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Sun April 13, 2008
YouTube Video Star Wars on The Muppets (4)
(FrogSoda) Video Why Asian game shows will always be better then the ones done in America (23)
(Some Guy) Video Tiger, you farking DUMBASS (33)
YouTube Amusing Thom Yorke from Radiohead with Bjork on "Spaceghost Coast To Coast" show. Thom is cool, and Bjork is kooky (18)
YouTube Scary Occupational safety ads from Canadian TV. The first one's not so b... HOLY CRAP (79)
YouTube Cool Nothing beats tornado footage from some guy in a fixed wing airplane (22)
(Some Guy) Video 10 great sounds from Star Wars (40)
Breitbart.tv Spiffy Cheney’s plane blows media’s equipment away (with awesome video goodness) (19)
YouTube Amusing Howard Stern on Letterman in 1984 (15)
YouTube Cool Gin the border collie doing freestyle activites on "Britain's Got Talent." Even Simon Cowell smiles, tends to approve (15)
YouTube Video An engineer's guide to cats (27)
YouTube Video Coming to Aldaraan (24)
(Some Guy) Video How many Japanese can fit in a train? (15)
YouTube Video I feel bad for his neighbors: The rare, obnoxious, and somewhat hypnotic Contrabass Saxophone (35)
YouTube Video Classic and truly bizarre 1996 Dana Carvey Show sketch of Bill Clinton imprisoning Hillary and breastfeeding puppies, kitty (24)
YouTube Cool Yogi Bear and The Jetsons - Ren and Stimpy style (12)
YouTube Cool 3 songs by U2 live on The Old Grey Whistle Test in 1981 (17)

Sat April 12, 2008
(The Truth) Amusing I don't smoke. But if I did, this commercial would definitely make me stop (81)
YouTube Video What's worse than a fender bender? A fender flattener (24)
YouTube Scary So you want to be a crab fisherman eh? Take a look at your working conditions and see if your balls are big enough (28)
YouTube Amusing Secret Audio Recordings of Roommates, Turned in to Animations: The Wily Sofa Collection (11)
(Internet Archive) Video A home movie of a contest-winning family's vacation to Disneyland in 1956. A long video but every moment of this footage is pure gold (24)
YouTube Video York Peppermint Patties On The Rise (9)
YouTube Sappy The cutest kitty facepalm you'll see all Caturday (54)
YouTube Video Bruce Lee's first Hollywood screen test (14)
YouTube Video The smallest jet plane ever made. 5. BD-5 (25)
YouTube Amusing Jason Voorhees.... on Arsenio (14)
YouTube Video Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! (3)
CNN Amusing Apparently Rick Astley's new fame is due to "Family Guy", while his producer credits Rick's mad dancing skillz for the video's success (72)
YouTube Video Penn and Teller and a zillion bees (27)

Fri April 11, 2008
YouTube Cool A plaid drumset, palmtrees onstage, and a very inebriated Rod Stewart. Faces - I Can Feel The Fire (7)
YouTube Video Pilot of Gilligan's Island (17)
YouTube Video News: Monkey Rides a goat. Fark: Monkey Rides a goat on a tight rope. Bonus: Goat Stands on cup, while monkey does a hand stand (16)
YouTube Video Best 80s video involving a decent guitar solo and a train signal you will see today (24)
YouTube Video The Scorpions give us a taste of the big city on their 1985 World Wide Live tour (24)
Telegraph Video Amy Winehouse over the intercom vs. cabbie after making him wait 90 minutes, with the paparazzi taking it all in (video) (30)
(Some Guy) Video Have you ever wondered if cows drink milk for breakfast? Here's your answer (12)
(Some Guy) Video Epic. Mascot. FAIL (57)
YouTube Amusing The world's largest pie fight. Don't worry, clowns are the only casualties (15)

Thu April 10, 2008
YouTube Sad Sam Kinison was killed 16 years ago today. Link goes to his (in)famous debut on Rodney Dangerfield's HBO "Young Comedians Special." Not safe for work without headphones (157)
YouTube Stupid Oscar bait film "Stripper Zombies" starring Jenna Jameson and Robert Englund hits theatres next Friday. Which one looks more like Freddy Krueger now? (30)
YouTube Hero Westboro Baptist Church attempts a protest in response to 3 college student deaths. Students stage their own protest and scare off WBC (108)
YouTube Amusing HBO Boxing Commentator Max Kellerman's Rap Song from the Early 90's (17)
YouTube Video Laura Branigan covers Alphaville's "Forever Young." Bonus: Bad prom tux and mullet (17)
Comedy Central Silly "How do you think white people get ahead? Because we cheat all the time" (68)
YouTube Amusing As if the Olympic torch runners didn't have enough to worry about from protesters, they also have to contend with Rickrollers (32)
YouTube Video Farkettes: Your dream man has arrived (28)
(Internet Archive) Cool Long before Steve Irwin made it cool, there was this guy, seen here harassing an electric eel along with unsuspecting audience volunteers. Hooray for Science (11)

Wed April 09, 2008
YouTube Cool The best curling commercial from Manitoba in 1986 you'll see all day (39)
(Liveleak) Video Why you don't live in a lighthouse (31)
(Some Guy) Amusing Have you stopped to wonder today, what Meatloaf and Tiffany have been up to lately? (31)
(Some Guy) Video The top 20 workout songs ever ever (67)
YouTube Amusing You'll probably go to hell if you laugh at this little girl face-planting off of a stage (89)
(wwe.com) Video WWE invites Hillary and Obama to settle their differences in the squared circle. McCain politely declines steel cage and punji stick match (49)
YouTube Video Should Mark Penn stay or should he go? /with help from the Clash (11)
YouTube Cool "Bohemian Rhapsody" composed in Mario Paint for Super Nintendo (23)
(Unibrow) Amusing Conan O'Brien On The Jon Stewart Show Circa 1994 (23)
YouTube Scary The McCain Girls are back, with "Here Comes McCain Again." Really can't wait for "Purple McCain" (129)
YouTube Sappy Latest sign of the apocalypse: Cat and hamster living together (submitter suggests you turn off the sound) (17)
YouTube Amusing What's greater than a designer falling through a runway? The dude who comes to help her falling through the same hole (26)

Tue April 08, 2008
YouTube Video Video of top 50 soccer goals, which is pretty much every goal ever (57)
YouTube Video Harvey Korman, trying (and failing) to keep his shiat together when confronted by the comic genius of Tim Conway (39)
Aint-It-Cool-News Video It's the V to the A to the D, E, R. (Not safe for work Language) (12)
YouTube Video "Previously on Lost"... what? (36)
YouTube Video 1960s Batman: The Bomb (34)
YouTube Amusing SNL: A Walken Family reunion (link fixed) (45)
(LAist/Improv Everywhere) Video Watch as a random Little League baseball game is transformed into a big-league event, complete with jumbotron, NBC's Jim Gray, the Goodyear blimp and a post-game press conference (48)
(Saatchi Gallery) Cool The coolest journey through 500 years of female faces you'll see all day (46)
YouTube Amusing John Mayer doesn't want to answer Ryan Seacrest's question about Jessica Simpson, so he answers in Japanese. Seacrest PWN3D (59)

Mon April 07, 2008
YouTube Amusing Type in "Fail" on YouTube and this is what you'll get (48)
(Some Guy) Video The answer is 600 party balloons (16)
(Some Guy) Video Helicopter towes a boat, what could go wrong? (40)
(Some Guy) Cool The most athletic loser you will ever witness. Ever. Emphasis on ever (41)
(Some Guy) Video Accuracy^2 (18)
YouTube Video The only video of two chickens breaking up a rabbit fight you're likely to ever see (30)
YouTube Scary Just your run-of-the-mill day at a hairpin curve during a Formula 1 race with cars streaming by one at a time in single fi... oh shiat, WTF was that??? (69)
ESPN Video Olympic Torch extinguished in Paris despite 100 police on foot, bikes, and rollerblades trying to protect it. Rollerblades? (48)
(Some Guy) Amusing A guy straps a Taser underneath a chair and waits for his roommate to sit on it (20)
YouTube Video Ever wonder what would happen if you put an Xbox 360 in a microwave? (26)
YouTube PSA Tequila, you always thought it was good for you, now you know (14)
(Some Guy) Amusing USC Coach Pete Carroll plays an April Fool's Day joke on defensive end Everson Griffen, who is taken out of a team meeting for questioning by police (10)
(LiveLeak) Video Storm chaser gets pretty damn close to violent tornado. Appreciate the video, ignore the videographer turning into a quivering mass of protoplasm (29)
YouTube Cool The latest in extreme sports: Speed riding (24)
YouTube Dumbass Unless you're supposed to be the one running with the Olympic Torch, it's probably not a good idea to grab it (49)
(Some Guy) Video THE most badass animal in the world. Holy sh*at (78)
YouTube Video It's people, Soylent Green is made of people (18)

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