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Sun June 03, 2007
YouTube Video The greatest Pop Rocks commercial ever (possibly Not safe for work) (19)
YouTube Cool Ahhhh, windsurfing. The smooth grace and elegance, the subtle play between wind and....ouch, that looks painful (5)
(Some Pizzaria) Video Mmmm, deep fried pizza (15)
YouTube Amusing The only way that I would ever, EVER listen to a rap song. This man is my hero (32)
YouTube Video Strange, cool Japanese game show pantomime thingy (9)
(Some Guy) Video Rejected WiiPlay games (27)
YouTube Video Sweet deal: Free shelf. Problem: you're a crackhead in a bicycle wearing a fishnet shirt (19)
(Some SNL Guy) Video Turlington's lower back tattoo remover (11)
YouTube Video The rockingest Supergrass video featuring puppets you will see all day (10)
YouTube Video Went With the Wind (2)
YouTube Amusing "I pray in Jesus' name that God will save you from this bondage." The bondage? Voltron and Transformers, tools of the occult (37)
YouTube Video May the Farce be With You: Family Guy is doing Star Wars (52)

Sat June 02, 2007
YouTube Amusing The best of "Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist" (28)
(hold me!) Video Its just a ghost in the mirror...ghost in the mirror (31)
MTV Video SPAAARTAANS United 93 vs. 300 - Tonight, we dine, in Clevelaaaaand (28)
YouTube Video "You're the worst sex I ever had, you couldn't find my clit if I drew you a map" (language Not safe for work) (53)
CBS Salt Lake City Dumbass Not News: ESPN producer stopped for having lighter by TSA. News: Has drugs in carry on. FARK: Has child porn in checked baggage (video news story) (70)
YouTube Video If you have trouble imagining the size of the universe, this will help (22)
YouTube Florida Breaking News: Jim Morrison tried out for part of Wally Cleaver (10)
YouTube Video Brak and Meatwad do Pulp Fiction (11)

Fri June 01, 2007
YouTube Unlikely Man fixes sink, apparently while traveling 88MPH at the precise moment lightning hit the pipe meets future self. With video "evidence" (37)
YouTube Amusing In honor of the new Nessie video, an episode of Bullshiat or Not (Not safe for work language) (10)
YouTube Amusing What great talent the MLS has (16)
YouTube Cool 3 Year Old Solves Rubik's Cube in 114 seconds (29)
YouTube Amusing Intro to ProStars, the classic cartoon with Michel Jordan, Wayne Gretsky, and Bo Jackson as crime fighters (23)
YouTube Cool Farker interviews Vince from Cake, animates it with action figures (6)
YouTube Video Top five NBA plays of the night: Lebron, Lebron, Lebron, Lebron, and Lebron (video) (69)
YouTube Amusing The First Amendment at its finest: Houston's wackos at a City Council meeting (with video goodness) (28)
( Video How to create your own record player (20)
YouTube Amusing More muppet greatness: Rita Moreno sings "Fever", Animal plays drums (7)

Thu May 31, 2007
YouTube Video George Harrison and Paul Simon on SNL back when it was good (14)
( Video Johnny Cash (11)
YouTube Strange Danny Elfman and Oingo Boingo Perform "Insanity"... Submitter thinks this is one of Fark's theme songs (24)
YouTube Interesting Video of a fleet of UFOs seen over Peru last week (77)
(Some Guy) Video The world's most DANGEROUS comic. Bonus: Includes a scorpion down the pants (22)
YouTube Video Original Gilda Radner SNL screen test. We all miss 'ya, funny woman (18)
YouTube Video Wham-o Wheelie bar commercial (35)

Wed May 30, 2007
(Some Guy) Silly Michael "George Michael Bluth" Cera gets fired from the new movie "Knocked Up" (with not safe for work language) (40)
( Video Dr Who and the Beatles (15)
YouTube Scary Stubbies. Available in brown and a frightening one size too small (15)
Google Spiffy Google Maps now offer street level views of major U.S. cities. Bonus: Google's version of Tron Guy (54)
YouTube Video Stephen Colbert the murderer (24)
YouTube Cool 1939 Rice Krispies screen ad featuring Snap, Crackle, and Pop (15)

Tue May 29, 2007
YouTube Video 1960's ad for Jell-O not "politically correct" (58)
YouTube Video Beatbox Cook. Utterly amazing (30)
YouTube Video Greatest SNL musical performance ever (108)
(Gamedock) Video "Perversion For Profit" (safe for work... really) (16)
(Gamedock) Video Vintage 50's Ford commercial with Lucy and Ricky. If you don't know who they are, ask your grandparents (18)
YouTube Cool Batman versus the Joker and the Predator.... wait, what? (42)
YouTube Video The Most Underrated Rock Band In History (67)
YouTube Video Sugar addiction illustrated (20)
YouTube Video AK47 for sale on the Home Shopping Network (13)
YouTube Amusing NASCAR announcer Steve Burns snubs one half of The Fantastic Four during a pre-race interview (19)
YouTube Amusing Inside the Actors Studio- Kevin Spacey, and Stewart, Carson, Hepburn, Eastwood, Gielgud, Brando, Pacino, Lemmon, and Walken (14)
YouTube Video Miss USA falls on national TV at the Miss Universe 2007 Competition (38)

Mon May 28, 2007
YouTube Video My First Posts are OK (Hint: turn the sound completely off to watch the video; it's much more enjoyable) (31)
(Some Guy) Video Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the 2007 Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake (11)
YouTube Video And now for something completely different, some tasteful fast guitar playing (12)
(Some Guy) Amusing Not every show in Japan is tentacle pron or anime, sometimes it psychotic-episode inducing practical jokes (14)
YouTube Video Annoying roomate? Nothing a little butter on the tile floor won't take care of (some Not safe for work language) (47)
(ABum) Spiffy Video of lightning striking a tree, close-up and awesome (17)
YouTube Amusing Match Game gets some visitors (11)
YouTube Video Betcha can't play guitar this fast (74)
( Scary Man simultaneously wins coolest dad and biggest dumbass awards (22)
YouTube Video The "H.R. Pufnstuf" opening theme is the natural complement to "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters". Bonus: closing theme as well (21)
YouTube Video Purple and brown (8)
YouTube Sad From the "It's Not That Easy" Department: Charles Nelson Reilly briefly hosts Match Game (14)
YouTube Misc Ever wonder what a show would be like if all of the characters were action figures? It's just as bad as you thought it would be (19)
YouTube Video Last thing you expect to be modded: graduation cap (20)
YouTube Sappy Lena Horne and Kermit the Frog knock "It's Not Easy Bein' Green" out of the park (7)

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