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McDonalds plans spring furby promotion
Computer-maker execs dump craploads of shares in their companies
Website that sponsors contest to hack its site to win free stuff gets plundered by hackers
What do you think: America, nation of prisoners (humor)
California's homeless may soon accept Visa and Mastercard
Female Urinal
Scientists find more evidence of life on mars
Ex-hostage Terry Anderson sues Iran
SEC to review practice of corporations briefing stock analysts before making information public
How Social Security is handled in other countries
Destructive surge in solar flare activity expected later this year
First compact fuel cell car unveiled
US West claims regulators are keeping it from providing high speed access to rural areas.
Regulators say US West full of crap.
Techserver Hilarious article on Christian video games.
"Jesus Was a Vegetarian" billboard removed due to protests.
Maine state senator proposes stockpiling 124,000 tons of rice and beans in case Y2K prevents grocery shipments
What do you think: Fraud on eBay (humor).
Doctor warns actors that inhaling fake snow may be hazardous to your health.
Danish court jails radio pirate for belching on a police frequency.
Judge throws out lawsuit against God
New Battlestar Galactica movie in the works: press release
Federal Computer Week Article on the Marine Corps training for urban warfare.
Squirrel cuts power supply to 5,000 Germans
Alabama considers lifting interracial marriage ban. In a poll, "26 percent were opposed" to repealing the amendment
Researcher discovers 4 new fish in Antarctic
(techweb) AT&T quietly raises rates
The Unibomber is in prison with some interesting folks
Toasters get Y2K seal of approval
New Battlestar Galactica film in the works
LA Times Half of all car-jackings fail.
Half of all car-jackings succeed.
Irish Times Protest in Dublin over cold Guinness
UniSci HIV mutating too fast for a drug cocktail to take effect
Online brokerage to offer after-hours trading
Trade group offers plans for Microsoft's breakup
SETI is asking for time on your home PC to search for ETs
Lovesick toads force cars off British road
World's most unlucky man fails to kill self
Y2k affecting economic forecasts
Internic allows registration of obscene domains (IE sh*
(Does anyone really not know what that * stands for?)
What do you think: Senator Hillary
French man loses arm in accident, doesn't notice
Stolen Girl Scout cookies found.
"... with most of the $108,000 worth of cookies still intact, though police said a few of the peanut butter kind were missing."
( Good X-files summary of unresolved questions. I thought I knew what was going on in the show til I read this. I don't agree with all of the author's opinions.
DaVinci's The Last Supper accidentally destroyed during restoration.
Microsoft exec miraculously recovers memory on the stand. More laughter and eye rolling ensues.