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[CNN] Ty to stop making Beanie babies (this is probably just a marketting ploy)
[MSNBC] More cows invading Chicago
(Starbase-1) Star Trek food
[Washington Post] Ozone hole to grow to over 6 million square miles
(DetroitFreePress) 17 year old faces 90 days in jail if convicted of swearing
[Washington Post] Whistling is mandatory education in Gomera (Canary Islands)
[BBC] Hitch-hiker's guide to the internet
[BBC] Truckers have to stay in jail until cheaper plane tickets are available
(Solotrek) A personal flight machine
[Yahoo] Tired basketball player electrocuted while leaning on fence
[Yahoo] 'South Park' school in England changing its name to shed cartoon image
[ZDNet] Game company sued for piracy
[The Onion] Scientists discover gene for eating whole goddamn bag of chips
[Washington Post] Man saves girlfriend from Gator
[Washington Post] 78,000 Guess? shirts recalled
(JSOnline) Cat killer gets 21 years in prison
(Weird) Film review: Sheep Man
(Crank) Anti-Semitism in Star Trek
[CNN] Christie's to auction off a lot of space stuff
(eBay) Prosthetic leg with foot
August 31, 1999:
[Washington Post] Air passenger finds rat on her lap
[Washington Post] Welsh spokesman on language issues to learn to speak Welsh
(Salon) Why obsessive compulsive people should stay off the internet. (an article on 'affiliate programs')
[C|Net] Yet another Windows/IE bug found.
[Excite] Baylor U. so desperate for students, they're hounding 5-year olds.
[Excite] Police find over 1 ton of cocaine packed in fish
[Excite] New York City Mayor has to serve jury duty...over a $6mil lawsuit.
(Disasterium) The living almanac of disasters
[Washington Post] This century's top 10 ad jingles
[Washington Post] Man shot while attacking police with a hammer
August 30, 1999:
[CNN] Beer lowers heart attack risk
(PCWeak) Too much porn on the internet?
(SnootNews) Clinton announces HAQ IRAQ campaign
(SnootNews) Utah woman deletes the internet
(22online) Britain's House of Lords examined
[CNN] NFL Players' Union and NFL League secretly agreed to overlook positive drug tests
[CNN] Army recruitment at an all time low, some blame bad marketting
(Weird) Instant brain "pop"
[Washington Post] France is waist deep in garbage
[ZDNet] Porn site squeezed by juice maker (whitehouse.com)
[ZDNet] A good geek is hard to find
(MovieJuice) 13th Warrior review - sarcasm alert
[Washington Post] $18,900 of toilet paper stolen
[BBC] 26 year old grandmother 'stunned'
(Salon) Benson pushes for private space colonization
(NewPrayer.com) Has God been responding to your prayers? These people say they can help.
[C|Net] Finally! A portal for over the hill yuppies.
[CNN] Hack leaves hotmail.com wide open
(LaffADay.com) How to beat the drunk driving charge: have your pet drive your car home.
[CNN] All the benefits of wine, without getting drunk. It's about as useful as non-alcoholic beer.
[CNN] The Onion's predictions are coming true-- USA to join up with ABC/Disney?
[Excite] UK preschool changes name to ditch image associated with it.
[Excite] Ericsson finds who not to hire for PR.
August 29, 1999:
(Channel2000) 'Leatherman-type' tools cause death. (for dumbasses, atleast)
[Yahoo] Woman charged with stomping mice in porn video
[Yahoo] Bank emails a virus to its investors
August 28, 1999:
[CapAlert] CAP reviews Universal Soldier: The Return
August 27, 1999:
[USA Today] Dunkin Donuts buys its critic's website
[Excite] Ten year old boy conveys disapointment that his mother 'adopted' a female floor at the local college.
[BBC] Eric Cartman ranked #1 personality in a poll of 8 & 9 yr olds.
(Enquirer) Dog preapproved for credit cards
[Excite] If nothing else, atleast we seem normal after this : Porn actress convicted on animal cruelty charges.
[Excite] A history of ramen noodles.
(Salon) Are there human pheremones? (a great read, just for the one liners in it)
(Salon) Priceline.com's founder attempting to patent hundreds of things he wasn't the first to create.
(LawNewsNetwork) Article on internet gambling gets a few technicalities wrong, but shows possible troubles for ecommerce in general.
(BusinessWeek) Why 1st generation digital TVs suck ass.
[CNN] Man smacked at opera for loud candy wrapper, files suit
(Briarskin) The iBrator
August 26, 1999:
[CNN] Why mosquitos like your taste
[MSNBC] Mountain-sized polar wave
[BBC] First Americans were Australian
(SJMercury) Back to School special - Michelob Beer
[Washington Post] Lobster Cam!!
[Herald-Leader] Terrorists bomb Lexington KY theater
[Herald-Leader] US Senator helps harvest marijuana in KY
[BBC] Monty Python to reunite for 30th anniversary special
[Excite] Dumbass gets arrested for peeing in public...and gets arrested for bank robbery.
[CNN] A Taipei theme restaurant based on death
[Yahoo] Pee Police crack down in Finland
[Washington Post] Book review: Dr. Seuss Goes to War
(DilbertZone) Mission statement generator
(LATimes) Disney apologizes for "Black Hoe" giveaway
[BBC] Great white shark spotted off English coast
[Washington Post] Pope endorses cream cakes
[Washington Post] Barbie legs used to make fingers
(ScoopThis) Canadiens losing faith in hockey
[CNN] Record number of people squeeze into a mini
August 25, 1999:
[AintItCoolNews] Starship Troopers CGI TV series to start this Friday
[CapAlert] CAP reviews Detroit Rock City
[Film.com] Kids rate their favorite movies
[Yahoo] Scottish scientists to search for laziness gene (as soon as they can get around to it)
[Yahoo] Crime awareness activist gets mugged
(New Scientist) Scientists may be capable of making small black holes, which would destroy the planet
[CNN] Catnip drives off cockroaches better than insecticide
[CNN] Listening to Mozart does not increase your IQ
[The Onion] Man vows never to shop drunk on eBay again
August 24, 1999:
[Yahoo] 112 year-old man credits longetivity to lack of sex
[Yahoo] Michigan's 'Cussing Canoeist' Hit With $75 Fine
[Yahoo] Brit sends letter of compliment to train company, receives two letters of apology in return
[AintItCoolNews] Matrix 2 and 3 to be made back to back
(WheresGeorge) Track where your money goes once it leaves your wallet
[CNN] There is an economic theory that says that Greenspan will only raise rates if he has a large bag the day of the fed meeting
[CNN] Man moves 16,000 ton cruise ship with his teeth
August 23, 1999:
[Yahoo] Naked burglar found in tree
[Yahoo] Drunken cop crashes into Aztec temple
[MSNBC] Study identifies Internet addiction
[CNN] The New Madrid fault pops off a 3.1 quake
[Washington Post] Cocaine vaccinations
[USA Today] Kid friendly cities - a report card
(DeludedInformer) Old Dirty Bastard arrested yet again
(GlobeDaily) David Bowie to narrate dead cow art exhibit
(Fukkit) Bank robbers have sex during holdup
(BadOpinion) 'Tall' kitchen bags not tall enough
[CNN] Briton sets off across country on motorized toilet
[CNN] AOL is planning to start a TV channel
[Washington Post] Brits warned: Don't drink and fry
[Washington Post] Drop Zone ride drops kid to his death
(InsideDenver) Police break up Bong-a-thon
[CNN] Jesse Ventura does a little wrestlin over the weekend
[CNN] 3% of all US adults are either under police supervision or in jail
[Excite] Priest rips off catholic church. At least he's not sexually abusing young boys.
August 22, 1999:
[Washington Post] Police steal $12,000 from homeless man
[CapAlert] Review of The Thomas Crown Affair
[MSNBC] New Orleans schools intend to enforce the use of 'Yes sir' in schools
[CNN] Geena Davis fails to earn place on US women's olympic archery team
[CNN] Biographer says Carl Sagan drew inspiration from marijuana
[Herald-Leader] Woman Santa replaced by man sues Wal-Mart
August 21, 1999:
[CNN] Clinton wants access to your computer. (probably so he can store more porn)
August 20, 1999:
[Wired] Microsoft releases sexist spanish dictionary for MS Office.
(ScoopThis) Hundreds dead in Furby attack
(ButtCheek) FARK rip off site... "my left asscheek is a portal"
[Washington Post] Man attacks co-worker with radiation
[Washington Post] Girl dies after hairball removal
[Wired] Modern art has been defined -- and it includes a 20foot ass that shoots flames.
[CNN] The important things in life-- sports bras.
[CNN] And yet another cheery look at society-- 15year old gets life in prison for murdering next door neighboor.
[Excite] Food poisoner caught by carrier pigeon.
[Excite] Canadian woman loses argument that Bugs Bunny is sexist.
(Acme) AVW TorpOracular Network Divination System
(POLL) What is the best flavor of Gatoraide?
[CapAlert] CAP reviews Brokedown Palace
(UnionTrib) Man attacks burrito stand after being served bad burrito
(GodHatesFags) Godhatesfags.com is still re-pointed to Godlovesfags.com at this time. Although if they fix it you'll see the regular site
[CNN] Godhatesfags.com suffers a DNS hack, is repointed to Godlovesfags.com
[CNN] Bush says he has not used any illegal drugs in 25 years. Bush is 53.
(eBay) Virginity remover for sale
August 19, 1999:
(POLL) If civilization were to collapse on Dec 31st 1999, what do you think the most valuable commodity to stock up on right now would be?
[Yahoo] Free range yaks allowed to roam
(NoIdea) The history of hamsterdance.com
[Wired] Amazon.com sues Amazon.gr
[CapAlert] Cap reviews Bowfinger
[CNN] 10 year old runs up $44,000 in parking fines
(SJ Mercury) Crash courses in dating for geeks
(TheSmokingGun) A patent for a barcode on your arm, and more
August 18, 1999:
[Wired] Microsoft's secure audio format cracked in 2 days.
[CNN] Levis to put hottub in store. I was with them, right until the 'disposable underwear' bit.
(DetroitFreePress) Get a BS in BS! School offers car sales degree
(InsideDenver) Road worker crushed by asphalt roller
[Washington Post] Washington Munument has apparently grown nearly a half inch
[ZDNet] Results from Battle Bots
[Wired] Sony demos the new Playstation 2 (and still, no one has any screenshots from it...)
[Excite] Dog shoots man
[CNN] On-demand book printing. (a cool idea for niche books)
[CNN] Coke causes same effects as Olestra to the French. (but there, they pull the product, instead)
[Yahoo] Woman keeps corpse in her apartment for 2 years.
[Yahoo] How dumbasses reproduce : Woman to marry man who tried to kill her.
(InfoBeat) Giant iceberg invades shipping lanes
[Washington Post] Punk version of Japan's anthem is scrapped
August 17, 1999:
(DenverPost) Minister calls Pokemon 'sugar-coated instruments of the occult and evil'.
(JPeterman) JPeterman.com: everything must go
(Sun) Sun bashes MS for stealing their ideas.
(Telegraph) CIA releases report on UFOs. (so why wasn't this published in the US, first?)
[CNN] Moonies whine about Maryland 'cult' task force
[C|Net] Check your e-mail while pumping gas? Isn't this going a little too far?
(The Wax) The history of the bikini... sort of.
[Yahoo] SPCA report: Illegal immegrant should go home, but your dog can stay.
(The Wax) Are you sick of hearing about drunk driving? Here's a... unique perspective on the situation/
[CNN] How much will you owe the IRS this year? UPS owes $1.4bil.
[CNN] Ford builds a $1.5mil gas station for 1 car.
(Complain!com) Do you want to complain, but just don't have time to do it? Hire someone to do it for you!
(CalLaw) Dumbasses attempt to sue Microsoft.
(and they're from my dad's hometown!)
(salon) Dumbass Ticketmaster whines that people are linking to them.
(salon) Who should make a band's web site...the label, or the band?
August 16, 1999:
(Salon) Sega Dreamcast hype, the reason N64 & Playstation prices dropped
[C|Net] Nintendo drops the N64 price, 2 months after I bought mine.
[CapAlert] CAP reviews The Sixth Sense
[CNN] NBC tries to fix sagging ratings by a TV movie about y2k.
(Bizarre Mag) Even better article on insects, with cooking instructions and pictures.
(PioneerPlanet) Bugs... It's what's for dinner.
(HeraldLeader) Big Brother watching for troublemakers on the schoolbus
[CNN] Bubonic plague makes a comeback
[ZDNet] Why AOL and MS are fighting over IM. (insightful, but nothing really surprising)
(Mr. Showbiz) Absolutely nothing new about Star Wars, but it's still Star Wars
(NudeStickFigures) The ultimate in minimalist porno
[Yahoo] Drought is good for alcoholics, assuming they like wine.
[ZDNet] AOL loses case claiming a copyright on 'You've got mail'
(Hart Scientific) Just imagine if people wrote to a thermometer company, asking if their products were Y2k compliant. This would be the result.
(Salon) More news from the Olestra front. Caution: may contain discussion of anal leakage
[CNN] American saves Japan from terrifying animal attack.
(If it were a large green lizard, it'd be the plot for a Godzilla movie)
[CNN] Lawn faded from the drought? Spray paint it.
(FadeToBlack) Sing along with Louis Farrakhan
[Yahoo] Freaks in California try to get lawmakers to remove the word 'owner' in all laws regarding pets.
[Yahoo] As if corporations smearing their names all over sporting events isn't bad enough.... weddings?
August 15, 1999:
[CNN] Standup commedians try to find a time slot on TV.
[Wired] Rent your programs! (as you don't own them, technically, especially with that new law)
[C|Net] MCI blames problem on Lucent (even though it was an Ascend problem, whom Lucent had bought)
[C|Net] Iridium files for bankruptcy
[C|Net] MCI Worldcom network still not fixed after 8 days,
August 14, 1999:
[CapAlert] CAP has to go get a real job. What surprises me is that CAPAlert is a full time job (??!)
[CapAlert] CAP reviews Eyes Wide Shut. Just take a guess.
[Wired] Classic Gaming Expo '99
[Wired] Millions of protective glasses leftover from eclipse in Europe
[USA Today] A good article on tech stocks
[Yahoo] Identity thief impersonates a fugitive by mistake
(ScienceNews) Good hygene may reduce resistance to pathogens
(Jolt) New flavors of Jolt Cola
[Washington Post] David Letterman's ratings are in the crapper
[CNN] Warren Beatty considers a run for the White House
[CapAlert] CAP reviews Dick. Gets a little excited toward the end of the review. Special highlight Offense to God: a Peace Symbol
(Film.com) Commentary on the MPAA and its lack of consistency
(Film.com) New Battlestar Galactica theme song recording
August 13, 1999:
[CNN] Audiences getting motion sick watching Blair Witch
(POLL) Where's Waldo?
[Washington Post] Spiderman gets another 30 years in jail
[Washington Post] Mexicans can be immune to police pepper spray
[C|Net] Microsoft employee forges mail to AOL
[Washington Post] Mexican government trading food for dogs (what's in the food?)
[Yahoo] Fat man upset when told to buy two plane tickets for his large ass
[Washington Post] US Navy prepared to kick someone's ass near Taiwan
[Washington Post] Beer douses fire in Czech pub
[Washington Post] Hong Kong authorities free Sea Goddess avatar
[CNN] Insomniacs don't get as addicted to crack
(SJ Mercury) Warfare in the 21st Century
[Yahoo] Street performers protest unfair rules (you know how unruly mimes can get)
[Yahoo] The concequences of table dancing
(UPSide.com) Printing stamps
[C|Net] Y2k paranoia, or nuclear arms activists?
[CNN] Why gas prices jumped a dime yesterday
August 12, 1999:
[CNN] Police scour Denmark for stolen tadpoles
[USA Today] RedHat Linux IPO does well
[Washington Post] Nun arrested for racist graphitti
[Washington Post] Bulletproof police dogs
(lileks.com) Effects of celery on elastic.
[ZDNet] The Billboard Liberation Front strikes!
(BostonGlobe) Woman jailed for cursing on an airplane
(JSOnline) "Wife Beater" is apparently not a good wrestling name
(Salon) Are you an innie or an outie?
(Salon) McDonalds Burger Machine (If only it had Max Headroom's head)
[CNN] Cosmonaut spit flavored yogurt
(POLL) What would be a good sign to add to the Zodiac
August 11, 1999:
[C|Net] Superstores having trouble making a profit (boo hoo)
[MSNBC] Kansas Board of Education rejects evolution as a scientific theory
(Telegraph) Man beaten to death for having a cell phone with an annoying ring
[C|Net] IBM is using Deep Blue's brother to predict the weather
[Yahoo] Controvertial plans to build a phallic statue in Recife, Brazil leads to death threats from local mayor
[Yahoo] Public toilet sells for $121,900 at auction
[Yahoo] Trying to do for prunes what George Washington Carver did to peanuts.
[Wired] More on Curse Free TV, the box that censors your TV
[CNN] Man wakes up in morgue
(eBay) Prosthetic glass eye for sale on eBay
(CloneAid) Clone yourself, only $200,000
[The Onion] Christ 'Categorically Denies' speaking to Lutheran College Administrator
(POLL) What do you think is causing this horrible heat wave
[MSNBC] MCI-Worldcom registers filthymonkey.com
August 10, 1999:
[USA Today] Pig saves Cow from a fire by punching a hole in a barn wall with its ass. 'Spammy' might not go for bacon afterall.
(Salon) Visit with the Surf Rabbi
(HeraldLeader) 75 year old giant comes back to "give peas a chance"
[CNN] Take a walk through a real maze
(POLL) Why is the person who writes the movie reviews for CAPAlert the way they are?
[USA Today] Comparing the Internet stock boom to the 19th century railroad stock boom
[CapAlert] CAPAlert reviews Mystery Men, doesn't like it (no surprise)
(NYPost) 'The fat chick' from Wilson Phillips is broadcasting her gastric bypass live on the net
(X10) Control your home from your PC. At first the layout of the webpage made me think this was The Clapper
[Wired] MP3.com is not selling many CDs for unsigned artists
August 9, 1999:
(POLL) This is a test of a new polling feature. Did it work?
[CNN] Phone book company accidentally misprints the White House's web address, redirecting people to a porn site
(HighCotton) Doormat Caution Warning
[Yahoo] The Southern Party in North Carolina seeks to have the South secede from the Union again
[Wired] Viagra prevents flowers from wilting
(LochNess) Loch Ness Monster cam
(Dumpster) Virtual dumpster diving
(VirtualCrack) Send Virtual Crack to all your friends!
(Rinkworks) Transform any webpage into a given dialect (i.e. redneck or Elmer Fudd)
(JSOnline) Milwaukee man assures his family he is not really dead
[ZDNet] BattleBots! Live on TV
[CapAlert] Conservative christiam reviews Iron Giant
August 8, 1999:
(Google) You get some interesting links when you search for 'crappy ass site' on google.com
[Yahoo] Comparing the 'crack me' contests between Linux and Win2000
(TrekToday) Star Trek: Voyager wants to have several WWF Superstars do guest appearances
[MSNBC] Scientists discover a genetic flaw that causes narcolepsy
[Wired] A transmitter that will display DVD movies on your TV from your computer. Wireless too. And Cheap.
[CNN] World's oldest goldfish dead at 43
[CNN] Procter & Gamble cuts price of Folgers. When CNN covers this, you _know_ nothing is happening in the news
[CapAlert] Conservative christian reviews Runaway Bride
(CurseFreeTV) CurseFreeTV. A little set-top box that claims to be able to filter out cursing. I found this little gem on CAPAlert, our Christian movie reviewer
(NewTimesLA) Jesus of The Week. I actually don't know what this is but the title is funny.
August 7, 1999:
[CNN] New NFL rules may severely impact kicks
(Zug) Fun pranks you can play with the office printer
(eBay) Starsky and Hutch Board Game available on eBay
[Yahoo] New line of ties with patterns based off infectious diseases
August 6, 1999:
[Yahoo] Natiionwide water shortage leads to rash of tattling by neighbors
[CNN] Remember that guy who bought enough pepsi points to get that Harrier jet? He lost the latest round of litigation
(NewYorkPost) Hillary is Jewish???
(BizarreMag) Have you ever actually bothered to read the emergency card when flying?
(SophisticatedDrunk) Drunk test
(Burritos) Burritoscope
[C|Net] 'An Act of God' took out MS's Win2k competition?
[ZDNet] The second attempt at an iMac rip-off. (can't they just wise up, and not make them blue?)
[Yahoo] Sunscreen causes cancer. Sort of.
[Wired] Will geeks become extinct if they can't reproduce?
(SeattleTimes) What Microsoft does when it's not defending itself against the DOJ : sue the IRS.
[Herald-Leader] Illegal use of a garden hose
[USA Today] Top 10 places to vacation without packing a suitcase (nekkid)
August 5, 1999:
(RealHamster) RealHamster.com. I just can't describe it with words.
[CNN] Olestra not selling as well as first projected
[CNN] Will YOU get Dick?
(PursuitWatch) Ever wonder what you could have done so you didn't miss OJ's white bronco?
[AintItCoolNews] Review of some fall TV shows
[AintItCoolNews] Jurassic Park 3?
[CNN] NASA finds a use for $73mil worth of junk.
[ZDNet] Is MS trying to do to AOL what they did to Netscape?
[ZDNet] Microsoft challenges hacking community to crash its Windows 2000 Server, but the server crashes itself before anyone gets a chance