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Sun April 06, 2008
(Liveleak) Video The goggles, They do something (4)
YouTube Video Today is Billy Dee Williams' 71st birthday, so check out his Colt 45 commercial with Fab 5 Freddy. It works every time (7)
YouTube Amusing Best "monkey pulls dog's tail" video you'll see all day (13)
YouTube Cool William Tell ain't got sh*t on this chubby asian marksman (26)
YouTube Video Late singer Joi Lansing born this day in 1928. Who is she and why should you care? Check the vid, bud (45)
YouTube Amusing 20 years of Camels advertising - From a doctor's recommendation, a homoerotic cowboy to a coed urging others to take the 30 day Camel challenge (36)
(Some Guy) Amusing Coolest hockey playing bear you'll see all day (16)

Sat April 05, 2008
YouTube Strange Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a commercial for itchy tentacle relief. Despite what you're thinking, it's SFW (11)
YouTube Cool The only thing missing from this video is Crocodile Dundee waving glow sticks (24)
YouTube Cool Dance your cares away and enjoy todays 80s kiddy flashback (18)
YouTube Cool Today would have been Bette Davis' birthday. She still scares the shiat out of people (8)
YouTube Interesting Today would have been Gregory Peck's birthday. The coolest thing ever said in a movie: "He's asleep. Don't wake him" (12)
YouTube Sad The last five minutes of Babylon 5. "Sleeping In Light." (59)
YouTube Cool Today is Carl Perkins' birthday. Suck it Elvis, this is rockabilly at its best (31)
YouTube Video Lunatic walking up Spanish mountain via a series of disintegrating paths videos the ascent. No mention of how many pairs of underpants were required (57)
YouTube Amusing Soccer player loses his mind and scores a GOOOOAAOLL But there's a caveat (53)
(Some Guy) Video Richard Simmons gives Jimmy Kimmel a spiritual kick in the drawers (10)
YouTube Video Minesweeper beaten in 37 seconds on expert. Hypnotic (61)

Fri April 04, 2008
(Some Guy) Video Clinton: I'm F***ing Obama (61)
YouTube Amusing The cause of, and the solution to, all of life's problems: a compilation (12)
YouTube Amusing You Suck At Photoshop #10: The Vanishing Point (26)
YouTube Obvious Broketrek Mountain (15)
YouTube Video Screw this '80s music meme. Today's unbearable '70s uber-cheese brought to you by England Dan & John Ford (38)
YouTube Stupid The most random video on YouTube EVER... Part 10 (54)
CBC Video April 5, 1958: the world's largest non-nuclear peacetime explosion takes the top of an undersea mountain. The CBC was there, with vintage video goodness (33)
CBS Boston Video "Honey, grab the camera... this bear is twirling a log" (32)
(Some Guy) Video "The Price is Right" pulls a fast one on an unsuspecting contestant (33)
YouTube Amusing And you thought they were always perfect. Whoopsies from the 4077th (some not safe for work language) (20)
YouTube Video Your Daily Moment of Speed ~ 1:41 of Peregrine Falcons Diving (20)
YouTube Strange Pfrrrt pfrrrt pfffffffffrt (37)

Thu April 03, 2008
YouTube Silly Jealous of Japan, Denmark zeros in on the WTF market (30)
YouTube Video Gary Busey featured in commercial for "Saints Row 2". Yes, there is maniacal laughter. And simulated teabagging (Not really appropriate for work... but you knew that already since it involves Gary Busey) (16)
Breitbart.tv Followup Your Moment of Zen ~ 2 minutes of the Fenway Park Hawk, nesting. YA RLY (17)
YouTube Sappy Caturday is starting a little early (with cuteness overload) (68)
YouTube Video "You Will" campaign from AT&T from the early 90s. The future is now (37)
YouTube Interesting Not news: Making of the computer graphics for "Star Wars". News: Episode IV (20)
YouTube Video Elvis freaks out one of his backup singers in this 1970 performance of "Suspicious Minds"... at which point the video goes from awesome to total win (110)
Comedy Central Cool I said "What What. In the Butt." I said "What What. In the Butt." (69)
YouTube Video Marlon Brando would have turned 84 today; here he is before he took a one-way ticket to Palookaville (9)
YouTube Video Before robbing a store, try to have an escape route planned (22)
The Daily Show Video Ladies and gents, this kid's opinion is worth 10,000 times yours in picking the next Dem Presidential candidate (74)

Wed April 02, 2008
YouTube Spiffy The world's first intelligently designed Rube Goldberg machine, guided each inch of the way by His Noodly Appendages. Ramen (20)
YouTube Video In commemoration of the Chicago Cubs starting out 0-2, here's another historic Cubs collapse -- Eddie Vedder, drunk as a skunk, sings "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" (54)
YouTube Hero “Thanks for the question, you little jerk,” McCain joked back to one student who asked the 71-year-old about his age. “You’re drafted.” (145)
YouTube Video The most awesomest video you'll see all day... The Leningrad Cowboys accompanied by the Red Army Choir doing a cover of "Sweet Home Alabama" (47)
(Some Guy) Video Outtakes from Will Ferrell's "The Landlord" (18)
YouTube Scary Footage of yesterday's "Eighteen wheeler going the wrong way down the highway plunges off overpass" in Edmonton (68)
Onion AV Club Strange A Dallas "multimedia artist" named Paul Slocum spent three years of his life paying actors from Craigslist to reenact a 10-second scene from "Full House." No, this is not an April Fools' joke a few hours late (80)
YouTube Scary Japanese robot dental patient. This is the scariest thing I have ever seen (34)
YouTube Spiffy Trick pool player has a repertoire that is just awesome. And he's only seven years old. That's your cue to click (29)
(JfH) Video Mike Gravel covers "Helter Skelter." No, really. (Warning: Does contain graphic historical news footage) (44)

Tue April 01, 2008
Telegraph Video Flying Penguins (39)
YouTube Sappy In a complete contradiction of all reasonable expectations, meet the polar bear that nuzzles with huskies (28)
YouTube Video Relive the awesomeness that was "The Bartman" (38)
YouTube Video If you watched HBO in the early 80s, you most likely saw this movie. SUPA SUPAAAAA (73)
YouTube Video Today would have been Toshiro Mifune's 88th birthday. Celebrate the occasion by watching him take an enemy to school in "Samurai III: Duel at Ganryu Island" (might not be safe for all workplaces) (63)
YouTube Video And I thought my town had some bad potholes (29)
YouTube Amusing Cheaters don't always lose, at least not on "The Price Is Right" (43)
(Break) Video Aliens man, they're out there. And so is this guy... way, way out there (16)
(Some Guy) Video Coolest rescue of a deer stranded in a river that you'll see all day (12)

Mon March 31, 2008
(LiquidGeneration) Video The 20 best movie karate kicks. Bonus: Includes Van Damme kicking the shiat out of the Pittsburgh Penguins mascot (50)
YouTube Amusing Kevin Pollak does his Christopher Walken impression to frighten children on Halloween (30)
YouTube Video "Slingblade" meets "Napoleon Dynamite" (12)
YouTube Video Tom Kennedy, in for Bob Barker on TPIR, passes gas at 2:07 (22)
YouTube Amusing Commercial for 70s board game, "Mush Mouth." See how many levels of WTF you can count (40)
YouTube Amusing R2D2 and C3PO on "Sesame Street" (17)
YouTube Cool Kevin Spacey on "Inside The Actor's Studio" doing impersonations of Jimmy Stewart, Johnny Carson, Marlon Brando, & Walken to name a few (48)

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