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(Telegraph) More Nostrodamus crap. I hate this guy, if you can't tell.
(Examiner) Nostradamus predicted WWIII to start on Monday (yeah sure)
[Wired] 46 states start fiscal year 2000. No computer problems.
(landoverbaptist) Life size Jar Jar used for masturbation
(Mirror) BBC looking for 12 volunteers to live on a remote island for a year
[CNN] Amtrak's new bullet trains
[CNN] China hopes to get into the space race by 2000
(New Scientist) Drinking coffee appears to make mice resist the effects of radiation
(BBC) The French want the prime meridian moved to, where else, France
(Boston) Banks upset with Polaroid's Y2K ad
[Yahoo] Silicon Valley teems with single men
[USA Today] The future of product placement via the Internet
[CNN] Prediciting the rise and fall of interest rates by the size of Alan Greenspan's briefcase
(Food Court) Another good Star Wars parody
[Yahoo] Man attacks co-worker with a Tuna
[MSNBC] Rats hooked up to robotic limbs
(Salon) The Jar-Jargonizer
(Some Guy's Homepage) Mr T, Jedi Knight
(Ooze) How to give The Finger
[Yahoo] Beer prevents heart disease
[MSNBC] An ant-sized robot
[Wired] Industry-sponsored studies indicate link between cell phones and brain cancer
[Wired] Spamming God
(MetaSpy) A list of the last 10 things searched for on the MetaCrawler search engine. Yeesh.
(BeProud) Bill and Carlos: openly gay dolls
(MaxPC) Someone tries to auction cocaine on EBay
(ABC) Ted Koppel says "Bullshit" on Nightline
[Wired] The first apple computer ever made is up for sale
[USA Today] Defense witness in the Microsoft trial concedes that Microsoft punishes companies that don't play along
[Yahoo] Man arrested for hitting girlfriend with fish
[The Onion] Nation's experts give up
[Wired] DIVX is killed
[CNN] Golfer charged with DUI while driving a golf cart
(Salon) Star Wars vs Star Trek
[Wired] Vatican getting ready to name a patron saint of the Internet
[CNN] Christians apologize for the Crusades
(BBC) Someone invents a biological computer
[AintItCoolNews] Some either bone-chilling or very exciting news regarding Star Wars Episode II
(BBC) Loch Ness monster spotted on webcam
[CNN] Renegade cow swims five miles to freedom
[MSNBC] Elements 116 and 118 created in lab
[MSNBC] Family values Governor leaves wife
[MSNBC] IRS rules the Christian Coalition is not tax exempt
(BBC) China to launch manned space mission this fall
[Wired] Creator of Linux says not to worry about obsceneties sprinkled throughout the operating system
[Wired] FCC to allow cell phone owners to bill callers for incoming calls
[CNN] Woman jailed for overdue library books
[CNN] Plans to build a 112 story skyscraper in downtown Chicago
(Herald Leader) Another Kentuckian killed by a cow. Those things must be dangerous
[Yahoo] Columbia to begin using drug crop revenues in calculating its GDP
(Dr Freeze) A discussion board hosted by Dr Freeze, proving that crack addiction is alive and well on the net
[CNN] George Bush jumps out of a plane for his 75th birthday
(ZDNet) Cybercafes: a dismal failure
[Wired] Rankings of eBroker speeds. Etrade dead last.
[CNN] Clinton proposes carding kids for R-rated movies
[CNN] Atlanta drivers almost kill themselves over Beanie Baby roadkill
(Netfunny) 26 snappy comebacks
[CNN] Russia doesn't have enough money to ensure Mir doesn't hit a population center when it crashes next year
[USA Today] ET in Phantom Menace and other tidbits about the movie
[Yahoo] Sheep eats chickens
[Yahoo] Christians buy English pub to make converts
[Wired] NASA to crash a probe into the moon to detect water
(StickFigureDeath) Stick Figure Death Theater
[Yahoo] Censors struggle to reach top levels of video games
[CNN] Alabama considers ending ban on interracial marriage
(BBC) Dangerous Cheese
(Excite) Sony Robot Dog sells out in 20 minutes (3000 at $2066/per)
(Science Daily) Scientific study of pokemon-induced seisures
[Yahoo] List of NATO blunders since the start of the war
(InfoWorld) Software Licensing: e-blackmail in some cases
(Roughcut) Darth Maul, if he did a milk moustache ad
(Nutsack) Nutsack Dance
[The Onion] Bill Gates grants self 18 dexterity, 20 charisma (oldie but goodie)
[AintItCoolNews] Review of South Park: The Movie
[CNN] Strip club performs MacBeth to challenge anti-nudity law
[CNN] Australian comes back from the dead to win lottery. Twice.
[MSNBC] Montana sets daytime speed limit
[MSNBC] US finds empty tunnel at suspected N. Korea nuclear site
(Glasgow Times) Grandmother invents device to catch kids bringing guns to school
[CNN] Anti-Jar Jar sentiment runs thick on the net
[Yahoo] US Company plans to test flying car
[CNN] T-Rex skeleton indicates that they had noses like bloodhounds.
[The Onion] Society for Creative Anachronism seizes control of Russia
(Chicago Tribune) Americans now spend more on eating out than on groceries
(SegFault) Lucasfilm releases Star Wars Episode I Service Pack (may contain spoilers)
[AintItCoolNews] More Leonardo DiCaprio / Episode II information
(Forbes) How much energy does the net use?
[CNN] Mormon genealogical database now available
[CNN] Dr. Scholl now makes condoms
[CNN] Soccer fans, angered by team loss, set fire to Italian team's train, killing 4.
[CNN] Charlie the Tuna to return to StarKist commercials
[AintItCoolNews] Star Wars Episode II rumors (Leonardo DiCaprio as Anakin)
[Wired] Website test to tell you what kind of sense of humor you have
[MSNBC] Coming soon: Sim Soap Opera (yeesh)
[Yahoo] Lawyer sues to enter 'Lawyer Free' housing development
[MSNBC] The science of Star Wars
[MSNBC] 17 year cicada plague is this year
(ihatestarwars) EMail sent to the author of
(Techserver) Burger King in Conn. offers net access
(Forbes) AT&T's evil plans for TCI
(BBC) Billionaire funds crop circle research
[CNN] Gold price hits 20 year low (so much for y2k hoarding)
[CNN] Phantom Menace first day report, with a really funny comparison between man-on-the-street reviews and critic reviews
(Some student) Here's a picture of the MIT dome dressed up like R2D2
(Chicago Sun Times) Roger Ebert gives The Phantom Menace 3.5 stars
[Wired] MIT Dome turned into a giant R2-D2 in prank
[Yahoo] Police hunt for 'very ugly woman' wanted as a robbery suspect
[CNN] Dennys changing into a chain of 50s style diners
(Journal X) First person account of the Baltimore-Cuba baseball game
[CNN] Naked Bandit rationalized that he might as well not wear clothes since he was once identified by them
[The Onion] Area man gets himself hit by bus
[The Onion] Telemarketing industry celebrates first sale
[CNN] Pizza robbers accidentally give their home address to the pizza company
[Wired] Betting on Star Wars beating Jurrasic Park's opening weekend take and other weird bets
[Wired] Betting on Star Wars beating Jurrasic Park's opening weekend take and other weird bets
[Yahoo] Bootleg liquor kills 100
[AintItCoolNews] Review of The Phantom Meanace and a few words for whiners
[Yahoo] Man awakes from a drunken binge to find a 4.4 inch bottle up his rectum. And it didn't happen in KY even.
[Wired] Bill gates sells 7 million Microsoft shares
[USA Today] Bills hit congress to try to open cable for net access. Again
(South to the Future) Drugs that simular emotional pain for the few teens who lack angst
[Yahoo] Proctor and Gamble claims that Amway has been spreading rumors that they are in league with the devil
(Herald-Leader) Lexington, Ky man beaten to death for not sharing his beer
[CNN] Will Baby Boomers screw the stock market up for the rest of us in the next few years?
[CNN] Liberalization of Iran occurring?
[CNN] Mt Everest climber's body found 75 years later
[AintItCoolNews] Scathing review of Entrapment, saying it sucks total ass
(Dan's Data) How to spot a psycho
(CIA) The CIA Secret Kids Zone (this isn't news, it's just funny in general)
(Denver Post) School Principal job applicant arrested
[CNN] Cloning modified goats to produce spider silk
(eBay) An ISP management team up for bids on eBay (3.14mil, cheap)
[USA Today] Boy bids $1mil on eBay
[Wired] Seller lists a complete ISP management team on eBay
[Yahoo] Nostradamus says WWIII will start in July (and monkeys will fly out of my butt)
[CNN] Leave a message for your descendents 50,000 years from now
[Wired] Federal Court blocks sale of playstation emulators
[CNN] Farmer claims to have bred world's first flock of blue sheep without using any dye
[The Onion] Police baffled by bottle-shaped bag
[Yahoo] 86-Year-Old Blind Woman Holds Off Thieves
[Yahoo] Porn site prevented from using as a domain name
[Yahoo] Politician names wrong running mate
[AintItCoolNews] A scathing (and very funny) review of Universal Soldier II
(@home) Get a cable modem, go to jail
[USA Today] The battle between ISPs, Bells, and Cable for access to cable infrastructure begins.
[USA Today] RealNetworks to buy developer of MP3 technology
(ABC) Saddam & Milosevic: Iraqi Leader Said to Be Contacting Serb Authorities
[Fox News] Clinton monument erected in Granada despite protests
[CNN] Rio calls pit bulls weapons, bans them during day
[CNN] Restaurant offers lifetime of free lunches for tattoo of its logo
(Washington Post) IRS Horror Story
[Yahoo] Judge rules church cannot use miracle healings in commercials
[Fox News] Burger King night manager offers drugs through the drivethru
[Wired] 'Troops II' to come
(IMDB) Great editorial on why Star Wars fans are dumb as all getout for waiting in line six weeks
[Fox News] Dumbasses start lining up for new Star Wars movie
[AintItCoolNews] Live Action Rocky and Bullwinkle (just what we need)
[The Onion] Romantic-Comedy Behavior Gets Real Life Man Arrested
[The Onion] Christ converts to Islam (humor)
[CNN] The solution to Florida's kudzu: hungry sheep
[CNN] Pakistan to devote one week to celebrate its nuclear explosions
(Gamespot) Worst games of the year. Incredibly funny reviews (Example: "Single-handedly redefining "crap" conceptually")
(Futurama) Lists of whose heads were in jars in the premier of Futurama
[MSNBC] Another Y2K deadline passes and no one notices
[MSNBC] Anti-missile missile not hitting many missiles.
[MSNBC] The science of Peeps (I find it hard to believe this counts as news)
[MSNBC] The only truly american food: Chili
[The Onion] Marine sent back in time to resolve Kosovo Crisis, will assassinate Ottoman Emperor in 1389 AD
[C|Net] William Shatner earns 8mil on IPO
[Fox News] FDA Approves 'Explosa,' an 'Herbal' Fat Substitute
[CNN] California will run out of prison space in 2001
[Wired] Group organizes camp-out for Star Wars tickets to begin April 24th, 25 days before movie's release
(ZDnet) US Attorney attempts to broker a baby sale over the net
[Yahoo] Fabio hit by goose while riding roller coaster
[Yahoo] Catholic League Urges Boycott Of San Francisco Over Drag Queen Nuns
(Pioneer Planet) Random fact bits
(Boston Globe) Article on the new John Williams Star Wars score