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Sun March 01, 2009
(LiveLeak) Cool Blacklight winners of a talent show (23)
(YouTube) Video I see your Jim Henson "Dark Crystal" and raise you "As the World Falls Down" from the Labyrinth.BONUS: 1980s Jennifer Connelly (34)
(YouTube) Video Great Cinema Clips Presents: Goodfellas" - Henry's Last Day as a Wiseguy. (Not safe for work language) (32)
(High Times) Hero Jesse 'The Body' Ventura talks about legalizing pot, prostitution, and ... birthday cakes? (16)
(YouTube) Video Sunday Heavy Metal House Call - From the coast of Norway, Viking Metal powerhouse Einherjer doesn't take themselves too seriously and offers up their best. This is "Iron Bound" (48)

Sat February 28, 2009
(YouTube) Scary No wonder Jim Henson's "The Dark Crystal" gave me nightmares as a kid (49)
(YouTube) Amusing Dear Sgt. Krupke, it ain't our fault (from West Side Story) (19)
(YouTube) Spiffy Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ in a Chariot-driven Sidecar with a flat ... Beyonce' is friggin' hot (82)
(YouTube) Video Nine Inch Nails performs "1,000,000" live in Sydney, Australia, Feb. 22, 2009 (in HD quality) (30)
(YouTube) Amusing The official Farker Action Figure. Drew knows us better than we think (27)
(YouTube) Video Red Vs. Blue explains the economic crisis.... sell your guns before the bank gets them (20)
(LiveLeak) Video Bears hate getting their ears wet. Bears also like easy prey like dead salmon. Smart bears stand upright in shallow water using their hind legs to retrieve dead fish. This leads to amusing underwater footage of dancing bears (28)
(LiveLeak) Video We all know that sleeping dogs do funny things in their dreamworld. Meet 'Bizkit', the dog who gets up and acts on those dreams while sleeping (35)
(LiveLeak) Stupid Few seconds to lay them, long years trying to get rid of them (47)
(Break) Amusing Hey yall, I just had a greats ideas. Ere, hold my beer willya? (30)
(YouTube) Amusing Nothing says cool like Lou Rawls and Budweiser. Well, at least not in 1978 (14)

Fri February 27, 2009
(YouTube) Video Phil Hartman's SNL audition (56)
(Some Guy) Video C-130 destroyed in seconds (38)
(YouTube) Video Grab a Guinness and get your Irish on - "Seven Deadly Sins" from Flogging Molly (22)
(Yahoo) Video Ugandan boxer refuses to let blindness stop his training. Some people might find this inspiring, but I think he's a bit short-sighted (20)
(YouTube) Video The Police: "Synchronicity II." A fine, wholesome, spiritually uplifting tune (48)
(YouTube) Video Booze + winter + a Webelos handbook = greatest Indian leg wrestling video ever (24)
(LiveLeak) Video Home video of a fat-ass cat getting its fat-ass stuck in the skinny-ass cat door as it tries to get its fat-ass back inside. Fat-ass (22)
(YouTube) Video Whoa, stop shoving. We have a winner in the "Absolutely, Hands-Down, Crappiest Music Video to Come Out of the 80s" right here (91)
(YouTube) Video Short clip from "All In The Family" eerily projects itself on the current state of America today (46)
(LiveLeak) Scary The truck came from an alternate universe and was driven by a Kromagg (46)

Thu February 26, 2009
(College Humor) Video Other uses for Nunchucks (18)
(LiveLeak) Video Not sure why they're blowing this car up, but I'm sure it's all about safety. Nothing to see here. Move along (24)
(LiveLeak) Amusing With a growl like that he has a hard time being scary (38)
(YouTube) Amusing One of the funniest scenes ever from Spaced, with Simon Pegg (not safe for work dialog) (31)
(YouTube) Amusing Proof that the robots will start WW3 (29)
(YouTube) Amusing WTF is Watchmen? (68)
(YouTube) Video Johnny Cash would've been 77 today. Here's "A Boy Named Sue" live from San Quentin prison in 1969 (46)
(LiveLeak) Video Moores Mill Road, August 23rd, 1988: The day electricity fought back...and won (home video) (40)
(LiveLeak) Cool Spread eagle on ice shows us the danger of global warming, international judges (26)

Wed February 25, 2009
(LiveLeak) Scary I didn't have time to be scared (91)
(Some Guy) Asinine A new sport is born: long distance port-a-potty running (32)
(Metacafe) Video Everything is possible, except for this getting greenlit (74)

Tue February 24, 2009
(YouTube) Video Asian Bluegrass. Put away the pipes, stoners. This is real on Asian instruments (39)
(LiveLeak) Silly If you woke up in a panic this morning wondering "Gee, has anyone ever been successful at using an industrial compressor and their ass cheeks to simulate the sound of a chainsaw?", well, your question have been answered (43)
(Boing Boing) Video Head spin trick, using The Thatcher effect (24)
(Atom) Video Slut girlfriend posts loser boyfriend video's (49)
(LiveLeak) Video Honestly, how many of you would've just looked at the car roll by? (55)
(YouTube) Video Step aside Jerry Lee Lewis, Paws is taking over (5)
(I Heart Chaos) Cool Weird Al releases a new single for these cash-strapped times. It's all about the Washingtons (60)
(Idolator) Video Tainted Windows' first video, that "supergroup" made of Hanson, Cheap Trick, Fountains of Wayne and Smashing Pumpkins. Almost makes you long for the good ol' days of Hanson (65)
(YouTube) Amusing Gay scientists isolate genetic cause of Christianity (38)
(LiveLeak) Video Rappers are now substituting the N-word with something a lot less offensive: 'President'. As in "What up, my President". No, really (video report) (61)
(LiveLeak) Video When multiple bears are held captive and allowed to beg for food, you're going to get some astonishingly human gestures to win the crowd over (73)
(YouTube) Amusing If you thought you'd seen everything, here's Hugh Jackman giving Barbara Walters a lap dance (20)

Mon February 23, 2009
(MusicNewsNet) Video Trailer for Iron Maiden's "Flight 666" documentary, set for March 14th release. Documents the "Somewhere In Time" tour, numerous hip surgery replacements and good vitamin substitutes (33)
(College Humor) Amusing Alternate "Back to the Future" ending (48)
(Break) Video In this economy, even birds are learning to fish (19)
(Break) Video Who wants a gigantic Python ride? (25)
(FilmDrunk) Video Mickey Rourke's six minute acceptance speech at the Spirit Awards is more awesome than just about anything that's happened at the Oscars ever (69)
(LiveLeak) Video The new dog is getting me all agitated (9)
(geeksaresexy.net) Cool A long time ago in a gymnasium far far away (29)
(YouTube) Amusing A sneak peek at Mel Gibson's new movie "The Colonel" (72)
(LiveLeak) Video Jeez. Just when you're nearing the apex of your "Death To America" speech, someone has to go and capture THIS on video (33)
(YouTube) Dumbass Female news reporter almost puts career on the wrong track. Not safe for work audio (39)

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