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Sun May 17, 2009
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(YouTube) Amusing "I just wanted it to snow"  (youtube.com) (54)
(YouTube) Spiffy From the so bad it's good file the trailer for "Hard Ticket to Hawaii"  (youtube.com) (25)
(YouTube) Video One guitar, and one pedal. If this doesn't impress you, you might be a fark admin  (youtube.com) (114)
(YouTube) Amusing Fat cat trapped in a cat flap  (youtube.com) (25)
(YouTube) Amusing Baby Mia OM NOM NOM NOM NOMs strained pears. My awwww meter just broked  (tr.youtube.com) (66)
(YouTube) Amusing Ben "Video Douchebag" Ryan, the guy who wanted to win his girlfriend back with a homoerotic video? Here's another YouTuber's 'vision' of him as Captain America  (youtube.com) (68)

Sat May 16, 2009
(YouTube) Strange Official video for Modest Mouse's new single "Satellite Skin" with a high whisky tango foxtrot factor  (youtube.com) (36)
(Some Guy) Video "20/20" report from 1981 on new hip-hop trend spreading across America  (rapradar.com) (65)
(TBO) Amusing A Wesley Chapel man figured out a way to wet his appetite for wine without spending a dime  (www2.tbo.com) (28)
(YouTube) Amusing Dude loses girl. Dude is "not sure why" girl left. Dude makes "please come back to me" video that took nine months to make. After watching it, I think we know why she left  (youtube.com) (136)
(Wonkette) Interesting Teabaggers: "Ron Paul was our last hope." Rachel Maddow: "No. There is another"  (wonkette.com) (58)
(Yahoo) Video Mom & baby squirrels go for walk, run into an obstacle, get some help  (video.yahoo.com) (33)
(YouTube) Video Mean Gene Okerlund barely survives Ken Patera's brutal assault  (youtube.com) (24)

Fri May 15, 2009
(Atom) Silly "Excuse me, are you a real Cowboy? Well I just found out I'm a lesbian"  (atom.com) (31)
(YouTube) Video And now a demonstration in the very latest in suitcase security, your clothes will never be safer than they will with this exciting new product  (youtube.com) (23)
(Comedy Central) Amusing Coke Party Protest  (colbertnation.com) (9)
(YouTube) Spiffy I heart you online. These girls would like a poke  (youtube.com) (55)
(Breitbart.tv) Video Pelosi tries to explain when she learned of waterboarding. Um, can you repeat the part of the stuff where you said all about the... thing?  (breitbart.tv) (210)
(The Daily Show) Video Once again, The Daily Show puts an issue in perspective: Every value we hold dear can be sacrificed in the war on terror as long as the military doesn't catch teh ghey  (thedailyshow.com) (323)
(Algunos Guy) Weird El peor. Los Simpsones. Siempre  (afrojacks.com) (24)
(YouTube) Video One kite in the left hand. One kite in the right hand. I have no idea what's controlling the third kite  (youtube.com) (31)
(YouTube) Sappy Cute baby pigs with sound-activated ears  (youtube.com) (15)

Thu May 14, 2009
(YouTube) Video How much is the old Star Trek like the new Star Trek if you add lens flares? Please pass the OW MY EYES  (youtube.com) (55)
(TMZ) Amusing Best video of a guy on the street punching out a guy on a moving bus you'll see today  (tmz.com) (35)
(LiveLeak) PSA Im sure this happens all the time, but why was the camera on this guy when it happened?  (liveleak.com) (15)
(YouTube) Amusing Ah, yes, a nice little Caturday video with a cat cleaning a chihuahua - wait, "dood, wut teh fush?"  (youtube.com) (28)
(SlashFilm) Interesting How much is the new Star Trek like the old Star Wars? Please pass the popcorn  (slashfilm.com) (25)
(YouTube) Video Best Slushee Commercial Ever  (youtube.com) (39)
(YouTube) Spiffy Nine year old barely bigger than his Randy Rhoads guitar plays 'Crazy Train' on Ellen show. Then it gets Ozzy  (youtube.com) (138)

Wed May 13, 2009
(YouTube) Cool Meet 17 year old Julia Dales from Canada: 2009 Beatbox Battle World Champs Wild Card  (youtube.com) (68)
(Funny Or Die) Video Andy Samberg and Ann Hathaway in Evenings w Ms. Elouise. If Ann Hathaway doesn't win an oscar, I'll eat a cookie  (funnyordie.com) (30)
(YouTube) Video I'll see your Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and raise you Shark in Venice, which combines a crappy shark movie, a crappy Da Vinci Code knockoff, and a crappy Baldwin brother  (dailymotion.com) (18)
(YouTube) Video Comedienne takes everything your mom says in a 24-hour period and condenses it into a 3-minute song. Set to the William Tell Overture  (youtube.com) (39)
(YouTube) Obvious Douchebag Spokesperson? Misleading Claims? Lame Product? Yep, it must be a new Microsoft ad  (youtube.com) (46)
(YouTube) Amusing The new trailer for "The Hangover" includes the extended version of Mike Tyson's take on "In The Air Tonight" (Not safe for work Language)  (youtube.com) (51)

Tue May 12, 2009
(Some Red Shirt) Video The coolest video of the Enterprise blowing up space pirates you'll see all afternoon  (thelightworks.com) (48)
(YouTube) Video I think we found a soulmate for the guy with the weirdest laugh  (youtube.com) (63)
(LiveLeak) Video Russian blonde with AK-47. Wait for it  (liveleak.com) (83)
(YouTube) Video Forget all the big budget Hollywood films this summer. If you only see one move, make it "Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus"  (youtube.com) (59)
(YouTube) Scary Crash test video reveals vehicle's crumple zone is approximately size of entire vehicle  (youtube.com) (62)
(Break) Fail To avoid a tree crashing into his home, a homeowner contracts a tree removal professional. Wait for it...wait for it  (break.com) (47)

Mon May 11, 2009
(Jalopnik) Dumbass Remember to close your sunroof when masturbating (Not safe for work)  (jalopnik.com) (61)
(YouTube) Spiffy The ultimate Star Trek showdown: Spock vs Q  (youtube.com) (20)
(Kansas.com) Video B-29 "Doc" engine starts for the first time in 53 years  (videos.kansas.com) (64)
(YouTube) Amusing Today's feel-good prank video  (youtube.com) (38)
(LiveLeak) Video Presenting the most annoying laugh in the entire history of the human race. Don't even try to debate this  (liveleak.com) (57)
(Vimeo) Video The best (and coolest) modern example of Golden Age animation pathos you'll see for a while. Chris Ware's Quimby the Mouse  (vimeo.com) (17)

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