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Sun December 23, 2007
(LiveLeak) Video Newly discovered deep sea creatures filmed for the first time. Prepare to be amazed (14)
YouTube Cool Here's what happens when Rube Goldberg meets Halo 3 (3)
(Some Guy) Amusing Sideline reporter gets a good scare after coach goes crazy during halftime interview (26)
YouTube Amusing I thought this was a Fark TV Christmas special for a second (12)
(evil beaver) Video All other commercials become pointless when compared to this one (26)
(Some Guy) Video What's better than monkeys? What's better than goats? MonkeyGoats, that's what (26)
YouTube Video You take the good, you take the bad....well, mostly the bad: "The Facts of Life" Christmas (8)
(Some Guy) Video Must... keep... guard. Danger... looming (10)
YouTube Amusing Just in time for Christmas: "A Pack of Gifts Now." I love the smell of gingerbread in the morning (6)
YouTube Video Quite possibly the worst cover of Baby, It's Cold Outside that you'll ever hear (38)

Sat December 22, 2007
College Humor Video Sometimes, a no-look pass isn't the best idea (17)
(Some Guy) Cool The United States Army Drill Team. These guys are good (68)
YouTube Strange Doug and Bob McKenzie's "12 Days of Christmas", with totally unrelated video fun (9)
YouTube Video Before George Lucas destroyed Star Wars in a Christmas special, Bob Hope did it in 1977 (15)
YouTube Amusing NHL's epic fail of the week (28)
(Some Guy) Video The 22 best music videos of the year (44)
YouTube Cool Living Colour perform "Cult of Personality" live on the Arsenio Hall show. Awesome: Vernon Reid nails the solo. Double Awesome: uncomfortable old white people at 2:37 (101)
YouTube Amusing MST3K: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, abridged (21)
YouTube Amusing Great Wii remote accident (59)

Fri December 21, 2007
Jalopnik Amusing I guess after buying a Bugatti Veyron, there may not be much money left over for gas (23)
FHM Cool The 10 best viral videos of 2007. There's no way we can leave #1 alone (75)
YouTube Unlikely Cliff-jumping skier Jamie Pierre jumps from a 72m cliff and unbelievably the only thing that breaks is the world record (23)
(Some Guy) Video New trailer for "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" (44)
YouTube Video It just wouldn't be Christmas without the Jingle Cats (28)
YouTube Interesting Leonard Nimoy speaks on the role of Judaism in "Star Trek," and explains the origin of the Vulcan hand signal greeting. You will finish this video feeling more Jewish than when you started it (19)
YouTube Video Interview with the MAD Magazine staff with William M. Gaines inside the old office (24)
YouTube Video In one of Guinness's most bizarre record-breaking moments, Adam Lopez hits the highest vocal note ever achieved by a man (25)
YouTube Spiffy As god as my witness I didn't know Les Nessman could rap (5)
YouTube Amusing "The Star Wars Holiday Special," edited down to a semi-watchable 54 minutes. Bonus: Now with subtitled Wookie dialog (11)
YouTube Video Weird Al Yankovic - "The Night Santa Went Crazy" (21)

Thu December 20, 2007
YouTube Amusing Onion News Network: Should animals be doing more for the animal rights movement? (16)
YouTube Amusing Watch some Ron Paul supporters annoy the fark out of a poor reporter during a live broadcast (51)
YouTube Video Because you haven't heard it enough already, here's the video for Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" (25)
YouTube Video Top 10 incidents of things thrown on the field/rink/pitch/diamond in sports (66)
YouTube Amusing Come to Australia. This has been a public-service announcement from the Australian tourist commission (10)
YouTube Video Pee Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special (featuring Little Richard) (16)
YouTube Video The Fast and the Furious: Amish Drift (22)
(Some sausage peddler) Silly Now you too can enjoy a hard walking, Dewey Cox breakfast with Cox Sausages (13)
YouTube Hero Best line in a Christmas film ever. (Slight NSFW language) (41)

Wed December 19, 2007
YouTube Cool If you've never seen anyone do a headstand on a skateboard, you've probably never heard of Rodney Mullen (32)
YouTube Video Cinderella, great band or greatest band? (84)
YouTube Video Princess Bride Trivia - 20 Questions for the 20th Anniversary, but worth 29 points? (45)
YouTube Cool Avoid traffic jams like this guy in Mexico City (42)
College Humor Amusing An inside look at the High Times editorial office (20)
YouTube Amusing Christmas classic: Steve Martin Christmas Wishes (25)
YouTube Video Wang computer commercial 1978 (30)
YouTube Video "They sing without juicers, they sing without blenders. They sing without flunjers, capdablers, and smendlers." ... and they also watch the trailer for "Horton Hears a Who" (14)

Tue December 18, 2007
YouTube Interesting A sublimminal Christmas? Is that bookshelf over Mike Huckabee's shoulder lit up like a crucifix? (61)
YouTube Video Rick Astley performing "Silent Night". Never gonna' give up on the season (15)
YouTube Video MST3K - Let's Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas (57)
YouTube Video Top 10 Classic Spanking Scenes in Westerns (45)
(Right Wing News) Video New Fred Thompson video: Kill the terrorists. Protect the borders. Punch the hippies (66)
(Funhouse) Cool The ultimate Mortal Kombat fatality collection (32)
YouTube Amusing Carl Sagan's Global Warming Christmas Special (7)
(VideoSift) Video If you need to ride in an ambulance, make sure the EMTs secure the back door (26)
YouTube Cool Guy shreds an entire bus with a hydraulic claw thingie (21)
YouTube Cool Chinese 70+ Year Old Grandma Forms Hip Hop Grannies Dancing Group(Not safe for work ad on page) (14)

Mon December 17, 2007
YouTube Video Homer Simpson + Phillip Glass + a picture a day for 39 years (46)
YouTube Video Feeling blue and need a chuckle? Here is a duck call duct taped to a car's blow off valve for some instant hilarity (48)
YouTube Video A young quartet whose members have never met each other. They live in four different nations, on three separate continents. And they actually don't suck (20)
(liveleak.com) Video Billiards: Only cool in super slow-mo (7)
YouTube Amusing This is what I do, I sit on you, sit on you, sit on you (45)
The Sun Video Kylie Minogue will star in the "Doctor Who Christmas Special". The Sun is there with video (22)
YouTube Video The Tsar Bomba -- the largest nuclear detonation in human history, equal to 100,000,000,000 pounds of TNT. With bonus Russian narration (60)
YouTube Video 12 Days of Christmas - Muppets & John Denver (11)
YouTube Silly Mon nom et Jean Claude Van Damme, et je suis un mage. With bonus sheep action (25)
YouTube Video I'll see your Band Aid and raise you Bad News and Cashing in on Christmas with Bohemian Rhapsody goodness (5)
YouTube Scary Cars and ice don't mix (71)
YouTube Video Band Aid - Do they know it's Christmas (21)
YouTube Spiffy Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense, discusses film with James Brown, the Godfather of Soul... wait, what? (6)
(Funhouse) Video One-legged professional salsa dancer (14)
College Humor Amusing The video that takes you to an alternate universe where Drew Curtis hails from Adelaide (9)
(Some Antperson) Video Best. Adam. and. the. Ants. parody...EVAR (some NSFW language) (30)
(Brave New Films) Video Scare-mongering ad of GOP Presidential wannabe Tom Tancredo scares fark out of 5th-grade boy--and Tancredo defends such "winning of hearts and minds" (33)
YouTube Video The Fresh Prince of Bel Air ...............in Italian (13)

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