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Sun December 30, 2007
YouTube Obvious Austin, Texas: "A Living Hellhole Of Sin." But you knew that (29)
YouTube Scary Ever seen a jumbo jet approach a runway with a heavy crosswind? How about 2:42 of footage of these landings set to the Top Gun soundtrack? (27)
YouTube Video The White Stripes covering Son House's "Death Letter". Pure distilled awesome (22)
YouTube Video They share a birthday and little else: Mike Nesmith (65) and Davy Jones (62) of the Monkees born Dec. 30th. Trip out to "Porpoise Song," the psychedelic theme from "Head" (1968) (7)
YouTube Video Good Morning, Here's "The News" by Carbon/Silicon (6)
YouTube Silly Today's WTF video comes to you in Wesley Willis Not safe for work cartoony goodness form (25)
(Some Guy) Amusing Skinny girls vs. Desert Eagle (60)
YouTube Amusing Bunny snoring. Wake up, it's Bunnday (18)
YouTube Amusing Motorhead's "Ace of Spades", like you've never seen it performed before (22)
YouTube Hero The last film of Vladimir Shevchenko, cameraman who filmed at Chernobyl. The miners and rooftop workers deserve hero tag as well (38)
YouTube Spiffy How Santa gets to downtown Los Angeles when the sleigh is broken (8)

Sat December 29, 2007
YouTube Amusing John Mayer either mocking Paultards or showing he's a Paultard himself. You know how tricky telling the difference can be, Farkers (42)
YouTube Spiffy Where would Glacier Surfing be without global warming? (Not safe for work language) (12)
YouTube Video What do robotic welding arms do in their spare time? (34)
YouTube Video Johnny Seven: One Man Army. The coolest toy gun ever (32)
YouTube Video A side of Sesame Street's Count you haven't seen before (22)
YouTube Cool I've got a fever... and the only prescription is Queens of the Stone Age on SNL... with Will Ferrell adding more cowbell (27)
YouTube Cool Some guys learn to play guitar to get chicks. Then some teach themselves how to play the Star Wars "Cantina Theme" on the Chapman Stick. Dog the Bounty Hunter says, "The what?" (32)
YouTube Video Nifty performance of Take Five on a 14-string guitar. Yeah, he farks up a couple notes, but could you do it? (46)

Fri December 28, 2007
YouTube Video Hugh Laurie (Fox's Dr. House) in a short sketch that demonstrates exactly how difficult a last name can be to pronounce (30)
YouTube Video Subliminal Messages on Diet Coke Holiday 2007 can. Your Dog wants Sex (46)
YouTube Cool Unjustly neglected ZZ Top video: the creepy-yet-amusing "Pincushion" (9)
YouTube Amusing I'll see you in hell, Pachelbel (31)
(FrogSoda) Video Why Bring Your Stepson to Work Day sucks (38)
YouTube Video This is the story of the hare who lost his spectacles (animated video with Jethro Tull) (4)
YouTube Video Stan Lee turns 85 today. 'Nuff said (21)
YouTube Video The greatest crossover in this history of film (32)
YouTube Hero It being Alex Chilton's birthday, enjoying some Big Star seems like an excellent idea (34)
YouTube Spiffy Up on Cripple Creek, she sends me / If I spring a leak, she mends me / A drunkard's dream if I ever did see one (45)
(Some Guy) Video Even before the Daily Show, Colbert was helping people communicate (3)
YouTube Cool Lost "Star wars Episode IV" Intro (37)
YouTube Video The best down syndrome rapper you will hear today (63)

Thu December 27, 2007
YouTube Video Very creepy "colormation screen test" animation from the early 1960s (36)
YouTube Dumbass Film student interviewing John Cusack: "I'm missing class and the funny thing is that we're watching 'American Beauty,' you were amazing in it" (83)
(My Fox DC) Strange Girl gets bizarre surprise when she opens iPod box on Christmas morning (78)
YouTube Cool Iron Mountain: A super-secure underground vault containing the world's famous photographs, original recordings, secret files and Duke Nukem Forever (35)
YouTube PSA A Christmas moment with Greg Evigan (7)
(Break) Video What do you get when you cross The Grinch and Uncle Jesse Duke? Someone I'd lay a beatdown on if they farked up my Christmas like this redneck grandpa. (Not safe for work language) (33)
(Some Guy) Strange Plane crash lands into the Mediterranean Sea -- perfect for an afternoon swim (17)

Wed December 26, 2007
YouTube Video Now coming in for a landing on runway 2, Buddy Rich and his Flying Drumset (7)
Guardian.com Interesting Dutch government features a spoof Islamic terrorist group to encourage fireworks safety. Commercial criticized for being insensitive. Subby thinks it's hilalalalalalalalalalalalarious (57)
(Some Guy) Cool Coolest basketball shot ever from the backseat of a moving Jeep(NSFW ad) (16)
YouTube Cool Evar beht foe moh ehtd naeerf eht fo dnaleht reo (31)
YouTube Amusing Everything that went wrong this year, set to "We Didn't Start The Fire" (19)
YouTube Video 34 years ago today, "The Exorcist" hit movie theaters; pea soup sales plummet. Original trailer (42)
(Some Guy) Spiffy This lawnmower cuts the grass by itself and then takes off for the sky (14)

Tue December 25, 2007
YouTube Video Because your keyboard deserves to die, I bring you: Titannica, from Mr. Show (NSFW language) (24)
YouTube Cool At first, you think this guy sucks at tetris, then you realize he's creating a pattern (22)
YouTube Video Phil Hartman gets threatened by a homicidal Santa Claus on "NewsRadio" (16)
YouTube Cool Happy Birthday Rod Serling... wait, what? (8)
YouTube Cool Your system. Show me it doing this (71)
YouTube Amusing And a very merry Monkee Christmas to you from Saint Michael, Peter, Mickey & Jones (13)
YouTube Amusing And now for something completely different: A wild fox playing on a backyard trampoline (37)
YouTube Amusing Ladies and gentlemen... from... Saturday Night Live, the... lost ENDING... of... It's... a Wonderful Life (23)
YouTube Cool Billy Squier's Christmas opus, "Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You". Bonus: The video features all of the original MTV VJ's singing back up (17)
YouTube Silly What every GOOD game show needs - a dice-throwing monkey (10)

Mon December 24, 2007
YouTube Video 10 years ago today, Toshiro Mifune died. Here he is at his best, in a snowstorm swordfight from 1966 (slightly graphic, not safe for all workplaces) (62)
YouTube Amusing From the voting tab: This video game is full of epic fail (73)
YouTube Cool "The Hogfather" by Terry Pratchett, a Discworld adaptation in 22 parts. Here is the first (33)
YouTube Video Classic video of The Haircuts (Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner and Howie Morris) singing "Rare" & "Flippin.'" See if this doesn't make you smile (5)
YouTube Cool Subby wants one to drive to the office. And around the office. Literally (32)
Metacafe Amusing When you pay $500 for ringside seats, you hope for more than only 1 punch (50)

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