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SETI is asking for time on your home PC to search for ETs
Lovesick toads force cars off British road
World's most unlucky man fails to kill self
Y2k affecting economic forecasts
Internic allows registration of obscene domains (IE sh*
(Does anyone really not know what that * stands for?)
What do you think: Senator Hillary
French man loses arm in accident, doesn't notice
Stolen Girl Scout cookies found.
"... with most of the $108,000 worth of cookies still intact, though police said a few of the peanut butter kind were missing."
( Good X-files summary of unresolved questions. I thought I knew what was going on in the show til I read this. I don't agree with all of the author's opinions.
DaVinci's The Last Supper accidentally destroyed during restoration.
Microsoft exec miraculously recovers memory on the stand. More laughter and eye rolling ensues.
Hubble pictures of one galaxy that ate another.
Adults have hacked Lego Mindstorms beyond their original capabilities
Rodman could make his debut with the Lakers on Friday [And what does this mean for SOF? -Joe]
Large shipment of Girl Scout cookies stolen
More laughing and eye-rolling at the Microsoft Trial
Top 25 most stolen cars
Laughing out loud at the Microsoft Trial
State Prosecutors meeting to discuss sweepstakes gimicks
Conservatives lobby for adding "Homosexual Content" to TV ratings system
US soccer defeats Chile 2-1. New coach is 4-0.
Maybe the purple teletubie really was gay
Seven reasons why web ads don't work
( New Dancing Baby contest winners
Govt. accuses Compaq of breaking non-disclosure to suck up to Microsoft.
The stock market makes no sense anymore. Case study: Dell Computer
VRML F-18 Hornet. You can turn it around and look at it from all angles.
USDA announces recall of headcheese. I just thought this was funny.
New Star Wars: The Phantom Meanace info. Contains spoliers only if you don't want to know what some of the starships will look like.
Town in Maine attempts to build world's tallest snowman. Note the crane in the background of the photo.
Some guy has built a car that runs on air.
Free ISPs dominating Britain's Internet market
Contradictions in testimony at the Microsoft Trial
Free I-Mac giveaway guy has done this before and screwed people
Greenspan, entourage demolish hotel room
What do you think?: Protecting Chelsea's Privacy
Ten free windows icon websites
Article about Citigroup switching from Visa to Mastercard, but the interesting part is about an Anti-Trust investigation into Visa and MC expected this October
Argument over whether Neanderthals could talk.
US soccer team crushes Germany 3-0
Salmon Rushdie angers Christians, leaving only Hindus and Jews to go.
The Lexington KY Humane Society has a female collie/rottweiler mix available for adoption. Laf.
A timeline of the Serb-Croat conflict, starting in 1389
NASA plunders museum exhibit for spare shuttle parts
New study by Proctor and Gamble says Olestra doesn't cause stomach cramps. This is like Phillip-Morris saying cigarettes don't cause cancer.
Samuel L. Jackson in final negotiations for Shaft remake
Bin Laden said to be still in Afghanistan after all
Iraq threatens attack on US base in Turkey.
Demand is up for Cuban cigars. It takes nine months to learn how to roll one?
Discovery regarding the influenza outbreak of 1918 that killed millions
Spielberg's next two movie projects are...
Bin Laden is "missing"
Man fatally mauled by pet cow
New Star Wars toys will talk to each other. Wonder if they'll talk to Furbies too?