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Sun June 10, 2007
YouTube Video The final lap of the Daytona 500 ends in a fist fight, in what was officially the last interesting thing to happen in NASCAR racing (4)
YouTube Cool Jimi Hendrix celebrates his 27th birthday backstage with the Rolling Stones at Madison Square Garden (2)
London Times Video The seven sweetest drives on Earth (18)
YouTube Amusing I'll have a chicken royale and some F$%@# diddie-donuts (16)
College Humor Amusing Boogie Nights: Star Wars Edition - the mashup is strong with this one (18)
YouTube Video Newscaster freaks out after vicious tiny lizard attack. On his sportscoat (23)
(Some Guy) Sappy Woman remembers fallen soldiers by painting their pictures and sending it to their parents (20)
YouTube Video Probably the best trash can street drumming you'll see today (6)
YouTube Amusing What's better than scaring the crap out of a chubby 8-year-old? Why, posting it on the internet of course (47)
YouTube Sad "No, Big Bird, Mr. Hooper isn't coming back." (35)

Sat June 09, 2007
(Vimeo) Video Best. Corporate. Video. Evar. With totally hittable headphone lady. Please have my babies (69)
YouTube Silly Titanic ... as eloquently spoken by master thespian Dolemite (13)
YouTube Sappy Video of a guy calling his birth parents for the first time (41)
College Humor Video The most hilariously bizarre Japanese gameshow you'll see today: human Tetris (28)
YouTube Strange Watch my weather report or DIE (Craziest weather promo ever) (22)
YouTube Video House gets into the helium again and sings "Hey Jude". Or it could be Lupus (23)

Fri June 08, 2007
YouTube Video In one of the most dramatic moments in TV history, the Doobie Brothers catch Rerun illegally recording their concert (34)
(Monkey Types The Bible) Spiffy See the Original Short Film That Led to Movie "Office Space" - It's Cool (17)
YouTube Asinine Rapper Akon has a fan fetched from the audience at a concert then throws him off the stage (44)
The Raw Story Video Sneak preview of Comedy Central's Lil' Bush (with some Not safe for work language) (70)
(Some Video Site) Video The coolest chemical reaction you will see all day (61)
YouTube Amusing The best Bud Light commercial you'll never see on TV (37)
YouTube Weird I'd like to think that if I could speak Japanese this would all make sense, but for some reason I have to believe that this video is batshiat crazy in every language (53)
(Maniac World) Video Amazing downhill 'ski-gliding' run on Mount Eiger (20)
(Live Leak) Amusing Greenpeace, the Cops, the boats and the G8 (29)
( Video Old Pop Tart Commercial - - Remember the Talking toaster? (16)

Thu June 07, 2007
YouTube Cool If you're a white boy who plays the trombone, they usually wouldn't let you on stage at the Apollo. There are exceptions (33)
(JibJab) Amusing An excellent video from JibJab detailing the sad state of The News these days. Bonus: Look carefully and you'll see Drew in there (35)
YouTube Spiffy The most excellently weird cartoon you'll see today - Betty Boop, MD (15)
YouTube Video Laughably outrageous interview with Macho Man Randy Savage from 1989 episode of Arsenio Hall show (22)
YouTube Amusing "It's perfectly safe - when the front doesn't fall off" (37)
YouTube Video In honor of the B-52's releasing a new album, watch them playing an Atlanta club in 1978 (13)
YouTube Video Hey you punk kids. Back in the day, we didn't have to shell out $8 to watch Spiderman. Now, get off my lawn (23)
(Some Guy) Video Women can't do sound effects (23)
College Humor Video The most talented little Neil Peart wannabe you'll see today(Some Not safe for work language) (28)
BBC Cool Sgt. Pepper's covers, recorded at Abbey Road for the BBC (14)

Wed June 06, 2007
(Some Guy) Video And this, my friends, is why you shouldn't home school your children (102)
(Some Guy) Interesting The Song "(I've had) The Time of My Life" celebrates twenty years of airplay. Nobody puts Bill Medley in a corner (33)
YouTube Amusing A study of (green) subliminal (light) messages (this) with (post) Derren Brown (20)
(Some Guy) Video 1984, the novel, plus 1984 the year. Watch and it will make sense (1)
(Gamedock) Video The ultimate Job: driving Ferrari to destruction (9)
(Some Guy) Hero Today is the 63rd Anniversary of D-Day. Video of veterans accounts (11)
YouTube Video REM performs "One". Yeah, I know it's a U2 song (20)
YouTube Cool "Tom Waits For No One," an Academy Award winning short featuring Tom Waits, animated by David Silverman (19)
(Paul Harris Online) Amusing One Jabba, 30+ Leia Slave Girl wannabes, your eternal fantasy fulfilled-priceless (26)
(Some Guy) Video Criss "Mindfreak" Angel shows you how you can levitate. And ya, it contains a spoiler (62)

Tue June 05, 2007
YouTube Amusing God makes His opinion known at the Republican debate (26)
YouTube Amusing Pre-stardom Jaime Pressly Levi's commercial, that never aired for "PC" reasons, SFW (28)
(RubeNewb) Video Ten awesome Rube Goldberg Machine videos (16)
(Some Guy) Video World record hula hoop performer does her thing. She can hudsucker my proxy anytime (24)
(Some BBoy) Video The Beastie Boys will rock your face off (25)
(Gamedock) Video Cool physics experiment (62)
YouTube Video Felix The Cat - Comicalamities (8)
YouTube Video Chris Rock as Nat X on SNL (from 1991). Bonus: Kevin Bacon as Vanilla Ice, word to your mother (10)
YouTube Video Belgian girls choir Scala performs Smells Like Teen Spirit (25)
(Funhouse) Video Some people would do anything to fly (15)
YouTube Video Artist paints a complex spacescape in 5 minutes. Bonus: With spraypaint (37)
YouTube Video A Night at the Creation Museum (26)

Mon June 04, 2007
(Devil Ducky) Weird Clip from 1970's educational filmstrip where mom walks in on son who is masturbating in bed (SFW) (60)
YouTube Video Four of the coolest guys ever and a sad reminder of how far the entertainment world has fallen (38)
(Video Jug) Spiffy How to make a proper English breakfast (51)
(Gamedock) Video 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback 2+2 Commercial : God I would love one of these (18)
(kewego) Video Jerry Springer advertisement from his 1980 campaign for Ohio Governorship. The one where he apologizes for being caught after writing a check to pay for a hooker (19)
(break) Video Van waits to back out of spot as cars and people block him in. 10 seconds later, the parking garage roof collapses where he finally got to move from (26)
(Some Guy) Cool Guy plays Owner of a Lonely Heart and Smooth Criminal on his fiddle. Someone contact the devil and tell him to start polishing that gold fiddle (31)
YouTube Video There's a good reason why Toni Basil's music career began and ended with "Mickey": the nightmare-inducing "Shopping A To Z" (18)

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