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Sun August 16, 2009
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(College Humor) Amusing Slipping comedy gold past Alex Trebeck can be as easy as signing your name, just don't expect to return as champion (Not safe for work subject matter)  (collegehumor.com) (50)
(YouTube) Video Classic SHMHC: Judas Priest: "Victim of Changes" live 1982  (youtube.com) (37)
(YouTube) Amusing For he who giveth shall be without sin for 90 days or your money back  (youtube.com) (12)
(YouTube) Spiffy The world's fastest banjo player. He's the sprinting zombie of redneck horror  (youtube.com) (34)
(YouTube) Cool Auto-tune and producers need to suck it. Die stereotypes, WHITE PEOPLE GOT BEATS  (youtube.com) (66)
(Break) Amusing When dancing on the stage with a stripper and she is removing clothes from you, remember to breathe (probably not safe for work)  (break.com) (27)

Sat August 15, 2009
(YouTube) Video For all those jonesing for winter: A time-lapse of a ski resort's changing seasons  (youtube.com) (20)
(Gizmodo) Cool Girls in bikinis reading Star Wars. You'll shoot first (Repeat But it is Girls in bikinis reading Star Wars...)  (gizmodo.com) (39)
(YouTube) Spiffy Responding to a terrorist attack? Plane crash? Huge traffic pileup? Alien invasion? Filming Blues Brothers 2010? Nope, it is the emergency vehicle parade at the Woodward Dream Cruise  (youtube.com) (21)
(Gizmodo) Fail So, automatic door, we meet again. But this time I have a plan  (gizmodo.com) (60)
(YouTube) Amusing Who is knife-throwing? Oh my God, bear is knife-throwing, how can that be?  (youtube.com) (22)

Fri August 14, 2009
(YouTube) Amusing 17-year-old Davie Bowie discusses "Society For the Protection of Cruelty to Long-Haired Men." Freak  (youtube.com) (22)
(YouTube) Amusing Having dumb friends does have its advantages  (youtube.com) (28)
(YouTube) Video Video of the impact at the Hudson river  (youtube.com) (38)
(YouTube) Cool Ukraine's version of "America's Got Talent" winner sand painting her interpretation of Germany's occupation of Ukraine in WWII  (youtube.com) (66)
(YouTube) Satire The Divine Watermelon  (youtube.com) (6)
(LiveLeak) Video You ever seen a video game competition? You ever seen it...on "That's Incredible" in 1983? Check out the dramatic play-by-play  (liveleak.com) (60)
(YouTube) Cool Enjoy some sex jokes from Steve Martin to celebrate his birthday (Not safe for work language)  (youtube.com) (11)
(YouTube) Video I see your Paul Gilbert "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" solo and raise you Jeff Healey doing the same, but better  (youtube.com) (32)
(LiveLeak) Video Wile E Coyote finally captures the Road Runner, then undergoes a slow identity crisis. Not safe for work language  (liveleak.com) (20)
(Comedy Central) Spiffy You remember that "Stand By Me" song taped all over the world from homeless street musicians? Colbert invited Grampa Elliot to his show. Yeah, got something in my eye  (colbertnation.com) (32)
(Break) Video You know how shows tell you "Do not try this at home"? Well, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME  (break.com) (30)

Thu August 13, 2009
(LiveLeak) Asinine Cop: "So, we're going to bend the truth a bit to protect the officer." Good job, Deputy Fife, all trust in the police is now officially gone  (liveleak.com) (64)
(Some Guy) Video The Ten Greatest General Lee Jumps Of All Time (with all on one page video goodness)  (epiccarnival.com) (23)
(some guy) Video File under coolest dad ever, builds a batmobile go cart  (frogsoda.com) (22)
(YouTube) Amusing How big a fish can a hungry cat carry? Japan has done the research  (youtube.com) (22)
(YouTube) Sappy In memory of Les Paul, here's Les Paul doing what Les Paul did best. Les Paul  (youtube.com) (25)
(YouTube) Video Awesome catching laptops with your butt  (youtube.com) (32)
(TechEBlog) Cool I know, let's put this Honda 900 CBR engine on a go-kart and see how it rides  (techeblog.com) (78)
(LiveLeak) Video Freakiest urinal you'll see today. Yep, it's from Japan  (liveleak.com) (23)
(LiveLeak) Video Oh. My. God. This might be hard to watch for some  (liveleak.com) (58)
(YouTube) Video Winwood, Lynne, Petty, Prince and others perform "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" ... Prince really tears that axe up  (youtube.com) (134)

Wed August 12, 2009
(YouTube) Sad The bleakest Jell-O commercial you'll see today  (youtube.com) (29)
(LiveLeak) Amusing Some guy put together this Meow Mix, giving you ample time to go insane before Caturday  (liveleak.com) (30)
(YouTube) Stupid A Christian teenagers' attempt to convert a Hindu friend dredges up ninety-nine different flavors of stupid  (youtube.com) (132)
(YouTube) Amusing Chess is a thinking man's game, and this man thinks this would be an awesome way to play it  (youtube.com) (28)
(The Onion) Amusing Are Reality Shows Setting Unrealistic Standards for Skanks?  (theonion.com) (10)
(YouTube) Amusing On 'No Reservations,' Bourdain visits a vegan coffeehouse, tries their Maple Bacon Latte. Wait for it  (youtube.com) (95)
(Dlisted) Dumbass The annual Vortex of Suck , or as its known by its real name, the gathering of the Juggalos. Be very afraid  (dlisted.com) (86)
(YouTube) Cool Easily The Most Amazing Dance Performance You'll See In The Next Five Minutes  (supertremendous.com) (33)
(YouTube) Video "Awesome" doesn't begin to describe it. Hubble Ultra Deep Field  (youtube.com) (241)
(Funny Or Die) Amusing Intervention Intervention  (funnyordie.com) (20)
(The Onion) Video Google's new 'Opt Out' feature lets users protect their privacy by moving to a remote village  (theonion.com) (14)

Tue August 11, 2009
(FilmDrunk) Amusing A compilation of Harrison Ford pleading for his wife and family  (filmdrunk.uproxx.com) (20)
(Yahoo) Amusing Science finds can't-fail way to attract women  (video.yahoo.com) (25)
(YouTube) Video You've won International 11 times. Going for #12, you score better than ever before, toppling a decade-old world record high score. But your new record lasts only hours, and you come in 2nd place. Why? These guys were just plain better  (youtube.com) (89)
(YouTube) Cool That's not a boat. THIS is a boat  (youtube.com) (36)
(Spike) Fail A girl dumps her boyfriend for ignoring her emails and phone calls. The boyfriend was backpacking in Europe the whole time. (Not safe for work language)  (spike.com) (128)

Mon August 10, 2009
(YouTube) Video I have no idea what you're talking about, so here's a walking dog milking a goat  (youtube.com) (16)
(YouTube) Video Your WTF moment of the day: Six Million Dollar Man TV Movie Intro...sung by Dusty Springfield  (youtube.com) (40)

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