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Sun June 27, 2010
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(Examiner) Video Claustrophobic? Don't watch this trailer for "Buried", starring Ryan Reynolds. Angry that Ryan Reynolds married Scarlett Johansson? Watch this "Buried" trailer, it's awesome  (examiner.com) (95)
(Funny Or Die) Amusing Since there will be no more Breaking Bad until next year, ABC has decided to pick up the show as a replacement for Better Off Ted. And they've made it into a comedy  (funnyordie.com) (25)
(YouTube) Spiffy Today we're going to shoot an iPhone 4 with a .50 cal rifle  (youtube.com) (65)
(YouTube) Obvious Soccer: America's descent into socialism. "I don't know a lot about soccer, but I do know that you ain't allowed to use the two hands that God gave you"  (youtube.com) (65)
(LiveLeak) Amusing Like nobody's bidness  (liveleak.com) (29)
(YouTube) Video Toronto riot police have a new tactic to deal with G20 protesters. Know how the creature in "Alien" zapped out its jaw and took its prey? It's kinda like that (includes profanity)  (youtube.com) (199)
(YouTube) Amusing Alice Cooper charms Mae West in 1978's "Sextette". Bonus: Alice borrowed Greg Brady's hair  (youtube.com) (16)

Sat June 26, 2010
(Vimeo) Cool What happens when you strap a $2k digital SLR camera doing full HD video to a $2k remote-controlled helicopter?  (vimeo.com) (102)
(YouTube) Video In honor of Airplane's 30th anniversary, it's the making of the Jive scene  (youtube.com) (29)
(Major League Baseball) Video Bob Uecker makes his first visit back to the broadcast booth since undergoing heart surgery. With four and a half minutes of pure comedic genius  (milwaukee.brewers.mlb.com) (32)
(Some Guy) Cool Two lighning strikes in Chicago? How about video of three from a fellow Farker?  (videosift.com) (24)
(Google) Amusing This week, Mike, Servo, and Crow take on "Zombie Nightmare", a hilariously bad Canadian 80s movie that featured the debut of Tia Carrere. Truly MST3K at its finest  (video.google.com) (40)
(YouTube) Amusing Best. PETA commercial. Ever  (youtube.com) (80)
(YouTube) Spiffy Laura Shigihara singing "Zombies on Your Lawn" while overflowing with cuteness  (youtube.com) (41)

Fri June 25, 2010
(YouTube) Video Today's WTF stars the Del Rubio triplets sing-talking their way through "I Will Survive," and then it gets really weird  (youtube.com) (24)
(YouTube) Video There comes a time in every man's life when you have to become platform independent  (youtube.com) (58)
(Some Guy) Spiffy The nicest landing strips in all of Russia  (screenjunkies.com) (19)
(Deadspin) Amusing ESPN will never, ever do this again  (deadspin.com) (81)
(YouTube) Ironic It's George Michael's birthday, so to celebrate here's a video of him surrounded by hot supermodels circa 1990 singing Freedom  (youtube.com) (39)
(YouTube) Video You see what happens when you blow a vuvuzela in a dog's face? YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS?  (youtube.com) (71)
(YouTube) Amusing Some guy in Arkansas celebrating the US goal. Oh, and the world  (youtube.com) (142)

Thu June 24, 2010
(Examiner) Cool Helen Mirren. In the parking garage. WIth a big farking machine gun  (examiner.com) (37)
(YouTube) Amusing Using a vuvuzela in Doom  (youtube.com) (36)
(YouTube) Video What the hell is wrong with the French and their damned Orangina commercials?  (youtube.com) (37)
(YouTube) Silly Drugs advised prior to viewing  (youtube.com) (44)
(YouTube) Amusing YouTube adds a vuvuzela button to its video player, so you can now enBzzzzzzzzzzzz  (alittlebitweird.com) (32)
(Tubefilter News) Cool World Cup Highlights in Legos  (news.tubefilter.tv) (12)
(Examiner) Video Jimmy Kimmel gets the cast of "Jersey Shore" to remake "Twilight", resulting in the most entertaining version of either franchise that you're ever likely to see  (examiner.com) (49)
(YouTube) Video Parent of the year nominee lets kids play in the oil spill. "Mommy, get the oil off of me"  (youtube.com) (104)
(YouTube) Cool Trailer for Jennifer Love Hewitt's new flick where she plays a hooker. Skip to 00:38 for her perp walk in a bra, you know the way to your bunk  (youtube.com) (132)

Wed June 23, 2010
(YouTube) PSA Your wtf video of the day: Moms with guns  (youtube.com) (56)
(Faceoff Games) Cool Irish guys come up with good use for the "Tony Hawk: Ride" controller  (faceoffgames.com) (49)
(YouTube) Amusing Historical retelling of AC vs DC  (youtube.com) (16)
(FrogSoda) Video Grandpa on Board (some Not safe for work language)  (frogsoda.com) (14)
(Funny Or Die) Amusing David Cross: The story of one man and his chopsticks. (Not safe for work Language)  (funnyordie.com) (18)
(Topless Robot) Video Vader gets a penalty kick  (toplessrobot.com) (7)
(LA Times) Cool There's a dark new live-action Batman movie out, and you can watch it right now. Joker not amused  (latimesblogs.latimes.com) (52)
(LiveLeak) Video Recently discovered 65-year-old video footage shows spontaneous celebrations in Honolulu on August 14th, 1945 after news of Japanese surrender and end of WWII  (liveleak.com) (62)

Tue June 22, 2010
(YouTube) Cool You have a dead goat. Do you: A) bury it, B) leave it for the vultures, or C) turn it into a bagpipe?  (youtube.com) (25)
(YouTube) Amusing Behold, the American 'ethnic' food section  (youtube.com) (75)
(YouTube) Video Star Trek fans couldn't care less about Ke$ha. Until now  (youtube.com) (47)
(YouTube) Silly Well, this blows  (youtube.com) (45)
(Gamma Squad) Video Awesome violinist plays along with video game music and sound effects, probably gets all the girls  (gammasquad.uproxx.com) (23)
(YouTube) Weird If you thought his orginal freak out was bad, check out remote control boy trying to learn gymnastics  (youtube.com) (70)
(LiveLeak) Video Canadian filmmaker needs fresh ammo, pants after being charged by grizzly bear  (liveleak.com) (57)
(YouTube) Amusing This hospital probably should have come up with a better name (audio unintentionally Not safe for work)  (youtube.com) (29)
(YouTube) Cool The coolest video of a giant spider crab shedding its shell that you'll see in the next 26 minutes  (youtube.com) (90)

Mon June 21, 2010
(YouTube) Video Incredible first person view of an F4 tornado bearing down on and hitting a house in Southern Minnesota  (youtube.com) (69)
(YouTube) Cool Wealth and fame, he's ignored. Action is his reward. Too awesome for words  (youtube.com) (46)
(Gawker) Weird You'd think Japanese people would know how to advertise sushi in a way that didn't induce nausea  (tv.gawker.com) (18)
(YouTube) Cool How to shoot an anvil 200 feet in the air. Wile E. Coyote seen nodding in approval  (youtube.com) (36)
(Gawker) Video Of all the people there are on TV to inadvertently give a handjob demonstration, somehow we get... Sherri Shepherd?  (tv.gawker.com) (31)
(Deadspin) Amusing Pay attention closely to the Phillies fan in the blue shirt (video)  (deadspin.com) (45)
(YouTube) Amusing Blast from the past: Lewis Black stand-up when Iraq, healthcare and George Bush were barely glimmers in our collective eyes  (youtube.com) (24)
(YouTube) Hero Happy 89th birthday the the two and only Jane Russell - here she is discussing her controversial role in "The Outlaw", which changed boobies in film forever  (youtube.com) (61)
(YouTube) Video Reverse angle amateur video of Billings, Montana tornado destroying Rimrock Auto Arena. No stupid OMG commentary, no tilted camera. Simply awesome tornado footage with the OMG factor removed  (youtube.com) (47)
(Gawker) Video As it turns out, Miley Cyrus is about as good hosting a live show as she is singing live  (tv.gawker.com) (66)
(YouTube) Sappy The coolest video of an injured baby hummingbird being cared for in someone's back yard you'll see this this month  (youtube.com) (27)

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