Yahoo] [strange] Blueberries are nature's Viagra
[LA Times] [amusing] Article on pickup lines
(Altavista) [strange] Boy takes picture of teachers car, gets barred from graduation.
September 10, 1999:
[USA Today] [intersting] Build a computer death ray for $500
(Seattle PI) [silly] Fire-spitting topless woman stops traffic in Seattle (better article, same story)
[Wired] [stupid] Company going public has no business history, no business plan, no employees, etc etc
[Yahoo] [stupid] Man, freed after mom's hunger strike, is jailed on an unrelated charge
[Yahoo] [strange] Gloucestershire airport using Tina Turner music to scare off birds
(Daily Breeze) [silly] Police shut down road to examine mysterious can, which turns out to be just a can
[Yahoo] [stupid] Man accidentally jailed for 19 extra years
[Yahoo] [amusing] Police arrested for speeding
[eBay] [amusing] Thermonuclear War Head for sale
[Wired] [intersting] Earth's oceans are slowly disappearing, and will be totally gone in 1B years
[CNN] [intersting] Dolly is not a 100% clone
[BBC] [silly] World's largest ferris wheel being raised today
(Projo) [stupid] Bloody Curious George lawn art prompts $1M lawsuit
(HoustonPress) [sick] 500 lb woman loves wearing bikinis
[BBC] [silly] Tomato has Islamic messages written on it

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