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Sun October 18, 2009
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(College Humor) Amusing The Death Star was an inside job. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE  (videosift.com) (50)
(YouTube) Video Happy 49th birthday Jean-Claude Van Damme - here's one of the best fight scenes ever filmed  (youtube.com) (44)

Sat October 17, 2009
(YouTube) Video Six-year old prophet says Obama will have an assassination attempt. Washington DC will be blown off the map from an underground atomic bomb on Sunday Oct 25th 2009.....tin foil hats available when you enter to the right  (youtube.com) (122)
(YouTube) Spiffy Temple of the Dog - "Hunger Strike". Because who didn't love 1990?  (youtube.com) (31)
(Break) Amusing Klenginem: The Klingon who raps Eminem  (break.com) (23)
(YouTube) Video Star Trek was really a show about doing acid  (youtube.com) (19)
(Politico) Cool President Obama pulls classy move, castigates New Orleans crowd for booing Gov. Jindal (LGT video)  (politico.com) (151)
(YouTube) Video Quite possibly the greatest commercial of all time  (youtube.com) (107)

Fri October 16, 2009
(YouTube) Fail This TV pitchman shows off a "Wii" bit too much enthusiasm for video tennis  (youtube.com) (24)
(YouTube) Amusing Yup, this pretty much sums up Cleveland  (youtube.com) (31)
(Buell.com) Sad Erik Buell says goodbye to his loyal customers after getting the shaft from Harley Davidson  (buell.com) (54)
(YouTube) Video Meet Tilly, the river otter. She was rescued and now shows off at the Oregon Zoo  (youtube.com) (16)
(YouTube) Cool The best bluegrass version of "Sympathy For the Devil" you will hear today  (youtube.com) (30)
(YouTube) Video Happy 47th Birthday Flea (master of the slap bass) - Here's a 'tasty little ditty' with fellow RHCP Chad Smith  (youtube.com) (51)
(Wired.co.uk) Video Samuel L Jackson explains Google Wave (Not safe for work language)  (wired.co.uk) (25)
(YouTube) Silly Its not so much the act itself, as it is the sound that makes this video  (youtube.com) (21)
(YouTube) Video Balloon Boy throws up on the Today Show, cementing his place in internet history forever  (youtube.com) (102)
(YouTube) Fail Kareem Abdul Jabbar now has something in common with Weird Al Yankovic. (video)  (youtube.com) (23)
(YouTube) Silly Being The Llama Whisperer is tough work  (youtube.com) (14)
(YouTube) Weird Your "WTF?" video of the day: The fox scene from Antichrist. Bonus: Willem Dafoe is not the weirdest character  (youtube.com) (51)
(College Humor) Weird Kind of WTF, kind of funny, mostly weird  (collegehumor.com) (39)

Thu October 15, 2009
(YouTube) Video In honor of Lou Albano, Land of 1000 Dancers performed by a ton of wrestlers  (youtube.com) (47)
(YouTube) Sappy If you needed an overdose of something today, try too much adorable  (youtube.com) (32)
(YouTube) Video You may have seen the Yatta video, now here's its spiritual successor  (youtube.com) (21)
(YouTube) Video Kite snowboarding. Better hang on  (youtube.com) (23)
(Some KKK Fighting Clown) Amusing Finally, clowns start using their power to annoy people for good  (videosift.com) (26)

Wed October 14, 2009
(YouTube) Cool Amazing video of a Ukrainian sand artist  (youtube.com) (52)
(Some Guy) Cool Captured Lightning  (clipjunkie.com) (10)
(FrogSoda) Video Spiderman's audition tape for Dancing with the Stars  (frogsoda.com) (37)
(YouTube) Amusing Your WTF video of the day  (youtube.com) (25)
(Break) Amusing Thanks... hey... thanks... wow... thanks... saw it coming... thanks... damn it... thanks... *PUNCH*  (break.com) (43)
(YouTube) Video Cream - Crossroads. The greatest blues guitar solos ever recorded  (youtube.com) (119)

Tue October 13, 2009
(YouTube) Video Because juggling alone isn't hard enough, I present to you 3-on-1 juggling  (youtube.com) (31)
(I Heart Chaos) Cool This Blade vs. Batman fan trailer shouldn't be nearly as awesome as it is. Call Chris Nolan, I think we've found the villain for the next Batman movie  (iheartchaos.com) (41)
(YouTube) Video The best cover of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" done with Tuvan throat-singing you'll hear all day  (youtube.com) (35)
(Entertainment Weekly) Obvious OK, I want to own this  (ausiellofiles.ew.com) (31)
(YouTube) Video While there may be no consensus on the best song ever written about rock music, this is the worst song ever about rock music  (youtube.com) (123)
(YouTube) Video While there may be no consensus on the best song ever written about rock music, this is the best song ever about pop music  (youtube.com) (65)
(YouTube) Video SAM the robot from Sesame Street was creepier than I remember  (youtube.com) (34)
(YouTube) Fail You don't know 'chic' until you see these 1930s Futuristic Fashion Predictions (Auf Wiedersehen Michael Kors biatch)  (youtube.com) (44)

Mon October 12, 2009
(YouTube) Cool The best cover of Bohemian Rhapsody performed by an Austrian oompah band you'll see today. JA RLY  (youtube.com) (40)
(YouTube) Amusing Ellen Page wishes you a crappy Canadian Thanksgiving  (youtube.com) (45)

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