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Sun September 30, 2007
YouTube Video Pft. Who can't solve a Rubik's Cube with their nose? (7)
YouTube Amusing Benny Lava, your bun machine is chock full of AWESOME (17)
YouTube Video Classic TV: Leonard Nimoy on the Flip Wilson show (4)
YouTube Video Funny new Andy Samberg digital short from SNL. Yes, subby wrote funny and Andy Samberg in the same sentence (39)
YouTube Cool Compilation of Statler and Waldorf from "The Muppet Show". They are to 'get off my lawn' what Sun Tzu was to war (17)
Gizmodo Scary We can rebuild him: make him stronger, faster, more annoying (7)
(Some Guy) Video Menomena, "Evil Bee". The coolest, but weirdest video you'll see today (24)
YouTube Video Five Words: "Robin Williams on Whose Line" (36)
(Some Guy) Video Have you ever tried to jump the St. Lawrence river in a Lincoln Continental? Well, a Canadian did in 1976, with unsurprising results (42)

Sat September 29, 2007
YouTube Video Video is balls, listen to music. You need to relax (13)
(Some Wrestler) Video What is this wrestling move called?? (40)
(Some Guy) Video In honor of Caturday, a smorgasborg of Toonces for your viewing pleasure (3)
YouTube Video Because it's cool, in that 60s roller-derby sort of way--Static X's "Destroyer" (13)
(Some Guy) Amusing What happens to the human race after Halo takes over the world? (16)
YouTube Video The video is as incomprehensible as the title: "Gekiranger Venom Fists Transformation" (8)
(Right) Sad Fred (15 years later) (46)
YouTube Amusing BSG season 3 gag reel. With evidence as to why Baltar is such a hit with the lady Cylons at 7:50 (17)
YouTube Weird Hey, do you remember the Star Trek episode where Kirk and Spock fought a dozen half-naked Turkish guys? Me neither. Welcome to the Turkish Star Trek (19)
YouTube Video Here's something you don't see everyday: A dog and an iguana playing (14)
YouTube Video Paris Hilton: "I've moved on with my life so I really don't want talk about it anymore." David Letterman: "That's where you and I differ, it's all I want to talk about." (85)
YouTube Video Take Britney Spears' performance at the VMA, mix it with Celine Dion's cover of AC/DC, you get this: Lucy Lawless singing "What'd I Say?" (21)
YouTube Amusing Norm MacDonald gets fired from Weekend Update (26)

Fri September 28, 2007
YouTube Video Man chugs a beer through his nose on Letterman (13)
(Paperpools) Video For your viewing pleasure: “Your Job in Germany,” by Dr. Seuss, directed by Frank Capra (24)
YouTube Video Automan was a TV series based on the movie Tron. The premiere episode was aired in the same time slot as the primetime debut of MJ's Thriller. Subby flipped back and forth. Repeatedly (52)
(Funhouse) Amusing Welcome to the Universal Studios Free Photo Booth (7)
YouTube Video Pop Rocks: get your rocks off. If they actually made a commercial like this, that is (Not safe for work) (27)
(Some Guy) Video Wonderfully dated 60s film, "Use Your Eyes" shows police how to find drugs and drug paraphernalia in a residential environment (37)
(Some Guy) Cool Those commercials of cars driving at high speed around the desert in perfect synchronization would be a lot cooler if they crashed into each other. Like they do in this one (35)
YouTube Video Andre the Giant didn't need a posse to storm the Honeycomb Hideout (22)
YouTube Strange Blast From the Past: You Look Marvelous (8)
YouTube Cool Air Superiority, 1959 style (17)
YouTube Cool I don't know what this thing does but it sure is cool (24)

Thu September 27, 2007
(Some Guy) Cool Awesome new video render of the 2,000-foot tall Chicago Spire (56)
College Humor Cool The most ridiculous Rube Goldberg machine. Ever (36)
YouTube Cool Giraffe fight... we have a giraffe fight (69)
YouTube Video The popularity of laserdisc video games hit its peak in the '80s. There was Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and then there was this one (61)
CBS Philadelphia Video Thousands of weiners spill onto highway (11)
YouTube Cool Coolest video of the largest underground nuke tests ever done you'll see, well, ever (42)
(Some Guy) Video Guy snaps 987 Polaroids, turns them into stop-motion animation (34)
Baltimore Sun Cool One hundred dog breeds morphed into each other, set to music (20)

Wed September 26, 2007
YouTube Silly Got 10 seconds to watch an elephant burp in a child's face? - Yeah, you do (24)
YouTube Video Solomon Grundy wants pants, too (14)
YouTube Scary "Mr. President, how do you propose to bring private military contractors under a system of law?" Answer: "I'm gonna call the Secretary of Defense and ask him. But not really. Hehehe." (178)
YouTube Stupid Virginal canadian youth try to pick up chicks by (a) Getting out of their parent's basement and meeting people (b) Online dating or (c) Posting light-sabre combat techniques to the web. Bonus: One virginal idiot is subby's brother-in-law (25)
(Some Guy) Video The creepiest thing you will see all week: Angry wasps in Afghanistan attack camera. Turn the volume up for this one (34)
YouTube Cool Video of Kevin Smith's very funny interview on Letterman last night (51)
(Some Guy) Video Please, someone make her stop laughing (67)
YouTube Amusing Greatest SNL Game Show Skit ever.... Jackie Rogers Jr.'s $100,000 Jackpot Wad. "And a special thanks to you Jackie for paying me in cash" (51)
YouTube Weird Lionel Richie stalks a blind woman in the classic video for "Hello." Weird tag actually trumps Video tag on this one (17)
YouTube Amusing Lou Piniella reads "The Power of Positive Thinking" to lead the Cubs to the World Series (9)
YouTube Video The single greatest moment in the history of televised media (62)
YouTube Amusing The UK's Monty Python was good for a laugh; America's SNL got the occasional chuckle; Canada's SCTV? Well, that was just hilarious. Enjoy some classic Canadian satire (41)
( Video In Living Color’s “Men on Football” (15)
(Daily Motion) Video Classic Looney Tunes episode. Subby felt like sharing. Enjoy (18)
YouTube Amusing "__________________________Non" (18)
(LiveLeak) Video While news crew interviews rescue worker about rash of accidents at newly built roundabout, motorist gets cute by having rollover accident in background (17)
(Some Guy) Scary After using explosives to clear a path through a blocked roadway, a huge wasp nest was accidentally disturbed and boy were they pissed (46)

Tue September 25, 2007
YouTube Video Space:1899 (14)
College Humor Video Some of the weirdest and coolest crap you'll see (27)
YouTube Video Adult Swim bump for (35)
My Fox Milwaukee Amusing A man with fuzzy-topped boots dances behind a TV reporter during a newscast. The reporter never flinches -- but what did he say? Subby was distracted (18)
College Humor Cool 40ft slip and slide from the roof with a jump into the pool (28)
YouTube Interesting A star-spangled promo for the 85-86 NBC Lineup, Let's All Be There The Hoff is (35)
Slate Obvious The U.S. prison system demands higher quality food than the U.S. school system (24)
YouTube Video Star Wars vs. The Chemical Brothers. Fark needs an "awesome" tag for things like this (39)
(Hockey Fights) Video Rick DiPietro (goalie) of the Islanders fights Al Montoya (goalie) of the Rangers in an-all out brawl (102)
YouTube Interesting Kazakstan, much more than Borat (12)
YouTube Amusing Halo 3 has some pretty obvious flaws (61)

Mon September 24, 2007
(Some Guy) Amusing The developers at Google are taking this Google Earth zoom-in feature just a little too far (35)
SuperDeluxe Amusing Boy band ode to Master Chief and those blasting the Covenant: "Halo 3 Nights" (32)
YouTube Wheaton Wheaton? Check. Shakira? Check. Comments regarding his "package"? Check (39)
YouTube Strange Andy Warhol being creeper than usual in a Japanese commercial. Here comes the science (13)
YouTube Wheaton Wil Wheaton pines for an Emmy (21)
YouTube Video Will It Blend? Chuck Norris edition (18)
YouTube Audio Oklahoma State Cowboy Football coach loses control talking about a newspaper column that is critical about one of his players (70)
SuperDeluxe Amusing Sure "Halo 3" is almost here, but did you know "Dragon Wars 3" is dropping at midnight? (Not safe for work language) (21)
YouTube Video Soccer moms have Rachel Ray. Rednecks have this lady (81)
Metacafe Cool How to make your own microwave popcorn. Bonus: How-to-talk-like-a-robot (21)
(Some guy in a chicken basket) Video Previously unreleased secure audio channel from Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. The farking Moon. (Not safe for work language) (30)
(MilkandCookies) Video First "Simpsons" intro since the summer movie depicting the destruction of Springfield (89)

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