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[C|Net] Superstores having trouble making a profit (boo hoo)
[MSNBC] Kansas Board of Education rejects evolution as a scientific theory
(Telegraph) Man beaten to death for having a cell phone with an annoying ring
[C|Net] IBM is using Deep Blue's brother to predict the weather
[Yahoo] Controvertial plans to build a phallic statue in Recife, Brazil leads to death threats from local mayor
[Yahoo] Public toilet sells for $121,900 at auction
[Yahoo] Trying to do for prunes what George Washington Carver did to peanuts.
[Wired] More on Curse Free TV, the box that censors your TV
[CNN] Man wakes up in morgue
(eBay) Prosthetic glass eye for sale on eBay
(CloneAid) Clone yourself, only $200,000
[The Onion] Christ 'Categorically Denies' speaking to Lutheran College Administrator
(POLL) What do you think is causing this horrible heat wave
[MSNBC] MCI-Worldcom registers filthymonkey.com
August 10, 1999:
[USA Today] Pig saves Cow from a fire by punching a hole in a barn wall with its ass. 'Spammy' might not go for bacon afterall.
(Salon) Visit with the Surf Rabbi
(HeraldLeader) 75 year old giant comes back to "give peas a chance"
[CNN] Take a walk through a real maze
(POLL) Why is the person who writes the movie reviews for CAPAlert the way they are?
[USA Today] Comparing the Internet stock boom to the 19th century railroad stock boom
[CapAlert] CAPAlert reviews Mystery Men, doesn't like it (no surprise)
(NYPost) 'The fat chick' from Wilson Phillips is broadcasting her gastric bypass live on the net
(X10) Control your home from your PC. At first the layout of the webpage made me think this was The Clapper
[Wired] MP3.com is not selling many CDs for unsigned artists
August 9, 1999:
(POLL) This is a test of a new polling feature. Did it work?
[CNN] Phone book company accidentally misprints the White House's web address, redirecting people to a porn site
(HighCotton) Doormat Caution Warning
[Yahoo] The Southern Party in North Carolina seeks to have the South secede from the Union again
[Wired] Viagra prevents flowers from wilting
(LochNess) Loch Ness Monster cam
(Dumpster) Virtual dumpster diving
(VirtualCrack) Send Virtual Crack to all your friends!
(Rinkworks) Transform any webpage into a given dialect (i.e. redneck or Elmer Fudd)
(JSOnline) Milwaukee man assures his family he is not really dead
[ZDNet] BattleBots! Live on TV
[CapAlert] Conservative christiam reviews Iron Giant
August 8, 1999:
(Google) You get some interesting links when you search for 'crappy ass site' on google.com
[Yahoo] Comparing the 'crack me' contests between Linux and Win2000
(TrekToday) Star Trek: Voyager wants to have several WWF Superstars do guest appearances
[MSNBC] Scientists discover a genetic flaw that causes narcolepsy
[Wired] A transmitter that will display DVD movies on your TV from your computer. Wireless too. And Cheap.
[CNN] World's oldest goldfish dead at 43
[CNN] Procter & Gamble cuts price of Folgers. When CNN covers this, you _know_ nothing is happening in the news
[CapAlert] Conservative christian reviews Runaway Bride
(CurseFreeTV) CurseFreeTV. A little set-top box that claims to be able to filter out cursing. I found this little gem on CAPAlert, our Christian movie reviewer
(NewTimesLA) Jesus of The Week. I actually don't know what this is but the title is funny.
August 7, 1999:
[CNN] New NFL rules may severely impact kicks
(Zug) Fun pranks you can play with the office printer
(eBay) Starsky and Hutch Board Game available on eBay
[Yahoo] New line of ties with patterns based off infectious diseases
August 6, 1999:
[Yahoo] Natiionwide water shortage leads to rash of tattling by neighbors
[CNN] Remember that guy who bought enough pepsi points to get that Harrier jet? He lost the latest round of litigation
(NewYorkPost) Hillary is Jewish???
(BizarreMag) Have you ever actually bothered to read the emergency card when flying?
(SophisticatedDrunk) Drunk test
(Burritos) Burritoscope
[C|Net] 'An Act of God' took out MS's Win2k competition?
[ZDNet] The second attempt at an iMac rip-off. (can't they just wise up, and not make them blue?)
[Yahoo] Sunscreen causes cancer. Sort of.
[Wired] Will geeks become extinct if they can't reproduce?
(SeattleTimes) What Microsoft does when it's not defending itself against the DOJ : sue the IRS.
[Herald-Leader] Illegal use of a garden hose
[USA Today] Top 10 places to vacation without packing a suitcase (nekkid)
August 5, 1999:
(RealHamster) RealHamster.com. I just can't describe it with words.
[CNN] Olestra not selling as well as first projected
[CNN] Will YOU get Dick?
(PursuitWatch) Ever wonder what you could have done so you didn't miss OJ's white bronco?
[AintItCoolNews] Review of some fall TV shows
[AintItCoolNews] Jurassic Park 3?
[CNN] NASA finds a use for $73mil worth of junk.
[ZDNet] Is MS trying to do to AOL what they did to Netscape?
[ZDNet] Microsoft challenges hacking community to crash its Windows 2000 Server, but the server crashes itself before anyone gets a chance
Older Links:
[Yahoo] Toxic chemicals may cause low sex drive in women
(FunLink) If the dancing hamsters scared you....
[Yahoo] Ever wonder what to do when a word isn't in the dictionary?
[Yahoo] Dumbasses calling 911. (I think some areas have '811' for this type of thing)
[C|Net] The FBI whines that they can't tap satelite phones
[The Onion] 80 billion tons of Jar Jar merchandise now 70% off
[Yahoo] Robot ass tests car seats in England
[CNN] The Shroud of Turin is from the 8th century (no...it said it's from before the 8th century. Another major test a few years ago disproved the '88 test also.)
[Yahoo] Postman defies ban, wears miniskirt
[Yahoo] Dutch postmen must cover their knees
[CNN] Britain to launch a Mars probe in 2003
[CNN] Scientists build a flu virus from scratch.
[CapAlert] Conservative christian reviews The Blair Witch Project
[Excite] Life emulating TV. Okay, well, trying to emulate Baywatch, atleast.
[AintItCoolNews] Lucas comments on Episode 2 and 3
(Forbes) How and when the .com stock bubble will burst
(WashingtonPost) Gingrich getting divorced again
(TheTimes) Bill Gates plans to give away $100B to research a cure for AIDS
[CNN] Hillary defends Bill's infidelity
[Excite] The bible for women seeking revenge
[C|Net] More scams from 'cheap PC' makers?
[USA Today] 1/3 of all Americans are expected to hoard food and water in anticipation of Y2K
[C|Net] Microsoft suffering from 'millionaire malaise' among its employees, causing staffing problems
[C|Net] Toshiba plans to offer a portable MP3 player
(PhillyWeekly) Humorous review of The Pope's webpage
[InfoWorld] Better start bending over now.... those shrinkwrapped contracts are going to get a lot worse.
[Yahoo] Suddenly there is a rash of air conditioner thefts
[Yahoo] Serbia blames NATO bombing for unseasonable weather
[Wired] DoJ seeking advice from investment banks on how to break up Microsoft, says it's just 'checking options'
[CNN] Lawyers win hefty tobacco case fees
(RugRover) Here's where you can buy that vacuum bot. Think I might order one.
(NewScientist) A robot-vacuum cleaner for $800
(NewScientist) Making lasers out of vegetables
[BBC] Comparing love to an obsessive-compulsive disorder
[CNN] Maryland cafe owner fails to end 300-year ban on alcohol
(LATimes.com) The history of the SuperSoaker, with a teaser of what's to come.
[The Onion] Dog urine lowers heart attack risk, say snickering researchers
[CNN] Carpenter builds his own coffin
[The Onion] More people speak Klingon than Navajo
[Yahoo] Orthodox Jews find Tarzan's loincloth offensive
[Yahoo] Gangs of unruly dolphins roam the seas
(csmonitor) Whatever happened to Dr. Demento?
(nai.net) Bank machines in Germany run Win9x?
[Wired] Profile of the Star Wars in Asciimation guy
[Yahoo] Guests at Posh Spice's wedding steal 75 silver goblets
[ZDNet] Web "bargains" may cost more than if you buy retail
[CNN] Space Shuttle Columbia really WAS leaking fuel
(Zumalt) New Microsoft technology can take a picture of you through your own computer monitor
(Forbes) It's cool because it's Legos.
(netscape) AOL/ICQ vs. MS. (my fav. quote -- "Sanford, of Microsoft, said [snip] efforts for a standard is akin to Web users being able to email everyone regardless of who manufactured their email software" He's forgetting about Outlook's default settings)
(Useless) Useless Trivia
(ocregister) Stan Lee's next move : Internet Comics.
(betanews) Windows Millenium.
(ars-technica) The technology behind making South Park look like construction paper
(Lycos) Steve Job's prank at the MacWorld expo.
(MrShowbiz) X-Files for an 8th season without Mulder
(SunTimes) Review of Dan Rather's handling of the JFKJR all-day Saturday newscast. Added Bonus: Rather got scammed by one of Howard Stern's flunkies
[Wired] Jewish religious scholars ok e-commerce on the Sabbath
[CNN] Hsing Hsing the panda will only eat muffins from Starbucks (but they don't say which Starbucks. Is it the one in Georgetown with the triple killing from a couple years ago?)
[CNN] Get closer to God
[CNN] World's tallest rollercoaster
[Wired] The government tracking us. Isn't Kroger already doing that?
(SomeUniversity) How to build a UFO
i[CapAlert] Christian Analysis of American Culture reviews Star Wars Episode I
[AintItCoolNews] Excellent CGI shots from the upcoming Starship Troopers series
[Wired] Man jailed for refusing to turn off his cell phone on a flight
[Yahoo] Qatar seeks to ban foreign marriages
[Yahoo] Marathon runner disqualfied for having his brother run part of the race for him
[BBC] More males are born in hot weather
[MSNBC] New settings on an experimental firearm will allow you to 'stun' targets
[USA Today] Digital IDs for kids?
[Wired] Market analysts cringe at mp3.com's recent multi-billion dollar IPO
[Wired] Being a wimp is genetic
[C|Net] FCC backs the wrong side in the debate on broadband net access
(Muppets.com) Ask Dr. Honeydew, from The Muppets
[Yahoo] Finish seafood farmers sell nuclear-boosted crayfish
[Wired] Company re-IPOs and suddenly is worth $5B more for no reason
[CNN] Scientists will attempt to clone an extinct bird
(Salon.com) Oral sex - the new handshake?
(CowsOnParade) Cows On Parade in Chicago
[USA Today] MPAA head says South Park should have been NC17
[CNN] Jerry Springer for US Senate
[CNN] World population may already be 6 billion
[Yahoo] Police in Germany shoot dog-sized rat
[CNN] Japanese men flock to beauty parlors, wear makeup
[CNN] Red Hat is going public next month
[USA Today] Delta offering bonuses to funeral directors for shipping dead people
[CNN] Hundreds of students must retake SATs lost by Fedex
[Wired] Microsoft uses Apache to run parts of MSN
[Wired] eBay releases 'Auction Browser' for people who can't miss a single auction
[Yahoo] Mexican Catholics offended by Star Wars Episode I. Get in line.
[Yahoo] Cultivated marijuana field found at O'Hare
[Yahoo] Man accused of driving his wife off a cliff in a van
[CapAlert] Conservative Christian reviews the first 44 minutes of American Pie
(UK Times) Exploding beer bottles kill hundreds in China
[Wired] Illinois man is accidentally given ownership of the domain name excite.com
[CNN] Scientists at Cornell use bluejeans to lift a 3,500 lb Volvo
[CNN] Air Force uses official money to renovate General's kitchen
[CNN] Montenegro negotiating for possible independence from Yugoslavia
(Asciimation) Star Wars in asciimation
(LineOne) Monitor radiation is making you sick
[Wired] Learning shrinks your brain
(MaxPC) Man commits suicide over Y2K, and other fun stories
[Yahoo] How Eyes Wide Shut managed to eek out an R rating instead of an NC-17 rating
[CNN] 6-year-old hotwires stolen toy car, drives down freeway
[CNN] Women's world cup ratings higher than NHL finals
[CapAlert] A great review of South Park the Movie by the Christian Analysis of American Culture
[CNN] Argentina has beaver-infestation problems
[CNN] Japanese nuclear reactor shut down after radioactive water leak
(Telegraph) More Nostrodamus crap. I hate this guy, if you can't tell.
(Examiner) Nostradamus predicted WWIII to start on Monday (yeah sure)
[Wired] 46 states start fiscal year 2000. No computer problems.