It's a new day.
Announcing The New Fark Experience.

A message from Andrew Curtis, CEO,

firefox Greetings, Farkers! has always prided itself on being the first, oldest and most reliable news and firefox entertainment aggregation platform on the web today. Given the crowdsourcing of our news gathering initiatives, there isn’t a story worth reporting that escapes our reach. Today, I am very pleased to announce the realization of several months worth of strategization and applied initiative by our development and design personnel - The New Fark Experience.

With the advent of Social Networking and the growing market for 360 degree user-to-service interaction, we’ve realized that there is far more to be had from the Fark Experience. Using the power of the cloud, we are able to deliver a Semantic Web approach to the long-tail aggregate of the Fark Experience. We’ve realized that the way users interact with Fark is just as valuable as the stories we report. So now, every interaction, comment, idea and even thought our user has about the information delivered in the New Fark Experience is now an integral part of the content we deliver.

With the new Fark Feed (FrEED), we are much more than just funny headlines; we are now an organic database of user reaction. On the Fark Mosaic (FarM), we display the content most relevant to user interests as gauged by their activity. Photoshop contests are now voted on through the Fark Rendering Analysis Kernel (FRAK) and displayed on Fark’s new Contest-Originated Webshows. Now, stories and concepts don’t just appear on Fark - with the New Fark Experience, they’re FrEED on the FarM to FRAK the COWs.

We released a private beta version of the New Fark Experience a few weeks ago, and as you’ll see, the feedback has been tremendous. We’ve decided to give the public an “early peek” at the new experience via the designer’s login (Don’t worry, post as much as you want - this test data will be wiped before we go live!). As you utilize it, we’d like your feedback. We’re always looking for new ways to improve the service, and your input is important to us. In fact, with the New Fark Experience, it’s what now powers the site, which explains our new slogan:

Now, You Are Totally FARKED!


Andrew Curtis
CEO, Fark.Com, Inc.

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