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Sun July 12, 2009
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(YouTube) Amusing Presenting...Ledge Fighters  (youtube.com) (31)
(YouTube) Video You may or may not find this link interesting, but you won't know for certain until you click on it  (youtube.com) (58)
(YouTube) Video Your Sunday heavy metal housecall brought to you by Arsis \m/  (youtube.com) (41)
(YouTube) Scary Today's WTF video brought to you by Egor and his black bike-riding wife (sorta not safe for workish)  (youtube.com) (27)
(YouTube) Weird You're welcome in advance for this wonderful Michael Jackson tribute by Celine Dion  (youtube.com) (45)
(YouTube) Video On this day in 1970 the "Woodstock" concert album hit #1, and here's the two minutes of that weekend in '69 that rocked people's faces off more than anything else  (youtube.com) (100)

Sat July 11, 2009
(YouTube) Cool 80s wonderfulness: Bangles rock out a cover of Hazy Shade of Winter live. Hot chicks, great song and much cowbell  (youtube.com) (56)
(YouTube) Amusing Who says falling asleep at the wheel can't be hilarious?  (youtube.com) (58)

Fri July 10, 2009
(YouTube) Cool 1959. Rock & roll was still in its infancy while Mario Lanza was at his prime singing "Vesti La Guibba" in the film "For The First Time"  (youtube.com) (29)
(The New Yorker) Video Rolling Stones, rock's original sellouts, performing unmemorable jingle for Rice Krispies TV commercial in 1963  (newyorker.com) (36)
(College Humor) Amusing Deja view - did "The Hangover" steal the plot line of "Dude, where's my car?"  (collegehumor.com) (44)
(TechEBlog) Cool If you've ever wanted to see how an F/A-18 is built, today's your lucky day  (techeblog.com) (37)
(YouTube) Amusing You didn't ask for it, but you know you want it: the Billy Mays blooper reel  (youtube.com) (40)
(YouTube) Cool 8th grade math teacher from Los Angeles uses his rap skills to teach the slope intercept form  (youtube.com) (27)

Thu July 09, 2009
(YouTube) Amusing Asians Doing Christopher Walken Impressions  (youtube.com) (26)
(I Heart Chaos) Weird The most uncomfortable 70 seconds of TV you'll ever see  (iheartchaos.com) (74)
(YouTube) Cool Just a little bit of happy. Let's see if this gets greenlighted  (youtube.com) (51)
(LiveLeak) Video Presenting the fastest motorcycle on earth. Holy crap, look at that scenery zipping by  (liveleak.com) (41)
(YouTube) Cool Sacha Baren Cohen on Letterman as himself, is funnier than Bruno  (youtube.com) (52)
(YouTube) Cool Since Fark seems to be on a Dali kick, how about the best tribute song to one of his works, ever?  (youtube.com) (22)
(Vimeo) Amusing When your band is called the Be Arthurs, you're awesome even when you're trying a punk-rock ukulele cover of Celine Dion  (vimeo.com) (9)
(YouTube) Strange ...so here's a video of a narcoleptic poodle  (youtube.com) (31)
(YouTube) Cool Cab Calloway performs "Minnie The Moocher", a song about getting hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-hi  (youtube.com) (35)
(Funny Or Die) Fail James Franco's rejected UCLA commencement speech  (funnyordie.com) (55)
(LiveLeak) Amusing Rarely is road rage so amusing  (liveleak.com) (70)
(Break) PSA Sometimes it's best to leave wildlife alone (some language Not safe for work)  (break.com) (21)
(YouTube) Cool There have been quite a few "who plays a helluva guitar" comment battles here on Fark. The next one starts to the right while the proof is on the left  (youtube.com) (140)
(YouTube) Video 2012: The Largest Disaster Porn Movie EVAR (SFW)  (youtube.com) (35)
(YouTube) Interesting "I think this is it......." says a pilot with only seconds to live  (youtube.com) (36)
(LiveLeak) Amusing Drunk escape fail, with no help from Jesus despite repeated requests  (liveleak.com) (9)
(YouTube) Cool And you thought your father in law was a difficult man to impress  (youtube.com) (9)
(YouTube) Strange Your daily WTF dosage. Bonus: Salvador Dali  (youtube.com) (9)

Wed July 08, 2009
(YouTube) Video In honor of Kevin Bacon's 51st birthday, here he is showing what passed for dancing in the 80s  (youtube.com) (91)

Tue July 07, 2009
(BBC) Video Ever wondered what a Lamborghini Gallardo would look like on fire? Well wonder no longer  (news.bbc.co.uk) (40)
(The Sporting Blog) Interesting The most amazing futsal (indoor soccer) goal that you'll ever see (with video)  (sportingnews.com) (65)
(YouTube) Video There's nothing like a video of a champion cyclist missing a turn and plunging over the side of a cliff to remind you the Tour de France is on  (youtube.com) (72)

Mon July 06, 2009
(YouTube) Video It was today in 1971 that Louis Armstrong went to the great night club in the sky. Here's Satchmo beltin out "A Lot of Living To Do" live in 1965  (youtube.com) (30)
(Homestar Runner) Amusing What a load - a pant load  (homestarrunner.com) (35)
(YouTube) Amusing True moments in IT support  (youtube.com) (52)
(YouTube) Video 36 years ago today Queen released debut single in the UK - Keep Yourself Alive  (youtube.com) (76)
(YouTube) Obvious Anderson Cooper scoops what's really happening at the Furry Fest  (youtube.com) (45)
(I Heart Chaos) Cool The most amazing Disney / Salvador Dali short film you'll see ever. Watch it now before Disney's lawyers notice it's on YouTube  (iheartchaos.com) (46)
(YouTube) Amusing Homeopathic ER  (youtube.com) (17)
(I Heart Chaos) Amusing Awkward: Repo'ing someone's sweet Delorean. Awkwarder: Having the owner break into a Michael Jackson dance routine and kick you in the taint  (iheartchaos.com) (66)
(YouTube) Scary Lightning strikes storm chaser's car while driving down highway  (youtube.com) (57)

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