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Sun February 15, 2009
(YouTube) Video Best field trip EVAR (39)
(YouTube) Amusing Airline passengers are advised to be at their boarding gate at least 20 minutes before takeoff. And if you do miss your flight, don't go totally batshiat insane like this woman does (34)
(LiveLeak) Amusing There are sports fans who kind of get into the music played during timeouts, then there is this guy (50)
(YouTube) Scary I'm a butterfly in the wind (25)
(YouTube) Scary Slayer sucks (56)
(maniac world) Video If zombie kitteh get brainz fed to him, he needz not atack (10)
(YouTube) Amusing "Never has someone looked so silly performing a feat of such skill" (44)

Sat February 14, 2009
(YouTube) Video Beck plays "Clap Hands" on TV, while his band sits at the kitchen table, holding their spoons (33)
(Comedy Central) Interesting The Daily Show's best Evolution moments. Bonus: watch Jon Stewart evolve (32)
(YouTube) Amusing The new "Simpsons" main title in all of its HD goodness (195)
(YouTube) Cool Q: What does a HL fanfic movie produced on a budget of $500 look like? A: Fark needs a "Holy Fark This Is Fark Awesome Fark Yeah" tag (107)
(VKMag) Amusing German Radio DJ biatchslapped after groping boobs on Live Television (45)
(YouTube) Cool Transformers 2 trailer Revenge of the Fallen--"One shall stand, one shall fall (224)
(Velo News) Video Lance Armstrong shreds reporter during press conference (75)
(LiveLeak) Scary Mexican wedding turns into brawl and band keeps playing while shots are fired (39)
(Break) Followup The maker of this monster saw the video of the Camaro drag racing and decided it wouldn't happen to him (24)

Fri February 13, 2009
(YouTube) Amusing Man gets fed up with airport security (36)
(LiveLeak) Asinine Federal Reserve police officer tells photographer on a public sidewalk to stop filming. Does anyone know the rules with this kind of thing nowadays? (82)
(Time) Video Top 10 disastrous Letterman interviews (68)
(YouTube) Unlikely General Motors drunk driving deterrent from 1971 (22)
(YouTube) Cool Evil Dead: The Lost Public Access Interview, complete with squeeky-voiced Bruce (12)
(Some Guy) Interesting And now, your "WTF is that?" video of the day (61)
(Some Guy) Dumbass Just when you think you've seen the world's worst driver, another one comes along to claim the top spot. Yeah, it's a woman (36)
(YouTube) Video Need help picking up a date for Valentine's Day? Watch this classic 80's video and all will be better (21)
(College Humor) Amusing Toughest boxing referee you'll ever see (77)
(Some Guy) Video Remembering when the NBA dunk contest was awesome: The 1980s (with MJ/'Nique battle included, of course) (75)
(LiveLeak) Video Home video from Australia gives a good sense of how quickly the recent wildfires were moving. Mild but completely understandable profanity (38)
(YouTube) Video When you balance 20 bricks on your head and it's part of your job description, that's when you know you're living in Bangladesh (33)
(LiveLeak) Video Extreme mountain roller coaster POV video. Three, count em three different tracks. Shut up, sit down, and hang on (37)
(YouTube) Followup Remember the kid who was all smacked around after visiting the dentist? Here he is 20 years in the future after visiting the divorce lawyers (27)

Thu February 12, 2009
(YouTube) Cool Playing chicken with a dust storm, Aussie style (26)
(College Humor) Video Comic-Con, part 1: Smells like nerd spirit (17)
(College Humor) Video Getting dressed fail (33)
(Break) Video The coolest video you will see of a bird grabbing a fish out of water today (19)
(Crooks & Liars) Amusing Stephen Colbert says to forget looking into Glenn (W-hackjob) Beck's eyes and look instead into his gut. (Peers in) Stephen, you know that Big Macs are bad for you, man (42)
(Some Guy) Amusing Beatboxing with Obama (11)
(Defamer) Video Gordon Ramsey + Norm McDonald on Conan O'Brien = one long bleeping sound (28)
(YouTube) Cool 3-story-tall robot shoots Ping Pong balls fast enough to kill a man (88)
(Chester Chronicle) Video Woman finds baby meerkat in her back garden in Wales. (Warning, seriously cute video) (23)
(The Onion) Amusing FDA approves first ever depressant, Despondex, for people who are excessively cheerful. Tests show it treats a variety of annoying symptoms such as random hugging, squealing when a friend calls, and the use of the phrase "cool beans." (46)
(Break) Fail How not to mug someone (39)
(YouTube) Video Not news: Jack Nicholson goes green with a hydrogen car. Fark: In 1978 (13)
(YouTube) Video Quite possibly the cutest superhero sidekick EVER (30)
(LA Times) Sappy Kingsford, the cutest ugly-ass pig you will ever see (16)
(DesignWorld) Cool Delta 777 airliner gets built in record time of 4min 10sec (25)
(Geno's World) Video Eliza Dushku takes you behind the scenes of her new Maxim photo shoot. You may never be the same again (84)
(YouTube) Video The original "Here Comes The King" Budweiser Clydesdale ad from the 1970's. Now go build Devil's Tower in your living room (22)
(Gawker) Amusing Joaquin Phoenix tripping balls on Letterman (152)

Wed February 11, 2009
(Boing Boing) Video Kittens, inspired by Kittens (40)
(YouTube) Cool An oldie but a goodie: When controversy beset The Battle of the Network Stars (41)
(Break) Video If you happened to have 2,222 toothpicks and a beard, this is what it would look like (21)
(YouTube) Amusing "OM NOM NOM NOM NOM" (21)
(YouTube) Video Crazy crosswind landing (27)
(Atom) Amusing An erotic stimulus package. "Your stimulus package is sooo big" (8)
(College Humor) Video "Flight of the Bumblebee," performed after drinking a pot of strong coffee (28)
(College Humor) Amusing If I Were a Bro (32)
(YouTube) Followup Video of the koala who survived Australian bushfires, drinking three bottles of water from the hands of a firefighter (47)
(YouTube) Amusing Brent Spiner hassles Patrick Stewart at Star Trek Con (95)
(YouTube) Spiffy Freezing rain in Canada? Time to skate down the highway (35)

Tue February 10, 2009
(YouTube) Video Guy with killer yo-yo skills - Amazingly, its not wearing a nun outfit (28)
(LiveLeak) Video Driver narrowly avoids Darwin award (19)
(LiveLeak) Sick He fixes a good martini, too (38)
(YouTube) Stupid Michael Cera tries his best Christian Bale. Juno I'm Superbad (48)
(Some Guy) Video If you enjoy watching an overpaid, slacker NBA superstar getting brutally rejected by the rim on a dunk, here you go (56)
(IT PRO) Video Top five flashmobs, including pillowfights, rickrolling and chickendances (8)
(Metacafe) Video Rollerblading fail (24)
(The Onion) Amusing Sony releases new stupid piece of sh*t that doesn't f*cking work (not safe for work language) (80)
(YouTube) Video I have no idea what you are talking about so here is a man covered in bees drinking a beer (11)
(BBC) Cool 'Arctic unicorns' more likely than you think (52)
(Houston Chronicle) Video Who tries to eat four pounds of bacon and sausage in one sitting, with EMTs standing by? This guy (18)
(YouTube) Audio Italian football commentator consumes dangerous volume of espresso on way to breaking world speed talking record (13)
(YouTube) Video Awesome Japanese beer vending machine (35)

Mon February 09, 2009
(YouTube) Video The hottest Hungarian beatbox princess you'll see in the next 26 minutes (41)
(Boing Boing) Amusing Farking, farking, fark, shiat, farking, motherfarker, shiat (55)
(YouTube) Video The trippiest remix of a Disney Film you will see all flashback (26)
(YouTube) Fail Stadium owners in Greece create 'cauldon of fire' atmosphere by mixing one part flares with two parts ticker tape (33)
(LiveLeak) Video I don't know what I need this for, I just know I need it (24)
(Some Guy) Dumbass Motorists cheat death on rail crossings, but enjoy cool beer three minutes earlier than losers who obey warning lights (14)
(Yahoo) Video Least subtle product placement in a crappy soap opera (25)
(Some Guy) Video A Friendly Reminder : Don't forget Valentine's Day, or else (no nudity, but lingerie may be NSFW) (20)
(YouTube) Video Incredibad and T-Pain endeavor on a nautical adventure (Not safe for work language) (29)
(Some Guy) Cool Doctor Who theme/Imperial March performed on twin Tesla Coils. Palpatine would be proud (14)
(YouTube) Scary Man... French flash mobs are brutal (46)
(YouTube) Video Chad Vader goes to the dentist (14)
(The Onion) Satire Are Reality shows setting unrealistic standards for skanks? (contains profanity) (15)

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