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Sun August 14, 2011
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(YouTube) Cool Rollerskating down a mine shaft? Sure. Going backwards, also  (youtube.com) (28)
(YouTube) Cool Mind=blown  (youtube.com) (62)
(College Humor) Amusing John Stamos' guide to cuddling. Bonus: Cuddling demonstrations performed with Bob Saget  (collegehumor.com) (22)
(YouTube) Cool If there is any justice, y'all will listen to this week's SHMHC, featuring a Danish thrash band with outstanding bass. Make your Metallica jokes to the right  (youtube.com) (36)
(YouTube) Cool Happy 70th birthday to David Crosby. Here's Suite: Judy Blue Eyes  (youtube.com) (17)
(Wimp) Spiffy Master woodworker puzzles you with his jigsaw skills  (wimp.com) (27)

Sat August 13, 2011
(YouTube) Amusing It's been a while since B5 was on the air. Here are the blooper reels. It looks like they had fun  (youtube.com) (56)
(YouTube) Spiffy Baguette. Vending. Machine.  (youtube.com) (33)
(YouTube) Scary Old and busted: Snakes on a plane. New Hotness: Bats on a plane  (youtube.com) (19)
(YouTube) Amusing From MST3K season 8, it's Horror of Party Beach. It starts out as a typical 60s beach movie until toxic waste is brought in. Watch Mike, Servo, and Crow have a day at the beach with this great episode. "Leopard skin, pillbox bra"  (youtube.com) (20)
(YouTube) Amusing Aw, why that's the cutest little bear ever. Look how he thinks he's attacking me - OW THATS MY NIPPLE  (youtube.com) (14)
(LiveLeak) Amusing Meanwhile in China  (liveleak.com) (30)
(YouTube) Amusing From the world of awesome comes Air Swimmers  (youtube.com) (36)

Fri August 12, 2011
(Wimp) Video Parkour runner shows how it's done. Difficulty: not human  (wimp.com) (50)
(Abc.net.au) Amusing Best video about the London riots so far, by shirt loads  (abc.net.au) (36)
(YouTube) Amusing The funniest penis scene in a movie ever. Not safe for work language. Tallywhacker  (youtube.com) (35)
(Some Guy) Video 25 years ago, St. Louis Cardinal Mike Laga received a standing ovation. For a foul ball  (kfns.com) (37)
(Some Guy) Cool Meanwhile in Germany  (zadan.nl) (28)
(SportsGrid) Video Carlos Lee fouls a ball off his own face  (sportsgrid.com) (19)
(Some Guy) Video Who would be a soccer referee? Not me  (sportpost.com) (33)
(YouTube) Video Pilots make better CEOs due to the fact that, when it comes to BS, they can pile it anywhere  (youtube.com) (13)

Thu August 11, 2011
(truTV) Dumbass Projectile vomiting so graphic it has to be blurred out. Or, what happens when you try to do 10 whiskey shots in 30 seconds  (trutv.com) (72)
(YouTube) Video Best version of Nirvana on cellos by Croatians you'll hear all day  (youtube.com) (17)
(Some Guy) Amusing Man takes ping pong a little too seriously. Bonus: Extended dance remix  (fanphooey.com) (20)
(FrogSoda) Video Interview with a one year old  (frogsoda.com) (17)
(College Humor) Unlikely Okay, we'll push the train, and when I yell GO, pop the clutch  (collegehumor.com) (16)
(YouTube) Amusing The Stupid Cat song. Not safe for work language  (youtube.com) (18)
(Adweek) Amusing Britain "You're Invited"  (adweek.com) (4)
(YouTube) Cool I have no idea what's going on right now, so here's a reggae version of Black's "Wonderful Life"  (youtube.com) (4)
(Break) Video Shelby car owner with too much money and too much time  (break.com) (39)
(LiveLeak) Amusing Because you have nothing else to do but watch stupid videos, here's a rooster covering Rebecca Black's "Friday"  (liveleak.com) (13)
(LiveLeak) Video Rioting youth in Manchester, UK, caught on camera performing an absolutely brutal act of savagery in the streets. Only watch if you have a strong stomach; this footage will throw your entire view of humanity into question  (liveleak.com) (102)

Wed August 10, 2011
(YouTube) Spiffy Colbert's SuperPAC releases its first television ad asking Iowans to vote for Rick Parry, with an 'A' for America  (youtube.com) (42)
(YouTube) Cool Yes, I realize this video is from 2006, but it is a serious oversight and major injustice for it not to appear on Fark  (youtube.com) (57)
(College Humor) Sappy Ferret and racoon ignore their human and keep playing on the couch  (collegehumor.com) (27)
(Pravda) Weird Flying moose lands on rooftop during car accident in Russia  (english.pravda.ru) (23)
(YouTube) Cool Magnet dropped on copper--cooler than you might think  (youtube.com) (47)
(YouTube) Interesting The best video of Manchester riot police tackling yobs and beating them silly that you'll see all day  (youtube.com) (50)
(YouTube) Dumbass Masked idiot with underwear on his face interrupts reporter to explain his reasons for looting and rioting in Manchester. And you though Planet of the Apes was just a movie  (youtube.com) (23)
(YouTube) Video Simple Sailing Right of Way Rules: If it is bigger than you, more expensive than you or more heavily armed, it has the right of way  (youtube.com) (91)

Tue August 09, 2011
(YouTube) Video Rioters ignore a journalists pleas to get them to explain why they're such assholes  (youtube.com) (48)
(YouTube) Scary Today's sign of the apocalyspe: A dog that says it loves Satan  (youtube.com) (38)
(Wired) Video Billy Dee Williams explains why Lando betrayed Han Solo. Says the Empire offered him the Millennium Falcon, with smuggling compartments filled with Colt .45  (wired.com) (90)
(Gawker) Cool The opening credits of "The Office" done in the style of the title sequence from "Dallas" is the video you never knew you needed until someone farking made it  (gawker.com) (19)
(LiveLeak) Amusing Usually kids are idiots, but these ones seem okay  (liveleak.com) (47)
(YouTube) Amusing Real Madrid beats a Chinese soccer team. Fark: The Chinese team fielded 109 players, all on the field at the same time  (youtube.com) (23)
(YouTube) Cool Film contest limits dialogue to: "What is that?," "It's a unicorn," "Never seen one up close before," "Beautiful," "Get away" & "I'm sorry." Link goes to *sniff* winner  (youtube.com) (97)
(LiveLeak) Obvious Just exactly what IS a "hipster"? This handy video explains everything  (liveleak.com) (67)

Mon August 08, 2011
(YouTube) Amusing What if 'Colombiana' (Aug 26 release) was the sequel to 'Leon: The Professional' starring Natalie Portman? Stop imagining. Watch the trailer mashup  (youtube.com) (32)
(LiveLeak) Video "Well, the Donner Party is a dog that can bark at a pine cone for nine days and not get tired" (some Not safe for work language)  (liveleak.com) (59)
(YouTube) Amusing The world's largest duck parade?  (youtube.com) (25)
(YouTube) Fail From the recent riots in London, an epic fail on behalf of a young hooligan (Not safe for work language)  (youtube.com) (49)
(LiveLeak) Video Female wolf spider with babies makes the entire area a no fly zone  (liveleak.com) (41)
(YouTube) Video "Hash": Classic "Barney Miller" episode where most of the police get stoned off their ass from eating hash brownies  (youtube.com) (44)
(Wimp) Cool Never heard of a man playing with amazing versatility on 27 string guitar? Don't fret, here it is  (wimp.com) (42)

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