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Sun July 19, 2009
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(LiveLeak) Amusing Japanese dog has eyebrows. Honest-to-god, actual eyebrows  (liveleak.com) (27)
(YouTube) Video You've seen the orchestral version of "Poker Face", now watch the far superior jazz version of "Toxic"  (youtube.com) (47)
(YouTube) Silly You've been RockRolled  (youtube.com) (64)
(LiveLeak) Video Pretty much, I say pretty much every single quote and blabbering Foghorn Leghorn rant ever produced. Look at me when I'm talking to you, son  (liveleak.com) (48)
(TechEBlog) Cool Kids build massive 20-foot tall Kingda Ka K'Nex roller coaster  (techeblog.com) (28)
(YouTube) Video Marty, there's something wrong with the spacetime continuum  (youtube.com) (44)
(YouTube) Video If you're a medium who's agreed to summon the spirit of the dead manager of a chocolate factory on TV, you'd be well-advised to make sure that the manager, or at least the factory, actually existed before going on camera  (youtube.com) (32)
(YouTube) Cool McDonald's: The Rap  (youtube.com) (15)
(YouTube) Video Do not try this yourself. I am an expert  (youtube.com) (78)
(Break) Video This guy rules at everything  (break.com) (22)
(YouTube) Video Remember Night Flight? If so you probably remember this classic, Jac Mac & Rad Boy Go  (youtube.com) (39)
(Break) Video MC Hammer Vader busts a move  (break.com) (13)

Sat July 18, 2009
(YouTube) Cool Cheech & Chong meet Tron, discuss stagflation '09. Not safe for work language, NS period  (youtube.com) (7)
(YouTube) Video Five years out..and still one of the best songs/videos ever made  (youtube.com) (100)
(YouTube) Strange Remember Nora The Piano Cat? Here's "CATcerto": an orchestra playing music along with that cat video  (youtube.com) (10)
(Heavy.com) Amusing Home Alone Of The Dead  (heavy.com) (13)
(YouTube) Amusing Voldemort and Harry lay down the rhymes  (youtube.com) (12)
(Some Swaim) Video Ironically, it's a Victorian-style house  (thosearentmuskets.com) (14)
(YouTube) Video This stuff is far...far, far, far away  (youtube.com) (49)
(YouTube) Amusing If you guessed that Shaquille O'Neal's tribute to Michael Jackson would include a slow-motion reenactment of the knife fight from the "Beat It" video, you'd be correct  (thehoopdoctors.com) (15)
(YouTube) Weird Yoshiaki Kawajiri's animated short "The Running Man", from Liquid Television. From a time when non-music shows on MTV were the exception, not the rule  (youtube.com) (37)

Fri July 17, 2009
(YouTube) Obvious You knew it had to happen: the Glenn Beck "GET OFF MY PHONE" remix  (youtube.com) (126)
(College Humor) Strange Add this to the never ending pile of evidence that shows the Japanese have some crazy television  (collegehumor.com) (28)
(YouTube) Video Your WTF moment of the day: Ending to the Filipino version of Batman & Robin. Somewhere Joel Schumacher is nodding in approval  (youtube.com) (30)
(YouTube) Amusing What we have here is your basic disco dancing instructional video. In Finnish  (youtube.com) (17)
(YouTube) Silly I've seen Lego things you people wouldn't believe  (youtube.com) (37)

Thu July 16, 2009
(YouTube) Amusing White Girls Doing Bill Cosby Impressions  (youtube.com) (61)
(LiveLeak) Video Sportscaster stumbles his way through basketball report after co-anchor farts quite audibly during live broadcast  (liveleak.com) (43)
(Boing Boing) Video 1944 "Soundies" that inspired DEVO's "Whip It"  (boingboing.net) (36)
(YouTube) Cool Awesome perspectives of the Saturn V launch that carried man to the Moon  (youtube.com) (63)
(LiveLeak) Video A dog riding a bicycle. That's pretty much it  (liveleak.com) (29)

Wed July 15, 2009
(YouTube) Cool If you work for Alton Brown and you ask for a video referral - this is what you get  (youtube.com) (197)
(YouTube) Amusing Glenn Beck calmly and rationally debates health care with a caller on his radio show. Just kidding, he shrieks at her like a psychopath  (youtube.com) (377)
(YouTube) Video Chris Daughtry performs a kick-ass, solo, acoustic cover of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face"  (youtube.com) (63)
(FrogSoda) Video Your WTF video of the day. Tampons falling from the sky. Les Nesman unavialable for comment  (frogsoda.com) (37)
(YouTube) Fail If you've ever wondered why laugh tracks were needed in television shows, it's because of people who buy things like this  (youtube.com) (61)
(YouTube) Video A musical lesson we'd all do well to keep in mind: There's Always an A-Hole on the Internet  (youtube.com) (24)
(YouTube) Amusing Tiger impersonating Charles Barkley's golf swing  (youtube.com) (25)
(YouTube) Amusing The best WTF "This isn't Normandy?" video you will see today  (youtube.com) (39)
(YouTube) PSA Sotomayor explains the many dangers of ninja "numchuck sticks"  (youtube.com) (56)
(Atom) Fail Two of the most annoying people in the world -- now appearing together on the same show  (atom.com) (35)
(YouTube) Video If you always wanted to take a visit to Vulcan, Alberta, mecca for all things Star Trek, here's your chance  (youtube.com) (16)
(LiveLeak) Video Okay, Darwinists, try and weasel your way out of this one: Finally, a complete and thorough scientific analysis of the Miracle of Creation  (liveleak.com) (76)
(YouTube) Amusing Squirrel Stuck in Yogurt Cup  (youtube.com) (21)
(heylookanimals) Strange Freakiest video of a cat sitting on a bed that you'll ever see  (heylookanimals.com) (57)

Tue July 14, 2009
(YouTube) Strange Wizards + Fog Machines + Italo-disco + The Alan Parsons Project + Pink Floyd = Pink Project, your WTF video of the day  (youtube.com) (20)
(LiveLeak) Scary Very short CCTV clip shows a spectacular crash at an intersection after a pickup truck blows through a red light  (liveleak.com) (98)
(Some Robot) Silly PSA: Don't talk to robots  (geekologie.com) (22)
(YouTube) Video The most devastating roundhouse kick you'll see until the next Walker Texas Ranger rerun airs  (youtube.com) (67)
(TechEBlog) Cool Teens spend 10-days building extreme water slide in backyard  (techeblog.com) (32)
(YouTube) Sick Awesome pizza delivery customer service  (youtube.com) (42)
(YouTube) Silly Two bigfoots caught on tape  (youtube.com) (38)
(Guardian.com) Video Nick Cave reads from his new novel, "The Death of Bunny Munro" while sporting an awesome moustache  (guardian.co.uk) (25)
(Some Guy) Video The magical stylings of Air Guitar Guy are here to brighten your day  (myfortdodge.com) (8)

Mon July 13, 2009
(YouTube) Weird What in the wild, wild world of drunks is going on here?  (youtube.com) (43)
(YouTube) Video Trailer for "The Time Traveler's Wife" finally released. The good: Rachel McAdams is incredibly hot. The bad: Eric Bana still acting like Bruce Banner. The ugly: The worst time traveling effects seen since "Time Bandits"  (youtube.com) (146)
(YouTube) Spiffy WTF of the day, brought to you by 外國發現不明恐怖生物體,疑為變異所致  (youtube.com) (53)
(YouTube) Unlikely Nice instrumental cover of The Killers' "Mr. Brightside" featuring easily the best piano technique you will ever see  (youtube.com) (43)
(YouTube) Weird If you think Joel Schumacher made the worst Batman movies, you obviously haven't seen this one from the Philippines  (youtube.com) (66)
(YouTube) Amusing The movie may have sucked but the Tom Cruise impersonation is so damned good you almost can't tell it isn't him  (youtube.com) (52)
(YouTube) Cool Lucky gamer dude finds discarded box full of amazing Atari and Colecovision awesomeness on the street, and giddily unboxes it all back at his place for our nostalgic pleasure  (youtube.com) (55)
(YouTube) Amusing And you thought all Hooter's girls were shallow, vapid, stripper wannabes  (youtube.com) (47)

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