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Sun November 11, 2007
YouTube Video John Cleese explaining how to build a computer...with 32 bits of a bus (4)
YouTube Video The Primitives - Crash (2)
YouTube Amusing Gymkata: Theatrical Trailer (10)
(Some Guy) Video Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris....if both of them were squirrels (3)
YouTube Video Neil Young performing "Old Man" in 1971 (15)
YouTube Video Devo - Mongoloid (10)
YouTube Video Just like any other biker movie from the 70's--"The Pink Angels." With Grizzly-Adams-in-pigtails goodness (6)
YouTube Video Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash performing "Girl From The North Country" from the Johnny Cash Show in 1969 (7)
YouTube Video Demented Are Go - Zombie Stalk (9)
(Live Leak) Amusing Start with skeet shooting, then move up to bigger weaponry. Oh, and instead of clay pigeons, why don't we launch automobiles? (16)
YouTube Spiffy Worst. Video game. Ever (80)
YouTube Video Christopher Judge (Teal'c from SG-1) finds out about furries. Hilarity ensues (18)
Gizmodo Amusing The Japanese have their own version of the 24 theme song, and it's ridiculously awesome (6)
(Some Guy) Amusing Buster Keaton, meet Gymkata. Gymkata, Buster Keaton (4)
(Some Guy) Amusing "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode guide... in song form (12)
YouTube Strange First episode from the Turkish remake of Star Trek (13)
YouTube Interesting This rabbit is HARDCORE (33)
YouTube Video Happy 82nd birthday to Jonathan Winters, funnyman. Here he is improvising on live TV in the early 1960s as an airline pilot in trouble (18)
YouTube Video A charming CG video in early 90's pixar style about a mouse's attempts to escape his cage. So lifelike you'll swear you're watching it in real life. Try not to freak out (25)
(Break) Video Don't taunt karate chimp (21)
(Some Guy) Video The best way to transport a motorbike for sure (13)

Sat November 10, 2007
(Some Guy) Cool Wakeboarder dangerously takes his sport to the extreme and jumps over another boat passing by (17)
(Live Leak) Cool I think I found my Halloween costume for next year, a full sized velociraptor. Looks complicated I'd better get started now (31)
YouTube Cool Today is the birthday of Nancy Cartwright, the creator of the voices of Bart and Maggie Simpson, Nelson Muntz, the Flanders boys, Ralph Wiggum, and so on. Here she is doing an interview with Rove McManus, an OZ talk show host (21)
YouTube Amusing Reason #341 to ride a lawnmower down the road while drunk, "my wife told me if I didn't get her another beer she was going to stab me in the face" (11)
YouTube Video Probably the worst bit of driving ever (29)
(Some Guy) Amusing Comedian Sinbad turns 51 today, and to celebrate here is a video of him interviewing Tim Curry (15)
YouTube Amusing Why cats got Caturday and dogs didn't. LGT Pavlov's cats video - hilarious (22)
YouTube Video Bill Gates praising the Macintosh (14)
YouTube Video November 10, 1969: "Sesame Street" debuts on PBS television. One of Ernie's first ever appearances (without Bert), plus a scary monster (10)
YouTube Amusing It's Saturday, let's watch a cartooon for a giggle (14)
YouTube Weird "Baby Snakes" - The most disturbing claymation cartoon by Frank Zappa you'll see all week (11)
YouTube Video This week on Turkish Cinema: "Star Wars 2" (24)
YouTube Video Twenty-five painful MXC eliminations (38)
(Some Guy) Amusing Holy crap, lookit that bumble bee go (17)
YouTube Video Highlights from the cool but short-lived extreme sport of Slamball (27)

Fri November 09, 2007
(Some Guy) Video Women must not be allowed to watch this video if there is any glass present (22)
YouTube Cool Buddy Guy getting schooled by an eight year old prodigy (34)
YouTube Interesting In light of the writer's strike, let's sit back and hear Harlan Ellison's gentle critique of the Hollywood system (48)
News.com.au Amusing Watch this woman try to parallel park, if you have 4 minutes to spare (38)
(Vimeo) Video Amazing: High Def video of life-sized version of the Mousetrap Game. More amazing: Still has all the pieces (19)
YouTube Amusing Does focus group testing work? Let's try it with the greatest TV ad of all time and see (56)
NPR Video The coolest view of aircraft flying over North America from space you will see today (26)
(Vidmax) Interesting Awesome impromptu a capella subway action. Phil Collins would be impressed (41)
YouTube Video Carl Sagan born this day in 1934. His "Pale Blue Dot" puts it all in perspective (43)
YouTube Cool Jim Henson blows up time and your mind in this nine-minute experimental film (26)
YouTube Video Oddjob wrecks the Tonight Show set (9)
YouTube Video "One Toke Over The Line" performed on the Lawrence Welk show (28)
(Some Guy) Video ABC coverage of a NY Jedi School (30)
(Some Guy) Amusing The funniest joke in the world (34)

Thu November 08, 2007
(Some Guy) Cool Build your own Star Trek phaser (19)
College Humor Video Because stuff getting shot in slow motion is totally awesome: Hollow-point bullet through gelatin (11)
(Some Guy) Video Ladies, now you can learn about your nether regions with... Tyra Banks and a vagina puppet? (36)
YouTube Amusing Ron Jeremy impersonates Britney Spears. You know you wanna see it (possibly not safe for appetite) (31)
YouTube Video A video so sweet you'll develop diabetes -- a kitten playing in a bathtub (39)
(Some Glumbert) Video 873 people evacuated from A380 in 77 seconds. Of course, being German, there are no "special needs" farkers to get in the way (32)
(business & media) Video Jim Cramer calls New York AG Cuomo a communist and a poopie head (32)
YouTube Video Beavis and Butthead on Letterman (32)
(Some Guy) Video Cat does various dog tricks: shakes, high fives, rolls over, etc (22)
(Some Guy) Video Two words: fire tornado (38)

Wed November 07, 2007
(Some Guy) Video Dog Chapman cries and apologizes on Hannity and Colmes (58)
YouTube Cool Anthrax appearance on "Married ... with Children" (21)
YouTube Video Kevin Nealon (awesome) doing "Subliminal Man" (awesomer) on "The View" (whores) (27)
YouTube Video If you thought Walken was good in "Weapon of Choice," you should see him doing a striptease to "Let's Misbehave" (18)
YouTube Video Robot Chicken -- PS3 Commercial (14)
Rolling Stone Video Top 25 musical moments in the history of "The Daily Show" (22)
YouTube Scary Farker ArtTheHypnotist wants you to look into your computer screen, RELAX... and see just how scared kids can get when they are hypnotized. YOU WILL OBEY WATCH THE VIDEO NOW (33)
(TMZ) Video Video of Gwen Stefani when she was actually tolerable and hot back in 1991 (36)
(Lancaster Guardian) Video Three-year-old darts star on video (28)
(Some Guy) Video Remember the scientists who built twin Tesla Coils to play the "Mario Bros" theme? Well, these guys decided to do the same thing... in their backyard. Hold my beer, I want to try something (32)
Breitbart.tv Video First there was the clothes washer... then the dishwasher... now we have the Automatic Dog Washer. Just insert dog, turn it to fluff, presto (24)
(Some Guy) Video Letterman brings GE a welcome basket during the NBC acquisition (1986) (35)
YouTube Video Twisted genius Michael O'Donoghue died this date in 1994. Here he is in the very first sketch from the very first SNL show in 1975. Bonus: Belushi (14)

Tue November 06, 2007
YouTube Video Mike Relm delivers the best "O Face" remix you will see today. Oh Oh (14)
College Humor Video Futurama opening scene falls through time vortex, resurfaces in 1967 (30)
(Some Guy) Amusing Abba, played on beer bottles. Interesting hobby ya got there, kids (10)
YouTube Video Sometimes you just get the urge to watch dueling banjos (29)
(Some Guy) Amusing An ESPN sideline reporter foolishly bites into the world's hottest chili pepper before a broadcast last Friday in Las Cruces (53)
YouTube Cool Original promotional video for the greatest pinball machine ever made: The Addams Family (57)
YouTube Spiffy Stephen King done right? Finally? Latest Internet-only "Mist" trailer (63)
YouTube Video The coolest and strangest band you'll see all day (84)
(Some Guy) Weird If you only view one video from India involving singing and dancing condoms today, make it this one (12)
(Some Guy) Strange Welcome everybody, we have a great show for you today... and if we don't, I'm going to kick the asses of my guests live on the air (25)
(Some Guy) Spiffy Modern art masterpiece -- a scrap heap of forks and spoons constructed in such a way that its shadow takes the form of a motorcycle (22)
(Some Guy) Video The most awkward sleeping naked kitten you will see today (40)
(Some Guy) Video Steve Carell on "Letterman" (16)
(Mental Floss) Video You can has sqwerl -- compilation of compelling videos starring Fark's favorite rodent (11)

Mon November 05, 2007
(Some Gal) Cool Incredible balance and strength. You don't see this in the Olympics (28)
YouTube Video "Family Guy" funniest moments (44)
College Humor Weird Are you a Japanese woman planning a trip to dangerous America? With this training video you can safely negotiate your way out of a mugging by dancing and repeating poorly translated English phrases (26)
YouTube Interesting SNL’s Democratic Halloween party, complete with Barack Obama. The real Barack Obama (10)
YouTube Video Robot Chicken: NRA kids club (5)
(Some Guy) Cool Zelda theme played on the theramin (13)
YouTube Video A much better angle of that 15 lateral play from the Trinity/Millsaps game (30)
(Some Guy) Strange As city workers try to clear the streets of London from the hundreds of birds gathering there, a bird lover keeps throwing the pigeons food encouraging them to stay (20)
YouTube Amusing Hulk Hogan marries Dolly Parton on a 80s porn set (19)
YouTube Amusing Zach Galifianakis gets a little Ryan Adams when a girl won't stop talking on her cell phone at one of his shows (29)
(Some Guy) Video Penn drives an 18-wheel truck over Teller's chest (25)
YouTube Video Actor Sam Shepard celebrates 64th birthday by chewin' a stick of Beeman's (13)
YouTube Cool In·san·i·ty. Pronunciation: \in-ˈsa-nə-tē\. Noun: To stunt skydive at night (14)
YouTube Video Drum solo (24)
YouTube Cool Coolest sand art you will ever see. Even better than the commercials (10)

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