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September 16, 1999:
(Yipe) [silly] Virgin Mary appears in Florida, and you too can see it if you smoke enough crack
(Zug) [amusing] Classic prank from Zug: the Zug guys pretend to be female on AOL
[CNN] [misc.] Bob Barker hospitalized
[Wired] [intersting] US exporting tainted corn to Russia?
(POLL) [survey] Why do you bastards not answer my spiffy polls?
(LA Times) [strange] Man to stand trial in video game related slaying
[Excite] [intersting] 'Nintendo Warriors' may be the new soldiers in future wars
[Excite] [strange] Oxygen bar open in California
(Atlanta Journal) [stupid] Boy dies in driving lesson accident
[CNN] [intersting] Couple discovers a *lot* of money, they get to keep some of it
[CNN] [strange] Police search for amnesia victim's identity
(Daily Breeze) [sick] Teacher charged in porn photo case
[Yahoo] [amusing] Cow eats 4000 plastic bags
(National Bird) [satire] FBI blames Waco inferno on mysterious fat woman
(National Bird) [satire] Gay Friendly Textbook ('Humpty Rumpty And Friends') Stirs Community Backlash
(LA Times) [amusing] 'Only in LA' addresses parking
(LA Times) [stupid] Marine injured in firecracker incident
[Excite] [amusing] Beenie Baby collectors try to convince people that they're investors, and not obsessed.
(Gazette) [strange] Police bust bar owner over signs with the F word on them
(The Spark) [amusing] The Unintelligence Test
[CNN] [strange] Scientists grow decaf coffee bean
[CNN] [intersting] Starr wishes someone else had probed Lewinsky scandal
September 15, 1999:
(Daily Breeze) [sick] Cop convicted after cybersex sting
[Yahoo] [stupid] Man tries to rob a bank
[Washington Post] [intersting] NASA builds single person 'air-scooter'
[Yahoo] [amusing] Waste could fuel spaceships
(Pitas) [silly] Gross scout songs
(Pitas) [silly] Crazy Grandpa
(ABCNews) [intersting] Scientists to create a black hole here on earth this coming November
[The Onion] [satire] T.A. spotted at bar
(Philly News) [stupid] Kids to pay for trashing home
(LA Times) [silly] UCLA football players busted in parking scandal
(Ireland.com) [amusing] More uses for Legos: volleyball.
[CNN] [silly] Strike inconveniences Atlantic City gamblers
(ABC News) [intersting] School traumatic stress disorder
(LA Times) [silly] Golfer scratches surface of moral outrage
(LA Times) [sick] Couple charged with beating death of Santa Claus
(ChicagoTribune) [amusing] Deli owner on a crusade against cell phones "Get OUT"
[CNN] [intersting] New Hotmail breach reported
[Excite] [sick] Iowa worried about lagoons of swine manure leaking.
[Washington Post] [strange] Man jailed for assaulting a pregnant woman and killing her fetus, abortion still ok
[BBC] [strange] Ever wonder why there's only two sexes? Me neither, but these people have.
September 14, 1999:
[Yahoo] [stupid] Welsh tourist injured in bizarre S. Africa accident
[CNN] [amusing] Tennessee groom gets hitched, then handcuffed
(LA Times) [silly] Thieves take catering truck to go
(CyberStreet) [silly] Mr Potato Head biography
(CookieRecipe) [misc.] Cookie of the day MMmmmmm
[CNN] [intersting] 100th anniversary of the first traffic fatality
(MammaSearch) [silly] Baby names - Fark (analysis)
[Scoop This] [silly] Superhero University - The Waffle House
(SeattleTimes) [intersting] Social Security sends out letters showing it has a little Y2K trouble
[Salon] [silly] Woman convicted of braiding, in Hair Police sting
[BBC] [amusing] 'Office Rage' strikes the UK
[BBC] [amusing] Glowing Potato
(Weird) [silly] Cows anonymous web ring
(POLL) [survey] What's wrong with America?
[CNN] [intersting] Apparently FARC is one of the largest rebel armies in Latin America
[Excite] [misc.] Serial killer stopped from selling his art
(Charlotte) [intersting] Hurricane Floyd: worst case scenario
(Arizona Central) [silly] Arizona man repeatedly attempts to pay parking ticket with pennies
Little known fact: pennies in quantities over 25 are not considered legal tender
[CNN] [misc.] Miss America Pageant to let divorcees, women who've had abortions compete
(Detroit Free Press) [amusing] Cheerleaders lose their coolness
(LA Times) [silly] Quotes from Disneyland tourists
[Yahoo] [silly] English Vicar dresses up as Darth Vader to attract more churchgoers
[Yahoo] [amusing] Couple caught making love in ATM Booth
[Excite] [misc.] Guatemalan presidential candidate may not have snorted coke, but he killed two people.
[Excite] [strange] 210lb BU stident can eat 8lb of food in one sitting (but can he do that with lamb fries?)
(Some guy's page) [strange] On a whim I did a websearch for Fark and found this.
(FARK) [silly] My own auto-generated Dave Barry column, made using the link below
(Some guy's page) [amusing] Do-it-yourself Dave Barry column generator
September 13, 1999:
[The Onion] [satire] Columbine Back to Normal
[Yahoo] [silly] States make millions by reducing bastards
[CNN] [misc.] Happy Hacking Keyboard review
[CNN] [strange] Try some imported ice cubes with your Evian
[CNN] [intersting] Surf the net from your car - as if cell phones were not a big enough traffic hazard
(LATimes) [strange] LA homeless shelter run like a fine restaurant
(Weird) [silly] Jerry Springer meets stick figure death animation
[CapAlert] [silly] Everyone's favorite conservative christian reviews Titanic
[Scoop This] [amusing] Pussy Rantz: 1999 MTV Music Awards
[Salon] [amusing] Machiavelli personality test - rate yourself
(National Post) [strange] Canadian soldiers can't pee straight, urine corrosion costing Canada millions
[Yahoo] [strange] Three Indonesian cultists beaten to death for failing to predict the end of the world
[Washington Post] [stupid] Baptists still trying to convert Jews
(LATimes) [misc.] Do sneakers on utility wire mark gang turf? Or is this just a bunch of crap
(Boston Globe) [intersting] US Army dumps NT as its webserver choice, switches to Mac
(Evening Standard) [strange] Wallet saves guard from bullet
[Wired] [intersting] Microsoft is developing a game console system
[Wired] [intersting] Australia plans to clone extinct tiger
[Yahoo] [amusing] Clinton nearly loses mother-in-law at the mall
(Florida State) [misc.] Pictures of beer under an optical microscope
September 12, 1999:
[CNN] [misc.] Man sells his company, gives $128M to loyal employees
[CNN] [intersting] KGB documents indicate that the Soviets planted rumors that the CIA killed Kenedy and that Hoover was gay, among other things
September 11, 1999:
[CNN] [strange] Oregon town sold for $3 million
[Yahoo] [strange] Blueberries are nature's Viagra
(LATimes) [amusing] Article on pickup lines
(Altavista) [strange] Boy takes picture of teachers car, gets barred from graduation.
September 10, 1999:
[USA Today] [intersting] Build a computer death ray for $500
(Seattle PI) [silly] Fire-spitting topless woman stops traffic in Seattle (better article, same story)
[Wired] [stupid] Company going public has no business history, no business plan, no employees, etc etc
[Yahoo] [stupid] Man, freed after mom's hunger strike, is jailed on an unrelated charge
[Yahoo] [strange] Gloucestershire airport using Tina Turner music to scare off birds
(Daily Breeze) [silly] Police shut down road to examine mysterious can, which turns out to be just a can
[Yahoo] [stupid] Man accidentally jailed for 19 extra years
[Yahoo] [amusing] Police arrested for speeding
(eBay) [amusing] Thermonuclear War Head for sale
[Wired] [intersting] Earth's oceans are slowly disappearing, and will be totally gone in 1B years
[CNN] [intersting] Dolly is not a 100% clone
[BBC] [silly] World's largest ferris wheel being raised today
(Projo) [stupid] Bloody Curious George lawn art prompts $1M lawsuit
(HoustonPress) [sick] 500 lb woman loves wearing bikinis
[BBC] [silly] Tomato has Islamic messages written on it
September 9, 1999:
[CNN] [silly] Puerto Rico lawmaker lauds rival's toupee with special legislative resolution
[Yahoo] [intersting] Hasbro jealous of other's toys, and buys them.
(Webtender) [silly] The place Jeff comes up with those wacky drink names (Frog in a blender)
[Wired] [amusing] 9/9/99 comes and goes, no one notices.
(Fukkit) [satire] 5 year old 'karate kid' kills teacher (fatality)
(Fukkit) [satire] Drug using dog arrested
(Burkittsville) [satire] The witches of Burkittsville
(SandLot) [strange] Screw up your eyes with this one... I'm dizzy
(Learner) [intersting] The physics of rollercoasters
[BBC] [intersting] Scientists create a motor with only 78 atoms
[BBC] [amusing] Puff Daddy sentenced to a day long anger management seminar
[CNN] [amusing] Entertainment industry whines that they want a say in ICANN.
[Washington Post] [amusing] 5000 Islamic teenagers promise a jihad if america bombs them back into the stone age
[Excite] [intersting] U. New Mexico project uncovers roles of breasts in society
[Movie Juice] [satire] Movie review of Stigmata
(JSOnline) [silly] Ice cream containing booze debuts in Wisconsin
[C|Net] [intersting] Study: Cost of Windows 2000 seen high
[Wired] [strange] A new motor to stamp out polution, while causing global cooling
[CNN] [stupid] Dumbass jumps from roller coaster.
[Excite] [stupid] The first movie about Viagra
[Excite] [amusing] The coolest chair ever made (picture)
September 8, 1999:
[C|Net] [misc.] Possibilities that Sony's Playstation II won't make it out in time for Christmas. (I can hear the screams of gamers already)
[CNN] [intersting] Report shows chefs, waiters & bartenders most likely to be druggies.
(NewScientist) [strange] More on dust paranoia.
[Washington Post] [silly] Topless woman causes power outage!
[Herald-Leader] [sick] PETA launches assault against McDonalds
[Herald-Leader] [stupid] People are still locking their babies in cars while they shop
(Telepolis) [amusing] More paranoia: smart dust.
(E-Online) [amusing] Alec Guinness's opinions on Star Wars.
[Scoop This] [amusing] Dusty - the fat bitter cat: Pussy Rantz
[Yahoo] [intersting] Check out the new skycar!
[Washington Post] [stupid] Motley Crue members arrested for telling fans to attack a guard
[Washington Post] [strange] Israel can torture some prisoners
[Wired] [intersting] Mercedes pissed off that Jaguar added a new toy before them
[CNN] [intersting] Spying on kids at daycare. (so...how many pedophiles have signed up for this one?)
[Excite] [amusing] More serious journalism: Lap dancers win fight to dance completely naked.
(Zapitalism) [sick] "The gross but tasty food page"...um...I'll believe the first part, not the second.
(FishDot) [sick] Have you ever wondered where the new Furby babies are going to come from? This site has insight.
(The Butt Page) [sick] Various things that have been found in rectums.
[CNN] [intersting] Sleep disorders in children linked to television.
[CNN] [sick] More from the feces front : 6yr old girl found chain to bed, surrounded by feces.
September 7, 1999:
(iBrator) [satire] The iBrator
[Washington Post] [amusing] Police catch74 year old Rabbi smuggling drugs into prison
[MSNBC] [silly] A perfect game of Pac-Man (finished all 256 levels, never died)
[MSNBC] [intersting] Pac-Man turns 20
(SpaceBastards) [survey] Vote for your favorite caption of the day
[CNN] [misc.] AOL has indirectly set the price of advertising at $.55/year/customer.
(SpaceBastards) [survey] Pick the person that is "Most bloody asking for it"
[Yahoo] [amusing] Clinton has never seen a power drill
[Excite] [sick] Medical school teachers complain that they don't get enough corpses to practice on.
[Washington Post] [amusing] Godzilla returns to Japan
[USA Today] [amusing] The Pope can't go to Greece unless he says he is sorry for centuries of agression and arrogance
[ZDNet] [intersting] 40 richest under 40 people
[Herald-Leader] [stupid] Drunk dumbass - cut off at 6:20pm - runs over 12 people at WalMart
[Washington Post] [stupid] Israelis no longer allowed to torture prisoners
[Washington Post] [amusing] Record number of Japanese become old farts (over 100)
[Salon] [strange] Some scary stories about air rage, and other stupid things people on planes do.
[CNN] [sick] E. coli outbreak may be traced to cattle fecal matter.
[CNN] [intersting] Sierra Studios releases non-'shoot-em-up' police game.
[Excite] [amusing] Police sieze potato cannon.
[Excite] [amusing] Farting is good for your health.
[Salon] [strange] People who've had 'sexual relations' with the president set up web sites.
[AintItCoolNews] [misc.] For those who missed the Dogma (new Kevin Smith movie) trailer, Ain't-it-cool has a link.
[CNN] [sick] Noooo....they're re-releasing The Yellow Submarine.
[CNN] [amusing] The next Doogie Howser : 10 year old goes to college (probably to pick up co-eds)
[CNN] [silly] Man gets hand stuck in condom vending machine for four hours
September 6, 1999:
[CNN] [misc.] eBay says baby sales were hoaxes
[Excite] [sick] More quality journalism -- body modifications.
(E-Online) [stupid] Woman sues South Park, claiming her son Kenny is suffering psychologically.
[CNN] [intersting] Chips and french fries make up 1/3 of teens total vegetable intake
September 4, 1999:
[Herald-Leader] [misc.] Live grenades found in Ohio river
[CapAlert] [silly] CAP reviews 13th Warrior. He must be getting a lot of mail, because he includes a whole paragraph addressing 'ultra-liberal lovers of trash in entertainment who leave us hate mail.'
[Yahoo] [stupid] Psychic Hotline caller gets 30 days in jail, doesn't see it coming
September 3, 1999:
(FoodCourt) [satire] A few theories into the origin of Anakin Skywalker
[CNN] [amusing] The Art of Cell Phones. (a fashion report on cell phones)
[CNN] [sick] Beach now safe from fecal contamination.
[Film.com] [intersting] The MPAA and NC-17: what does it mean?
[Herald-Leader] [amusing] SC man sells urine
(ABCnews) [silly] An article on Jennifer Love Hewitts' boobs
(ABCnews) [stupid] If you played with this bear, you probably have rabies. Why the hell were you playing with this bear?
(Weird) [sick] Mike the Headless Chicken: his legend lives on *shudder*
[Washington Post] [amusing] Salon.com writer used to be a hooker
(eBay) [stupid] For sale on eBay: newborn baby boy
[ZDNet] [sick] Man arrested for trying to buy an 8 year old girl over the net
[Salon] [amusing] 10 stupid lists of all times
[Salon] [strange] Better sex through pubic polishing
[Wired] [strange] Steve Forbes snaps up 19 domain names that name Jeb Bush as his running mate
[BBC] [amusing] Man with loud cock ordered to get it up later - village protests
(Teeth-R-Us) [strange] For sale: Bubba Teeth
[Yahoo] [strange] Museum plagued with bats, Buddhists vow to kill all their fleas
[Yahoo] [stupid] Tons of US security documents accidentally faxed to chicken processing plant
(Cryptonym) [intersting] Microsoft has a backdoor in Windows, allowing the NSA easy access to your machine?
[Washington Post] [intersting] One of Jerry's kids gets some gene therapy
[Washington Post] [misc] 15 people injured on the new United Airlines 'turbulance' ride
(ChicagoTribune) [amusing] Tattoo artist beaten by angry customers over mistakes
(DenverPost) [strange] 103 year old lady evicted - cant take her cats with her
[BBC] [sick] 14 year old father has had sex with 10 other girls
(AZCentral) [stupid] School's "Tom Sawyer" play pulled as being 'too racist'
(LATimes) [amusing] Mental health worker charged with making $120,000 in calls to Psychic Hotline
(CentreDaily) [stupid] Woman charged with being drunk. 0.682%
[CNN] [strange] Having problems telling people that their breath reeks? Now there's help.
[CNN] [amusing] Vail resort in trouble for building a road. ($27.5k/day in fines)
[CNN] [sick] Gambling on people to die : viatical settlements (buying up life insurance policies)
(BostonGlobe) [intersting] How likely is working in a high-tech field to cripple you? An article on RSI.
[Excite] [strange] Illegal organ trafficking on eBay.
September 2, 1999:
(Another Universe) [intersting] DC comics has lost exclusive rights to Superman
[CNN] [amusing] Budweiser having problems in Europe. (besides being confused for water)
[Yahoo] [silly] Sweden in uproar over mislabed shampoo with red dye in it
(Currents) [misc.] NSA looking to hire hackers, offers free tuition in return for 5 years of service
(SeattleTimes) [amusing] Microsoft's dictionary is about as bug free any of their other products.
[Yahoo] [intersting] Texas scientists clone a steer from a piece of skin
[Excite] [amusing] Porn movie producton up 10% for the year.
[Excite] [amusing] Two youth ordered to not spit or urinate in public. (but what about everyone else?)
[Yahoo] [stupid] Army to demote retired dumbass general (for sleeping around)
[Yahoo] [stupid] Hackers claim they broke no laws because 'there was no notice on the sites declaring them off-limits'
[CapAlert] [strange] CAP reviews Dudley Doright, decries the use of flatulence in film
[Yahoo] [sick] Insects as a source of food for space exploration
[CNN] [stupid] Doctor punches 69 year-old woman in road rage incident
(Telebubby) [satire] Telebubby fun land. See telebubbies smoke crack, worship satan
[CNN] [intersting] Forget Y2K, worry about solar flares
[CNN] [amusing] Top US laser expert admits he has no PhD, resigns
[BBC] [amusing] Archbishop to boycott convention being hosted by druggie, non-gay-bashing priest.
September 1, 1999:
[Excite] [amusing] Man robs store of a penis enlargement device.
[Yahoo] [amusing] Pope asks for forgiveness
[Wired] Website doesn't pay its bills, ISP redirects it to dildo.com
[CapAlert] CAP reviews Mickey Blue Eyes
[Yahoo] Scientists create smart mice
[Excite] Retarded man found to have been not retarded, but suffering from drug side-effects for 24 years.
[CNN] Ty to stop making Beanie babies (this is probably just a marketting ploy)
[MSNBC] More cows invading Chicago
(Starbase-1) Star Trek food
[Washington Post] Ozone hole to grow to over 6 million square miles
(DetroitFreePress) 17 year old faces 90 days in jail if convicted of swearing
[Washington Post] Whistling is mandatory education in Gomera (Canary Islands)
[BBC] Hitch-hiker's guide to the internet
[BBC] Truckers have to stay in jail until cheaper plane tickets are available
(Solotrek) A personal flight machine
[Yahoo] Tired basketball player electrocuted while leaning on fence
[Yahoo] 'South Park' school in England changing its name to shed cartoon image
[ZDNet] Game company sued for piracy
[The Onion] Scientists discover gene for eating whole goddamn bag of chips
[Washington Post] Man saves girlfriend from Gator
[Washington Post] 78,000 Guess? shirts recalled
(JSOnline) Cat killer gets 21 years in prison
(Weird) Film review: Sheep Man
(Crank) Anti-Semitism in Star Trek
[CNN] Christie's to auction off a lot of space stuff
(eBay) Prosthetic leg with foot