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  • We decided to celebrate every holiday except April Fools this year. We appended a random holiday to random comments, randomly. See the list of holidays here.


  • Return of a fresh herd of h4x0r p1g5, and a new set of bizarre comment filters. See the images here.


  • This year marked the 20th anniversary of Fark. Randomly throughout the day, we put up different 'splash page' images (full screen images that went away when clicked) showing how Fark looked through the ages. We also did a '1999' page with links from that year. We also pulled in some of the old h4x0r p1g5 images, since they've been a part of April Fools on Fark for almost as long as Fark's been around. You can see the images here.


  • This was the first year in Fark's history that April Fool's fell on Easter, so we had fun with that. We had an Easter Bunny themed background and a few different Easter Fark/TF logos that we rotated through. We added 'Johnson' to everyone's login name, just for some more random fun. See the images here.


  • As mentioned in Drew's book, one of the other ideas for Fark was a curry recipe database. It could have looked something like this. We even created a new category page on Fark for users to submit their own recipes for the day.
  • Some comments were randomly shown in Papyrus Sans font, because Comic Sans wouldn't have been obnoxious enough.


  • We went old school - 2004 retro page (Not News 2004)
  • Out the submitter on TFD threads
  • Known alts in profiles
  • Brand new Fark Wombats (filters)
  • Totes FarFar/TOTES Discus


  • H4x0r p1g5 are back after a few years off. They still won't tell us what else they did to the site...



  • This was the first World Fark Party in Las Vegas, and therefore we did a Las Vegas theme for the whole site.









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