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Sun February 22, 2009
(YouTube) Cool Who watches the latest Watchmen viral video, set in the 80s? You do, when you click to the left (40)
(YouTube) Amusing Coolest folk-metal band you'll see EVER (no housecall needed) (35)
(YouTube) Weird Are you supposed to laugh or headbang to this? (34)
(YouTube) Video Belt fed 12 gauge, nuff said (76)
(YouTube) Cool The Miracle on Ice, 29 years ago today (52)
(YouTube) Video When he plays the violin, this dude is smokin' hot (27)

Sat February 21, 2009
(YouTube) Video The coolest super slo-mo of a bear shaking water off its fur you will see today (19)
(YouTube) Cool In honor of Conan O'Brien's departure, the single greatest segment in Late Night history: drunken Norm MacDonald eviscerates Courtney Thorne-Smith (113)
(YouTube) Weird Daily WTF presents: Meat Cupcake (23)
(YouTube) Cool If only every car commercial in life were as cool as a "Matrix"-themed Volkswagen car commercial (20)
(YouTube) Amusing What separates man from animal? If you said "moonwalking" then sit back down (25)
(The Raw Story) Video Glenn Beck's gut tells him "America is headed for a Civil War between the bubbas and the U.S. government." Fox & Friends host climbs under the table in fear (193)

Fri February 20, 2009
(YouTube) Video Cell phones, cute animals (18)
(Vator.tv) Unlikely Supposedly people still watch Podcasts (51)
(Slate) Interesting R.I.P. Baconmania (73)
(YouTube) Video Kid shows off soccer skills until dad comes along and ruins everything (19)
(Cracked) Video Eight embarrasing Japanese ads by Oscar nominees who sold-out for some quick cash (47)
(YouTube) Scary In other news, a trash bag is a "special fabric" and organ failure is "weight loss". Behold: Slim Suit (24)
(YouTube) Spiffy MST3K creator Joel Hodgson is 49 today. Link goes to 'best of' clips (58)
(LiveLeak) Video F-18 doing an extremely low fly-by over the San Francisco Bay during fleet week. Short, loud and kick-ass (23)
(Some Guy) Weird Largest snail holding up traffic you'll see today (29)

Thu February 19, 2009
(Crooks & Liars) Amusing Jon Stewart vs. John Sununu. 2 men enter, 1 crawls away with their tail between their legs (40)
(YouTube) Video Your daily WTF courtesy of Manakin (45)
(YouTube) Video If you've ever wanted to see someone shred the keyter playing Michael Jackson "Beat It" here is your chance (31)
(Some Guy) Video So what's Stephon Marbury been up to since the Knicks won't play him? If you said he's making improv comedies with a random dude at an LA bus stop, collect your prize (18)
(CNBC) Video CNBC's Rick Santelli, on the floor of the CBOT, mocks Obama's stimulus package. Then things get farkin' hilarious (253)
(YouTube) Video A collection of the "best" clips from Christ-loving Kirk Cameron's movie Fireproof (73)
(YouTube) Sick I'll call your Bossy goal and go all in with the Lemieux faceoff goal (40)
(YouTube) Amusing Quite possibly the worst scene from the worst movie of the 1980's (125)
(YouTube) Video I'll see your Ovechkin goal and raise you Mike Bossy's mid-air goal during the 1982 Stanley Cup finals (goal at 2:08) (42)
(Some Guy) Video High five escalator - nice to see people smiling (54)
(YouTube) Amusing Tommy Wiseau makes Uwe Bol look like Martin Scorsese and Keanu Reeves look like Marlon Brando (33)

Wed February 18, 2009
(YouTube) Florida Skateboarding is a crime in milton florida (95)
(YouTube) Video At least he gets points for perseverance (36)
(Huffington Post) Video Six year old soccer player with ball skills no six year old should have (101)
(LiveLeak) Video Least. Impressive. TV. Credits. EVAR (36)
(YouTube) Video Best ping-pong match you'll see this week (15)
(Boing Boing) Video Computers inspired by computers (inspired by kittens inspired by kittens) (24)
(LiveLeak) Video The 1993 Pantai Remis landslide caught on videotape. This is a rather large landslide right here (43)
(YouTube) Cool The ultimate slip & slide (39)
(LiveLeak) Video Drunk idiot interrupts live broadcast (with Not safe for work language) (16)
(YouTube) Video Joaquin Phoenix New Rap Video, "The Rise of the Phoenix" (35)
(Huffington Post) Video If Sean Hannity's video montage is any indication, the stimulus package is sure to hasten the apocalypse (159)
(Break) Video Once again, Japan outdoes itself (39)
(Gawker) Amusing Conan O'Brien turns airport tantrum lady into meme (40)
(YouTube) Video This guy has nothing on Indiana Jones (6)
(Frag Dolls) Video Greatest. Rockband performance. EVAR (13)

Tue February 17, 2009
(Wimp) Cool Video of the most awesome Tetris player you'll see... probably in your lifetime (56)
(Jezebel.com) Amusing We all love supermodels falling on their asses. But what are the BEST runway fails? Here are the Top 10 model/runway "mishaps" (23)
(Funny Or Die) Satire Uncle Sam is here to save the da....I mean Alyssa Milano (19)
(BBC) Weird Power tool drag racing. No, seriously (12)
(YouTube) Video "Are you alive?إ Are you alive?إ" "I'm fine, how are you?" (32)
(YouTube) Dumbass Vending machine fail (48)
(YouTube) Video Mayor of Lansing, MI sticks verbal banana in Fox News anchor's tailpipe (90)
(YouTube) Video WTF? Seriously, WTF? (38)
(YouTube) Video Nazi dinosaurs (34)
(LiveLeak) Video Japan gets right to the heart of kick-ass reality shows: How accurately can you spin a steel 55-gallon drum on its bottom edge downrange? (18)
(LiveLeak) Video 10 hour time-lapse video of a huge snowstorm socking Boston. Are you as turned on as I am? (42)

Mon February 16, 2009
(YouTube) Amusing Happy Presidents Day, from the Animaniacs (45)
(BBC) Scary Cockpit footage of airborne near-hit between two RAF jets flying at high speed. Video has no sound, because in aerospace, no one can hear you scream (29)
(Homestar Runner) Amusing Gentlemen, I've taken advantage in a security flaw in the concession stand mainframe and bit-torrented us some Sugar Daddys and hot dogs (41)
(LiveLeak) Video What a peaceful creek, very calm-OMG LET'S GET OUTTA HERE (Not safe for work language) (33)
(YouTube) Video Darwin Vs. Liberals (210)

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