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Sun December 11, 2011
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(YouTube) Stupid In case your Sunday didn't already suck, here's the trailer for the new Battleship "movie" in which Master Chief from the Halo series decides to attack Earth. Or something  (youtube.com) (118)
(LiveLeak) Sappy Baby elephant pool party. This is not a euphemism  (liveleak.com) (16)
(YouTube) Video Meanwhile, over in Stupidville, some hotshot flies an RC plane between the legs of some gal wearing tight jean shorts. On a wing and a prayer  (youtube.com) (49)
(LiveLeak) Cool Probably the coolest illusion done with Christmas lights that you'll see this year. Bonus: No Trans-Siberian or computer synchronized lights  (liveleak.com) (40)
(YouTube) Cool Today's SHMHC celebrates the 53rd birthday of Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx. Here's Kickstart My Heart  (youtube.com) (60)
(YouTube) Video Remember the times when life was so much simpler? Not safe for work language  (youtube.com) (23)
(YouTube) Obvious If you buy Juicy Fruit you will look big and muscular, be an awesome surfer, have a big wiener, and hot women will sleep with you  (youtube.com) (40)
(YouTube) Amusing If you don't do it, I'll haunt your prostate  (youtube.com) (15)
(YouTube) Spiffy Gilligan's Island Home Movies  (youtube.com) (44)
(YouTube) Spiffy Beam aboard the Enterprise for the next 24 hours  (youtube.com) (38)

Sat December 10, 2011
(YouTube) Fail The dumbest contestants on a game show. Ever  (youtube.com) (61)
(LiveLeak) Amusing Tae Kwon Do match between two little kids who haven't quite grasped the concept yet  (liveleak.com) (43)
(YouTube) Sappy Ugly-ass orphan short-tailed fruit bat rescued, hand-raised by bat sanctuary volunteers  (youtube.com) (25)
(YouTube) Cool Rick Perry sets a record, becoming an instant populist meme in less than 48 hours. Jesus  (youtube.com) (58)
(YouTube) Cool In honor of Keith Richard's 24,829th day on the planet, here is the best live video of Gimme Shelter ever captured. FYI-Her name is Lisa Fischer, and yes, she's hot and can sing  (youtube.com) (52)
(YouTube) Amusing From MST3K season 8, it's The Thing That Couldn't Die. Mike, Servo, and Crow rip this tale about a witch and a disembodied head to shreds. "Gidget, have you lain with the horned one again?"  (youtube.com) (17)

Fri December 09, 2011
(YouTube) Spiffy Battlefield 3: destroying planes like a boss - also known as the best video game moment of the year  (youtube.com) (74)
(BBC) Video A view from the exceptionally hot British luge champion Amy Williams' helmet cam. Personally I'd have preferred a view of Amy Williams from MY 'helmet' cam...but this is almost as good  (bbc.co.uk) (35)
(LiveLeak) Amusing How To Pick Up A Chick . . . try it . . . sometimes it works . . . . sometimes you get arrested . . but hey, you don't know if you don't try, right?  (liveleak.com) (32)
(Viral Footage) Video Drunk Walking With Style  (viralfootage.com) (36)
(LiveLeak) Scary Massive silverback gorilla roars and beats his chest, nearly scaring cameraman into a new pair of underwear. Not for the faint of heart  (liveleak.com) (42)

Thu December 08, 2011
(YouTube) Amusing Guy wins Ultimate Typing Championship... while apparently high as a kite  (youtube.com) (52)
(YouTube) Spiffy How to take off a woman's dress in under five minutes .. using an excavator  (youtube.com) (54)
(YouTube) Obvious Why men and women cannot be just friends. Unless of course, they're ugly  (youtube.com) (85)
(YouTube) Scary Cheerleader mom loses it. I mean, really loses it  (youtube.com) (72)

Wed December 07, 2011
(LiveLeak) Amusing Sodium Hexaflouride is a hellova drug. It puts the lotion in the basket  (liveleak.com) (50)
(Mediabistro) Amusing News anchor slurs her way through the news (video)  (mediabistro.com) (42)
(Pravda) Video Samsung unveils video of fantastic mobile device of the future  (english.pravda.ru) (38)
(Short List) Fail This week's gas / brakes mix up is sponsored by Surati Farsan Mart, San Diego. Stay classy, motorists  (shortlist.com) (30)
(Viral Footage) Video Kick returner receives ball in the end zone, forgets to kneel. Oops  (viralfootage.com) (99)
(YouTube) Video Armless 1932 golfer has better game than you, better fashion sense than John Daly  (youtube.com) (28)
(Vimeo) Video The most beautiful video of our planet you've ever seen  (vimeo.com) (18)
(YouTube) Cool Every Muppet Show introduction in two and a half minutes  (youtube.com) (25)

Tue December 06, 2011
(YouTube) Video Guy with a mullet, whistling on a talk show. Subby is pretty sure that this video is why the internet was invented  (youtube.com) (27)
(YouTube) Obvious TSA: searches your bags, subjects them to X-ray screening, makes you remove your belt and shoes, only lets you have 3 oz shampoo. Airlines: Welcome to your flight, here's a metal can which can be easily fashioned into a sharp blade  (youtube.com) (62)
(Desonesto) Cool An 8-necked fully playable guitar? Sure, why not?  (desonesto.com) (30)
(96.1 Kiss) Video Weatherman says he'll wear wife's Colts panties if they lose another game. Now would be a good time to come back Peyton  (961kiss.com) (34)

Mon December 05, 2011
(Some Guy) Cool Hockey fans donate 25,000 teddy bears in two minutes  (inquisitr.com) (16)
(Short List) Cool This zip-lining bulldog doesn't give a solitary shiat  (shortlist.com) (12)
(YouTube) Video Uh oh... Siri just found out Steve Jobs died  (youtube.com) (38)
(Some Guy) Amusing Your dog wants a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL  (610wiod.com) (11)
(Some Iowa Lover) Sappy Just your average small town Iowa kid ordering a drink at a bar. From a 100 year-old bartender  (siouxcityjournal.com) (11)
(truTV) Silly I have no idea what you're talking about so here's that thing where you pretend your dog has human hands and is feeding himself Dunkers  (blog.trutv.com) (8)
(YouTube) Obvious Evangelist Benny Hinn is a Dark Lord of the Sith  (youtube.com) (42)
(YouTube) Cool The most incredible Jack Skellington costume you'll see EVER. Everyone hail to the pumpkin king  (youtube.com) (38)
(Vimeo) Cool The most amazing time lapse that you will see today  (vimeo.com) (18)

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